Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



Advertisement Tariff. Small Prepaid Advertisements. 20 Words SIXPENCE. Three Times NINEPENCE. Six Times ONE SHILLING. WORDS' I ONCE. THREE t]S.Xs ■ ———— 20 Words 0 6 0 9 X 0 30 Words -~o 9~ 1 0 1 6 40 Words -101623 50 Words l 3 2 6 3 9 60 Words 1 6 3 0 4 6 .a- Thl,w f arces apply only to the classes of advertise- ^Lt sneculed '.eiolv. and are strictly confined tc those whieli are ordered lor CONSECUTIVE insertion an dl'AlD FOR PREVIOUS TO INSERTION; if either of these con- ditions is not complied with, the advertisement will be charged by the Business scale :— APAIUMENTS WANTED. HOUSES TO BE SOLD APARTMENTS TO LET. MONEY WANTED. ARTICLES LOST. MONEY TO LEND. Artici.KS FOUND. MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. BUSINESSES i OII DISPOSAl. MISCELLANEOUS SALES Businesses ANTED. PARTNERSHIPS WANTED. HOUSES TO LET. SITUATIONS WANTED. OUSES AVAI;TLI). SITUATIONS VACANT. Advertisements of the above class inserted In the 6OUTH WALES DAILY NEWS," the "CAUDIPK TIMES, and SOUTH ALES ECHO" at the following rate:- Six times in c<fDaily News Six times Slx f'me Once in in Dailv News Cardiff Times WORDS. South Wales ^Hnce and Daxly News. Car(U(rjl.iln Six times in South TV ales Echo. s. d. s. d. s. d. 20 Words 1 0 16 2 0 30 Words 1 6 2 3 3 0 40 Words 2 3 3 4 4 6 50 Words 3 9 5 8 7 6 60 Words 4 6 6 9 9 0 <- General Advertising Tariff. RATE Plm LINE FOR A SERIES. CLASS g* to 4 orfTto"Wto 26 14 ADVERTISEMENTS. 3 6 11 .2° upd insr insr insr insr msr Business ) „ „ n. Educational -/4 -/4 'F* Publishers Religious Services .) 14 .m •/? -/2 -/2 Entertainments j Auction Announcements -16 .14 .{3 -/3 Legal and Public Notices .J Municipal and School Board — ( « .15 ,/6 «/6 -/6 Tenders and Contracts I Public Appointments.. ) Prospectuses. -/9 -/9 -/9 -19 'ft parliamentary Elections } Parliamentary Notices > 1/- 1/- 1/- I/- I/- Government Announcements.. Notices of Births, Marriages, and Deaths are charged Is each. if not exceeding 20 words, and 6d for each additional 10 words. These Notices must he a-uthen ticated by the Signature and Address of the sender. PARAGRAPH ADVERTISEMENTS are charged 1 to 6 insertions, 6d per line 6 to 11 insertions, 4d per line 12 insertions and upwards, 3d per line ADVERTISERS, when sending advertisements fnmanu- script, may calculate eight words to a line, and 12 lines to an inch. In charging advertisements the lines are not counted, but the advertisement, including lart;e lines, dashes, and white spaces, is measured, and the space occupied is charged at the rate of Twelve lines o an inch. ■ ønsÍraI. B G. COLET Associate College of Organists Pro- feasor of Music choirs, schools, and private pupils attended.—For terms, &c., address to 34, Loudoun-square. 112 (Eftuxstional. GOVERNESS. — Pupils required preparing for College of Preceptors and Oxford Local Examina- tion.— Miss Garleck, A.C.P., St, Helen's Lodge, Brynymor-road, Swansea. 148 LESSONS wantedin Elocution, also Bookkeeping.— Apply Daily News Office, 166 Silitatiatts 33amit. AGENTS wanted for every Townin South Wales, whole or spare time, total abtainers only-For terms &c., appfy at once, A.B.C., 1], HigJstreet* jSl'lStOi. ~A~GENTS wanted, with connecti^rS^TTT: J\_ mines, steamship owners, and other users of steam power, to sell Fine Durable Compound Machinery Oils, largely and increasingly used. Liberal commission.—Address J. B., Messrs Dewick, 46, Barbican, London. 94 OY wanted.-Apply Mr Haggis (F. Cox), 23. St 113 Mary-street, Cardiff. el AKERS AND CONFECTIONERS.—Wanted im- mediately, steady young man. State Wages. Live indoors.—Apply, with references, to > Post-office, Tredegar. 70 B'OOT^TRADE.—Finishers wanted; constaIitëin. 113 ployment must be good steady workmen Apply at Poynton's Boot Manufactory, Wellington- tenace, Cardiff. 3 BREWER (practical, experienced) wanted.