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WATER SUPPLY. THE RAILWAY SERVICE. The monthly meeting of this council was held on Friday in the Council Chamber, Milford Haven, when there were present, Mr. J. WhkihsT (chairman),, Col. Roberts (vice- chairman), Messis. C. T. Blethyn, J. R. Gar- rett, J. B. Gaskell, G. S. Kelway, J. Hire, J. Walkley, J. Thomas, W. Williams, J. Rees, Geo. Cole, and Dr. Davies. GAS AND WATER COMMITTEE. Col. Roberst moved the acceptance of the report of this committee, which chiefly re- ferred to a tensor for coal. The, tender of the Broughton and Plas Power Company for hand-picked gas coal at 20s. 6d. a ton was re- commended and accepted. WATER ENGINEER'S REPORT. Col. Roberts read ,i extract from a letter re- ceived from the engineer since the last meet- ing. He reported that he had inspected the new waterworks, and was pleased to say that the progress made was in every way sat- isfactory, and the work was being thoroughly well carried out. In addition to what was suggested in the report, the committee desired him to ask the sanction of the council to em- ploy John Shepherd at a weekly wage of 20s. Shepherd had finished his apprentice- ship, but the gas manager found he, had work for him for the next two or three months. Mr. James Thomas seconded the adoption of the report, which was agreed to. SANITARY COMMITTEE. This committee reported as followsYour committee estimates it will require the sum of zP-380 to carry out the work of their depart- ment during the ensuing year; recommend that tenders be invited for the removal of' house and street refuse contents of ashpits, etc., (including Hubberston village and Fort Hubberston), and road scrapings for the year from 31st March next, on the same conditions as last year; also for team labour for the same period and that a schedule of prices be given by those tendering for the emptying of cesspits, etc.; also recommend that an appli- cation be made to the Local Government Board to increasing the Inspector of Nuisances salary from £80 to £90 per annum; and, report that they have approved of the sanitary arrange- ments shewn on the following plans (1) eight houses proposed to be built by Messrs. Wm. and Geo. Cole, in Great North Road, and Hospital Road; one house proposed to be built by Mr. S. A. Ccott in Hospital Road. Mr. Walkley moved the adoption of the re- port, which was seconded by Mr. Garrett, and carried. AN INCREASED ESTIMATE. Mr. Kelway said he was not present at the meeting, and he noticed an increase of Z50 in the estimated amount required. For what particular work was that required? Colonel Roberts said it was for increased work owing to the increase in the population and buildings. He thought Mr. Kelway ought to be satisfied that it was so. Mr. Kelway: Satisfied with increased expen- diture without knowing what it is for? There is not much satisfaction in that. The Chairman was proceeding when Mr. Kelway said he had not had an answer. The chairman: Are we to read out all the items ? Mr. Kelway: If you say that the increased expenditure is for various work consequent upon the town's development I shall be satis- fied. The Chairman said that was so, and the matter dropped. HIGHWAYS AND PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS. This Committee recommended, among other matters, that the tender of G. W. Scale and John Thomas for 1,000 tons of Annikell stone, and the tender of W. T. Devonald for 500 tons of Bolton Hill stone be accepted; that they had received the following tenders for widen- ing Point-street between the Old Fishguard Arms and Mr. John Lewis's house, viz. :-E. A. Scott, Z17 10s.; Phelps and Owens', £ 16; James Thomas, £10 18s.; and Benjamin Rogers, £9 7s. They recommended that Benjamin Rogers's tender be accepted. That they had received the following tenders for a supply of Royal Daylight petroleum, viz. :-J. H. Rowland, 7d. per gallon; G. Foster, 7d. per gallon, and recommended that G. Foster's tender be accepted. The committee estimated they will require the sum of iEl,843 9s. to carry out the I work of their department during the. ensuing year. They recommended as follows, viz. :— "That, conjointly with the cemetery com- mittee, an extra man be engaged for six months; that tenders be invited for a supply of tram labour for their department for the year ending March 31, 1908; that three dozen bass brooms (cost £2 2s.) be ordered; that they have approved of the following plan, viz. Eight houses for W. and G. Cole, Great North-road and Hospital-road; one house for S. A. Scott, Hospital-road; and recommended them to the council for approval. Mr. Blethyn moved, and Dr. Davies seconded the adoption of the report. A RETROGRADE STEP. Mr. Kelway asked if the committee weret not taking a retrograde step in going in for In- ferior stone for covering the roadis, by preferring Annekell to Porthgain stone. He considered Porthgain superior to any stone they could get, and in view of the increased traffic it was essential to have good material. The prices as tendered were the same this year as last year. Mr. Blethyn asked the surveyor to show the stone put before the committee. They con- sidered it to be equal to Porthgain. Mr. Kelway said it seemed strange Annekell should be &o much better this year, and the surveyor should recommend this year what he could not do last year. The recommendations of the committee were adopted. FINANCE. The recommendations of the Finance Com- mittee referred to the payment of bills. Mr. Rees asked a number of questions, which were satisfactorily answered, as to the payment i of certain bills. Mr. Cole said whenever there was any con- siderable sum of money to be spent the com- mittee asked for tenders. Colonel Roberts, replying to Dr. Davies, said certain bills had been left unpaid until an explanation had been given, but it had been explained by Mr. Williams that certain goods had been ordered on his responsibility because to have waited for a committee meeting to sanction the expenditure the work would have been delayed. The finance accounts were passed. REFERRED TO COMMITTEE. A numerously signed petition was presented, asking that a dangerous curve in a road at Hubberston, where it joins the Haverfordwest road, should be dealt with, as in its present f condition it was dangerous. I The Chairman said it was an important matter, but as it would entail some consider- able expense to carry out, it should be referred to the oommittee to collect data. This was accordingly done. THE RAILWAY SERVICE. Mr. James Thomas asked if anything had been heard from the Great Western Railway touching the matter of a better railway ser- vice? The Clerk said nothing beyond an acknow- ledgment of his letter. Mr. James Thomas: I suggest that we write again. It is no use going on like this. Hear, hear.) It is important that this matter should be attended to, and brought to a head without delay. (Hear, hear.). The clerk was instructed to write to the Great Western Railway again. CEMETERY COMMITTEE. This Committee recommended that, con- jointly with the Highway Committee, an extra man be engaged for six months.—This was agreed to.




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