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CHEAP PREPAID ADVER- TISEMENTS Mantefc FARM.—Working House-Keeper; liberal JL salary.—W. Roch, Penny Bolt, Pembroke. 3ja22 WANTED a General Servant.—Apply, Mrs. J. W. Reynolds, Barry Island, Letter- eton. 2jal5 WANTED immediately Two Good Generals— one able to wash and iron. Good wages to suitable persons.—Apply, Queen's Hotel, Pentre, Rhondda. 3ja22 WANTED, good Girl for House and Dairy Work: wages from £ 13 to £ 20.—Apply Box, 30, Wright and Co., Dimond Street, Pem- broke Dock. 3ja22 WANTED at once, a respectable girl daily. Apply. Box 624, "Guardian" Office, Pembroke Dock. 3ja22 for Sale. FOR 8s. 8d. POST FREE. TRY a Pair of our Gents Real Box Calf Leather Lined Bal Boots, the best in the United Kingdom at the price, direct from H. C. MAY, Boot Factor, Belmont, Surrey. 6jal5. lost. LOST, Gent's Silk Umbrella, with ivory tusk handle. Whoever will return the same to Mr. S. W. Dawkins, Haylett Grange, will be re- warded. 25 jfarms an" bouses Zo Xet. TO BE LET, Portclew House, containing 4 re- ception rooms, 8 bedrooms, 3 dressing rooms, bath-room (h. 4 c.) tennis courl furnished or un- furnished, with or without garden.-Apply Miss Morison, Portclew House, Lamphey, S.O. mr20— TO LET, Cottage with large Garden, 12, Castle Street, Lower Pennar.—Apply, 34, Waterloo, Pembroke Dock. 3jal5 TO LET, in the village, of Carew, 3a miles from Pembroke, a Compact Small Villa, containing four Bedrooms, two Sitting Rooms, Kitchen, Hall, and Greenhouse, together with Stable and Coach House; also a large Garden well stocked with choice fruit trees. Apply at Bridge House, Carew; or at No. 34, Church Street, Pembroke Dock. 3ja22 TO LET. A COMMODIOUS HOUSE, SHOP, and PRE- MISES. situate in Bridge Street, now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Rogers; possess- ion 24th June, 1909.-Apply to PRICE AND SON, Solicitors, Haverfordwest. ja8- lbtscellancous. CINEMATOCRAPH ENTERTAINMENTS. E NGAGEMENTS ACCEPTED for Private as well as public gatherings. Most modern apparatus, suitable for large and small Halls. Variety of subjects. Moderate terms. Apply:- CITY PICTORIAL WORKS, 25 59, Queen Street, Cardiff. I Shipping TRotices. SOUTH AFRICA ROYAL M&IL ROITE s UNION CASTLE LINE.—London -nd Southampton. To Cape Colony, Natal, Delagja Bay, Beira, etc., calling frequently at Madeira, Las Palmas, Teneriffe, Ascenn, St. Helena. and Ljbito Bay. Weekly Sailings. Fast pass- ages. Superior Accommodation. Best Route. For Rates of Passage Money and all further information apply to the Managers: Dr>NALD CURRIE & CO., London, or to Local Agents. tnytirbv: Musical instruments. IF YOU WANT A PIANO or ORQAN do not be persnaded by any interested person to purchase until yon have ascertained the extra- ordinary valne we are offering. You wilJ save many pounds, be most liberally treated, and get the easiest possible terms by purchasing from us. —DUCK, SON. & Pinker, The Great Piano Merchants, Paltney Bridge, Datb. Catalcgae and book of advice free. Name this paper. Oar tuners visit this district and all parts of Sonth Wales at regular interval-send us a post card nd finer shall -all. 19ap52 County Guardian" £100 FREE INSURANCE (Applicable only within the United Kingdom). SPECIALLY GUARANTEED BY THE GLjlSGODI 0SSDWE COaPDiijlTION, LIMITED. 105, West George Street, Glasgow. A. REGINALD POLE, General Manager. To whom Notice of Claim, uuder the follow- ing Conditions, must L) sent in case of injury or Death within seven days aftter the accident. 