—Apply] jLJt by letter, to B., addressed to Daily News Office, Cardiff, seating particulars, &C. CHll^DItKN'S or YOUNG LADY'S MAID. —Agjr; aged 17 good dressmaker has not been in a situation before, hut can give good references.—.AddIv to Miss Warlow, Laleston^Bridgend DRAUGHTSMAN, experienced, mechanical nartiv employed, executes drawings, tracings. <fcc from rough sketches. Inventions worked out. Terms mode- rate.—^N • ^_J^f £ y^ewV^Ofiice> Cardiff. 32 LAD (smart) horse and vehicle^ and be general! useful. Gooa character required -Apply 58, Crockherbto-vn. 99 m~~ax IVnunc) wanted at the saw bench. State M wa«es and last nlace.-Edwyn, Cooke 4 Co, tUBber merchants, WestButeDocks. 128 V.. ,—7T" linker) wanted, accustomed to «X-APP* V ell1S, Ecdesiastical Art orks, Exeter. 97 13LUM"B^^ST'BELL HANGERS JL Fl'lTERs.—Wanted immediate:Ij one or two ^teady Hands for the above trades cons P ment.-Apply to William James, plumber, Cardigan LASTERERs.-Wanted six plasterers at Penrhiw- <- ceber, Mountain Ash.—Apply to Isaac heoige, praetor, on the 3ob. 1>Ost BOY wanted at once one that can driva HIsl- well. Married man preferred.—Apply William V-P' ^v.vndhani Hotel, Bridgend. 54 coii? Wanfcscl. also a Carpenter, accustomed to J-She;fry_work; Good references. — D. Lloyd O iU)W^'lharra" Collieries, Ctr-tifi. 104 CLERK.—Vacancy tor a Shorthand and ^xpej-i^u^ng Clerk.—State age, salary reouired, d.lf. to • Clerk," Daily News" office. Car- SHOEIN(T^Cf- 75845 Welliugs, (good) Wanted.—Apply to J. £ 2 HOEING a„H unne1, Carditf- 156 O wanted by JOBBING SMITH. Situation D uly V''vs. Swansea7 ma!1-—H- w-. South Wales re — J Apply D. I)avies Jb'-er or four Hands at once.— ffl,AILOKS. 52 ri Jones, Penygraig. two good hauds,-Apply D. TACANCIKS IN CiVtT 150 Coinnienclng salaries ^^RVICE.—Age 16—25. pniatinii »)V correspondence.—to £ 100. Rapid pre- Wrfte to Secretary, Civil Service i,B'ilse.nt y°u"8 men Ntmliea.l. London. examination Agency, ■—•- '<-8^ (•C> WKKKLY easily esrned by io innkeepers, tradespeople/ *1^1 Cfiwbrklge-roacl, London, IS. thers. I bøp Assistants, &-r. C——fT^fHXERSy^Wanted, a sharp Junior an ab- J stainer.—Apply, giving references, to Smith and Co., Tredegar^ 103 PERS anted immediately, a Young Lady I I for fancy counter. Welsh indispensable.—Apply Eaton. Oxford-street. Swansea. 81 DRAPERY.—Wanted, an experienced young Lady for the Showroom knowledge of Welsh.—Apply and state full particulars to W. R. Edwards' Emporium, Carmarthen. 116 DRESSMAKERS. Wanted immediately, dress I and mantle makers, thoroughly experienced, for good class trade.-Reply, stating age, salary, reference, enclosing carte, to E. M. and A. J., 21, Herbert-place, Swansea. 41 DRESSMAKER.—First Hand wanted must be 1-Y thoroughly experienced; good style and fit. None but competent hands need apply.—D. T. Jones, Emporium, Ferndale. 47 GROCERY AND PROVISIONS.—Wanted a good \JT sharp junior young man; also a respectable youth as an apprentice. Welsh. Abstainers and non- smokers preferred.—Apply to T. H. Browne, Burry 161 ROCERY.—Wanted immediately, a strong young VJT man to attend horse, deliver goods, and serve when required.—Apply to G. W. John, Tanyrheol House, Glya Neath. 120 d-I ROCERY.-Wanted, a Junior Hand, with a N,X knowledge of Welsh.—Apply to Thomas Powell, Morriston, Swansea, 124 GENERAL DRAPERY.—Wanted immediately, an experienced steady Hand knowledge of Welsh, with satisfactory references from last employers, indis- pensable.—Apply to Messrs Evan Evans and Son, London House, Llanellv. 83 GROCERY.—Wanted immediately a young man about 18 to serve and deliver goods in the grocery trade.-Apply to J. W. Jones, Golden Key, Ferndale.84 I(IROCERY AND PROVISIONS. -Wanted. a good VJT Improver one accustomed to provision and cash trade. — Apply, with full particulars, Grocery, South Wales Daily News" Ofhce, Cardiff. 68 ROCERY AND PROVISIONS.—Wanted, a good Senior and Junior assistant. Welsh. Satisfac- tory references.—Apply to Isacc Prothero, Ponty- pridd. 