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PEMBROKESHIRE QUARTER SEhJNS. bb The quarter sessions of the county of Pembroke were held on Tuesday aL the Shire Hail, Haverfordwest. The chairman, his Honour Judge Stevenson Owen, was ab- sent, and on the motion of Sir Charles Philipps, Mr. Arthur Lewis filled the office of chairman, .and the magistrates present included Sir Charles Philpps, Dr. Henry Owen, Mr. T. Rule Owen, Mr. Herbert nnen, Mr. Wr. Davies (Westueld), Mr. W. Gibbs, Mr. W. Evans, Mr. It. E. H. | Philipps. ■ THE LATE CHIEF CONSTABLE. The Chairman said it would not be be- coming to commence business without some allusion to the loss the county had sustained bv the death of the late chief constable. He believed he filled that office for 17 years with much credit to the interests that were in his hands. His Honour Judge Owen, although not serious- ly indisposed, was too unwell to risk tak- ing that journey; and had he been present he felt sure he would have liked some re- ference to be made to the late chief con- stable. Sir Charles Philipps said he had listened with great interest to the words their chair- man had spoken with respect to the loss the county had sustained. The late chief constable was a man of great energy, and took great interest in his office. He be- lieved one of the objects .in life of the late chief constable was to carry out the duties of chief constable to the best of his ability. He came of an old county family, and dearly loved his native county. He thought if there were any farmers there they could bear witness to the interest the late chief constable took in all that concerned Pem- brokeshire farmers, and how warm a friend he was. He was a great supporter of such useful institutions as ploughing mat- ches and simlar agricultural pursuits which tended to the advancement of the farmer or labourer. He felt sure they would all wish to join in a vote of condolence to be sent to Mrs. Bowen, with reference to the loss she had sustained, and the deep grief of the magistrates of the county of Pembroke at the loss of a verv valuable and efficient officer. I Mr. T. Rule Owen seconded the motion, which was adopted by all in court stand- ing. THE GRAND JURY. G. H. B. Birt, Milford Haven, foreman; Wm. Allen, Camrose; A. G. Adams, Rob- eston West; A. S. Chugg, Hakin; W. Cole, Milford; Evan Howells, Walesland; W. J. James, Hubberston; Ed. Lees, Dale; John Llewellyn, Steynton; Thos. Mathias, Cam- rose; W. J. Owen, Summerhill; Joseph Philpin, Haroldston West; S. M. Price, Milford; W. Roberts, Camrose;J ohn Scale, Hasguard; Frank bankey, Milford; Wm. lhomas, South Nolton; Richard Thomas, Rosemarket; John Walters, Southwood. THE CHARGE. The Chairman, addressing the Grand Jury, said there was no business to be brought before them. His duty was an exceedingly pleasant one: it was to dis- charge them, with the thanks of the county for attending there during that very incle- Sment weather, and to wish them every prosperity in the year which had just I dawned upon them. PRISONS COMMITTEE. The following were re-elected members of the Prisons Committee:—Sir Charles Philipps, Dr. Lawrence, Messrs. N. A. Roch and Joseph Thomas. Mr. R. H. Buckby wrote resigning, and in his place Mr. James Thomas (Rock House) was ap- pointed. LICENSING COMMITTEE. I pointed. LICENSING COMMITTEE. Sir Charles Philipps brought up the re- port of the Licensing Committee. This stated that the committee had not during stated that the committee had not during the year 1906 had any renewal of licenses or other matter referred to it by the jus- tices of any licensing district. By an or- der of the High Court of Justice (King's Bench Division) the amount of compensa- tion payable in respect of the non-renewal of the license of the St. Dogmells Arms, Hakin, Milford Haven, confirmed by the committee on the loth day of May, 1905, had been fixed at £ 1,000, and the costs of the Commissioner of Inland Revenue at £ 1 3s. Gd. The sum of £ 1,250 had, dur- ing the year, been paid to the treasurer of the Compensation Fund by the Inland Revenue Authorities, making the total capi- tal amount now standing to the credit on deposit, £ 2 540 2s. Gd, The committee recommended that the amount to be col- lected