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» FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT AT PEMBROKE DOCK. The ninth annual tournament in coniiectioii with the Pembroke Dock Athletic Club was held on Good Friday at the Bush Street Athletic Grounds, and attracted a very fair number of spectators. Nine teams of eleven a side competed for gold medals offered and the games consisted of two moieties of fifteen minutes each way, whilst scoring was by points, a goal counting as eight, and a corner as onfl The teams were handicapped as follows. Pem- broke Dock and R. G. A. scratch, Wiltshlire Band 4 points, Royal Dock and Apprentices 6, Neyland Rovers 6, Llanreath 7, Royal Engineers 8; Pmbroke Dock Reserves 10, and Wallsend Slipway Co. 13. This handicapping proved fairly satisfactory, but those responsible for the arrangements can hardly be congratulated on all that occurred. The refereeing in nearly all the games could not be termed satisfactory. Not only were some of the decisions somewhat incomprehensible but the players were allowed to get quite out of hand, and fighting openly took place on the field. The first round resulted as follows r— Royal Dockyard Apprentices (b) scored 4 goals 2 corners, total 40, beat Pembroke Dock Reserves (10), total, 10. R. G. A. (scratch) scored 1 goal 2 corners, total 10, beat Neyland Rovers (6), total 6. Pembroke Dock (scratch) scored 2 goals 5 corners, total 21 points, beat Royal Engineers (8) scored 1 corner, total 9. Llanreath (7) scored 3 goals and 1 corner, t*,)i al 32, beat Wallsend Slipway (12) scored 2 cor- ners, total 14. Wiltshire Band a bye. The second round resulted:- Royal Dockyard Apprentices (6) scored 1 goal 1 corner, total 15, beat Wilts Band (3) scoired 4 corners, total 7. Pembroke Dock (scratch) scored 1 goal 4 corners, total 12 points, beat Llanreath (7) scored 1 corner, total 8. Semi-final: Royal Dpck Apprentices (6) scored 1 goal, 2 corners, total 16, beat Pembroke DocM (scratch) scored 3 corners, total 3. Final. Royal Dock Apprentices (6) scored 1 goal, total 16, beat Pembroke Dock (scratch) scored 3 corners, total 3. One of the most even games of the after- noon was that between the Wilts Band and the Royal Dockyard Apprentices, a penalty goal giving the victors the game. Right through- out the afternoon the Apprentices were in fine form and in the four games they played they scored 61 points irrespective of their handi- cap points. A lot of interest was taken in the final tie, when the teams were as follows:— Pembroke Dock—Thomas, goal; Rowe and John, backs; W. Fielder, Mathias and Bowen, halves; S. Fielder, W. Davies, F. Fielder, Russen and Silcox, forwards. Royal Dockyard Apprentices- B. Rees, goal; D. Davies and F. Williams, backs; H. Jones, J. Vaughan, and W. Allen, halves; A. Jenkins, W. Morgan, E. Seattle, W. Phillips and T. Powell, forwards. Directly the game began it was apparent that the Docks hiad as much as they could manage, and as they began to realise this the seniors began to adopt questionable tactics, with the result that play became very rough. The Docks missed several good opportunities of scoring, and the teams crossed over with the Apprentices leading. Soon afterwards a fine individual effort by Powell resulted in a grand goal, and after that hostilities commenced in earnest, and Rees and Allen were each laid out in turn. Then another remarkable incident occurred; one of the linesmen calmly cleared off and the game had to be stopped whilst some- one else was found to man the flag, A littio later Jenkins and Johns came to fisticuiYs, and had a good stand up fight before the referee could interfere, whilst the spectators broke in upon the field of play and the game had to be stopped for about five minutes, eventually the referee ordered Jenkins off the field and soon afterwards John demonstrated a desine to follow his example by deliberately fouling several opponents. After stops for re- pairs to Morgan and Williams who were lal(1 out in turn, the game eventually conducts and the medals were presented to the winners by Councillor J. Lawrence.



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