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Rhestrau Manwl, Canlyniadau a Chanllawiau

POLICE COURT.—On Monday, before J. Lewis, Esq. (mayor), J. Bagnall, Esq., J. Thomas, Esq., and Dr Lewis. David Beynon, an old offender, was charged with being drunk and riotous, and was committed to gaol for one month. 2ND AND 6TH CARMARTHENSHIRE RIFLE "V OLUNILHRS. —These companies will parade on Monday next, in front of the Armoury, at 7'30 p.m., for the purpose of marching out. The band will also be in attendance. The annual dinner will take place at the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, on the 1st of March (St. David's Day), at G p.m. Full dress will be worn on the occasion. Mem- bers can give their names at Col.-Sergt. Williams or Shackell, or at the Ivy Bush. KIDWELLY AND LLANGEXDEIBXE PLOUGHING- MATCH. -This match, which it was proposed should be hold on Friday, came off, in consequence of the great storm, on Saturday, which was a very pleasant day. There was a good attendance, and the men did some very good ploughing, which caused great trouble to the judges, whose awards are: First class—1st prize, Mr D. Rees, Bont, Kidwelly; 2nd, Mr William Charles, Garreg, Kidwelly 3rd, Mr William Anthony, Penlan, Kid- welly 4th, Mr P. Jones, Panymeibon, Llangendeirne 5th, Mr T. Richards, Graig, Kidwelly 6th, Mr W. Walters, Morfabach, Kidwelly. Second class Igt prize, Mr John, Scubor Ucha 2nd, Mr T. Williams, Gwndwn. The judges were, Mr Evans, Alltyeadno; Mr William Jones, Penllwynteg, and Mr Williams, Penybank. An excellent dinner was provided at the Prince of Wales, where a most pleasant evening was spent. CARMARTHEN DISTRICT ROADS BOARD.—A meeting was held at the Shire Hall on Monday. There were present-Capt. D. Davies (chairman), Mr Stedman Thomas, Mr W. Lewis, Picton-place, Mr Joseph Lewis, Conwil, Mr W. Lloyd, Penybank, and Mr C. Timmins. -Mr L. T. Davies, Llwyncalenig, was elected a mem- ber of the Board in the room of Mr Davies, Lancorrwg, disqualified through non-attendance.—The Surveyor's estimate for casual labour required to be done between this and the next meeting, including repairs of damage done by recent floods, amounted to £ 12 16s, and an order for that amount was made.—The Chairman said the rate was now as high as by Act of Parliament it was permitted to bo, and he should like to know how their expenditure was so great.-The Surveyor said the rate was at present as high as it was allowed, but he could not account for it. His estimate of expenses was less this year than last.—The Chairman said he should like to know how the increased expenditure was to be ac- counted for. There had, he thought, been very little wear and tear on the roads last summer.—The Surveyor said the increase was partly accounted for in this way. In this district a portion of the receipts from the turn- pike gates was expended on the roads. Sixteen shill- ings in the pound was expended on the gates and four shillings on the roads. It was the same in the Three Commott's district but in the Llandovery district they expended the whole amount on the gates. If in that district they contributed the same amount towards the roads as the other two districts did, they would expend something less than the actual amount of the rate, but at present they expended more than the rate amounted to.—Mr W. Lewis said that after such a dry summer he should have thought the roads would have cost less than usual.—The Surveyor said the roads in this dis- trict had cost less.—Mr Stedman Thomas said the in- crease evidently occurred in the upper district, over which this Board had no control.—The Chairman said there must have been some fault, or the rate would not be so high but where the fault was he did not know. —Mr Joseph Lewis said they certainly could not blame Mr Barrett.—The Surveyor said he believed they had more unprofitable traffic in the Llandovery district than in the other districts—that was how he accounted for the increased expenditure. The traffic was greater in proportion to the takings. There was another reason why the expenditure should have increased. They u, ed to pay, up to a year or two ago, ten shillings a week to their constant labourers but now they paid them twelve shillings. Still, the contracts were lower in this district than they were last year. -In reply to the Chairman, the Surveyor said he did not know yet how their income would be affected by keeping the gates in their own hands but he did not think they would lose anything. So far matters looked favourable, though this was always a low quarter.—Mr Joseph Lewis called attention to a culvert at Conwil which, during the late flood, had caused considerable damage to the road.—The Surveyor said he would look to it.