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gnnrTninriiBmwninniTiii»i»iMmMHpnwnimn^g imiin iiiiMiiwim win Chapped Hands, I j Chilblains, rough or chafed skin, 8 can be easily remedied and the | irritation promptly relieved by 8 applying at bed-time I i Hil Carbolic Ointment. Hlfli It n:;s;sts nature to effect a quick (j | I cure, not only by its healing, but I S also its antiseptic value—keeping E I the broken skin in a henlthy state. II A reliaMs househrlcl rmsdy frr cuts. Kirns, R I bruises. :icald.3. piles and mobt. skin ailments. fli | SoU in juis or tins, 1 ;.W. cach, by Chemists. 18 1 MnJe by F r; CALVERT A Co ■ Manchester. mwnnti HIPI HAVE YOU TRIED GOMERS BALM? It is a Salve for every wound, with marvellous properties in curing and healing all kinds of Sores. Skin Hash, Eczema, Burns, Scalds, Scurvy, Gal lings in Children and Women, Piles, Scahby Heads, Chaps, Hingworm, Stiff Joints, Irritations and Inflammations of all kinds. Noted for IS BAD LEGS. TRY IT. Sold by all Chemists and Stores at Is. lAd., or send value in stamps or P.O. to milker JACOt; HUGHES, M.P.S., L.D.S., PENAltTH Cardiff. Ask for GoMKR's BALM," and see that the nam Jacob Hughes" is on each box, without hich none is genuine. Cupiss' Constitution Balls. TXSTIXONIALS. HORSES. For Grease, Swelled Legs, Winston Hall, Cracked Heels, Concha Stonham. Colds, Sore Throats They are the best rem-dy f°.' L°" Swelled Legs in Horses. CATTLE. WILLIAM LONG. For Hide-bound, PtarinR —— Coat, Hove or BJowi Sntton Farm, Distemper, Fpidetnic, Snr Boyton. fcit, Condtiooiug, Pre- I had a weakly Year- ""J™* 8coarin« ling, troubled with in Calvet>' enuring. I gave one RHEEP Ball at two different For Rot or F]nkGi and f times, and the resaU iu in Health, Assis «as a perfect cure. ing^ get into CoudiUou CORY.nrlUg ID Lambs. &c. Prepared upwards of 50 years by the late FRANCIS CUPL-S. M.R.C.V.S,, DISS, NORFOLK Sold in packets Is 9d and 38 6d each, 7 email packetB 10s 6d, or 7 large 21., by Chemists and Medi cine Vendors, or from troprietor, THE WILDKKVVOB Dies, on receipt of amount. B| ==-==-===-=========-====-=:=-=- Advertise in the "Guardian."