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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



NOW READY (in cloth cover Is, or in cloth extra gilt la 3d, post free for 2 extra stamps) the Second Edition of GWLADYS WILLIAMS," an Erig. lish Drama, being upon Wales, by A. Rhys Thomas, author of "Red Hill Farm," &c., &c. London, T. T. Lemare, 1, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row and all Booksellers. MORGAN & DAVIES'S PUBLICATIONS. RECENTLY PUBLISHED. A LIST OF THE SHERIFFS OF CARDIGAN- ASHIRE, with elaborate and valuable Notes. By AB GERAINT. This work will contain much valuable matter, illustrative of the history of the principal families of the county, and will be enriohed by numerous pedigrees. Subscribers' names may be sent to the WELSHMAN Office. LEAVES FROM THE JOURNAL OF OUR LIFE IN THE HIGHLANDS. By the authority of Her Majesty the QUEEN, » Welsh translation of thii book by the Rev. JOHN JONES (IDRISYN), Vicar of Llandisilio- gogo, Cardiganshire, has just been published at the WELSHMAN Office, Carmarthen, in a handsome crown octavo volume, toned paper, cloth gilt, price 4s. The object of the translator and publishers is to bring this interesting picture of Her Majesty's private life within the reach of her loyal and devoted Welsh subjects. L LANDILO-PRESENT AND PAST, an illustrated Guide Book to the ancient Castles and other Anti- quities of the neighbourhood; a Sketch of the History of the Annals of the Town, embracing that of the Kingdom of Dynevor. By W. SAMUEL. Cr. 8vo., Cloth, 3s. RPHE ADVANTAGES OF MILFORD HAVEN, as JL a Commercial Port of National importance. By J. C. FOWLER, Esq. Price, Is. 6d., by Post, Is. 8d. THE MARTYRDOM OF BISHOP FERRAR. A TLecture. By R. JENNINGS, Esq. Prbe Is. With Photograph of the Bishop, 2s. The Profits to go to the Ferrar Memorial Fund." SOUTH WALES & MONMOUTHSHIRE TRAIN- ING COLLEGE.—A Letter to the Lord Presi- dent of the Committee of Council on Education. By the Rev CANON REED, M.A., late Principal of the College. Prioe la. PREPARING FOR PUBLICATION. THE INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES OF SOUTH TWALES.-A large octavo volume, containing Memoirs on The Industries of South Wales," by Hussey Vivian, Esq., M.P. Major Grant Francis; W. Chambers, Eq.; R. Kyrke Penson, Esq.; James Buckley, Esq.; H. Hicks, Esq.; W. Robertson, Esq., Hazel Hill; J. Lewis, Esq., Swansea; A. Waters, Esq., M.E.; J. Tregenna, Esq.; J. Player, Esq.; J. Owen, Esq.; J. H. Rees, Esq., Chair- wan of the Llanelly Harbour Commissioners J. Morgan, Eaq., Claremont House, Cardiff; Alexander Dalziel, Esq., Cardiff; Charles Wilkins, Esq., Author of a History of Merthyr-Tydfil; Dr. Norton, Thornhill, Llanelly Henry Bachelor, Esq., C.E.. Cardiff; W. Adams, Esq., Cardiff; J. Jenkins, Esq., Cardiff, &c., &c. THE HISTORY OF CILGERRAN CASTLE (in TWelah). By AB GERAINT. THE PEDIGREES OF THE OLD FAMILIES OF TYSTRAD TYWI, traced and collected, with Historical Notes, by the Rev. DAVID LLOYD ISAAC. Sub ■cribers' names may be sent to the Publishers. Price, 3s 6d. THE CIVIL WAR IN WALES. A Collection of TDocuments (from the Public Libraries, and from Private Collections), illustrating the position assumed by the Welsh during the continuance of the Civil War; with a Prefatory Essay, shewing the cause and effect of the War. By JOHN ROLAND PHILLIPS, of Lincoln's Inn, Member of the Cambrian Arohceological Association; and Author of the "History of Cilgerran." the "History of Cardigan," Gonealogies of the Sheriffs of Cardiganshire," &c. In