- Some cheques having been given to contractors, the proceedings terminated. CARMARTHEN BOARD OF GUARDIANS.-The fort- nightly meeting was held on Saturday, the chairman, J. Lewis Philipps, Esq., presiding. The Master reported that there were 96 paupers in the Workhouse at the commencement of the first week of the preceding fortnight; admitted during the week, 3 discharged, 4; leaving 95 at the end of the week as compared with 109 at the end of the corresponding week last year. During the second week 4 were admitted and 2 discharged leaving 97 at the end of the fortnight, as compared with 100 at the end of the corresponding fortnight.—The Chairman said they had heard nothing from Llandilo with reference to the treatment of tramps, since the meeting in this town but very likely another meeting would shortly take place when in all probability they would recommend the adoption of the ticket system, which had been found to workso well in other places.— Mr Evans, Llanllawddog, said he observed in looking at u bill sent in by Mr Prosser, of White House, a short time ago, that the Board paid him so much per ton for the stones supplied the Woriihouse. After the stones were broken the guardians sold them at so much per cubic yard, and he thought Mr Profcser should be paid in the same way. He moved that in future Mr Prosser be paid so much per cubic yard, the stones to be measured after being broken.—The Chairman said Mr Prosser might object.—Mr Evans said in that case he would guarantee to find stones.—The motion was seconded by Mr J. Evans, Alltycadno, and agreed to.- MrJ. Davies, Quay-street, called attention to a bill for 16s Sd sent in by three guardians, who had visited the Joint Lunatic Asylum in their capacity of Committee of Visitors. Mr Davies said he found no fault with the amount of the bill but he wished to know whether they might not save that amount by appointing on the committee guardians from the town or the immediate neighbourhood. The guardians in Carmarthen would be most happy to visit the Asylum, and would charge nothing for their trouble. —Mr Dixie said he thought it would be as well to save the money by appointing the town guardians.—The Chairman said some of the town guardians—he was one of them—promised to visit the Asylum, and did not do so. (Laughter.) Their object had been to appoint some from the town and some from the country. He thought if they appointed guardians from the town or the immediate neighbourhood the duty might be performed gratuitously. It was due to the existing committee to say that they had done some good through their visits for already two or three patients had been out-on trial. The expenses, too, were very moderate for he found they had been content with an eighteen-penny dinner. (Laughter.) -Mr Mostyr Davies: Only an eighteen-penny dinner you had ? (Laughter.) Mr Dixie That's all. (Laughter.)-It was explained that the existing com- mittee had been appointed for twelve months, and on the expiration of that period the guardians would be asked to appoint a fresh committee.—The following entries appeared in the Chaplain s book. Feb. o. T nreached here last Sunday, and visited the House to- I day, and was much pleased to find everything in such good order.— W. AIORGAN-Feb. 11.—Divine service was conducted here last Sunday by the Rev David Young in my absence. The attendance was good. I visited the wards this day, read and prayed with the sick.-—JOHN HUGHES. PONTHENRY.—The quarterly meeting of the Baptist Churches of Carmarthenshire, was held in the above place Oil tnepttinnci rorti. A conference was held on the 9th, at two o'clock, under the presidency of the Rev B. James, minister of the place. The Rev J 0. Griffiths, Llandilo-fawr, was proposed to act as secretary in the unavoiJable absence of the Rev J. Williams, Aberduar, who is at present very unimpaired in health. The public meetings commenced at six in the evening, when the Rev W. Rogers, Bethluhem, introduced the service, and sermons were delivered by the Revs T. V. Williams, Cross Inn, M. Griffiths, Pen- rhiugoch, and T. Reynolds, Kidwelly. At ten the following day, Rev D. Davies, Iloreb, read a portion of the scriptures and prayed. Wto* T. Morns, Cwm- ifor, T. R Morgan (Lleurwg), Llanehy, and Levi Thomas; Neath, preached at Two. The introducting part of the service was performed by the Rev W. Davies, Llangyncleirn, and sermons were delivered by the Revs T. O Griffiths, Llandilo-awr, W. Hogers. Bethlehem, and W. Hughes, Llanelly, at six. The devotional part of the servico was conducted by the Rev T. Jenkins of Ponthcnry, and sermons were delivered by the Revs P. Phillips, Macsycanner, D. Morris, portbyrlhYd, and L. Thomas. The meetings throughout were well attended. The word of the Lord was in power. The Baptist cause in this place is very flourish- ing under the ministry of the worthy brother, B. James. ST. CLEARS PETTY SESSIONS. On Tuesday. before R. P. BeYnon, Esq., T. Powell, Esq., and J. Beynon, Esq. Benjamin Walters, Penardwylan, was fined Is and costs, for not having his name on a cart. Joshua Thomas, Moor, was ordered to pay 3s towards the maintenance of his grandson.