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HAVERFORDWEST The Fair.—There was a good attendance at the monthly fair on Tuesday, when there was an excellent supply of cattle. There was a brisk demand for store cattle, and good beef sold at 6d. per lb Cows with calves sold well, and fetched from zEl.4 to 1,15. The sheep supply was poor and lambs sold at 7d. per lb. and mutton 6d. The supply of horses was poor and little business was done. Funeral.—The funeral of Mr. Thomas Harries, St. Martin's Crescent, to whose death there was an allusion last week in our columns, took .place at St. Martin's Cemetery. It was strictly private, with no flowers, in accordance with the express wish of the deceased. There were present: Commodore T. Harries (Brimaston Hall), some of the tenants, Mr. J. Morgan Wil- liams (solicitor, St. Davids), Mr. W. Harries (Woodstock), and a few friends from town. The Rev. P. D. Morse, G. and L., Wolfscastle, officiated at the house and at the grave. Hockey.—A team representing the Haverford- west Hockey Club, and captained by Mr. Fred Munt, journeyed to Newgale on Thursday of last week, and engaged in a match against the St. David's Hockey team on the sands. The Haverfordwest team consisted of Auss Laura -James; F. Munt and F. Jeffreys; G. B. Griffith, D. F. Davies, and Miss F. Howells; W. M. .James, Tudor Jones, Howard Edwards, W. Mathias, and Elson Williams. The St. David's team started the game with a rush, and soon obtained the lead, but afterwards the Haver- fordwest side became more settled and had the better of the game, H. Edwards equalizing before the interval. After half-time Haverford- west attacked well, and after an excellent run, in which Tudor Jones and H. Edwards were prominent, they obtained the lead through the latter player. The Haverfordwest team con- tinued superior for the rest of the game, and well deserved their victory of two goals to one. Tramp Thiet Sentenced.—At the Shire Hall, Haverfordwest,' on Saturday—before Mr. J. T. Fisher (in the chair), the Mayor (Mr. Isaiah Reynolds), and Mr. G. E. Carrow-William Phillips, of no fixed abode, was brought up in custody charged with stealing a shirt, value 6s. 6d., the property of Mrs. Mary Thomas, of the Kilns, Camrose. Mary Ann Thomas said that on Satutday, January 2nd, she put her husband's shirt on the hedge to dry. The shirt was nearly new, and its value was 6s. 6d. Be- tween 6 and 7 o'clock she missed the shirt from the hedge, and at once gave information to the police. She afterwards identified the shirt brought to her by P.C. Llewellin as her property.—P.C. Llewellin said that he received information. about the matter on the night in question, and after making inquiries he traced the prisoner next day to Hayscastle Cross. He there found Phillips in a barn wearing the stolen shirt. When charged with stealing it he said, I did steal it. I stole it because I was out of work, and the one I had was in a very bad state."—In answer to the charge prisoner said he had nothing to say, and he was sent to prison for ten days' hard labour. Masonic Installation. The annual installation ceremony in connection with the Haverford- west Cambrian Lodge o Freemasons, took place on Wednesday of last week, at the Masonic Hall, when Bro. John James was in- stalled as Worshipful Master. There were about 60 brethren present, and the ceremony was effectively performed by Bro. J. G. Summons, I.P.M. The W.M. afterwards invested his officers as follows:—Wor. Bro. John George Summons, I.P.M.; Bro. Isaiah Reynolds, S.W.; Bro. Frederick Langford, J.W.; Bro. Rev. J. H. Davies, chaplain; Wor. Bro. L. H. Thomas, treasurer; Bro. A. J. Rose, secre- tary; Bro. W. F. Thomas, S.D.; Bro. F. D. Phillips, J.D.; Wor. Bro. T. C. White, DC.; Bro. James Reynolds, I.G.; Bro. C. F. Bulmer, organist; Wor. Bro. A. H. Howard, charity steward; Bro. C. S. Davies, S.S.; Bro. F. A. Scott, J.S.; Bro. William James, tyler. Follow- ing the installation a banquet was held at tne Salutation Hotel, the room having been taste- fully decorated by the manageress (Miss Hall). The repast was prepared by Bro. W. D. Phillips, and a tip-top menu was provided. The usual Masonic toasts were duly honoured, and dur- ing the evening songs were rendered by P.M. John Evans, Bros. C. Sidney Davies, W. B. W. John, a quartette by W. D. Phillips, C. Parkes, F. J. Warren, and T. C. White, and a recitation by Bro. W. F. Thomas. Forthcoming Missionary Exhibition.