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HAVERFORDWEST. The Peiubrokeshire point-to-point races are to be held on April 2nd. The Carol Singers collected on behalf of the Children's Home and Orphanage the sum of .£12 Os. 6d., which amount has been acknow- ledged by the Principal of the Homes. Pembrokeshire and Haverfordwest Infirmary. —The secretary begs to acknowledge, with thanks, the receipt of £9 9s. from the Great Western Railway loco. and carriage department staff, Neyland. SealyhamWerrier Club.—The adjourned meet- ing of the above club will be held at the Mariners Hotel, on Saturday, at two o'clock. All interested in the breeding of Sealyham terriers are cordially invited to attend. Inqu" t.—On Thursday Mr. Herbert Price held inquest at St. Martin's Hall, on the body Thomas Nestor Phillips, aged five month-, the child of Susan Maud Phillips, a single woman living at Castle Back. The child died on Wednesday morning. The mother said It had always been weakly. Dr. Lloyd, how- ever, said he had attended the child and gave the mother direction as to its feeding, which had not been carried out. A verdict was found to the effect that death had been accelerated by improper feeding. Pembrokeshire and Haverfordwest Infirmary. -Te committee gratefully acknowledge the receipt of the distributive shares of the Port- field rents of the following Freemen of Haver- ford west :-Earl Cawdor, Lord Kensington, Sir Owen H. P. Scourfield, Bart, Colonel the Hon. C. E. Edwards, Colonel Frank Edwards, Mr. H. G. Alien, K.C., Mr. George Turner Phillips, Mr. H. Richard Phillips, Mr. J. F. Lort Phil- lips, Mr. E. Lort Phillips, Mr. Gilbert D. Harries, Capt. John Arthur Higgon, Mr. Victor J. Higgon, Mr. W. T. Summers, Mr. Peregrine Lort Phillips. Tea and Entertainment at St. Thomas.—A tea and entertainment given by Mr. Stokes, of Haroldston, was held yesterday (Thursday) afternoon in the St. Thomas Schoolroom, when in spite of other functions on in the town there were a large number present. After the tea, which was presided at by the usual lady helpers, Archdeacon Hilbers took the chair at a short but enjoyable entertainment, the ar- rangements for which had been made by the Rev. T. A. Harries. Items were contributed by Miss Jennie Baillieux, Miss Annie Phelps, and Mr. Villiers Barber. Prendergast Workmen's Club.—The annual general meeting of the members of this club was held last week, the president, Rev. D. Akrill Jones, in the chair. Mr. Marlay Samson 'l,'as also present, and about 35 members. The l-.on. secretary, Mr. J. Alfred Evans read the abstract of accounts for the year, which showed a balance in hand of P,4 6s. 9d. This was considered very satisfactory. Officers for. the ensuing year were elected by ballot, when sevon were elected, the chairman (as president of the club) nominating another seven on the committee. Votes of thanks to the chairman. to Mr. Samson, and to the hon. secretary ter- minated the proceedings. Daath.—The death occurred carly on Sunday morning of Mrs. J ame, wife of Mr Owen James, St. Thomas Green, Haverfordwest. De- ceased had been ailing for a week, but was up on Saturday. About three o'clock on Sunday morning, however, she suddenly grew worse, and Dr. Mills was sent for; but in spite of medical treatment she passed away in an hour, the cause of death being attributed to an internal disease combined with a weak heart. Deceased leaves a husband and four children, all unmarried. It is of pathetic interest to recall that eleven months ago to the very day deceased's seventeen-year-old son died, and it is said that Mrs. James never recovered from the severe blow. Ebenezer Chapel.—A "social" was held in the Ebenezer Schoolroom on Wednesday evening for the purpose of settling the accounts of the bazaar, which was held some time ago. Tea Was provided in the Schoolroom, the tables being presided over by Mrs. Mendus and Mrs. Williams (Goat Street), assisted by a number of young ladies. After the tea a short entertainment was given, items being contri- buted by Mrs. Evans (Cartlett), Miss Annie James, Mr. Fred Williams, and Mr. Phelps. In the course of the proceedings Mr. T. C. Rees read the accounts of the bazaar, which showed the total sum realised to be £98 15s. 6d. It was decided to hold a "social" in the early part of March, when a feature of the proceedings will be a bonfire containing the lot(-of-hand-sig- nifying that the debt on the chapel has been cleared off. The partial failure of the gas supply was the general topic of conversation on Wednes- day evening; indeed, for some weeks, even months past the supply has been extremely weak. Being extensive gas consumers, the "County Guardian" Office has been one of the greatest sufferers. The supply to the linotype Cornposing machine is sometimes insufficient to heat the metal, the long-suffering linotype °Perator having to adopt many devices of his ij. order to produce the type for this | itiou. Enquiries at the gasworks reveal the act that the present supply of coal is not of 7 Quality from which the best gas is ob- ained, and that the pressure had to be reduced °n ^ednes(jay eke out the supply. Besides being deficient in quantity, the Haverfordwest gas is of a quajity that gives off carbonic acid fumes, ttle latter being highly poisonous. Several times lately the exhaust arrangement at the gasworks has not been in working order. In other walks of life the principle of "no work, no pay" very largely obtains; but not so with the Gas Committee: their meter inspector and collector continue to perambulate with note-book and pencil. Baptist Foreign Missions.—On Sunday and Monday last the annual meetings in connection with these missions were held in the Bethesda and Hill Park chapels, when the deputation was the Rev. J. Vaughan, of Orisa, India. On Sunday special services were held in the morn- ing at Bethesda and in the evening at Hill Park, when there were fairly large congrega- tions. In the afternoon a special service was held in the Hill PaTk Schoolroom for children, the preacher on each ocasion being the Rev. R. J. Vaughan. On Monday evening, at the Bethesda Chapel, a public meeting was held presided over by Mr. Isaiah Reynolds, J.P., when there were also in the pulpit Revs. R. J. Vaughan, Owen D. Campbell, Owen Jacobs, W. Mendus, E. Nicholson Jones, and Mr. Sid- ney J. Rees. The Chairman in his address said that the Pembrokeshire Baptists' had this year sent away L450 for the Bupport of their foreign missions, and for this their thanks were prin- cipally due to the local secretaries, Mr. Sidney Rees and Mr. James Rowlands. Mr. Sidney Rees then spok3 on the necessity for missionary work, after which Rev. R. J. Vaughan gave an interesting account of his work in India.


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