-Richard Thomas, son of Joshua Thomas, ia the previous case, was ordered to pay 3s a week, towards the maintenance of his wife. KIDWELLY INDEPENDENT CHAPEL.—The quarter- ly meeting for the county was held on Tuesday and Wednesday last. On Tue4day morning a conference of ministers was held, wita probing in the evening, and on Wednesday all day. rere was a good gathering S miners from varlO8 pts of the county. Those who ? preached ??.?t?r. jy Henry Lewis, Henllan Jones, Rhydyceisiad Jone, Crugybar: W?ia!ns LIanybri; Thomas, J1>anteay and Davies The 0D andDavi'es Betharua? The ?ega? were excel- lent, and the prc?iching conse- EGLISH WESLEYAX SUNDAY SCITOOL,-IN conse- ENGLISH W?? of ?, John Morg.n. railway quence of the ?"' been a supenQtenent ,of this school inspector, who bad been a ? tblS dUtrict to the from ?s commenceme?. LO aal scholars could n  »p»«tioa to take p? without SOe e I pression of their appreciation of his faithful services. Therefore, on Sunday afternoon, at the close of tho school, Miss E. Fench, on their behalf, presented Mr Morgan with a handsome and massive silver pencil case, as a token of their respect and good wishes. LLANHLLY.—THE LATE PLOUGHING MATCH.—The following is a list of the prizes awarded at the Ploughing Match, on Gellywernen farm :—First class, open to all comers. 1st, William Davies, Cincoed; 2nd, David Davies, Ffynonmenyn. Second class, 1st Thomas Thomas, Stradey; 2nd, George Jenkins, Cilagwyn; 3rd, H. Williams, Cloclyrie; 4th, John Bonnell, Tycanol; 5th, Daniel Davies, Clyngwernen 6th, Daniel Harries, Gellygoled. The judges were—Mr Morgans, Garreg, and Mr Anthony, Penlan, Kidwelly. The stewards were—Mr O. Boiiville, Ilr Humphreys. lr D. Bevan, Mr D. Charles, and Mr J. Davies. Mr Thos. Thomas, Tymelyn, was the treasurer, and Mr John Jones, the hon. secretary. The arrangements were all that could be desired, and reflected great credit on the managers. In the evening, about 40 sat down to a sumptuous repast at the Tymelyn Inn, prepared by the host and hostess, Mr and Mrs Thomas. The ploughing through- out was declared so good as could reasonably expected, considering the weather was so very unfavourable. Some of the ploughmen were slow, and did not com- plete their work within the specified time, and therefore, although they did good work, they were declared out of the race. THE TOWN PARISH CHURCH.—The Rev Mr Jones, late of Neath, has commenced his labours here as Welsh curate. Welsh service is now regularly held on Sunday in the schoolroom. LENT SERVICES.—Services are held in the parish church every day at this season. Special sermons will be preached at intervals. The preachers this week are the Rev J. S. Moore, and the Rev Roger Williams. LITERARY AND MUSICAL COMPETITIVE MEETING. -On Monday last a meeting, properly termed Cyfar- fod Llenyddo! was held at the Bethel Baptist Chapel, Seaside, under the presidency of the minister, the Rev. William Hughes. The Rev. William Harries, of Cwmfelin, Aberdare, was the adjudicator upon all the subjects. Mr William George (Gwylim ab loan) acted as conductor of the proceedings, in the absence of the Rev. J. R. Morgan (Lleurwg). There was a very good attendance at each meeting. Prizes were awarded for poetry, essays, dialogues, recitations, and singing. The competition was confined to the immediate district, and the meeting passed off very successfully. The pioceeds are to be devoted to the funds of the Baptist chapel now building on the New Dock, a branch of the Bethel. THE REGENT STORMS AND FLOODS.—The weather has been very boisterous of late, gales and hurricanes continually, which have not yet abated. Last Thursday night and Friday it was most severely felt here. During the whole of Thursday night it blew very hard and rained in torrents and continued so during Friday, until mid-day, when it ceased to a great extent. Every rivulet, creek and river were swollen, and some of the small rivers rising to a height and overflowing its banks to an extent never known before. Some damage was done and no little inconvenience caused to many of the inhabitants by the water entering their houses and spoiling the furniture, &c. This was especially the case at the lower end of the town, in Spring Gardens and about the mill also towards Dolau, New Dock, Felinforl and Dafen. At the latter place it was worst of all, and did a considerable