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I Beirniadaeth y Seindyrf yn I Drefnewydd. A ganlyn oedd beirniadaeth Mr. Angus Holden ar chwareuad Seindorf Freiniol Oakeley:— "No 2. (Royal Oakley; J. E. Fidler).— Allegro-Unison not together, and semiquavers not always clear in melody instruments tone of band fine. Allegro-Trombone a fine player, but accompaniments a little on the loud side trombone slips in duet cadenza. Vivace- Basses fine in last two bars of this. Andantino —Cornet has fine tone one horn in accompan- iments seems to force the notes everything else fine; baritone and soprano are in nice tune. Allegro-Splendid precision, but prefer more breadth from letter J euphonium cadenza very tame. Largo-Euphonium not quite to my liking cornet on entering bar 10 is badly ) out of tune same at letter L euphonium I cadenza rather a failure. Allegro moderato ) maestoso-Not sufficiently bold, and requires more'breadth of treatment from bar 47 horn and repiano do not slur correctly band show a distinct falling off. Andan te- Nice blend here, and good balance of parts. Andante- Horn opens with a beautiful tone soprano on joining is also a treat; dead in tune with each other; in soprano cadenza rather bad slip. Allegro-Band here seems to have lost a little of their command. Piu mosso-Rather rushed and not kept in hand; perhaps you have had sufficient in this rain." VWVVNM\VVWWWWVWWWW

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