69 (^1 ROCERY.—Wanted at once. Young Man, about u "•to attsnd horse and deliver.—H. G. Davies Aberkenfig j,g GROCERY and PROVISION TRADE.—Wanted immediately, a good Junior. Also an Appren- tice.-Apply L. Richards, Blaenavon. 997 (^ROCERY and PROVISIONS.—Wanted, at once, Jf an Assistant, accustomed to the cash trade and soliciting. Apply Arthur Daniel, Troedyrhiw, Merthyr. 984 MPROVKR or JUNIOR ASSISTANT wanted alsc t Youth as Apprentice one who has passed his preliminary examination preferred.—Apply to R. p. ifees, Chemist (by examination), Dowlais. 20 RAPE .-Lewis Lewis and Co,, Swansea, have a vacancy for a steady young man (Welsh). 186 MILLINER (experienced) wanted; Welsh able to serve through. State full particulars.— ADDIV T. Heatley and Co., Manchester House, Ton. YstracL ANTLE SALESMAN wanted at once.—Apply Mr ..ll.L Haggis, (Mr F. Cox) 23, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 157 MESSRS BUNNFA' and PARKER, the Bon Marche, Swanse i, havo vacancies for a well- educated Youth and Young Lady as Apprentices. 88 lEif. APARTMENTS (unfurnished) to Let; good healthy position.—Apply 126, Wyndham-crescent, Can^ ton. 174 APARTMENTS to Let, furnished or unfurnished at 27, Eleanor-street, Docks, Cardiff. 6 CHARLEs-STREET (50).—A good family residence, with hot and cold bath, two lavatories. Rent moderate. Immediate possession. — Apply Samuel Bros., Jl, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 18 HEATHCOCK'HOTELTLLANDAFF, to LetTwith immediate possession (full licensed), near to Bunting and Pleasure Gardens; rent jMO; incoming ow.-Apply on the premises. 59 L fjowsfs tflIauuh. HOUSE for sale in Harriett-street, Cathays six m. rooms rent 9s per week. Also Two Houses in Richard-street; rent 8s per week.—For particulars and price, apply 1, Harriet-street. 7 EINIPORT. -Wanted, on the 1st October, for office purposes, Frov't Premises in a leading thoroughfare in Newport.—Address Premises, Daily « News Office, 11, Tredegar-place, Newport. fnr 8'!t.mí5rtllattt1.11ts. AY MARE for sale, with black points, 14 hands, rising four years. Also good spring Cart. 36, Bedford-street, or 218, Ely-road. Vol FRUITERERS.—For Sale, a large quantitv of choice Fruit.—ADDIV at the Heathcock Hotel, Llandaft. 61 nnRAP (new) for saleloTcob aboutlThands; smt- I able for grocer, butcher, or baker,—Apply 1, Har- riet-street, Catnays. O/JStarr-Bowkett Building Society. Appro- SfrvU priation for Sale. £ 5 in book.—Offers to K2^Clare-gardens, Cardiff. 90l jilxsallattgotta. WATCH at 12s 6d. 137, mgh- VACANCIES IN CIVIL SKRvirf a ft—oc" VACANCIES IN CIVIL SKRvirf a ft—oc" Commencing salaries range to fiKtfT ^25' paration by correspondence.— Intelligent pre" write to Secretary, Civil Service Examination & Nunhead, London. ency, — 284 IMPORTANT to small C,pitalists wishing to com mence as Tobacconists for illustrated guide (110 papes) send 3 stamps to H. Myers and Co., 109, Euston- road, London. 137e OTA,7N IC BEER inade imniediately with BOTAIIIIC BEER made immediately with Masotrti Extract or Essence of Herbs, composed of Yarrow, Dandelion, Comfrey, and Horehound; send 9 stamps for sample bottle, enough to make four gallon to Newball and Mason, Chemists, Nottingham. Agents wanted. 413e LONDON VISITORS by Excursions, &c., will find Comfortable Home, Brython House, 5, Houghton- place, AmpLhill-square, London, N.W. NOTICE TO PLEASURE PARTIES.—Tickets for Pleasure Boats to be had at the Heathcock Hotel, Llandaff. 60 N SOCIAL PURITY AND THE IN FIRMITIES ot MAN. Addressed specially to young men, with advice on health, and containing recipes that will re- store the nervous and debilitated to the full power of manhood. Free for the benefit of all who desire a safe and speedy cure without the aid of Quacks. Send (¡lie stamp to prepay postage. Address Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. 138e ATCHES, JEWKLI.ERY.—MIDLAND COUN- TIKS WA'ICH COMPANY.