1 wiH "Paid by the above Cor- cwAVFvr poration to the legal represen- tative of any one who is killed by an accident to the passenger-train in which the deceased was travelling as a ticket-bearing or fare-paying passenger, season ticket-holder, or trader's ticket-holder, or who shall have been fatally injured thereby (should death result within seven days after such accident). Should such accident not prove fatal, but cause within the same period of seven days the loss of two limbs (both arms or both legs, or one of each, by actual separation above the wrist or ankle), the person injured shall be entitled to receive £100, or for the loss of one limb under the aforesaid conditions, £ 50; and should such person meet with an injury caused by an accident as above defined which shall not prove fatal as aforesaid, but which of itself shall totally prevent him or her from following his or her occupation, then the above Corporation will pay to such person £1 per week during such disablement, but in no case Iot more than ten weeks for any one accident. PROVIDED that i-e person so killed or in- jured had upon his or her person, this ticket with' his or her usual signature, written in ink prior to the accident, on the space provided telow, which, together with the giving of notice within the time as hereinbefore mentioned, is of the essence of this contract. This insurance holds good for the current week of issue only. Railway servants travelling with a pass or ticket in an ordinary passenger compartment of a passenger train can hold this Coupon In- surance Ticket. No person can recover under more than one Coupon-Insurance Ticket guaranteed by the Corporation, in respect of the same accident. Signature. Coupon expires at midnight on Friday, Janu. ary 22nd, 1909. Business Bttoresses. Am XMAS HAMPERS. Acknowledged to be the Best in the Market. No. 4 £1 1 0 No. 5 zOl 5 0 1 Bottle "Excelsior" Extra Special Scotch. 2 Bottles Martinez Choice Old Port. 1 "Pearl" Extra Special Irish. 2 „ "Excelsior" Extra Special Scotch. 1 Choiee Old Port. 1 „ V.S.O.P. Liqueur Cognao* 1 Fine Sherry. 1 Heidseck's Champagne. 1 V.S.O.P. Liqueur Cognac. 1 Champagne (Sparkling Hock or Moselle). a No. 7 21 10 0 No. 8 £ 2 2 0 3 Bottles Choice Old Port. 3 Bottles Martinez Choice Old Port. 1 „ Fine Sherry. 2 „ Fine Sherry. 1 „ Finest *Cognac. 3 "Excelsior" Extra Special Scotch. 1 „ Finest London Gin. 1 „ "Pearl" Extra Special Irish. 3 „ "Excelsior" Extra Special Scotch. 1 V.S.O.P. Liqueur Cognac. 3 „ Claret. 2 Champagne (Hy. Goulet). Assortments of equal value will be substituted to suit convenience of customers. MARGRAVE BROS., LLANELLY. COMMEROE HOUSE, Ltd. GREAT CLEARANCE SALE OF SEASONS GOODS NO-W- casr. Costumes, Mantles, Coats, Dress Mater- ials, Blouses, Lace Goods, Hosiery, Gloves, &c., will be offered at an enormous Re- duction. MILLINERY, FLOWERS, FEATHERS, will be sold regardless of cost. Remnants, Short Lengths, and oddments in Stock, will be placed on the counter for Clearance at absurd prices. Bedsteads, Linoleums, Carpets, Household Linens, Curtains, &c., at Special Sale Prices. Everything in Gents' Outfitting Department -1" at astonishingly low prices. -:0:- COMMERCE HOUSE, Ltd., HAVERFORDWEST. FOR PRIVATE CASH ADVANCES APPLY TO ALBERT E. GASH At his private house, 30, ST. GEORGE'S TERRACE SWANSEA. Mr. Gash is prepared to advance to respect- a.ble persons loans from £10 to any amount, apon thpir own Note of Hand, without Sureties or Bill of Sale. INTENDING BORROWERS in applying to Mr. Ga3h have the satisfaction of knowing with whom they are dealing, for Mr. Gash (-.rades under his own name, and not under an assumed name, neither does he trade as a "Company," or so-called "Bank." Please Note Address: 30. ST. GEORGE'S TERRACE, SWANSEA. 