one thiek 8vo. vol., cloth gilt, price to Subscribers, 128 6d. Subscribers' names may be sent to the Publishers. THE" WELSHMAN" PRINTING & PUBLISHING OFFICES CARMARTHEN. WALES AND THE WELSH PEOPLE. All or any of the following Books will be sent post free fer their value in Stamps by JOHN PRICE Tele- graph Office, Llanidloes. THE CHARTIST OUTBREAK AT LLANID- LOES, in the year 1839. Compiled from various sources by Edward Hamer. Now ready, price 6d, post free 7d. I EVANS'S HISTORY OF THE ANCIENT BRITONS, EOR A VIEW OF THE PRIMITIVE AGES, trans- lated from the Welsh of thb Rev Theophilus Evans, formerly Vicar of Llangamarch by the Rev George Roberts, Price 2s. Also in Welsh 2s. PRYSE'S SCRAP BOOK OF CAMBRIAN PROSE AND JL POETRY. II This book contains some most interest- ing specimens of Welsh literature rendered into English." Price la. TWM SHON CATTI-THE WELSH ROBIN HOOD, Gives a full account of Twm's comical and humour- adventures." Price 6d. THE EDUCATIONAL STATE OF WALES, by Klls- Tby." Price 2d. SPECIMENS OF THE POETRY OF THE ANCIENT WELSH BARDS. Translated into English, with explanatory notes of historical passages, and a short account of men and places mentioned by the bards. By the Rev. Evan Evane (U Ieuan Brydydd Hir"). The present edition oontains about one-third more matter than the original one, and has been printed with new pica type on very superior paper, and is handsomely bound in cloth, and gilt lettered. JPrice 6s 6d. THE CAMBRIAN MELODIST. A collection of Welsh TAin and Melodies. Price 6d. T? VERY BODY'S FRIEND. Price 4d. Contains 250 Evaluable Receipts (formerly published at Is 6d), also 196 old British Triads, Proverbs, &o. PRYSE'S WELSH INTERPRETER, Prioe 9d. Con J. talos an easy introduction to the Welih language; copious lists of words and pbrases in common use familar dialogues, parables, proverbs, and poetry useful receipts; table of distances for the use of travellers in North and Bouth Wales; also an essay on the Literature of Wales. THE CAMBRIAN TRAVELLER'S COMPANION. TFirst series. Price 9d. Contains-Owain Glendwr, the Source of the Severn; Llanidloes Church; an Adven- ture at one of our Welsh Mineral Springs; Welsh Tales. Eisteddfodau; the Session the Gold Diggings of Me. rionethshire Sir Davy Shon Evan, the wizard friend; a Pedestrian Journey from London to Aberystwith in 1791. TO be Published by Subscription, in the Welsh Lan* cuaffe in One Volume, neatly bound in cloth, Price Ids ROWLANDS' CAMBRIAN BIBLIOGRAPHY, or, LLYFYRYDDIAETH CYMRY: Containing an ac- count of Books printed in the Welsh Language, and relating to Wales and Welshmen, from the year 1546 to the year 1800 with some Biographical Notices of the Authors, Translators, Printers, &c., thereof. By the late Rev W m. ROWLANDS, (Gwilym Lleyn), edited, with additions, by the Rev D. SILVAN EVANS, Rector of Llanymawddwy, Merionethshire: II Lljfryddiaeth y Cymry yields the fruit o well-direoted teseareb, comprises a large amount of interesting matter, furnishes the beat possible aid to collectors of books, and o historians who may desire to treat either of the general at particular history of the period with respect to Welsh .at'ire, as well as to Welsh Literature, it is absolutely ,4v%iaable.Athentvum. ttgr Persons in possession of Welsh books, or book rel!ting to Wales, printed between 1546 and 1800, both yekt, inclusive, are urgently requested to communicate titles, dates and siaes, to the Editor, that the work m,) be rendered as complete as possible. N F,,W AND SECOND-HAND BOOKS for one Stamp .l to pay postage. r one tamp TøE ABERYSTWITH SKETCHBOOK (prioe 3d. contain* much useful and interesting information re- »pe«|j,,g this famed watering place. l'e R^TRTING, MARRYING, and LIVING, by the \Y RHY8 GWESTYN J ONES. Post free for Seven Pos Stamps 8UbnAV SCHOOL BOOKS.