-(Cheapest bouse in the World) Ladies' or Gents' Fine Silver Crystal Glass, heavy Ladies' Watches, 25s Ladies' heavy-ensed Gold I evers, 70s Gents' do. do. do., 80s. Before purchasing send for Company's Catalogue, beautifully illustrated. 1,000 fine copper-plate engrav- ln"s> gratis, post free on application, to any part 01 the world. Apply Company's Manager, A. Percy, Vyse- street, Birmingham. The press universally recommend tlieir readers to obtain a catalogue. 378e 3cest attit JFcunti. T J°!nfa0hn^tidnr?day last* in or near Wood-street, a rewarded on ?S' ■ Anyone finding same will be DajlrNews'' Office U'ning U to the "Sonth W^les _01ttJ!. LKNT gniOH^ BELAY by the ^vlNcKMfe^e.F«nd. £ 50,000. Cpo,, APproM Advance £ 25-12 mon Wv „ 50 y "Payments of £ 2 5 10 100 4 11 8 Larger amounts 'the • 9 3 4 Advances of £ 25 to £ 2 C00 or- V ProPortion. notice in town or country'mairt ^w at a few hours' of furniture, trade and farm stwt e' 011 ]nortSage without removal, and to assist nrr'^i .cr.ops! <fec" Also 011 deeds, policies, -and reverb 2 business. 4 for one month to 14 years. Distant"8 atV5 Percent, repayments. Strictly private. Notice.—Before applying elsewhere,^ wkanv -f auctioneer, &C-. ■» England and Wales Vxnk and vou will at once find out vnn S'.„ »y.d..s«abl6h»i. Bank. Having large capital, we do business cheanlr than others. Responsible Iraders, Farmers and others can have money without bill of .sale. good loan ever refused. Current accounts opened according to the usual practice of other banks. No charge for keeping accounts or clearing country cheques. Interest at the rate of 4 per cent, allowed on the minimum monthly balances. DepositsofJElOaud upwards received at 4 per cent, per milium payable on demand. Subject to three months' notice of withdrawal, 6 per cent. Subject to six months' notice of withdrawal, 8 per cent. Subject to twelve months' notice of withdrawal, 10 per cent. Interest paid monthly, quarterly, or as agreed. 17* A. WILLIAMS, Manager, 2Vmusfltwitis. mHEATRE ROYAL, CARDIFF. LESSEE & MANAGER.MR. EDWARD FLETCHER. ACTING MANAGER MR. JOHN SHERIDAN. Special Engagement of Mr F. C. Cowlard's HAUNTED LIVES COMPANY.. TO-NIGHT (SATURDAY), AUGUST 22, and during the week, the new Drama by J. Wilton Jones, Esq., HAUNTED LIVES or, A TALE OF THE NIHILISTS. Act I.-Branstone's Farm. A Strange Wedding. Act II.—Frank's Lodgings. The Secret Meeting. Actlll.-Deck of the Albatross. Two Women. Act IV.—Exterior of Edenbndge Hall. Act V.-Room at Kdenbridge Hall. MONDAY NEXT, August 24th, the great Drury Lane Drama, THE WORLD. Annual Benefit of Mr Edward Fletcher, Friday, September 11th: HAMLET. Box plan for Hamlet will be open at Messrs Thomp- son and Shackell's on Monday Aug. 24th. Doors Open at 7, Commence 7.30; Half-price 9. Box plan at Messrs Thompson and Shackell's. Stage Door and St. Mary-street Entrance open 6.15, 6d extra. 5.S23}- "TICTORIA ROOMS, ST. MARY. T STREET, CARDIFF. MONS D'ARCS GRAND WAXWORK EXHIBI- TION and MARVELLOUS MARIONETTE ENTER. TAINMENT. Eighteen months' uninterrupted success at the above rooms. Great change in the marionette performance. The little wonders perform now for the first time the beautiful drama of POOR JOE or THE BLEAK HOUSE;" likewise is added a Grand Aquprium, showing a great number of unknown monsters from the depths of the sea. Morning per- formance, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 3, every Even- ing at 7 and 9. Admission, 3d Reserved seats, 6d. 184 S. MARY'S CHURCH, WHITCHURCH. AN ORGAN RECITAL Will be given in the above Church, on MONDAY. AUGUST 24th, IS85, BY MR A. H. DIGBY, M.T.C., L., Organist of the Priory Church, S. Bees. To commence at 7.30 p.m. A Collection will be made in aid of the Organ Fund. Taff Vale Railway Train leaves Cardiff at 6.30 p.m., returning from Llandaff at 9.40 p.m. 462e 75982 (Esrursiotts. EXCURSIONS TO ILFRACOMBE AND WESTON By the Favourite Steamer FISHERMAN (Wind, weather, and circumstances permitting). ILFRACOMBE AND LYNMOUTH, SATURDAY TO MONDAY, Leaving Cardiff, 3.0 p.m., Satur lay, August 22nd, Returning Monday, calling at Penarth and Lynmoucn to-and-fro. See bills. BY ORDER. 