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Dmis Old Age Pensioner Dead.






FOOTBALL. West of Llanelly League. TENBY v. LLANGWM. This -match was played on the Llangwm Foot- ball ground on Saturday, the 2nd January. Tenby turned out at full strength, but the Llangwm team was weakened by the absence of Morgans and Jones from the forward line, Palmer from the halves, and Jones from the three quarters. The weather was fine, and in spite of the greasy state of the ground a very keen game was witnessed. The appointed referee, Rev. J. Davies, being unable to act, Mr. Berry, of Ten- by, was sent as substitute. The Llangwm offi- cials submitted a protest against this appoint- ment on the ground of the probable bias of Mr. Berry towards Tenby. The game was, how- ever, allowed to proceed, but came to an abrupt termination before time, on account of the protests of the spectators against what they considered an unfair decision. Tenby kicked off and a ding-dong game was started. Within a few minutes, Llewellyn, the Llangwm left wing three-quarter, was disabled by twisting his thigh, and he was absent during the rest of the game, his place being taken by Jones from the forwards. With one man off the grit the determination of the Llangwm youngsters became very apparent. They were always on the ball, and one was astonished at seeing the vaunted superiority of Tenby dis- proved by the nippiness of the "Llangwms." Up and down the ground the game swung, and Tenby scored first with a clever dropped goal by C. Evans from a scramble near the posts. From the kick-off Llangwm assumed the ag- gressive, and by undoubted good play and hard work were soon rewarded with a grand try (T. Stephens), which John failed to covert. From this point until half time the play was rather scrappy, and there was nothing worthy of notice. During this half the spectators had been in- dulging in constant criticism of the referee. because in their opinion he had neglected to pull up the Tenby team for several infringe- ments of the "off-side" and "knock-on" rules. There is no doubt that the Tenby team greatly offended in these respects, but the slippery state of the ground made it a difficult game to referee. Llangwm had the greater portion of the play in the first part of the second half, 'and were specially dangerous on two or three occasions. They excelled in footwork and their opponents were saved by some splendid runs on the part of their back, who on several oc- casions managed to transfer play to the Llan- gwm half. On one of these occasions Tenby secured a try, preceded by a most obvious knock-on. Following the kick off play was pretty even, if not very scientific, and was brightened chiefly by the sound gathering and tackling of Adams. A few minutes before time Tenby was awarded a try from a touch down by Stephens, of Llangwm, and the crowd invading the field and protesting against the decision, the referee decided to abandon the match. All will regret such a conclusion, but crowds, being naturally greatly governed by favouritism, think that a referee hailing from the same town as the opposing sides, is similarly influenced. Such scenes can be avoided only by the ap- pointment of a neutral referee. On Saturday's form Llangwm was undoubtedly the better team. W. G. E. Rugby.—On Saturday last Xeyland Rugby team met Milford on a West of Llanelly League match, and after a hard fight Neyland became victorious by 12 points to three. On Saturday next Neyland will meet tne Welch Regiment in a League match, on the latter's ground. ![ This will be a return match; it will be re- membered that on a previous occasion, when the teams met at Neyland, the match resulted I in a drawn game.




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