amount of damage, before mid-day on Friday the Dafen river had overflofm its hanks and covered all the fields about, and rushed down with tremendous force. The bridge across the road lead- ing to the works successfully impeded its course but it worked its way out to the road and rushed pell mell into the houses on both sides of the Bryngwynbach road, those on the lower side faring the worst, the water forcing itself in at the front door, filling all the rooms, and then finding its way out through the back door into the gardens, most of which were destroyed. The road was completely filled with water, and carts were constantly kept to carry people back and fore through it. The people in the houses escaped up stairs, and came out through the windows. It cleared off about five p.m., and everything became calm and quiet. All the way to the docks the fields were covered with water but fortunately no damage of any importance was done. The extent of the flood at Dafen is quite unprecedented, never was it known to be so high, not within the memory of the oldest inhabitant. GREENFIELD SOIREE.-On Friday last the members and congregation of the Greenfield English Baptist Chapel held their annual soiree in aid of the Sunday school, when a most pleasant evening was spent, and the entertainment given was quite a success. BRYN INDEPENDENT CHAPEL CONQEBT.—'On Tuesday last a concert of sacred and secular music, vocal and instrumental, was given at the above chapel, in aid of the funds of the British School, Bryn. The choir of the chapel sang, as well as some individual members, and also the celebrated Griffith Jones (Caradwg), leader of the Abe/dare United Choir, played two violin solos. L L A. N NON .-SUICIDE BY HANGING.—William Davies, aged 67, of Tumble Shop, Tyissa, in the above parish, committed suicide on the 12th inst., under very melancholy circumstances The deceased, who was registrar of births, &c., for part of the Llanelly Union, was also pa, t owner of the Tumble Colliery. It appears that the water had broken in, and he got into difficul- ties. He seems to have been thoroughly upset by the pecuniary state of his affairs, and according to the evi- dence of his wife he lost his appetite, and could not rest at night. He seems to have kept his troubles, how- ever, to himself; but on the 11th inst. he received a letter intimating that a writ would be served on him the following day, in respect of a bill for LIOO, which had been renewed more than once. This, it is supposed, quite unnerved him, and on the following morning be arose abuut 6 o'clock, and, going to an outhouse, hanged himself. The inquest has been held by James Rowlands, Esq., and a verdict that the deceased de- stroyed himself by hanging, while labouring under a fit of temporary insanity was returned. CWMAMMAN.—ANNUAL PLOUGHING MATCH. This match came off this year on the 16th inst., on the farm of Mr Hopkin Bevan, Pistyll-llwyd. Eight prizes were offered, ranging from £1 the first, to 6s the lowest. Eleven competitors entered the field. The contest was decided as follows :Cl, John Thomas, Tirbach 18s, David Harries, Nantyricket IGs, William Morgan, jun., Bodist; 14s, Rees Hicks, Wernwhyad 12s, John Lewis, Cynhordy 10s, James Lewis, Gellyfawr; 8s, William Jones, Gwndwngwyn Gs, William Williams, Bryacethyn. The adjudicators were Mr Morris, Garn, and Mr Griffiths, Cl) nhir-uchaf. Their decision gave complete satisfaction, the more so as the position of the parties were entirely reversed to what they were last year. Br,Y-NAA,lillAN.-On Thursday night, the 11th inst., robberies were attempted in this place, both at the offices of the Ironworks and the Swansea Vale Railway both places were entered by smashing a window, and the depredator seems to have acted in a bungling man- ner, wresting drawers open and tumbling papers, &c., in a vain search for money. £ o reward has been offered for his apprehension. LLANDILO.—FUNERAL OF MR. JOHN JAMES.—On Thursday, the 11th instant, the remains of Mr John James, of the Spirit Vaults, King-street, in this town were interred in the parish church. The deceased was one of the oldest volunteers in the town, and as a mark of respect to the memory of their comrade, a great many volunteers belonging to the Llandilo and Llansawel corps attended the funeral in uniform, accompanied by the brass bands of the corps. A large number of persons were attracted by the ceremonies attending a military funeral, the church being nearly filled before the arrival of the procession; and the inhabitants generally showed their respect for the deceased and his lelatives. LARCENY,—On Saturday last, before J. L. Thomas, Esq., and Capt. Lloyd Philipps. Henry Evans, a farm servant, was charged with stealing a pair of