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THE HOLIDAYsVr FISHCUAftD. A FEAST OF MUSIC. From the time the local choirs decided to compete at Pembroke Dock on Easter Monday hardly a night has been free in Fishguard and Goodwick without some kind of cluoral or sing ing practices being held under one leader or another. Besides the two choirs preparing for the caief choral competition at Pembroke Dock, and again at Haverfordwest on Whit-Monday, under the conductorship of Mr. Anthony and Mr. J. Evans, two juvenile choirs have been busy at work, that of Mr. J. W. Canning at Goodwick and of Mr. Nath Evans at Fishguard, the latter of which only decided to compete at Pembroke Dock, while both will probably be heard at their best later at Haverford- west. Besides this Mr. Anthony has had a male voice choir under training. Such was the interest created throughout the district in the progress of all these choirs, and so keen was the public to learn what was their probable chances of success that the Fishguard and Goodwick Choral Society decided to hold a concert at the Temperance Hall, Fishguard on Good Friday night. By an arraugement between Mr. Anthony's choir and Mr. Nath Evans Juvenile Choir their supporters were able to enjoy listening to both on the same occasion, In sacred music both the Church and the Tabernacle Congregational Chapel held strong inducements also on that day to music-loveis throughout the district. Two performances of Stainers famous oratorio The Crucifixion were given at the Parish Church during Holy Week, one oil Wednesday and the other on Good Friday evening. It was inevitable that some of these events should clash with each other though every effort was made to prevent I this as much as possible. Singers in the Church choir had been enrolled from other denomina- tions as well, and the secular choirs were com- posed of many singers who took part in the Congregational festival. The beautiful weather in the morning favoured the in now of visitors to Fishguard. The members of the United Churches Festival Choirs arrived in brakes and other vehicles, as well as on cycles and horse- back, so that large accommodation was neces- sary for them during the day. Wherever one turned groups of enthusiastic musicians weie to be seen in the streets, and the merits of the singing was discussed noon. and evening whenever persons found opportunity to do so. Everyone seemed to belong to one band of singers or the other, till one almost wondered where the congregations and the audiences were to come from. But there was no want of appreciative hearers, as was seen when the different meetings were attended, and when the day commenced with a children's meeting at the Tabernacle Chapel at 10.30 a.m., the prog- nostications of sanguine supporters for a highly successful gymanfa were fully justified SINGING FESTIVAL AT THE TABERNACLE. The choirs of the United Congregational Churches of Newport, Gideon, Fishguard ana Rhosycaerau held three meetings on uoou tii- day at Fishguard where the Congiegational Singing Festival was this year appointed by rotdtion to take place. The conductor was E. Mendwy Davies, Llanelly. The morning meeting, and not the least eaifying or interest- ing of tne three, was exclusively set apart lor the children. There was evidence of great care and labour having been bestowed by the different choir masters on the children to bring the singing up to a high standard of perfection. The chairman in the morning was tne Rev. J. G. Jainea (Rhosycaerau), and in opening tne service the Rev. J. T. Evans (Gideon) read a portion of Sfcripture and prayed. During the morning an address was also given by the Rev. J. u. Symmonda (Fishguaru). ivignt hymns had been selected for this meeting suitable to be rendered by young voices, and consideiable fervour was shown by the choir, who sang them all with great effect. The afternoon meeting began at '6 o'clock, and the Chapel was weli tilled before lhe conductor ascended the pul- pit. The chairman of this meeting was the Rev. J. G. Morris (Newport), and the speakeis were Capt. Rioliards (Dinas), and Mr. J. Evans (Fishguaru), both of whom spoke eulogisticaily of We singing and the latter referred to the dis- advantages under which- the local leaders had often to labour in prepaiing for the gymanfa, and wished to impress upon all singers the value of punctuality in coming to practices. In the evening ttioe was even a larger con- gregation than at either of the previous meet- ings. The cnairinan was the Rev. Moriias Davies (Fishguard), and addresses were given by the Rev. livan Davies (Ll £ nglolfan, Rev J. T. Evans (Gideon), and Mr. E. Anthony (Good wick). Mi. Anthony spoke on congregational singing in general, and showed how it was the duty of all to encourage it, and pointeU out some of the best methods by which it could be improved. The accompanists throughout the day were Mr. T. Perkins, Hendrewen, and Miss itinin.e Ihomas, Goodwick House, Fish guard who deserved the best thanks of ail who were connected with the festival for their ac- complished services. TEMPERANCE HALL CONCERT. Many of the faces that had been seen at the Tabernacle earlier in the day were again noticea later on at the Temperance hall wneie the risliguara and Goodwick Choral oocieties I concert was nela at 8 o'clock. The Hall was hLed te its utmost capacity, and a reauy ex- cellent enteitainmeftt was enjoyed by those present. The chair was taken by Aid. Row- lands, who was very happy in his remarks, and who oy his genial presence contributed not a little towards the pleasure and the success of the evening. The able accompanist was MT. A. J. Hodges (Fishguard). The concert was opened with a pianoforte duett by the Misses Mary and Olive Hughes, and the second item was a solo-" Sound an Alarm"- by Mr. Tom » Morris, who was well received. This was succeeued by a part song, "The Ocean Garden," by the Fishguard Juvenile Choir under the leadership of Mr. Nath Evans. Next came a > song, "O Llefara, Addfwyn lesu,' by Miss ) Thomas and another solo by Mr. Gad Edwards, "Honour and Arms" which Was vociferously en- cored. The Voice Party then renaered j "The Destruction of Gaza," which they had to give twice. My Dream," Mr. Rees lidwards, J followed next, the singer giving the song of The Good Shepherd" as an encore. The Dream of Paradise," which Miss Thomas after- wards sung was also encored, before the choir came on the stage to sing the test piece" 0 Happy Eyes," which they sang in good time, tHe expression and intonation being also good. The next, and last, item on the programme be- fore the chorus by the choir was a song by Miss Lewis, Langloffan, who sang instead of Mr. Morris. The audience was finally delighted by hearing the perfected singing of the choir, so close before the contest of the test choru&, "Lord, Thou alone art God." A vote of thanks moved by the Rev. Dan Daviea and seconded by Mr A. It. Williams (solicitor) was passed to the chairman, who humorously responded, and Mr. Anthony spoke a few words of thanks for the way the concert had been patronised by the public, and expressing their determina- tion that if they failed at Pembroke Dock they would again do their best to Carry o-ff the prize at Haverfordwest. THE II CRUCIFIXION AT THE CHURCH. Cons-uering the short time the choir bad been practising two very Creditable perform- ances of Stainer's "Crucifixion" were given at Fishguard Church, one on Wednesday evening and the other on Good Friday after the evening service. Mjr. T. H. Carey, A.Mus., though labouring under great disadvantage had plenty of opportunity to display his skill as a Con- ductor. He was obliged on the nights of the performances to act as organist, as well as lead the choir, which made his work unusually difficult. A large number attended to hear this performance on Wednesday night, and the general veruiet was that both Conductor and choir had acquitted themselves exceptionally well. The soloists deserved to be compli- mented upon the effctive rendering of their parts, while the singing throughout was neat and excellent. The solo parts were taken by Mr. Gwyn Roberts and Mr. Mansel Lewis j (tenors) and Mr. Morgan Lewis and Mr. J. W. Evans foasses). On Good Friday owing to other events, the attendance was not as large, but the singing was again on the whole very good and everyone present expressed themselves pleased with the prformance from start to finish.






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