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16usin£55 ^.&Dn>55S5. JMPORT A N T ? E CIA L BE'¡-SON'S "1- NEW PATENT (Xv. "LUDGATE" \V A T C H &1LYKK 0. £ & 5. £ 12. 12. I.s A, SI L v E p. x (; L I S IT L k v r; it, MY 1JL .ST OX DON AIA K K. WITH THREK-QTJAKTi: PJ.ATii iJOVKMiiNT. CHROXOMliTEJ'. liAJ.AX' 'i- WIT'U DAMP AND IMVI" j > ) LATENT KINO UAND, AM) '^TENDED ii.UUtKh, IX Willi CHYSTAI. (JI,A» MAKING IT A RF. RN:II WATCH THAN AXV £ I0 WATCH IS TUR: MAH^KT, II ADVANTAU !•>, RU I-; OLD AND FAL L! V M I, I'LATE IJEINO ENOit>iou0, As Tilii •LUDGATK' WATCH ONE HUND1H2U VKAU-, IT KEVER BREAKS, As IT CANNOT B. OVEit WOUND AMi MEVER NEEDS EXPENSIVE UEPAliW. IS A BBTTKU IT.\IEKEEPER. IS A iJEllEIi WAIGH, AND IS VALUE Til AN ANY UTUEU WAlCI; r OLD FUR E10 IN TO\X OR C H NTRV. WILL STAND ROUGH USAGE OF Aid, KINDS, AND IS THEREFORE THE BEIZT %N'A AND EQUALLY' SUITED FOR WORKMEN, RAILWAY MINERS, GENTLEMEN, i;OY:>, AN-]) ALL WHO REQUIRE A PERFECT WATCH OK EXTRA SlUEN»ilU FOR HOME, INDIAN, OR COi.ONIAl, USE, MADE IN THREE SIZES, AS UN I'EK: WORKMAN'S, LUTUE SIZE MINER'S & RAILWAY MEN'S, EXTRA LARGE SIZE. AND FOR GENERAL WEAR, MEDIUM SliE, SENT FREE AND SAFE AT OUR RISK TO ALL PARTS FOR £ 5 5s (.1. CASH, OR P.O.O., PAYAULE Al t-i.t'.o. PRICE IN IA-CARAT GOLD CRYSTAL GLASS CASES TWELVE GUINEAS. SPECIALLY NOTE that J. W. Bexso.N is the only Maker cf a TIee,( Plate Jngli:;lt Vi'atcli for £ 5 bs, ami that our Patent "Lmtjsate" Watch cannot lie Lad through, or of any Watchmaker :u the h.il1:;t!D:!J. Any iiitiinneineut or the Patent Lights will be proeeeileu ..gaiu,t. A liuok explaining cue advantages of this Watch over the Full Plate linjlisii Watches sold by ali other makers, will iJt: sent l'os Free on appli ca.tiu 11, &.0 J. W. J3 E N s 0 N, WATCHMAIvEU TO lI.1f. THIS QUEKN, T H ii S T K A M F A C T 0 II Y, 62 AND 64, LUDG ATE-HILL, E.C., AND 25, OLD BOXD-STREET, \V., LONDON. Illustrated Pamphlets of Watches from 52 to £500, Gold and Silver Jewellery, Clocks (House, Chime, and Turret), and )IIlic1 li ixes, free on application. CLUB ASSOCIATION.—FOREMEN, SECRETARIES of FRIENDLY SOCIETIES, AGENTS, and others will tind their incomes considerably increased by establishing Clubs [0,- the New Patent "Ludgate" Watch, as it is worth from i;15 to EID mure tliaii any English Watch sold, and therefore hound to supersede ah others in the market. 11963 72775 253s PEARS CIOAP PURE I FRAGRANT'; JS REFRESHING! TtyiPS' ^niP F,.r TOILET & NURSERY. J_J £ ,A±«5 OUAi EXHIBITION HONOURS, JL KJy Fifteen International PEARS' ^JOAP Awards for absolute Purity and absence of Artificial pEARS' OOAP yJZ'S'&n*, pEAES' UOAP ^ttSSRS?* PEARS' y^OAP PEAKS' SOAP IO Is s; ehally prepared for tho "1_> EARS' (A AP delicate "kin ot ladies and I children and o'liers sensi- TWiTS' A t p tive to the weather, winter ■ >&Ai».0 UoAt !(U,l summer. JL k_» Presents Kedne.-s, Rough- PEARS' VJOAP ness, andChappiun. 