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FARMERS AND THEIR HERDS. THE SCOURGE OF ABORTION. Proposed Experiments by the Board of Agriculture. We have received from Mr. W. Richards, of Hasguard Hall, the following, which we gladly publish, as it will be of great interest to our numerous agricultural readers :— To the Editor of the "County Gua'lian." Sir,—In the interest of farmers generally will you kindly allow the enclosed letter, which is a copy of one I have received from the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, to appear in your valuable columns. I should be very pleased to do all I could in the laudable endeavour to discener a remedy for a disease entailing such an immense loss upon tho owners of cows as abortion does. It should be borne in mind that similar investigations and experiments have resulted in finding out a cure for milk fever, which, although such a scourge to cow-keepers in the past, can now be successfully treated, that no more deaths need arise from it than from the impaction of the third stomach (" baked "), red water, or other occasional complaints. We may, therefore, justly hope for a remedy being found out for abortion; and the owners of cows who would alone, or, at least chiefly, benefit by such a discovery should be gladi to render every assistance in their power towards securing such a desirable object. Thanking you in anticipation of your kind- ness, I am, etc., W. RICHARDS, Hon. Agricultural Correspondent Board of Agriculture and Fisheries. Hasguard Hall, Little Haven R.S.O. [COPY.] Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, 4, Whitehall-place, London S.W. No. A 6,350, 1907. Sir,—I am directed by the Board of Agricul- ture and Fisheries to inform you that the Departmental Committee on* Contagious Abortion desire to obtain information as to the specific nature of the disease in various parts of Great Britain, by means of the examination of the discharges from cows as soon as possible after they have aborted. The Board would be greatly obliged if you could see your way to co-operate with the Committee in this important matter. The Board would be glad if, in the first instance, you could arrange to obtain the names and addresses of the owners of any affected herds in your district, who would collect the material desire-d for examination from their cows immediately after they have aborted, and dispatch it to the Secretary to the Committee either direct or through your own agency. A simple apparatus for the purpose would be supplied for the use of the owner of the cows, together with instructions as to the manner In which the material should be collected and forwarded for examination. The names and addresses, of the owners would not in any way be made public, it being the desire of the Committee merely to examine a considerable number of the s.a.mple., of the discharge from aborted cows in the various districts of Great Britain, and to ascertain the number of cases in which the specific organism of abortion is found. The Committee also desire to examine a large number of aborted calves, with a view of establishing a correct method of diagnosis; and the Board will be obliged if owners of cows could be prevailed upon to send foetuses to the laboratory as soon as possible after they have been aborted Decomposing foetuses should, however, not be sent. It is unlikely that aborted calves will arrive in a reasonably fresh condition after the month of May, and the Committee do not think much will be gained by sending them up after that date. Any communications in response to this letter and all materials supplied for the pur- pose of the investigations should be addressed: J. R. JACKSON, Esq., M.R.C.V.S., Secretary to the Committee on Contagious Abortion, The Poplars, Sudbury, Middlesex. I am, sir, Your obedient servant, (Sigaed) T. H. ELLIOTT, Secretary.





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