-Charles of Bala'sFa- miliaicatechism, 26 for 2s 6d. Everett's Firt Catbechism W fO8 The Mother's Gig (Welsh or Enghbh), 25 for JIs The i1ild" First Book to learn to Read (Welsh or Engli.b <" ? 64. W. MILLS & CO., "WI1TB AND SPIRIT IMPORTEES, 9, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA. I WE beg to call the attention of Buyers of WINES and SPIRITS, to the following reduced prices:- PER GALLON, WHISKEY, (Irish) 14s, 16s. „ (Scotch) I6s, 18S. BRANDY, (best French) 21s, 25s. RUM, (fine old Jamaica) 15s, 16s. GIN, (best London, full strength). 13s. PER DOZEN, CHAMPAGNE, (elegant, light wine) 30s. SHERRY 6 20s, 24s, 30s, 36s. PORT 22s, 24s, 30s, 36s. TBRMS-CASH PREPAID. Jars extra, one shilling per gallon; the money repaid when the empties are returned. THE LATEST WINTER FASHIONS OAMBRIAN HODSE. JOHN HOWELL RESPECTFULLY begs to inform his numerous Patrons, that his SHOW ROOMS are now open with a very Choice and Varied Assortment of FRENCH and ENGLISH BONNETS, VELVT, STRAW, and the new FEATHER and GREBE HATS. JACKETS of all kinds and materials, and ready made WALKING SUITS. A large assortment of DRESSES, in all the new FRENCH and ENGLISH Materials MOIRES PLAIN and FANCY SILKS, PLAIN and SHOT IRISH and ENGLISH POPLINS, REPS, SERGES' LINSEYS, SKIRTINGS, FURS, &c., &c. HOSIERY, CALICO, SHEETINGS, FLANNELS, and BLANKETS, at very much reduced prices. GENTLEMEN'S BROAD and FANCY CLOTHS, and TROUSERINGS. Lammas-street, Carmarthen. SEASON THOMAS & MORGAN (LATE D. AND T. THOMAS) HAVE much pleasure to announce to their numerous Patrons and Friends, as well as the Public generally, .tl who have kindly patronised them for the last Sixteen Years, that they are prepared again, this Season, to supply them with a first-rate and well-selected Assortment of AGRICULTURAL SEEDS and MANURES, consisting of- ENGLISH RED CLOVER, TREFOILS, WHITE DUTCH. RIB GRASS, ALSIKE, TIMOTHY, Do., PACEY'S and other GRASSES, SPRING VETCHES, IMPORTED ITALIAN FURZE, &c., &c., ke. IN MANURES:— NORRINGTON'S celebrated SUPERPHOSPHATE of LIME, and DISSOLVED BONES, (manufactured from Raw Bones), GENUINE PERUVIAN GUANO, and other MANURES. Numerous Testimonials, and Chemical Analysis, can be forwarded on application. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS in CLOVER, BRAN, BARLEY, BARLEY MEAL, OATS, OAT- MEAL, INDIAN CORN, INDIAN CORN MEAL, LINSEED CAKE.—SOLE AGENTS in this District for the Sale of THORLEY'S INCOMPARABLE CONDIMENT AND FOOD FOR CATTLE. Orders by Post or otherwise promptly attended to. OBSERVE THE ADDRESS- THOMAS & MORGAN, CORN, BUTTER, AND CHEESE MERCHANTS, s 32A LAMMAS-STREET AND WATER-STREET, CARMARTHEN. ESTABLISHED 1812. EL CSzd T. PEOOTOE INVITE the attention of Agriculturists to their SPECIAL BONE MANURES, which are of a superior j. quality, and the most economical that can be used. PROCTOR'S TURNIP MANURE PROCTOR'S MANGOLD MANURE PROCTOR'S POTATOE MANURE PROCTOR'S WHEAT MANURE I I PROCTOR'S BARLEY MANURE I PROCTOR'S GRASS MANURES BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME, Full particulars sent free by post on application to Messrs. PROCTOR, or their Agents. ADDBE8 8,— H. & T. PROCTOR, A-ORIOXJUITTJE.