13-jy21 f | THE | SWANSEA MERCANTILE BANK Limited, OF 18, PARK STREET, SWANSEA, MAKE CASH ADVANCES DAILY FROM ..t.í5 to 2500 TO FARMERS and all classes of respectable JL householders, upon their own Note of Hand and other kinds of securities. ALL TRANSACTIONS STRICTLY PRIVATE. Apply to H. B. JONES, Manager, Or W. D. PHILLIPS, Auctioneer, Haverfordwest, Local Representative. Personal attendance every Wednesday after- noon, and at other times by special appoint- ment at Victoria Road, opposite the Dock gates, Milford Haven. announcements. NARBERTH EISTEDDFOD. EASTER MONDAY, 1909. CHIEF CHORAL.— L10 10s., and a Silver- mounted baton for the conductor. ) MALE VO-CE.— £ 8 and Silver mounted Baton for Conductor. CONGREGATIONAL TUNE, SOLOS, AND OTHER PRIZES. Programmes may now be obtained post free, 2d., from the Hon." Secretary, 13 JONAH JOHN, Narberth. A GRAND EISTEDDFOD Will be held in Haverfordwest, on WHIT-MONDAY, MAY, 31st., 1909. Male Voice Competition (open), zE35 and Silver Cup; ditto (confined to the County), P-10 and Gold Medal; Mixed Choir Competition, iP,15 and Silver Mounted Baton; Juvenile Choirs, i24 4s.; Solos, zEl; Essay, £ 3; Poem, £ 2. Excellent list of other Literary Subjects; also Instrumental Solos, Art and Needlework Com- petitions. Programmes now ready, 2d. post free, from the Hon. Sec., Mr. W. G. Rowlands, 1. Castle Terrace, Haverfordwest. 3jal5 Dewsland Ploughing Match. A PLOUGHING MATCH in connection with the above society will be held on TYRHOS FARM cn FRIDAY, January 29th, 1909. Entries close Jan. 25, 1900. Further particulars see bills. If the weather -will be unfavourable, the Match will take place on Tuesday, February 2nd. T. J. HARRIES, 3ja22 Hon. Sec. < Entioiiuceniciits. THE TENTH ANNUAL PLOUGHING MATCH Of the Puncheston District, will be held at nl!A.. T EJLL. In the Parish of Puncheston, On WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 27th, 1909 (Weather permitting, otherwise on the first open Wednesday), When good prizes, including two silver cups) will be given to successful competitors. For full particulars see circulars, which may be had post free of the Secretaries, W. L. WILLIAMS, Loughor, Letterston. J. S. EVANS, Tvcanol Stores, Pontfaen. 13 Sales bg Buctton Under a Deed of Assignment—re J. Pettit, Steam Trawler Owner and Ship Repairer. EVANS & ROACH ARE instructed by Mr. F. J. Warren, the Trustee under the deed, to Sell by Auction on the premises occupied by Mr. J. Pettit, at MILFORD DOCKS, On SATURDAY, JANUARY 23rd, 1909, Sheds, 6 H.P. Oil Engine, Lathe, Drilling Machine, Dynamo, Forge and Bellows, Smiths' Tools. New Iron, various sizes. Ships' Fittings and Stores, including Rope, Net, Twine, Oils, Pant. Fire Bricks, Fish Boxes, etc., -etc. Particulars on Posters. Sale to .commence at 11.30 Terms—Cash. For the purposes of this Sale persons will be admitted to the Docks by permission of J. C. Ward, Esq., manager, at their own risk. Auctioneers' Offices: Milford Haven. 