4, Mount Stuart-square, Cardiff. 45ge EXCURSIONS BETWEEN CARDIFF WESTON, AND LYNMOUTH, rtTT__w B/ the Saloon reamer LADY MARGAItKT or QUEEN OF THE BAY, (Wind, weather, and circumstance permitting). SATURDAY, AUGUST 22. Leave Cardiff 3.0 p.m. » Weston 1.0 and 7.0 p.m. „ MONDAY, AUGUST 24. Leave Cardiff 8.45 a m., and 3.30 p.m. .» Weston 2.15 and 6.30 p.m TUKSDAY, AUGUST 25. Leave Cardiff 9.20 a.m. and 5 p.m. „ Weston 3.0 and 6.30 p.m. { Fares-Between Cardiff and Weston, to-and-fro, Fore deck. Is 6d; aloon 2s Single Fare. Is and Is 6d. To Lynmouth and back, Wednesday Afternoon, Aug. 1», Fore deck, 2s; Saloon, 2s 6d. Bay trips, Is. Refresh- ments on board. BY ORDER. 355e—73788 MOONLIGHT EXCURSIONS FROM -A CARDIFF BY THE LADY MARGARET AND QUEEN OF THE BAY. MONDAY, AUG. 24, Leave Cardiff.8.0 p.m. TUESDAY, AUG. 25, Leave Cardiff 7 45 p.m. WEDNESDAY, AUG. 26, Leave Cardiff 8.30 p.m. Fare, one shilling. -By Order. XnXCURSIONS FROM CARDIFF TO XU WESTON AND ILFRACOMBE BY THE LADY MARGARET • WEDNESDAY AUC,,USI 26th, Ilfracombe TK ,n1, Weston „THURSDAY, AUGUST 27th P' Leave Cardiff A c St wVS&T"wU1 ^iisasarlSaSiS. Fares to Ilfracombe-Fore deck, 3s 6d; Saloon, 4s 6d. IANOS.-WHY BE WITHOUT ONE When you can become the owner of a nice instrument for the small payment of 10s 6d PER MONTH ON THOMPSON AND gHACKELLS HIRE SYSTEM? No security required, and the instrument delivered to purchaser on payment of first monthly instalment. Every instrument guaranteed, and exchanged if not approved. ORGANS AND HARMONIUMS ON SIMILAR TERMS. Catalogues free on application. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, PIANOFORTE AND MUSIC WAREHOUSE, QUEEN'S BUILDINGS, CARDIFF Also at SWANSEA, NEWPORT, MERTHYR and GLOUCESTER. 240e JJEFORE BUYING A WATCH ANYWHERE Write for the Illustrated Pamphlet," sent free on application by the Largest Watch Manufacturer. JJIAMOND JEWELLERY. Purchasers supplied direct at Trade Prices. A SAVING OF FROM 25 TO 50 PER CENT. MR' T. R TrSSK11, MAKER TO HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, CATHEDRAL WORKS 18, CHURCH STREET, LIVERPOOL. 12191 [NO AGENTS IN WALES.] 3940 1A U T 0- c N GENUINE IMPROVED' BRADBURY & CO.'S SEWING MACHINES can only be obtained in this district from rh« „nj„ signed. It is a fact that like most reliable well known articles these celebrated Machines are imitated hv inferior makers, and the counterfeit Machines ore passed off by unprincipled persons as Bradhnrv-« "IMPROVED," to the great disappointment of nur chasers and injury to Messrs BRADBURY <fc CO and their Agents. The Genuine Bradbury Machine mav be easily known by the Trade Mark—a Profile of the Duke of Wellington on each Machine. HENRY ~~rjp H O MAS, ST. JOHN'S CHUROH-SQUARE. CARDIFF. 12, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD; and 34, HIGH STREET, TREORKY. Illustrated Price Lists on Application. 17oe WH. SEATON'S • LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S „ FASHIONABLE BOOT AND SHOE ESTABLISHMENT 31, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF Agent for Pinets* Boots and Shoes 76841 STIFF'S SI ARCH, s TIFF'S STARCH. s TIFFS STARCH. gTIFF'S STARCH, STIFF'S STARCH. STIFF'S STARCH. s TIFF'S STARCH. s TLFF'S STARCH. STIFF'S STARCH. s TIFF'S STARCH. STIFF'S STARCH. 