for the ensuing year under Section 3 of the Licensing Act be the maximum amount set forth in Schedule of the Act. The Licensing Committee was re-appoint- ed as follows, on the motion of Mr. T. Rule Owen, seconded by Dr. Henry Owen Sir Charles E .G. Philipps, Bart., Charles Mathias, Esq., G. P. Brewer, Esq.. E. H. James, Esq., W. Williams, Esq. (Drim), W. Evans, Esq., M. W. LI. Owen. Esq., Joseph Thomas, Esq., E. Laws, Esq., Dr. George Griffith. A MILFORD APPEAL CASE. II Martha Phillips v. Walter Owen. inis was an appeal from an order of afli- l .d L.a liation made by the Rooso Petty Sessional Division to contribute 3s. per week for the maintenance of the complainant's child. Mr. Marlay Samson, instructed by Mr- W. J. Jones, appeared for the appellant; and Mr. Ll. Williams, M.P., instructed by Mr. A. B. Williams, for the respon- dent. The respondent, Martha Phillips, is now living at Nolton Hill, but was formerly in domestic stivice at North Road, Mil- ford Haven. She alleged that she kept company with William Owen for about two years, and that intimacy commenced in November, 1905, and was continued at intervals. When she found her condition she alleged that appellant wished her to take some medicine, but she refused; and finally she went and saw his father and mother whom she told what had happened. Alter that appellant never came to see her. Airs. Nicholas, of Steynton, a sister of the respondents, was called to prove that the parties were walking out together at the time fixed by the respondent. Henry Picton, labourer, Milford Haven, gave evidence as to seeing the parties on various occasions walking along the road the same as other pairs. Win. Phillips, a brother of the respon- dent, gave evidence that the appellant used to come to see his sister about twice a week. Ann Matthews, Ford, Steynton, also gave evidence as to the parties walking out to gether. waiter Owen, the appellant, went into the box, and described himself as a mason in the employ of a contractor. He denied that he had been walking out with Martha Phillips lor 2 years, and said he knew her not ai all beyond passing a word or so with her when they met. He admitted that he had been too intimate with the respondent on one occasion. Cross-examined, appellant said Picton had ueen carrying v.. wuu this girl, but he did not suggest that Picton was the father of the chud. There had been con- siderable ill-feeling between Picton and' himself. He could not .however, suggest any reason why Picton should have come there and told the story. He believed the girl was a loose girl. The Chairman: Why should you say that ? Appellant: Because I have seen her with many lelloNN s, as many as 50 different ones.- Thomas Harris, coachman with Arch- deacon Williams, gave evidence as to ap- pellant being with him on two evenings- when respondent said defendant was with as to dates. Wm. Codd, master carter, Milford, spoke to entering his field at Bunkers Hill one evening, when the respondent Martha Phillips and a young man named Whelari. came out of t' gateway under suspicious circumstances. He was under the impres- sion that they were there for no good. Malcolm Lewis, joiner, St. Annes Road, Ha.n, said he was introduced to the re- spondent Martha Phillips by Fred Martin. He walked with them as far as North Road, and when they left him they went together to a field. He believed it was her, but in cross-examination he was snn:,y for an irnuyoral purpose. He asked if lie might go with tnem, but the girl said no, and made an appointment for the follow nig Tuesday. On the lllgllt following he saw Martha Phillms and Tom Whelan in a gateway at Bunkers Hill under suspicious- circumstances. Cross-examined: He worked for defen- dant's father. The appeal was dismissed. A FREYSTROP APPEAL. Wm. Charles James previously of Burton, and now on the Taff Vale Railway at Pontypridd, appealed against a decision of the Roose magi- strates by which he was ordered to contribute 3s a week towards the maintenance of the il- legitimate child of Mary tudley, of Freystrop. Mr W. J. Jones appeared for the appellant; the respondent was not professionally repre- sented. The Justices' order was quashed, and the appeal allowed, but no order was made for fosts.