13 HAVERFORDWEST. Sale of Manufacturers' Surplus Stock of New- Cycles. k MR. WILLIAM JONES HAS been instructed bv the Manufae:turor:5 -S- to Sell Bv Auction at the CORN MARK. ET, HAVERFORDWEST, on SATURDAY. JANUARY 16th, 1909, ABOUT 25 LADIES' and GENTS' CYCLES. Fitted with Free Wheel and two lliiu Brakes. Also a few GENTS' CYCLES FITTED WITH THREE SPEED GEARS. On View morning of Sale. Sale to commence at 6 p.m. Terms—Cash. Auctioneer's Offices, Buckingham House, High Street, Haverfordwest. January 7th, 19C9. 13 Uenfcers. To Builders and Contractors. TENDERS are invited for the erection of a -L new Vicarage at Ambleston. Plans and specifications may be seen at my office, where sealed tenders are to be de livered on or before Saturday, the 30th Janu- ary instant. The lowest or any tender not necessarily ac- cepted. HUGH THOMAS, Architect and Surveyor, 9, Victoria Place, 13 Haverfordwest. To Builders. TENDERS are invited for the erection of a Dwelling House, Shop, Bakehouse, Stable, Coachhouse, etc., at Goodwick for Mr. Albert Lewis. Plans and specifications can be seen at the Glendower Hotel, Goodwick. Sealed Tenders to be sent to the undersigned not later than January 21st, 1909. The lowest or any other tender not necessarily accepted. J. PREECE JAMES, Architect, Tenby. Tenby, January 7, 1909. 13 Xegal. Re. MARIA EYANS, Deceased. ALL CREDITORS having claims or de- mands against the estate of Maria Evans, deceased, late of Newton Cross, Wolfscastle, in the County of Pembrokeshire, Draper and Grocer, are requested to send details thereof to the undersigned on or before the 23rd day of January, 1909. Dated this 9th day of January, 1909. J. TUDOR REES, 3, Dumfries Place, Cardiff. Solicitor to the Administrators. 13 ( TO CAPTAIN AMBROSE SPONG Rockmount, St. David's. December 29th, 1908. WE, the undersigned, having been caught VT trespassing in pursuit of game on the lands of -Lower,Mill fields and Penlan, the shooting on which lands belong to you, hereby solemnly declare that if you withdraw the summonses now issued against us, that we will never go on any part of your shooting again, and we will furthermore pay you seven shillings and sixpences, the cost of the summonses you have taken out against us. (Signed)- ARTHUR G. HARRIES, Goat Street, St. David's. FREDDY JOHN, 'Goat Street, St. David's. SEYBERT T. HARRIES, Goat Street, St. David's. Witness, David Lewis, Gamekeeper, New St., St. David's. 13 Educational. St. David's County School Chairman: THE VERY REV. THE DEAN OF ST. DAVID'S. Vice-Chairman: J. HOWARD GRIFFITHS, Esq. Headmaster MR. THOMAS THOMAS, B.A., (London). Assistant Master: MR. H. P. JACKSON, M.Sc. (Vic.) Assistant Mistress: MISS K. M. GREEN, L.L.A. (St. Andrew's), Cambridge Teacher's Dip- loma. Assistant Mistress: MISS MAY JOHN, B.A. (London). TUITION FEES.— £ 4 per annum, or £1 6s. Bd. per term; two (brothers or sisters), £7 per an- num, or £2 6s. 8d, per term; three (brothers or sisters), B10 per annum, of £3 6s. 8d. per terrtr. Pupils taking music will be charged an extra fee. For terms and further particulars, Prospec- tus, etc., apply to the Headmaster, or to MR. W. D. WILLIAMS. Clerk. Gwalia, St. David's. Taskers High School for Girls. HAVERFORDWEST. Headmistress: Miss M. E. Jones, B.A., Wales. (Assisted by highly qualified mistresses). FEES £ 1 6s. 8d. per term. Special Subjects: Greek, German, and Painting. 