-A-I-. CHEMISTS. CHATHAY, BRISTOL. WORKS,—BRISTOL, BIRMINGHAM, CHESTER, and WARWICK. AGENTS, Mr. John N. Evans, Aberayron. Mr. Henry Stratton, Milton, Pembroke. Messrs. Davies, Drefach, Llanybyther. Mr. Isaac Griffiths, Minchurtach, Llanelly. I Mr. W. Vaughan, Fishguard. Mr. T. Parker, Cardigan. Mr. John Davies, Aberystwith. Mr D. P. Davies, Llandilo-fawr. R 71 CHARLES E. ALLEN (RECIPIENT OF AT THE GREAT EXHIBITIONS OF 1851 AND 1862), LADIES' & GENTLEMEN'S BOOTMAKER, OLD HOTTSE, HIGH-STREET, II AVER FORD WEST, RESPECTFULLY calls the attention of his numerous Patrons, and Sporting Gentlemen generally to Jtt his inimitable HUNTING and WATERPROOF SHOOTING BOOTS, which are unsurpassed for Fit, Comfort, and Durability. Early orders for the coming Season are requested, and present-used Boots will answer the same as taking measures. Haverfordwest July 16th, 1868. L 52 "THE W ELS II MAN" PTRBUSHINO- AND STEAM PRINTING OFFICES, LAMMAS-STREET, CARMARTHEN. THE PROPRIETORS state that their Office for GENERAL PRINTING has been furnished with a Choice TVaried, and Extensive Assortment of the most approved TYPE, for the execution of all kinds of Printing, with accuracy and despatch. Especial attention is devoted to the production of first-class BOOK-WORK, in every style, which for Excellence of Workmanship, cannot be surpassed out of the Metropolis. Authors and Men of Business, who require good and accurate Printing, may therefore depend upon prompt and careful attention to their Orders and upon being charged most reasonable Prices. LITHOGRAPHIC and COPPER-PLATE PRINTING, in all their branches,—comprising Bankers' Cheques Bills of Exchange, Invoices, Bill Heads, &c., &c. ACCOUNT BOOKS of every description; the essentials of which are, to ensure durability, Good Paper and Good Workmanship, and great care and exactness where intricate rulings are required. CIRCULARS, CARDS, NOTE-HEADS, fc., neatly executed. POSTING BILLS, HAND-BILLS, &c., in bold and effective Type, and in the best Style. MACHINE RULING. Great care is bestowed on this department to produce first-class Work. The most complicated Pattern ruled with neatness and precision. Orders for the trade executed with the least possible delay, and a charges as moderate as any House in the Trade. Estimates given when required for all kinds of Printing. I WRITING PAPER, BUSINESS AND OTHER ENVELOPES IN GREAT VARIETY. HiEisriRrsr Harris, CABINET-MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER, 41, KING-STREET, CARMARTHEN, BEGS to acquaint Housekeepers generally, that he is prepared to Purify and Clean FEATHER BEDS, by Steam .a Hot Air Currents, the result of which process effectually dries all dampness, producing a perfectly Seasoned aan? a Healthy Bed; takes away bad smells, completely disinfects Bedding tainted or otherwiee infected by Cholera Typu, °T any other infectious disease; removes the dust, and destroys all vermm j maten81y improves their and softness, as well as increases their balk without any waste; and Beds so done are warranted to fulfil the abote conditions. AIR & WATER BEDS & CUSHIONS FOR HIRE. BATH CHAIRS ON HIRE. SPRING, HAIR, AND OTHER MATTRESSES MANUFACTURED ON THE PREMISES. OLD MATTRESSES CLEANED AKD RE-MADE. VENETIAN BLINDS in Green, Drab, PolishecL Pine, Polished Cedar, and Polished Teak, made on the Premises and fixed with self-acting Cord Catches. H 73 FOREST TREES. HARDY SHRUBS & GENERAL NURSERY STO CK GROWN FOR SALE BY JOSEPH COYSH, NURSERYMAN, SEEDSMAN, Sz, FLORIST LLANELLY. A Choice Collection of Grape Vines from Eyes grown under Glass-Strong Canes. PRICES ON APPLICATION. Planting done by Contract, or