306e 12030 73762 ] STIFF'S STARCH It having come to the knowledge of Messrs Stiff and Co. that some retailed often attempt to induce the public to purchase low- priced and inferior starches by representing them to be the manufacture of Messrs Stiff & Co., it is necessary to put the public on its guard against such unprin- cipled practices,and tostate that every box or packet of Stiff's Starch bears the registered Trade Mark QUEEN BESS. Stiffs Starch is Sold in 51b Packets and lib Fancy Boxes, and may be obtained of any Grocer, Druggist, or Oijman or of the Manu, facturers, STIFF & CO., REDCLIFF-ST., IUSTQL ESTABLISHED el8. HSasiitess Abbrtssts. JOTHAM AND SON S, THE PRINCIPALITY JUVENILE OUTFITTERS, 26 & 27, ST. MARY-STREET. CARDIFF. JERSEY SUITS AND JERSEYS. JERSEYS AND JERSEY jgUlTS AVY BLUE, B LACK, GRENAT, MARONE, gEAL BROWN, AND JPLANCY MIXTURES Fine Stockinette three- thread and four-thread Worsted and Knitted Wool JERSEYS JERSEY SUITS, and JERSEY KNIOKERS. LARGEST STOCK IN SOUTH WALES. ARE THE BEST FOR SCHOOL WEAR. FOR THE SEASIDE. I FOR THE HOLIDAYS. UNEQUALLED FOR STRENGTH AND DURABILITY. SUITS from Is. lid. to 20a. JOTHAM AND SONS, 26 and 27 ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. ESTABLISHED 50 YEARS. 204e JfJGGNOMY IN FUEL. JJALL'S PATENT FEED WATER heater. w ILLIAIVIS'.T ATENT BLOWER AND SMOKE CONSUMER FOR STEAM BOILERS J-OBN "^riLLIAMS AND SON, SOLE LICENSEES & MAKERS, QUEEN-STRE ET, CARDIFF. 107o mu N Y'S "VIRIDINE," (Trade Mark). No. 36996. A CERtAIN CORNS CURE FOR CORNS, CORNS Painless^^Harmless. C°RNS c°ens i C0RNS! SSSftsS? riORNS rustics have failed asters and T IN REMOYING BOTH HABN CORNS 1 ORSOFTCORNDWARTS: CORNS tTFSTIMO41ALq r^ORNS Fr0nl MHot«rilfracombe LL' Pier \J Mr Munday. f^ORNS sm.'IfSLppivi^ a^nowiedg- ment to > VIRIDINF » with your CJOENS 4^0RNS t obst,natft isentirelv go^e apPlyin« J'°,lr | remeci.v it I inay ad<l JjoRNs, C0RNS From Mr HOPKIN HOPKINS r^ORNS GXS-YnhenaerWvWansea- \y Dear treatment fft,.con"ratulate riORNS S-rr-ViHdine" you°sent Th0 \y bottle oj 0 llas sent me C/~kT>-vrc« 1 some the corns t almost ORNS had on my C0ENS glad I QORNS t0 k"01' C°RNS From ((ORNS Mr DEAR VTh'm^"3, bottIe of C0RNS! /"IORNS Ltf '-Sb1 /"10RKS 0OBNS C°ENS! /"10RNS Sir,-I ray?elf have suffered rjORNS they PORNS then' got ppj^iiig0 and by aPP "'ghly to the t corn ^s« if. I now ^could '"r another bottiew^a friend Of tnine. ZiORNS CORSS! C°ENS!»- ,s CORNS 1 ''VlRlDlvt- » CORNS I ^» And SEE THAT HVSIGNature i^ORNS end of each n By ordering^ w™ Cure" yott may CORNS receive one o' ^any so-called U±tJXS> ] ''remedies" Jbich on y giye reljef( Cr\T>-vrcs » or some worthless imitation of Viri- UJtvJMo J dine." In Bottles, Price ls» by post Is 2d. PKEPABBD ONLY BY J. jyj; u N D A Y, CHEMIST, 1, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. Agents; London—W'lLCOX & Co., Chemists, 239, Oxford-street, W. F. N^WBEHltY <fc SONS, SANGER, SUTTON, HOVENDEN, <fcc. Liverpool— SYMES & Co., 58, Bold-street. Dublin—HAYKS <fc Co., 12, Grafton-street. Fai'is-PHARMACIE BERAL, 14, Rue de la Pais. Amsterdam-PEURY Co., 97, Kalverstraat. And all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors. 436e A WORD TO THE WISE: Cause & cure of debility, want of energy,and premature decay. In- structions toregain health and vigor. Sent on receipt of t ♦sUanpabyPublisliers.Fietaiaa-squate, Sheffield 11661 3gusintss 5brasses. TRY PUDGE FOR TOOLS. TOOLS. npooLs. fJlOOLS. fJ"(OOLS. rjiooLs. rjlOOLS. fJlOOLS. fj^OOLS. TRY P U D G E. AT THE! NEW rpooii D EPOT. rpooLs. rjpooLs. rpooLs. rpooLs. rpooLs. rjpooLs. rpooLs. rpooLs. SHEFFIELD HOUSE, CUSTOM HOUSE STREET, CARDIFF. 286e F ULTON, JJUNLOP, AND no. CARDIFF AND SWANSEA, ALSO AT WINDSOR-ROAD, PENARTH BASS AND CO., ALLSOPP AND SONS, And others of the finest BURTON ALES. PRICES Per Kilderkin. Per Firkin. 18s. I 93. 21s. 10a. 6d. 24s. 128 And upwards. 155 W. P EDLFR'S IJMBRELLAS, WALKING g T I C K S, KS AND L EATHER B AGS, ARE THE BEST. ESTABLISHED 1867. JJOYAL-ARCADE, 0ARDIFF. BRANCH: 98, GLEBE-STREET, PESARTH. BEST HOUSE IN CARDIFF FOR WALKING STICKS. A new and choice Stock of Walking Sticks from the best London Makers. RICHLY MOUNTED STICKS FOR PRESENTS. MOUNTED MALACCA CANES. Ivory and Buck Hooks, Silver and Nickel Collars, and Knobs, always in Stock. Sticks and Canes Dressed, Mounted, Polished, and Ferruled. UMBRELLAS AT ALL PRICES TO SUIT ALL CLASSES. GENTS' UMBRELLAS. Silk, at 7s 6d, 8s 6d, 10s 6d, 12s 6d, 15s 6d, and 18i!! 6d. llussell Silk, at 10s 6d Silver Mounted, 14s 6d. Repp, at 7s od, 9s, 10s 6d, and 12s 6d. Alpaca, 5s 6d, os 6d, and 7s 6d, LADIES' UMBRELLAS. Silk, 7s 6d, 8s 6d, 10s 6d, 12s 6d. 15s, and 21s. Repp, 4s 6d, 5s 6d, 6s 6d, and 83 6d. ltussell Silk, 8s 6d, 9s bd. and 10s 6d. RE-COVERING DEPARTMENT. Umbrellas Re-covered at a saving of 25 per cent. Best Materials only used. SILK. GENTS' 25IN. UMBRELLAS. 