—There was a large attendance at St. Mary's Schoolroom on Tuesday evening, when a meeting was held for the purpose of arranging the preliminary work for the Church Missionary Exhibition to be held in this town (probably in the Assembly Rooms) during the Easter week. The chief speaker was Mr. W. O. Garrett, organising sec- retary from London, and others on the plat- form were the Rev. J. H. Davies. Rev. J. S. Puckridge (Castlemartin), Ven. Archdeacon Hilbers, Rev. A. Baring-Gould, and the Rev. Norman Parcell. The Rev. J. H. Davies ex- plained that the Rev. D. Alcrill Jones was un- able to be present owing to an attack of in- fluenza. A committee was appointed to carry out the work and a secretary for each depart- ment. Mr. Garrett gave an instructive address. in which he said the Exhibition would be held on the same lines as that which attracted hun- dreds of visitors to Tenby last year. The ex- hibtion will be divided into a number of sec- tions, each containing curios and relics, re- presenting and showing the mode of life and work in different parts of the world and a* lec- turer will be present in each section to instruct and explain the various customs. The object of the ex^bition is to being people into closer touch with missionary work, and it is expected a large number of visitors will be attracted from the surrounding countrv dis- tricts. b Concert at Merlin's Bridge.—In spite of the inclement weather there was a very fair atten- dance at the Merlin's Bridge Wesleyan Chapel on Thursday evening, when a most enjoyable concert was held on behalf of the Children's Clothing Club. The entertainment was ar- ranged by Mrs. and J. H. Jones (Barn Street), and a number of friends, and thev are to be i.uii^idiuiatea upon getting together such a talented set of artistes. The programme ,which was Varied, was an excellent one and the aud- ience were not slow in showing their apprecia- tion of each item, and a number of encores were demanded. The duties of accompanist were capably carried out by Mr?. Waller. The Uiair was taken by Mr. Reed (Penybryn). who vV>rH rrf Pi'^eedings with a few encouraging ert Pr°gramine was opened bv a spirit- and th f0?!0 Sol° -by Miss M'Idrod Williams, Solo. lov>'±r}g items were gone through: solo,* "The ?^CKSinith>" Mr- George Lewis; S mandoline r0'vn>" Ml3S Annie Janhrs; Francis; re-i^+- Death of Nelson," Mr. W. Gr>ve Mr" t on' "The Drunkard's Watery TTna^rence: solo, "Alone on the ifv-Hn CoA- 4Vvioli» »>«■ ■=,!). Mr. »6 J thEdw"?: lorte solo. ::5,eiisJ&Wpssnss recitation, "The old Batchelor'" Mr Tavvrenee'- solo (selected), Mr. G 1. Woll" oofo -Thi Beggar Maiden, M-ss Annie James; mandoline solo (selected), Mr. Francis; solo, "The Veter- an's Song," Mr. Lewis; solo, "Hen Wlad fv Nhadau," Miss Hewitt; violia solo, "Home Sweet Home." Mr. Austin Cook; solo, "Son of the Desert," Mr. J. Edwards; Gramaphone Selections, Mr. Griffiths. A vcte of thanks w'as accorded to the kind friends who contributed towards the evening's success, and a vote of thanks to the Chairman proposed by Mr. J. H. Jones, was also well received. The singing of the National Anthem brought a most enjoyable evening's entertainment to a clo^e. "r.I'tP I. .a;¡:un:J:;H;U:i- :W-¡' :vii1 <>f Property.—Messrs. T. Rule Owe. unu -.f!; red for s.e by auction, at'the Temper- ;•!<•=• if: •.• Thursday, two freehold dwelling i —. Elmo an'd Clare mount in Goaf St. the two lots together started at yisl t'v i5 bids reached £600, at v. b:eh it (loa,ii to Mr. ]. Allen Mr. J. Joiic-s was the solicitor si at Si. Martin's Hall.—The most lield in St. ITall this 'ii ■ k place last night, when there was an ,i! e of about 80 ladies and gentlemen. ;ii>• was arranged by the Churchwardens hi aid of the St. Martin's Church Restoration l-'urid, and as usual Mr. Sage carried out the d'Uie.- s.r M.C. in a praiseworthy manner. The ni!is:e for dancing was supplied by Mr. John i-■ ,«nd Miss Lewis, and during the evon- rs. Oliphant Golde delighted the coin- i i'llil lier rencterings of a couple of sol()s. Hunt Week.—The fancy dross ball in e:tion with the Tenby Hunt week took i at the Royal Assembly Rooms on Wednes- day !)'»ht and was a great success. Among a ompany were the following:—Mrs. Penn, C:; 'ii! iso Miss Penn, "Peggy Quainton," from tli- ":>iy Gordons"; Miss A. Penn, "Susanne" f: '110 "Honourable Phil;" Lady St. David's, Year"; Air. NVI. G. Etiot-i Evans, "Pembrokeshire Hunt"; Hon. Roland P'lii ops, "jester"; Lord St. David's, "A Zomer. sct lad"; Mrs. Penn, Camrose, "Pembrokeshire "Hunt"; Mr. J. Penn and Mr. Lewis Perm. the Cullman Diamond.—Those who would like to see what the Cullinan diamond, the largest in the world, was like when it was found, may see an actual representation of the stone in Mr. C. S. Davies' window, Bridge St. Before being cut the diamond measured four inches the longest way, 2.5 inches high, and 2 inches wide. It was named after the president of the Premier Diamond Mining Company, in v hose mine it was found, and its estimated vnIuc was £ 500,000. The stone was cut and polished, and has been duly presented tfl the King by the Transvaal Government. It nmv,re- noseji among the Crown jewels in the Tower of T.ondon.




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