stockings, the property of Mr Davies, of Fantyfen, Lilanegwad. Complainant deposed I live at Pentyfen, Llancgwad, and am a farmer. I had a pair of stockings on a hedge at Pantyfen. I saw them on the hedge yesterday, at half-past six o'clock, and at seven they were missing. No one had been near the place but the prisoner from the time I last saw them to the time I missed them. This morning I went to Twyn where the prisoner is in service. I asked him about the stockings. He denied having them. I went away to fetch a policeman, but it occuring to me that he might have them on his feet, I returned and caught hold of the prisoner by the leg and found my stockings on his feet. He sprang away and ran into the haggard where he opened his boots and took the stockings off. The stockings produced are the ones I had from the prisoner and are my property. They are worth 2s 6d. Sentenced to one calendar month's hard labour in the house of correction. POLICE. -On the 11th inst., before G. B. Jones, Esq Henry Jones, a tramp, was brought in a sack, charged by Mr W. Estcott, porter at the Llandilofawr Union, with having destroyed his clothes, by tearing the same. Committed for one calendar month.-On Monday last, before G. B. Jones, Esq.—-Seven tramps, who gave the names of George White, Charles Phillips, Henry George Lawrence, John Sullivan, John Kenny, John Long, and David Price, were committed to the House of Correction for one calendar month each, for begging. -On the following day, before W. DLiBuisson, hs(I., another tramp, of the name of George Thomas, was committed for 11 days, for the same offence. PASTORAL AID SOCIETY. On Sunday last, four sermons wore preached at Llandilofawr Church, in aid of the above society. The two English sermons, at 11 and at 6 o'clock, by the Rev Robert Hall Baynes, M.A., vicar of St Michael's and All Saints, Coventry, and the Welsh sermons, at 9.30., by the Rev Howell Howells, incumbi-mt of Kilvey, Swansea, and at 6 p.m. by the Rev W. Evans, vicar of Rhymney. Two other sermons were preached, one at Llandyfane, by the Rev R. H. Baynes, and the other at Caledfwlch, by the Rev W. Evans. On Monday, a public meeting was held at the National School, when the Rev John Griffiths, vicar, took the chair. The Revs J. Griffiths, vicar, D. Griffiths, T. Macfarlane, Howell Howells, and Lewis Morgan, vicar of Llangadock, gave a detailed account of the operations of the society. Collections were made after each service, which amounted to L24 lis 9d. LLANEGWAD. -NATIONAL SCROOL.-This school was examined on Tuesday, Feb 9 th, by the Rev. S. Pryoe H.M. Inspector of Schools. In the afternoon there was a tea party at the schoolroom, which was brought about by the exertions of Miss Hughes, of Glancothy. About 160, being day and Sunday scholars, partook of the dainties prepared for them, and all without exception were highly pleased with the treat. The ladies who kindly waited upon the children were the Misses Hughes, of Glancothy, Mrs Evans, Milton Court, Mrs Nicholl, Mrs Williams, surgeon, Mrs Prosser, Miss James, Miss Morgan, and Mrs Griffiths. The Rev. T. B. Nicholl, W. Evans, Esq., Milton Court, Mr W. W. Prosser, and Mr Williams, Glandulais, were also present. These and several others contributed towards the treat. The children sang and recited several amusing pieces, and after giving three hearty cheers for the ladies, the national anthem was sung and the proceedings ter- minated. LLANSAWEL.—Lady Drummond and Lady Mary Williams, have just completed distributing their nume- rous and valuable prizes amongst the school children at this place. Many of the poorer boys were presnted with serviceable cloth coats and vests, some with strong cord trousers, &c., all of which were made to order by tailors in the neighbourhood and the girls had some good clothing given them. The other scholars were also presented with suitable prizes; in all about forty came in for a share of their ladyships' liberality. This is always an exciting time with the scholars at this place, for even those who do not happen to be then the lucky recipients, are always made happy and hopeful through Lady Drummond's kind word of encouragement, that if they will stick to their books and be good children, they may come in for the lion's share at the next distri- bution. NEWCASTLE-EMLYN.—CHARGE OF STEALING— On the 13th inst., before E. C. L. Fitzwilliams, Esq. -Evan Thomas, White Hart, Llanfihangel-ar-arth, was charged with stealing a sheep skin, the property of David Jones, Lan, Llanfihangel-ar-arth, also Ruth, the mother of Evan Thomas, was charged with receiving the same, knowing be stolen. Both were commit- ted for trial to the next assizes at Carmarthen







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