1st quality, 15s; 2nd ditto, loSs; 3rd ditto, 10s 6d; 4th ditto, 8s 6d. LADIES' 22IN. UMBRELLAS. 1st quality, 12s 6d 2nd ditto, 13s 6d; 3rd ditto, 8s 6a; 4th ditto, 6s 6d. RUSSELL SILK (Guaranteed not to Split). GENTS' 25in, UMBRELLAS, at 9s. 6d.; LADIES' 22in. do., at 7s. 6d. REPP. GENTS' 25in. UMBRELLAS—1st quality, 7i. 6d 2nd ditto, 6s 6d. LADIES' 22in. UMBRELLAS—1st quality, 6s. 6a, 2nd ditto, 5s 6d. Re-covering and Repairing promptly executed on the Premises. LEATHER BAGS, Leather Portmanteaus, Brief and other Baud AA/I, Hat Cases, &c. v GLADSTONE BAGS. ASSORTMENT OF LEATHER itUG toTttAPS, W. J> E D L E xv, MBRELLA MANU.VACTORY, H, ROYAL A R 0 A 33 33, /■"lAJRDIFf. 297e Vy AND 98, GLEBE STREET, PlNAETU, GO TJ THE "CAMBRIANtI NEW HAIRCUTTING, SHAVING, AND SHAMPOOING ROOMS, 57, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF. GENTLEMEN'S HAIR fashionably cut .< 3d, umiiDKKWS HAIR carefully cut 2d. SHAVING (only) ld. SHAVING (with attendance) lid. Private haircutting rooms for ladies and children. PLEASE NOTE THE ABOVE ADDRESS. 406e NOTICE OF REMOVAL. T. H. DaTFes AND CO.. "THE TAILORS,' Bair to intimate to their customers and tie general public that they have secured the Extensive and Com- modious CORNER PREMISES lately occupied by Mr Marsh in CUSTOM HOUSE-STREET, which are now open,and are showing the CHOICEST PATTERNS and QUALITIES in SCOTCH and WEST SUITINGS, FANCY TROUSERING CLOTHS, -te, Please notice their TIES and UNDERCLOTHl* G WINDOWS. Value not to be equalled in Cardiff. They thank their Patrons for past favours, and p o. mise the same attention to their future orders. Please Notice the Address: T. H. DAVIES AND Co., THE TAILORS,' .i09t CUSTOM HOUSE-STBEET, OABDUV* Ittsinesa bbte.fífítit # A MERIOAN FRESH MEAT COMPANY, 7, CUSTOM-HOUSE STREET, 39, CLIFTON-STREET, ROATH, 5, UPPER GEORGE-STREET, CATHAYS, CARDIFF. SPECIAL FOR THE EASON. We are now Receiving Immense Consignments of pRIME gMALL SHEEP, FED ON THE HILLS, EQUAL IN QUALITY TO THE .y _I'AS.w\ jJlAMOUS WELSH MUTTON, aDd are selling at uudecootod low priceis- LEGS, about 81bs, each /}D PER O LB. LOINS, I fif D PER SHOULDERS, „ 51ba, „ iO LB. NECKS, „ 3^1bs. „ iQDPER BREASTS, 31bs. LB, WHY :r4Y MORE 1 THE (^UAI^IT¥ WEi 1i1 J THE PEST. A n¡ç F!I MEAT Cf)Mff". CUSTOM-HOUSE STREET, ''¡. 39, gMTA'Off STRSST, ROATH, 3,CFPERaiQIlQg.ST^gETl CATHAYS, 0ASDIFF. 460 > r jGusiugss ^j>5rgsseg> E. JfEWBY, GENERAL JgNGRAVEB, ,1 ">. JJIE gINKER, LETTBB c UTTER, &o. 115, COWBRIDGE.ROAD. WORKS: 5, ROYAL ARCADE," BRANCH 175, BUTE-ROAD, CARDIFF. BRASS WINDOW PLATES, flat, halfmand, or O.G., engraved, fitted, and fixed com- plete. BRASS DOOR, DOOR POST, OFFICE, and FINGER PLATES, of any shape or design, fitted and fixed complete. INITIALS, MONOGRAMS, CRESTS, &c., on plate. Especial arrangements have been made to meet the requirements of jewellers, ironmongers, and the trade generally. BRASS MONUMENTAL, MEMORIAL, and INSCRIPTION PLATES to order. COFFIN PLATES, &c., engraved for the trade. ZINC or COPPER STENCIL PLATES for marking sacks, boxes, &c. BRASS LETTERS for pattern makers, en- gineers, &c. BRASS LABELS for patentees, ironmongers, Ac, BRASS TRADE MARKS AND FAC- SIMILE HAND STAMPS. WAX SEALS FOR WINE MERCHANTS, CHEMISTS, &c., BRASS CHECKS for Clubs, Bowling Greens, Concert Halls, &c., BURN MARKS and BRANDING IRONS, STEEL NAME, LETTER and FIGURE PUNCHES. WORKMEN'S TIME CHECKS, WOOD LETTERS, LINES and BLOCKS of every Description cut for the trade. Sketches and Estimates on Application. Non THE ADDRESS 6, ROYAL AROAbil: (St. Mary-street end), CARDIFF. 