Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

17 erthygl ar y dudalen hon





-1I;us;0i:5. had been committed was prima facie evidence of the guilt of the crime. Jenkins must have known that he was dealing with a thief, and he was as much a thief as the other, as he was there as the incijunt point of larceny- the stealing and taking away. The purchaser participated in the crime. Tho prosecutor, Mr. Basil Jones, repeated the facts mentioned by his solicitor, on oath. When he visited Jenkins' house, he identified the trusses of hay. Jenkins subsequently came to his house at the Old Bridge. He said he bought hay from James at Is. Id. a truss. He afterwards said he had previously paid Is. 9d. a truss to a farmer living near Broad Haven. James: I sold no hay. Prosecutor: The hay was gone. P.C. James (36), said he was stationed at Little Haven. On Saturday, the 2nd of this month, from information received, respecting some hay that had been stolen from Druid- stone, he proceeded to the latter place, and from enquiries there made, went to David Jenkins' house. He saw defendant's son stand- ing by the door of the chaff-room. He went inside and there saw four trusses of hay. The son said his father had gone from home. He told them not to touch the hay. On the 14th he saw defendant and handed him a search warrant. Witness asked Jenkins to accompany him to his house and they went in to the chaffroom. He then lead him the warrant, charged, and cautioned him. He replied, "I did not steal the hay; I bought it from Tom James and paid his 13d. a truss for it. I'll tell you the whole thing." On the previous Thursday, he was mixing culm and Tom James came in to him and asked him if he wanted any bedding. Asked what sort he had, James replied "I've got some good thatch; come up and have a look at it." Jenkins went up in the afternoon with his pony and cart. When he got there, he found that James had no bedding, so he had four trusses of hay and paid 4s. 4d. He said he thought James had a perfect right to sell. He himself did not put his hands to it, James put it in the cart and Jenkins took it home. This was Jenkin's story. Continuing his evidence, P.C. James said he had had the hay stored at Mrs. Brock's ever since. He took Jenkins before Mr. Ho- well Walters and had him remanded. Jenkins (to witness): When I told you he sold the hay, didn't I say he told me it was not the best quality? Witness: You might have told me that. Albert James, a youth living at City Road, Haverfordwest, said he knew defendant James. The latter asked him to take a letter to Mr. Jenkins' house. He did it, but did not know what the letter contained. He delivered the letter to Jenkins' son. Both defendants elected to be dealt with summarily. Jenkins pleaded not guilty, and James pleaded guilty. Jenkins had nothing to say more than what the constable had said. George Davies said he was a mason, living at Broad Haven. He met James in Quay-street, and the latter asked him to call and tell Jen- kins to cut the cords Off the hay and shake it up. Janus said he never mentioned the cords. Ho only told him to shake it up to make it look like bedding. (Laughter). Jenkins said James had offered hay for sale at the Royal." He had no idea who the man was and had never seen him with my eyes before. In reply to the magistrates, Deputy-Chief Constable James said there was nothing against James, and the Chairman addressing defen- dants, said Jenkins should have taken more care. He knew the price of good hay. The Bench had decided to discharge him, but James would be fined R.1 and costs-in all £ 2 0s. 6d. SENT TO PRISON. Matthew H. Powell, Roch, was brought up in custody charged with disobeying a bastardy order. The arrears and costs amounted to iplio. Powell admitted thnt he owed arrears amounting to £9 16s. Sarah Thomas, Roch, the mother of the child said she had had 5s. that day fortnight, but she had only had 25s. for 15 months. Defendant said he paid all he had a fort- night ago, and he had paid £ 1 before. He could not pay the whole amount in a short time. All that was on the farm belonged to someone else. The magistrates ordered defendant's re- movel to Carmarthen for seven days.


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