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PEMBROKE RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. A meeting of the Pembroke Rural District Council was held on Monday at the Town Hall, Pembroke, when there were present Mr. W. G. Parcell (chairman), Major Wynne, Messrs. J. Thomas, J. M. Thomas, G. O. Thomas, T. John, J. Davies, J. J. Evans, R. V. Lewis, S. Hcwells, J. Picton, J. Goodridge, B. Gwilliam, and B. G. Roberts, with the clerk (Mr. J.. S. W. Jones), the Surveyor (Mr. Roberts), and the Inspector (Mr. Edwards). INFECTIOUS DISEASE. The Medical Officer (Dr. W. R. E. Williams) in his report, stated that during the past month a number of cases of infections disease had occurred in the district. At Bosh est on two cases of diptheria had terminated fatally, and there had been two cases at Ciickmail, at Prickeston, and another at Angle, the latter of which had proved fatal. There had also been several cases of infectious disease at St. Florence and two at Lydstep. He recommended that the school at St. Florence remain closed for a week after the Christmas holidays. The Chairman said that he was very eorrv to hear of the diptheria cases. Major Wynne: They seem pretty general all, over the district, too. Mr. T. John suggested that the St. Florence school should be disinfected'. There had been several cases there, .and ho thonght the build- ing should be disinfected before it was re- opened. Major Wynne seconded and this was carried. The Inspector reported that he had disin. fected the schools at Manorbier ajjd Rhos- crowther. the former as directed by the Council and the latter at the suggestion of the Medical Officer. THE STATE OF THE ROADS. A letter was read from the secretary of the Royal Automobile Club stating that he had re- ceived several complaints from members with regard to the state of the roads in the Pem- broke district, and that new metalling was left on the roads unrolled. He asked whether the Rural Council or the County Council was responsible for the upkeep of the roads in question. The Chairman: What are the roads referred to. The Clerk: The roads generally. The answer to the question would te "Both." Mr. John: The County Council roll their roads.. Mr. J. M. Thomas: I propose we take no notice of that letter. What do they expect ? I don't see why ,we should make roads merely for a certain class of people. The Chairman: They are not asking us to ms,ke roads. Titey are simply asking a ques- tion. It was decided that the Clerk should reply to the letter.. LYDSTEP WATER SUPPLY. A letter was read irom Mr. Hugh Thomas, Haverfordwest, with reference to the water supply -j.T. Lydstep, asking that something should be done to mnke the supply more satis- factory. He should fee much obliged if the Council would have £ he iinatter attended to at the earliest possible daie. The Chairman said that he understood the Inspector had received some instructions about the matter. The Inspector said that the well had been cleared out. The pump was some distance' from the well, and the water appeared to have aHMted the pipes, which ho4 become rather rusty. The people also did not use the pump a great deal and consequently some of the rust came into the water. The people preferred to dip from the well. He had met Mr. Thomas about this matter and the latter had suggested that they should have the water analysed, and so find what would be the best metal to use for water-pipes. The Chairman said that the water had been used for over a thousand years, and it was the only water about there at all. The Inspector: For many years it was the only supply in the place. The Chairman: The water was always good. Mr. J. Davies considered that if the water I, s vvias used more the pipes would be cleared. The Chairman said that Lord St. David's j pfcid the whole expense in eottnection with'the erection of the pump, and it did not cost the Rulal Council a penny. After some further discission the Chairman suggested that a man should be sent there to punijp f°r a day to clear the pipes. Eventually it was uecided that the Inspector should examine the pump and pipes and make a repeat to the next meeting of the Council, r-









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