15s. per term. Headmistress at home to parents on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. County Pupils are only allowed to board at houses approved by the Governing Body, of which a list can be obtained (with any other information desired relative to school arrange, ments), either from the Headmistress, or from Mr. J. W. Phillips, solicitor, Tower Hill, clerk to the Governors. Tasker's School re-opens on Tuesday, the 19th January, 1909, at 2 o'clock in the after- noon. University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. (One of the Constituent Colleges of the Uni- versity of Wales). President-THE RIGHT HON. LORD RENDEL Principal.—T. F. ROBERTS, M.A. (Oxon); LL.D., (Vict.) Students are prepared for degrees in Arts, Science (including the applied Science of Agriculture), Law and Music. Sess- ional Composition Fee, £10, with additional Laboratory Fees for Science Students. Regis- tration Fee, R.I. Men students reside in regis- tered lodgings in the town, or at the Men's Jostei. Warden: Professor J. W. Marshall, M.A. Women Students reside in the Alexandra flail of Residence for Women. Warden, Miss E. A. Fewings. For full particulars respecting ihe general Arts and Science Departments, the Law, Agriculture, and Day Training Depart- ments, the Department for the Training of Secondary Teachers, and the Hostels, apply tc J. H. DAVIES, M.A., 13 Registrar. Haverfordwest Grammer School, FOUNDED 1613. Chairman of Governors: R. T. P. WILLIAMS, ESQ. Headmaster: REV. J. HENSON, M.A., Oxon, Assisted by a Staff of six Experienced Masters. Recognised by the Beard of Education, a Secondary School providing'preparation for all University and Professional Examinations, and for Commercial life. Pupils prepared for the larger Public Schools. Numerous recent suc- cesses. A few Boarders can be received at low Fees. Fur Prospectus, etc., apply to the ITead Master. Next Term commences on Tuesday, January 19th, at 2 p.m. 4ja22 HILL HOUSE COLLEGE, HAVERFORDWEST. m HE MISSES DAVIES (daughters cf the late -1- Rev. T. Davies, D.D.), conduct a school for Boarders and Day Pupils -at the above commodious and well-situated residence. The course of instruction comprises the usual branches of a sound English education, with Music (Piancforte and Violin). French, Latin, Drawing, and Painting. Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Cambrdge Local, College of Preceptors, Trinity College, and other Examina- tions. Kindergarten Occupations for the Infants. Prospectuses on application. The next term will begin on Wednesday afternoon. January 20th. 13 j troo late for classification. NORTH PEMBROKESHIRE FARMERS CLUB. —— THE GENERAL ANNUAL MEETING will -L be held at the COMMERCIAL HOTEL, Fishguard, on Thursday, January 28th, 1909, at 3 p.m. V. J. G. JOHNS, 13 Hon. Sec. WANTED. RELIABLE MAN as CARETAKER of MEN'S INSTITUTE. Must be a total abstainer. Applications to be made not later than Janu- ary 18th, 1909. Particulars may be obtained from the secretaries, B. W. Thomas and W. E. C. Lewis. 25 WILL the gentleman who, by mistake, took a black overcoat containing a pair of tan gloves from the cloak-room at the Sheriff's luncheon at the Castle Hotel, Haverfordwest, kindly communicate with Mr. W. D. Lewis, solicitor, Narberth. 25 CENTRAL OFFICES-OLD BRIDGE, Haverfordwest Telegraphic Address: "Guardian. H'west." Telephone No. 14, Post Office. Branch Offices: Pembroke Dock, Fishguard, and Solva. SUBSCRIPTION RATES (PER POST). 3 months Is. 8d. 8 months 3s. 3d. 12 months 6s. 6d.


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