otherwise. Gardens and Pleasure Grounds Laid Out, &c. I 36 LA -WES' MANURES were the first Chemical Manures manufactured and introduced, and have been in use for 28 years with great success. A BULK of 10,000 to 15,000 Tons of the above MANURES, in splendid condition, is now ready for delivery at Mr Lawes' Works, and early orders are solicited. LAWES' PATENT TURNIP MANURE. DISSOLVED BONES. LAWES' SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. LAWES' WHEAT, BARLEY, GRASS, AND MANGEL MANURES. CONCENTRATED CORN AND GRASS MANURES. AGENTS:— Mr T. Thomas, Flour Merchant, 60, Lammas Street, Carmarthen Mr R. H. Haucorne, Fern Cottage, Oystermouth, near Swansea. „ John Gorcon, Berry Farm, Gower. „ Charles dement, Scurlage Castle, Gower. „ Howell Iavies, Whitland, Pembrokeshire. „ P. David, Neath. „ J. Jones Ivans, Crombychan, Pencader. II Samuel Dnies, St Clears. W. Broad, Lampeter. „ J. P. Edvards, Kenfig Hill, Pyle. „ J. Hird, Pembroke. „ R. Jones, 10, Marine-terrace, Aberystwith. Applications for Agencies in Districts not represented or to John Binnet Lawes, Mr D. Hughes, Gwernogle, Carmarthen. John Davies, Maltster, Pontardnlais. „ Thomas Jones, Drenewydd, Aberayron. „ Thomas Hughes, Haverfordwest. „ John W. Davies, Dale Point, Milford Haven. „ David James, New Quay, Cardiganshire. „ Thomas James, High-street, Fishguard. D. Thomas Davies, Maltster, Tyncwm, Llansawel. Messrs Davies and Lowther, Bridge, Cardigan. „ James Jenkins, Llangadock. „ T. D. Davies, Llanboidy, St. Clears. „ D. P. Davies, Pumpsaint, Carmarthen. Irfon Coal Co., (W. Smith, manager) Builth. Messrs Davies Brothers, Canton House, Llandilo. [ may be made to Mr Hancorne, Oystermouth, Swansea GLOUCESTER AND LONDON. O TO FAMILIES REMOVING OR WAREHOUSING FURNITURE PLATE, RICXULLES, GLASS, BY ROAD OR RAIL OR CLOUCESTFR DEPOStTORY. BY ROW OR RAIL OR PILOUCESTER DEPOSITORY. L MOUSELLS^FUBNMjTUWE^jW RAILL. OUSELL-S:PunpjiTuptE TO A'UL PARTS ESTABLISHED TO A,,L PARTS ESTABLISHED OF THE KINGDOM. ESTIMATES Free for the entire Removal, without Packing, Trouble, or Risk to the Owner. MOUSELLL'S CITY DEPOSITORY, GLOUCESTER, AND 87 CHANCERY LANE, LONDON, W.C. 8 59 THOMAS BRIGHT, ENGINEER, IRON AND BRASS FOUNDER, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT MANUFACTURER, OLD FOUNDRY, BLUE-STREET, CARMARTHEN, BEGS Respectfully to thank the Nobility, Clergy, and Agriculturists of Carmarthenshire, and Adjoining Counties, for the liberal support accorded to him for the past Twenty-two Years, and hopes by prompt attention to all orders, good Materials and Workmanship, to be favoured with a continuance of their kind patronage and support. 9tpL FlXJD STEAM ENGINES, WATER WHEELS, COMBINED THRASHING M&CHINES, for Stean °^Water Power, HORSE THRASHING MACHINES of all Sizes, WINNOWING intr £ P«CUJTERS' TURNIP CUTTERS, and PULPERS, PLOUGHS, HARROWS, SCARIFIERS, ROLLERS, CAMBRIDGE'S Patent CLOD-CRUSHERS, HAY-MAKING MACHINES, HORSE RAKES, LAVA STANDS, &c., &c. MOWING AND REAPING MACHINES. And all other IMPLEMENTS connected with the Tillage of the Soil, Manufactured by HORNSBY & SONS, SAMUEI^OJN & Co., and all the best Makers, on the SHORTEST NOTICE. T. B. invites special attention to the advantage he possesses of REPAIRING IMPLEMENTS, under his own Superintendence, and by skilled Workmen. ALSO TO HIS PATENT HOT AIR APPARATUS FOR KILNS For Drying MALT, CORN, HOPS, &c., and for Warming CHURCHES, CHAPELS, PUBLIC and othe BUILDINGS. HOT WATER APPARATUSES FOR WARMING GREEN HOUSES, &c. Manufacturer of TURNOCK'S PATENT CA SK- STA