4w R. J. HEATH AND SONS, 12, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF. Have now on view the largest Stock of High-cllll PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AND JJARMONIUMS, IN SOUTH WALES, Which they are offering at a LARGE DISCOUNT FOR CASH and on the three years' system, from 108 6d per month. Pianos, from 15 guineas. Illustrated Catalogues Post Free 2688 TRIMNELL'S !LIFE-GIVING AND PRESERVING NERVINE IJION IO, For either Sex; will cure all kinds of nervoa debility arising from any source of weakness, from whatever cause it may arise. These are a few of the Symptoms of Nervous Debility .-DepreWou of spirits, inaptitude for exertion, unfitness for study, dislike for society, dislike to enter any kind of business, involuntary blushing, dimness or sight, sparks before the eyes, deafness and noibe in the ears, sense of tightness, of suffocation, constant mental misgiving, pains in the loins and a constant sense of weariness, irritation of the kidneys and bladder, palpitation of the heart, general tremu lousnesson any sudden impulse, extreme diffidence, fond of moping alone, morbid sensibility, careles* about life, its joys, its pleasures, and its duties; irregularity of the bowels, feeling good for nothing, failure of memory .intellectual power and faculties more or less impaired, extreme restlessness, flatu- lency and indigestion, frequent headaches, silent wretchedness arising from the fear of physical weak- ness, fear of insanity, miserable forebodings for the present, no hope for the future; starting during sleep, looking and feeling ill without apparent cause. One or two packages of Trimnell's Nervine Tonic will cure slight cases of the above. Where it has been badly treated or neglected it will require a longer time to effect a cure. Is lid and 2s 9d per packet One trial is sufficient to prove the virtue of the above Compound, to be had at most respectable Chemists, Druggists, and Medicine Vendors throughout the World. It you have any difficulty in obtaining it, send stamps or Post-office Order direct to the Proprietor, and it will be forwarded at once. All 2s 9d sizes Post Free to any part of the kingdom. N.B.—None are fcenolne Unless they have the Proprietor's signature on the Government Stamp— W. TRIMNELL. TO IMITATE THIS WOULD BE FORGERY. FULL DIRECTIONS ON EACH PACKAGE. SOLE MANUFACTURER AND PROPRIETOR W TRIMNELL, MEDICAL BOTANIST 167e 9, AlOIRA-TERRACE CARDIFF POSITIVE REMEDIES. Consult the Book of Positive Remedies or the CaM of all Diseases. GRATIS.-Seint by Post to all parts ot he World on receipt of Two Stamps to prepay postage. A POSITIVE CURE FOR DEBILITIES AND DERANGEMENTS OF THE GENERA- TIVE AND NERVOUS SYSTEM, NER/OUS DE- BILITY AND EXHAUSTION, THE RESULT Olf OVER-TAXED ENERGIES IS GIVEN IN THE BOOK OF "POSITIVE REMEDIES. This Book N pires a POSITIVE REMEDY for all Dl^KASES The Names of all Medicines are given in English. Cases and Testimonials, with means used in each case. IT IS A GUIDE TO THE SELF-TREATMENT OF ALL DISEASES, and should be Consulted by all who require medical treatment. NOTICE.— THii POSI TIVE MEDICINES GIVEN IN THE BOOK O POSITIVE REMEDIES' ARE THE MEDICINi USED BY DR. SMI I FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS. By the aid of this Book Invalids may form a correct knowledge of their malady, and tind a Positive Remedy for tke Cure. The names are pub- lished in English, to enable Invalids to select the remedy and Cure Themselves withont consulting medical man, making a written statement of case, or paying consultation lees. Send Two Stamps. for the iiOOK OF POSITIVE REMEDIES, which contains 244 pages, and gives a cure for all disease*. Post free. on receipt, of Two Stamps direct from "v 716 H. &t H. SMITH & CO. 1M POSITIVE REMEDY LAJBOHATOILY, ^(^SOUTHAMPTON-ROW. LONDON, W:Oh