0 ADELIN APATTI wr tes: P"EARK' C*D4P liaVd faU'"1 PEAP^S' JuAttb WlJAt- SOAP matchless tpv the 1T)-„ „ Hands and Complexion." WOAr (signed) .VDI^LINVPAITL JL -O AIK s LAN i T K Y « r; tes PEARS' CJOAP "I luve much s/UiJi-1 have used PEARS ~a i^is' t o SOAP for some time, and |3LAK5j O O A t ,er 1C t0 auy 0Cber.» (Signed) LIIXIE ( ANGTRV. PEARS' I,JOAP PEARS' SOAP is iccom K3 nieiiiiod by ERASMUS WIL- PEARS' LI GAP ,o.v, late l-r^id.'Ut ot tht Coiiese of aurgc jns oi PEARS' UOAP lantL PURE! FRAGRANT! "DEARS' (ftJOAP REFRESHING 1 JO For TOILET & NURSERY. PIT A PS' Li {A A iJ Exhibition Honours. S Fifteen International ,)v( T> Awards iov absolute Pur.ty B—JIIJAHO OUAI and absence of Artificial lO Coiouriiig;. PEARS' LJHJAP Fair White Hands, B Bi-iziit Clear Complexion, PTTA dc nniP So £ t healthful Skin. ARb U<JAP PEARS' SOAP—Tablets Is, is 6d, and 2s 6>1. The PEARS' KJOAP £ s 6tl Ta'olet perfumed with Otto of Roses. A PsinallerTablet (un.-cented) is EARS' OOAP .-old ut 6d, but insist un having rears', as vilely-in- -r~kip ot" r-j t-. jurious imitations are often ^OAP substituted for extra gain, PK 4 R s:- a I\ TJ ^Makers by Special Royal 3 Appointment to H.R.H.ThePrmceo £ Wales. W E W I N G ]\/| A CHINES SEWING J3LL MACHINES W E W I N G ]\/| A CHINES SEWING J3LL MACHINES hv buy through Canvassers, when you can order the IMPROVED SlNGERandWtiEKLKR A WILSON SEWING MACHINES direc from H JuNKER, PE>i ARTH, and effect a savin- of 3s in the £ as the tollowintr prices "ill conclusively show IMPROVED SINGER HAND MACHINE, £3 38; usual price E4 4s- less 10 per cent. Same v. itn Handsi .ue li ix, i;3 15S usual price, E4 19s -le811 10 per cent. FAMILY TREADLE, i;4 usual price, E5 5s-lea3 10 per cent. Same with Handsome Box, £ 4 10w; n,uai price £ 6— less 10 per cent. TAILORING MACHINE, £ 4 17* 6d usual piic« £ a lOs-les 10 per Cdüt. game ich Handsome Box, £5 10s usual price, E7 7s -less 10 per oeut. T",a< machine beautifully finished, provide! with kll: self wimler, attachments una all the latest toi»rt»vem«uts, lI.i,.1 guaranteed to be in perfect working NuT'' THE ADDKfcSa— H..IONKER, PENASTH, near Cardiff. f tOo Trade Specially Supplied. HE FOUNDATION PRINCIPLE pf (j E & S 0 N S, Budno a is that cL'ji'OM is Drawn BY THE MAGXET OS 'V ARIEXY A,4D I ILLUE." they lii-i; now shewing considerable accessions of Now Freeh, and Auractive Stock in GENTLEMEN'S AND JUVENILE' READY-MADE CLOTHING, HAT", CAPS, SHIRTS, AND HOSIERY, At Prices tiut have never Lower fIúu. Manufac- turera' Hands. ADDBSW :— THE CAUDIFF HOUHE. 60 dt 51, ST. MARY-S'I RKI'.T, & -,6 t 47, CAROLINlC 23 STRJKET, CAROIEE. 1U IvjEC TiON DAY.-An INlfALLIBLE iF REM r'.OV nnd certain cure for all Discharges from the I'riM.u y Oruans in either sex, whether acquired or with' il- -e 2s 6,1, eLt(!h. I)v 'cwi.stitu;.or chronic: cures in n, few days chcin-. « ajronts i'. -itw.x y and S-n 1, Hutu .wuii -iieet, E.C. f, Cardiff, J. Wunuay, Cheiuiat, 1 ki.,gti-street; and all Chemists N()a Uusiiwss ^titiresses. J^OTICB jyOTICja OTICE |j I X O N S I .