ND, Tvhich should be used in every Cellar. ESTIMATES GIVEN AND PLANS FORWARDED TO ANY PART OF THE COUNTRY. Agent for the Manchester Wire Works for Flour and Smutt Machines, Meal Sifters, &c. i 78 MR. JOSEPH POWELL, GROCER & PROVISION DEALER Auctioneer, Appraiser, and General Com- mission Agent, PEMBROKE. CUPISS'S CONSTITUTION HORSE BALLS. TO Sportsmen, Agriculturalists, Postmasters, and .L all Proprietors of Horses, these Balls arc par- ticularly recommended in all cases of swelled legs, cracked heels, loss of appetite, and Coughs, Colds, Fever, or Inflam- mation, they are the best Medicine that can be adminis- tered, moreover their operation, though effectual. Js 80 mild, that they require no alteration of diet, and if given with a bran maah on Saturday night, will not interfere with the ensuing week's regular work. NEAT CATTLE. The Constitution Balls are strongly recommended by many highly respectable Gentlemen, for Cows and Oxen as a most valuable medicine in cases of Hove or Blown, Scour- ing on turning out to grass, or from bad food, Gargate, Hide Bound, Loss of Appetite, Staring Coat, Distemper, Epidemic, or Influenza. Bullocks fat much faster by oc- casionally giving a Ball. See Testimonials with each Packet. Prepared by the Proprietor, FRANCIS CUPISS, M.R.V.C.S., Author of the Prize Essay on the Diseases of the Liver of the Horse, Diss, Norfolk. Sold by all Chemists and Medicine Vendors, in Packets with directions, at Is 9d and 3s 6d each or 7 large Packets for One Guinea, or 7 small for Half-a-Guinea. Any Gentleman using the Balls may Consult the Pro prietot gratuitously, either personally, or by letter, post? paid. Q 64 DENTAL SURGERY. MR. BAYNTON will visit CARMARTHEN, on SATCR- DAY, the 13th March, at 53, King-street. 3, Dynevor Place, Swansea. .JUER & PERRINS j WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE. | Pronounced NM Be careful j j by Connoiaceurs M to ask for I THE ONLY j??j" LEA & PERRINS" j LIXUREITIAFTS f I j GOOD SAU(?/'?    ? SAUCE. i See name on wra p per, label, bottle, and j • stopper. Sold by Crosse & Blackwcll, Lon d on, i • and by all dea l ers in Sauces. s BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS. LEA & PERRINS, 1 WORCESTER. I LONDON AND NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY rpHE Central Wales Extension Railway, from Craven A Arms to Llandovery, and thence to Llanelly, Swansea, and Carmarthen, is now Open throughout for Traffic, affording a direct communication between Liver- pool, Manchester, and all principal Stations on the London and North Western System and Carmarthen, Llanelly, Swansea, and effecting a saving of 55 miles in Railway dis- tance between Manchester, Liverpool, and Carmarthen. Four through Passenger Trains are run daily (Sundays excepted) For particulars of times, see Time Tables. W. CAWKWELL, General Manager. Euston Station, June, 1868. Nothing brings on Nervous Debility, Premature Old Age, shortness of Human Life, more than Disease of the Chest. UNDER THE PATRONAGE OF THE THE PRINCIPAL QUEEN NOBILITY. THE ONLY REAL CURE WITHOUT INWARD MEDICINE. ROPER'S ROYAL BATH PLASTERS, for RCoughs, Asthma, Hoarseness, Indigestion, Palpitation of the Heart, Croup, Hooping Cough, Influenza, Chronic Strains, Bruises, Lumbago or Pains in the Back, Spinal and Rheumatic Affections. Diseases of the Chest, and Local Pains. From F. Cupiss, Esq., M.R.V.C., Author of the Prize Essay on the Diseases of the Liver of the.Horse. Diss, Norfolk, March 22, 1851. Gentlemen,—For the last hree winters Mrs Cupiss had felt a great delicaoy of the chest, accompanied with occa- sional pain, cough, and hoarseness. Having had your value able Roper's Royal Bath Plaster recommended to her, she made a trial of one, and it was attended with the most bene- ficial effect, in consequence of which she has made frequent use of them, and invariably with the a-,rn go. d results.