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CARDIGANSHIRE CANCER TREATMENT Change in Medical Opinion. WITHIN the last few months several medi- cal men have changed their opinion in respect to the Treatment of Cancer and Tumours. They find operations and the use of the knife have a tendency to quicken the development of growth and to spread the disease through the system. It is now generally accepted the mode of treatment which is the least painful, and which prolong life, is the use of Medicine, and such is the course now adopted in the well- known Cardiganshire cases. Throughout South Wales Herbal preparation made in Three strengths has effected some marvellous cures of Cancerous growths, Lupus, Ulcerated Legs, Piles and Skin Diseases. A large number of authenticated testimonials have already been received, and from the numerous tests made the proprietors feel convinced certain benefits will result from the use of the Ointment to persons suffering from any of the above diseas- es, and they recommend sufferers to give MANNINA OINTMENT an immediate trlaL Send direct to the Proprietors, "MANNINA" OINTMENT, Main Street, Fishguard, Pem- brokeshire. Sold by the following chemists :—F. D. Phillips, M.P.S., Market Street, Haverfordwest; Ll. J. Meyler, M.P.S., Milford Haven D. J. Harris, M.P.S., Milford Haven, and Hamilton Terrace Moore and Co, Pembroke Dock. Th Advantage of using Disinfectants is NOT ONLY TO FIGHT disease AFTER its development, BUT TO CHECK it in its infancy before any danger results. The multiplication of infectious germs can be easily prevented by lightly sprinkling CALVERT'S 15% Carbolic Disinfecting Powder regularly down drains and closets, over ashpits, refuse heaps, and other places likely to attract or harbour them. The REFINED and CONCENTRATED quality of Carbolic used, and the definite guarantee [ of strength make this Powder a really efficient disinfectant, and it has the fur- ther advantages of being easy to apply and safe to use. 6d., is. & is. 6d. Tins, at ChemisH, Stores, etc. F. C. CALVERT & Co., Manchester. oupiss, CisliiulM Balis "G-~2-a £ v TL a. FOR £ Hi (tens H! i tfil Cattle M t|=CV-2 lit an am si Prepared upwards of 50 years by the late FKANCIS CUPISS, M.R.C.V.S., Diss, NORFOLK. bold in packets i 9 and 3 6 each, 7 small packets loj6, 7 larg-e 2I/ fry Chemists <5^ Mcdiciite Vendors, or from Propnetor, The ¡¡'lldl'rness fliss. on receipt amount HAVE YOU TRIED GOMER'S BALM? It is a Salve for every wound, with marvellous properties in curing and healing all kinds of SoreB, Skin Rash, Eczema, Burns, Scalds, Scurvy, Gal. lings in Children and Women, Piles, Scabby Heads, Chaps, Ringworm, Stiff Joints, Irritations- and Inflammations of all kinds. Noted or rs- BAD LEGS. TRY IT. Sold by all Chemists and Stores Is. lid. or send value in stamps or P.O make, JACOB HUGHES, M.P.S., L.D.S., PENARTH Cardiff. Ask for GOMEB'S BALM," and see that the nama, Jacob Hughes is on each bar, without Vaioh none is genuine. You "will Save Money by sending Yoiir Printing Orders Here. COUNTY GUARDIAN' PRINTINC WORKS, OLD BRIDGE, HAVERFORDWEST.


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