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OTTE, WINTER ( SALE Will Commence on January, 16th, When every article-every piece of Material we have in Stoc%-will be brought to such a Price as wiil invite a speedy clearance. We make no exceptions to this rule and although extravagant Prices and exorbitant Wofits are strangers to us at any time, the difference between Sale Prices and our Ordinary Prices will be most Emphatically Marked. Our Sale Borgains are FACTS NOT FICTION. When you think it over. And take into consideration the fact that we hold no intermediary Sales (?), neither do we purchase a lot of inferior Goods "Specially for the Sale" and call them Bargains, it is as plain as daylight that ours is a genuine Sale, and an extremely favourable opportunity to puTChase Winter Requirements at Bargain Prices. Even in the best regulated business, stock will accumulate and it's a mistake to hoard it up. We find it necessary to hold a Sale to- wards the end., of every Season and that is why we now announce our Annual Winter Sale. The genuine nature of our Bargain opportuni- ties is well known and the Coming Event will, we feel sure, greatly enhance our reputation in this respect. Our Sales are based on the principle that it pays to be honest —exactly hone-st-with every customer. If an article is soiled, we mark it "soiled" and tell you it is so. But please don't think this is a Sale of old stock-far from it. It is a Sale of all that is Latest and Best in Fashionable Attire for Ladies' Winter Wear, Seasonable Drapery, and Household Goods- All of it our own regular dependable stock. WE DO NOT PRETEND To "Give things Away," we do not talk about "Tremendous Sacrifices," we do not even issue a detailed Catalogue, because however volum- inous it might be it would be Quite Inadequate to eonvey a true idea of the number and value f the Bargains we shall place before you. Will you pay us a visit during the Early Bays of the 3You will not be worried to buy a lot of things you den't warrt, but you will see for yourself what 3iemarkable reductions in price have taken place in so many things you do want. BARGAINS OF EVERY-DAY UTILITY THAT WILL APPEAL TO ALL LOVERS OF ECONOMY WILL BE WITHIN THE REACH OF ALL AT WHICHER & JAMIESON, 55 & 57 Charles St., Milford Haven. OPPORTUNITIES. We cannot give many items here. We can only give you a few samples of value. Child- ren's Furs in great variety, all sorts and sizes from Is. up; Marmot Furs from 4s. lid.. 5s. lid, 6s. lid., 7s. lid. to 10 guineas the set; Reliable Furs in the Latest Designs at most remarkable Price concessions. But even as a straw will show you which way the wind blows, so will these specimen show you where the Bargains are. BARGAINS IN MILLINERY. Being of such an essentially Seasonable Char- acter, will be subjected to particularly heavy price cutting. We shall offer the latest fash- ionable models in Trimmed and Untrimmed Millinery at just about one half the usual Prices. j ¡ í OUR WINTER SALE. We have a splendid collection of Fashionable ■Blouses that we intend to clear right out. It will be obvious that a clearance is intended- prices will prove it. Also, in Ladies' Outfitting, Corsets, Hosiery, Gloves, and all kind of Fancy Wear, the Bargains will be almost endless. And the same in all other departments. I!i SALE COMMENCES ON JAN. 16th. a. AN EARLY VISIT WILL BE TO YOUR GREAT ADVANTAGE. Although thin will not be merely the Sale ■of a. day or two, naturally there will be many bargains on offer during, the first few days, which, once sold, it will be impossible to re- peat. WHICHER & JAMIESON, 55 & 57 Charles St., L Milford Haven. I I I FOR EYE R-Y MEMBER OF THE FAMILY. A! K of them we pos- ^mean high priced t ti e ideril r; value. A g.lance from gold rim- oiii- windows med lass s for will conviice vou grandmother that tli, sll()p eoiitaiiis the sort down to sit ver of I)t,esetits you watches for the (Y are p rotid to give youngest boy. and the receiver 0-=> 9 ]ad to get. D. PANTALL, L.S.O., 11, MARKET STREET, AND ^8, HIGH STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. NEYLANP.


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