-I remain, FRANCIS CUTISS. Unprincipled Shopkeepers for the sake of gain, have Tended Spurious imuaations. Pnrchasers are therefore cau- tioned to NOTICE the words ROPER'S ROYAL BATH PLASTERS," en' graved on the go- vernment stamp, & ?    he Proprietor's Au- "?-??  tograph on the back, ??????'??=????? thu»: — PREPARED ONLY BY ROBERT ROPER AND SON, CHEMISTS, SHEFFIELD. On Medico-chemical principles, from British Herbs and thE Gums and Balsams of tb- Eastern Clime, where The trees dror oalsam, and on all the boughs Health sits and makes it sovereign as it flows." Full-sized Plasters, Is. lid and for Children 9Jd. each or direct by Post on receipt of Is. 4d. or Is. each in Postage stamps. Sold by most Patent Medicine Vendors in the United Kingdom. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS Be particular and ask for ROPER S PLASTERS. FROM THOUSANDS OF WONDERFUL CURES. SPINAL COMPLUNT OF 30 YEAR'S STANDING, & RHEUMA TISM OF THE HIP. Nafferton, Dec. 18, 1862. Messrs. Roper and Son.—Gentlemen,—I was afflicted with a pain in the spine of my back for 30 years, and hearing of your Roper's Plaster about two years since, I procured one and after applying it found a relief the first night, and have been free from pain ever since. I was also troubled with Rheumatism in the hip, and applied one with the same results. As I have received so much benefit from the use of your Roper's Plasters, 1 have sent you this for the benefit of others suffering in the same way. Yours, &c., THOS. BROWN. UNABLE TO WORK FOR 12 MONTHS. 8, Greystock-st., Attercliffe-road, Sheffield, Aug. 1. 1866. Sirs,—I have been afflicted with disease of the Lungs. FOR medical treatmeLtKLOT .s niontns wunout le;1t¡ AIM better, at last I tried one of Roper's Plasters, and one Box of Roper's Pilla, which gava me relwi m a few which time my health has improved and I am now quft well. Yours. &c.» ™L67 JAMES DUFFIELD. BILIOUS and Liver Complaints, Indigestion, Sick BHeadiF,che, TL,-0o8sg s of Appetite, Drowsiness, Giddi-  the Stomach and Bo?e!. ness. Spasms. ANDVPFJ XT weU.known remedy, FRAMP- are qUickly removed n ALTR They unite the recom- TON'S 0 PILL OF old 0 et&tio with be most ° successful .R.JVU.VIB«R required nothing can be effect; aud where an apellen 18 Sby Medicine V d s at Is lid and 2.9DP»b«X. Bold by all Medloloe en or Q 19 THE ROAD AND LIFE TO LONG HEALTH SECURED BY HOLLOWAY'S PILLS. IMPURITIES OF THE BLOOD. In 8eleotinl the  appropriate medicine for a particn- (or ailment, there  be ? ? diBcuIty unless one can be S"U^^ ^"niSr regulate, and impro/e the quality of the or a.ImenPt"? Pills possess and exert these three qualifica-  inancxraordinary degree. They enable the stomaoV h to Hdi igcreesst t aannyv ordinary food, increase the secretary  ?e ?ver d?anse ?d purify the blood, expe I Kid matter, and throw into the circulation the purest elements for sustaining and repairing the frame. WEAKNESS AND DEBILITY. How many persons suffer from debility without knowing the causes why they are feeble In most cases the stomaoh is the aggressor. Holloway's Pills have long been fame, f0' regulating a discorded stomach, and restoring its healthy digestive tone; they are therefore