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NOTES AND COMMENTS. Certain of our local councillors continue to pursue the Market Hall mare's nest with un- abated fervour. This time Mr. Mason was not there to plead for the Temperance Hall, and think about the proposed drill hall for the "terriers," but Ald. Hutchings filled the racancy. He felt quite hurt at the idea of opening an opposition shop" to that fine old ruin the Temperance Hall, and doubtless would feel quite grieved if the proposed Market Hall earned money for the ratepayers, which now goes into the pockets of the owners of the other building. It has been stated again and again that it is not proposed to spend a penny out of the rates upon the alterations at the Market Hall, but that the money will be raised in another way. Therefore we fail to see how any further opposition to the scheme can claim to be disinterested. There is an old proverb that charity covers a multitude of sins," and it seems to us that the interests of the ratepayers is an equally good cloak for people who have other things in view at the same time. We would suggest that these gentlemen who are so persuaded that the hall accommodation of the locality is at present perfect, should wait until the scheme comes before them and is properly explained, and not be so anxious to kill it now "on spec." 4 There was another warm discussion at the same meeting of the Pater Committees, when the Inspector reported that there was defec- tive sanitary accommodation at a number of houses, which he mentioned, and recommend- ing that they be ordered to connect. It seems to us that the Inspector was merely doing his duty, and that it was very bad taste on the part of a member of the Corporation, who hap- pened to own some of the property, to suggest that the Inspector was trying to make work for somebody. We think that now the town has been put to such an expense to provide proper drainage, every house should be con- nected. The Council propose to make the Bush Estate connect the whole of their properties, and we think that all owners should be treated exactly alike. We must confess that it may appear hard that a man with a leasehold pre- perty, whose lease expires in a few years, should go to much expense, but it seems a difficult matter to make distinctions fairly.. After all when a man purchases house property he ought to know that in a town like Pem- broke Dock, the drainage was bound to come, and lie should be prepared to put his houses in proper sanitary condition. There is no doub,t however, that many owners will not connect until they are forced, and therefore it will be the duty of the Council to use compulsion. The health of the community is of more import- ance than the pockets of a few individuals. ? Is Neyland Urban District Council, after several quiet meetings, commenced the New Year in tine form. As usual the breeze occurred when an attack was made upon one of the officials, and it is a rather curious thing that certain of the Neyland councillors seem to look at the officials as if they were what are termed Aunt Sallys," at whom everyone could have a shot. Mr. ach's complaints on Monday proved to be groundless, as usual, but we don't suppose the repeated reverses he has sustained will have the effect of causing him to investigate before he desires to castegate. Mr. has sometimes complained that he is not so fu!ly reported as he should be. This week we give a verbatim report of his oration precisely as delivered by him. We hope he will be satis- fied this time The reason we give the speech verbatim ad literatim" is that our reporter thought that any attempt on his part to con- dense it might lead to a misunderstanding. He could not grasp all Mr. Roach's points, so thought it would be best to let the ratepayers of Neyland have the full benefit of what Mr. Roach termed the shining light on the hill," which has illuminated his dreary path of life." Why should not they share the illumi- nation? t t » Sunday evenings at this time of the year are very dull. There is no place to go to once the various services are over, and it is therefore welcome news to learn that the Pem- broke Dock Choral Society will commence, what it is hoped will prove, a series of Sunday evening sacred concerts at the Temperance Hall on the 17th inst. Some of the finest choruses from the Messiah have been selected, and there will be quite an array of new talent for the solo parts. Mr. T. G. Hancock's orchestra, which produced such a favourable impression at the recent production of "Confusion," will also assist. There will be no. definite prices charged, a silver collection being thought ample.












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