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ESTABLISHED 1823. GEORGE BENNETT & Co., FISHGUARD. The Oldest Wholesale Wine and Spirit Business (in succession of abo,ve title) in the County. Age in Whiskey alone determines the quality and flavour. When the whiskey has been matured by age alone the richness and fulness of flavour-certain si^ns of excellence—possess a certain refinement which is bound to be fully appreciated by every connoisseur. These are characteristics of BENNETT'S OLD IRISH WHISKEY, Supplied at 18s per gallon, or 3s per bottle. Hall's Wine, Is Ðd and 3s per bottle. Keystone Burgundy, Quart Flagon 2s 2d, Half Flagon Is Id. Liebig's Lemco, Is 9d and 3s per bottle. GEORGE BENNETT & Co., Fishguard. CORN; BUTTER, SEED, AND MANURE, i. msmsroijijs BEGS to inform tha Public that ha has taken over the business carried on iinoceastally by Mr Joseph Thomas at Swaa Square, Haverfordwest, for nearly half a century, and will continue the CORN, BUTTER, SEED, AND MANURE TRADE as heretofore. ALSO GROCERY AND SACK HIRING. A Large Stock of perfectly new Sacks always kept. Usual Charges ADDRESS Swan Square, Haverfordwest. GEORGE ACE, Ltd., 16, High Street, HAVERFORDWEST, D EG to notify their Motor Clientele of the appointment of a D CERTIFICATED MOTOR ENGINEER, who is now in permanent residence at their Haverfordwest Depot, No. 16, High Street, and who will give personal attention to all 0 1 repairs to Cars, EYERY MOTOR REQUISITE KEPT IN STOCK MOTOR CARS FOR HIRE. Dunlop, Michelin Continental, Palmer Tyres. Large Stock of Humber, Raleigh, Rover, Swift, Dursley Pedersen, Centaur, and special" Ace" Cycles on view. Largest Stock of Fishing, Golf and Shooting Requisites, Tents, Mail Carts, Gramaphones, etc., etc., in Wales. also at f Wind Street, Swansea, ( and Warren Street, Tenby. ENCLISH AND AMERICAN ARTIFICIAL TEETH. Messrs. EDWARD ENGLAND, Ltd., Can be interviewed DAILY at Chester House, 8 Picton Place, Haver- { ford west, also at Mr Johns, Bookseller and Stationer, New Bridge, Haverfordwest, Every alternate Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., next visit, DEC. 26, and will attend at Mr Mevler, Chemist, Charles Street, Milford Haven, Every Tuesday. At Mr Meyler, Chemist, Main Street, Fishguard, every other Thursday, next visit DEC. 31 also 28, Dimond Street, Pembroke Dock, and every other Thursday at Mr Appleby, Chemist, High Street, Neyland, ESTIMATES FREE. Teeth supplied from One Tooth to complete Set. Single tooth from 5s., Sets, upper or lovter, 50s. Our charges for artificial teeth include extracting, and all materials are guaranteed and kept in order free of charge. We believe that the succ ess which has attended us in the past is due to the fact that we have always studied the comfort of clients, together with keeping our fees as moderate as possible, and we guarantee the best materials obtainable. Teeth extracted with Nitrus Oxide Gas, and also extraction by Hypodermic injection [ESTABLISHED OVER 50 YEARS.] W. H. REYNOLDS, Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer Decorator, and Undertake I IIAVERFOROWEST, GOOD HOME-MADE FURNITUBE OF EVERY DO-AMIFTION. jSE S BEDSTEADS, REDDIIIG. CARPET&. LINOLEUI1\ WIIDO W BLINDS, at A GOOD ASSORTMENT Off AL W A. Y8 IN CT Tfc A VTTVW! • THE VILLAGE CITY OP £ 5 A • > JLl^ r* THE WEST." STtSE 'CITY ZE^OTIECT- has special accommodation for guests, Private or Commercial. Headquarters of the Cyclist's Touring- Club. Hot and Baths. Sea Bathing and Golf Links in the near vicinity. WSNE5, SPIRITS, and CIGARS of the BEST QUALITY. For the con-enwcce of visitors, & omnibus runs to and from Haverfordwest three times a during the summer months, and oncè a week in winter. in the vicinity. Horses and Carriages Let on Hire. i h citv and surrr-cditg neighbourhood teems with interest for the geologist and archseolpgli t AcluSSi i M. E. TSRNOlaD, PROPRIETRESS. \^E3XfBsaBmxs3iaetr^^pssmuaaistiiu^aa^F | ,<=1': ,£"1 ',¡;J t YOUR GRANDFATHER g mav t-> Hive baen a trills slow in certain respects sccording- to present clay w, tetf s*t3 iH^rdi b»? he via: a prMf- \vkie-iwak«s ?(;nt;emaa where raally important jra i 3 SK'i ahealth, w.S cVvztrnaJ. Us may net iiave been ab'.o t > srive scientific I I J 1 ntt-.iV- n't- 2;?.nt5 luit hi :r';hj £ «nsr»tfv S.-iy hi* hand «!i a reli.iMs remedy for ajj y were r iiDre z;z 13 ba:zy, *her i'« -l hi. v.i-vj -.rjr-.g; his i.iierr.r.l economy were more or loss hazy, W S«e^ fcs wii at So.iii. nappy iiJ t;Mt it he fi TAOJZ I t BEHC5i*HVs PILLS tha of hi* di^stiva orgrsns would *ie assured. Your 1 1, g r _1.1! v a practfcsl cttfi w:»i> looked i.r delimits results before he became e) 9 whe'.her lis -,vas jeutir? with a nt- v rci^ine or a medicine. His a g y; ^■-r:LS r.s e.prejs ci ii tiia well k.iown p.'inijs V/Of'TH A 9 S ?j. ln then? h«; fcai! at tmrj i a jure and immidi ito remedy lor 8 ;-T :inj disorders oi <h<e Liver ai; L'owcIj. Accordingly, ho always took Jgj BEECHAMS PILLS, g Sold everywhere in boxes, 1/1^ (56 pills) 5 2/9 (168 pills). Jr#





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!Pillar-Box Robberies.