confidently recommended as a never failing remedy in all cases where the constitution, from any cause, has become impaired or weakened. DISEASES OF THE HEAD AND HEART. These formidable diseases are, unfortunately, of frequent occurrence for the most part they creep on gradually, but may be prevented by proper precautions. Holloway's Pill's are the surest preservatives against all derangements in the brain, and are the speediest correctors of irregular occulation. If they be taken without delay when tingling of the limbs, drowsiness, or giddiness comes on, the effect will be marvellous. FEMALES OF ALL AGES AND CLASSES. The fame of these Pills is partly basde upon the beneficial effects they have upon the constitutions 0 f females. From the domestic servant to the peeress, uni.r?ersa faTc?unt accorded to them for their invigorating a nd puri|ffy/ifnng pro- perties, which render tnem so safe and invaluable in all disorders peculiar to the sex. Obstructions of every kind, either in young persons entering into womanhood or ap" proaching the turn of life-tbe most critical period-may be radically removed by a recourse to these ril s. ALL DISORDERS AFFECTING THE LIVER, STOMACH, AND BOWELS. Whenever the stomach, liver, or bowels are discorded by hige living, climate, over- i adu Igence, undue exertion of other causes, these fine regulating Pills will soon rectify the evil, and speedily bring back energy, strength, and cheer- fulness to the jrame where previously all wis lawitnde, gloom, and dejection. DESPONDENCY, LOW SPIRITS. The misery occasioned by a disorderea aigeeuuu », Uu",¡. tunately, felt by most. These famous Pills should be taken in appropriate doses to adjust the disturbed func- tions- They dispel headache, billiousneias, nausea, lowne" of spirits, and all similar ailments. A coarse of these invaluable purifying Pills never fails in removing the cause of such morbid affections, without subjecting the sufferer to any inconvenience. INFLUENZA, DIPTHERIA. BRONCHITIS, COUGHS AND COLDS. In our changeable climate few persons escape without colds, sore throat-, influenza, diptheria, cr bronchitis, for an of which these famous corrective Pills may be taken with the cer tairity of effeoting a cure. While the Pills are ex- pelling all impurities from the body generally, Holloway s Ointment should be well rubbed upon tbe chest and throat it will penetate the skin, reduce inflammation, and restore lasting soundness. H-ollo-xay's Pills arc the best remedy I, flowti in the world for the following I)iscasco; Ague D) senter) Li-pr Com- Secondary Asthma Erjsipela plaints Symptoms BUiousComplaintsFemale Irre-Lurabago Tic-Douloureux Blotches oil the gularities l'ile I> Turnours Skin Fevers of all Rheumatism Ulcers Bowel Coir jiUtiuts kinds lleteiition of > f nereal AAnffeu- Co lies Fits Urine. tion ConsHpatiunoftheUuut Scrofula o r, s ?. BOH'I. Headaches ??S'?' k, i. nd. Cosumptiou Indigestion Sore Throats I'akness, fru Debility Inflammation Stone audGra-w?h?.?rcau?? Dropsy Jaundice vel. ?' &e. S?d at the Estahlishment 01 '???' Ii,» al7 rei 53 Oxford 6treet,lato of 244 Strand, ,an ?,.)7 ?,?t able Druggists and Dealers *In Medicijn throughou the civilized world, at the following prices.lid., SS FD 4s. (id., lis., l!2s., and 33s. each box- There is a considerable saving by taking the lirger sise, IW Directions for the guidance of Patient In disorder are affixed to each Box.  n ?d, ? N.B.- Holloway's Pill, ^^mtinent can be had of any Chemists and Druggists with Weian dUÐctlQDI', WIt.Out any expense.