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• MR. SEYMOUR ALLEN'S HUNT. POINT-TO-POINT AT CRESELLY. Mr Seymour Allen's Hunt Point-to-Point races, which were held at Llandigwinett Farm, Creselly, on Thursday provided some excellent sport, and the weather being more like August than April the large number of spectators who were present spent a most enjoyable afternoon. The course was three miles over a fair hunting country, and from the high ground where the races finished almost the whole of the contests were visible. There was quite a phalanx of carriages and motors on the ground, as well as a unmber of brakes from Tenby. Among others present were: Lady Scourtield, Mr. Wynford Philipps, M.P., and Mrs. Philipps. With his usual generosity, Mr. Seymour Allen provided refreshments on the grounds to all comers. The officials were as follows: stewards, Mr. H. Seymour Allen, M.F.H., Mr. Hugh Allen, Capt. Fisher Col. Goodeve, Mr. D. Harrison, Mr. Montagu Leeds, and Major Willaus; judge, Mr VV. G. Parcell; clerk of the scales, Mr. W. Lewis; starter, Mr. Lawford Evans; and hon. secretary, Mr G. Lort Stokes. The results of the races were as foalows:- I OPEN RACE—Open to members of all hunts in the Counties of Pembroke, Carmarthen or Cardigan. Horse to be ridden by members of the hunt or their sons, or farmers or their sons, over whose lands the hounds hunt. 1, Mr. D. Harrison's Patchwork; rider Mr. G. Stokes. 2, Mr. E. Lewes Bowen's The Count; ridep, Mr. B. Rees. 3, Mr. J. Anthony's Skrinkle Lass; rider, Mr. G. Anthony. Also ran: Mr H. S. Allen's Hard to Find, and Mr H. S. Allen's Waterloo, and Mr H. S. Allen's Hots-pup. Betting: 2 to 1 on Patchwork, 4 to 1 agst The Count and Skrinkle Lass, 6 to 1 agst Hotspur, 10 to 1 against others. LOCAL RACE—Open to members of Mr. Seymour Allen's Hunt. Winner to receive a Cup, presented by Mr. Seymour Allen, 1, Mr. G. Lort Stokes' Cambrian, ridden by owner. 2, Mr. W. Lewis' Richard Rees, ridet, Mr. B. Rees. 3, Major Willans' Paddy, ridden by owner. Also ratl Capt. R. H. Steward's Theophilus, Mr. D. Harrison's Patchwork, Capt. Gillson's The Batchelor, and Mr. H. S. Allen's Waterloo. Belting: 3 to 1 on Cambrian; 2 ot 1 agst. Richard Rees, 3 to 1 agst Waterloo, 10 to 1 agst others. LADIES RACE—Open to lady members of all hunts in the Counties of Pembroke, Car- marthen and Cardigan. Horses to be bona- fide property of a lady member, or regularly hunted by her during present season. Winner to receive gold bangle, presented by members of Mrr. Symour Allen's Hunt. 1, Mrs. Delme Evans' Little Mary, rider Capt. Deime Evans. 2, Miss Parkinson's Angler, rider, Mr. J. A. F. Parkinson. 3, Miss Willans' Dolly, rider, Major Willans. Also ran: Miss Roch's Armada, Mrs. R. H. Harries' Dairy Maid, Mrs. Wynford Philipps' Glory, Miss Anthony's Circus Girl, and Miss Hutchinson's Arabi Pasha. Betting, evens on Little Mary and Dairy Maid, 6 to 2 agst Circus Girl, 10 to 1 agst others. FARMER'S AND TRADESMEN'S RACE- Open to farmers and their sons, and trades- men and their sons, residing in the district where Mr. Allen's hounds hunt. 1, Mr. T. G. Phelps' Danger, rider, Mr. Hugh Allen. 3, Mr B. J. Rees' Redskin, ridden by owner. 3, Mr D. Brown's Glen Alva, rider Capt. Hunter. Also ran, Mr. W. Smith's Gwendoline, Mr. John Gibbon's Jemima, Mr. John Gibbon's Sphinx, Mr. John Gibbon's May Fly, Mr. C. 8. Smith's Macready, Mr. D. Srrattou's Socks, and Mr. G. Mathias' Camphill Boy. Betting, evens on Redskin, 3 to 1 agst Danger and Camphill Boy, 6 to 1 ag3t Socks, and 10 to 1 agst the others. At the close the prizes were distributed by | Mr. Seymour Allen. I

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