— GREAT 0L EALL A N C U SALE kj OF y I E jy U APERY IS NOW UX, AND WILL CONTINUE FOn. VOLIITEEN DAYS ONLY. E. D, is 'let-•mined to this Sale one of the lot ATTRACTIVE FOR BARGAINS Ever Announced. All Go n: ii'l:u:l in PLAIX FIGL'EES at Prices which not fail to effect a Speedy Clearance. NOTU T:IE ADDRESS E. I x 0 N, OPPOSITE THE A I L W" AY gTATIO N, "VTEWPORT. a's ) 453 BJAIR HAIR! HATR1 Alp. HAIR! HAIRI COLOUR. HA'iOX'S HAGON'S HAG ON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HA110 X 'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGOX-S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S I- I o i RESTORES GREY HAIR TO ITS ORIGINAL COLOR AND BEAUTY. Mr J. J. Ho: ton, Chem- ist, '-tratford-road, Bir- jninstham, says — 1J ease send one gross ot your Hail Colour Re- storer and six doz. Hair Renewer. I find them both sell very well and iiked. Have been in lousiness over 2*Jye-)rs in Birmingham, and must say thit no Hair liestorer has given such satisfaction as) ouri." Is 6d per Bottle. IRESTORER RESTORER RESTORER RESTORER RESTORER RESTORER RESTORER RESTORER RESTORER RESTORER RESTORER RESTORER RESTORER RESTORER RFSTOREft RESTORER RESTORER RESTORER GPIONVIPH. HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S HAGON'S Is a Positive Remedy for To s of Hair. Bald Heads, Bald Patches, etc., etc —Mr F. Howell, 3, BromSeld-st., Lower (}ra.ngetowH, writes :— "I completely lost my Hair., until I was quite BALD, but after using two bottles of your Hair Renewer my Hair prew as thick ami strong tS ever." Is 61 per Bottle. GROWTH. RENEWER RENEWER RENEWER RENEWER RENEWER RENEWER RENEWER RENEWER RENEWER RENEWER RENEWER RENEWER RENEWER CHILDREN. HAIR HALR HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIR I HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIK HAIR HAIR HAGON'S ROSEMARY, Cleansinjr Lotion for ChilCLren'! Hair. Destroys ali creepers, nits, dee. Cleanses from all impuri- ties makes the hair soft aud curly. Not poisonous or greasy. Sure destruc- tion to all insect life. Used once a week a certain preventative Harmless and nicily perfumed. 6,1. per Bottle; by post, o secure from observation, nine stamps. Sole maker of above pre- narations— ALBERT HAGON, Chemist. 7 39, BillDGE STREET, CARDIFF, Ittict 2, COBURN- STREET, CATHAYS. CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER CLEANSER FOR ALL HAIR PREPARATIONS, GO TO H A G O N JjTULILY CHEMIST, -f 30 BRIDGE STREET. CARDIfF AND CATHAYS. 331e I PEPPE R'S TANNIN TH RO AT GARGLE. ianiun Garble .should he within the reach of all in tiie least 4egrte subject to throat affections, whether inflammatory, relaxed, ulci-ratetl, hoarseness, swollen tonsils, enlarged nvula, weakened voice, &c. Those constantly speaking, singing, or reading, by using the Gars; e prevent the liuskiness, dryness, and in itatioa Sf) iiequantlyattendant oil over-exerliozi also of pro- 'iucine; unusually sustained powers without injury to tno mucous SUVIHCOS of the throat Taii!iiii is L grt-,tt puii,,ie, ali(i s .-cftil as ai.otith .o u w:h in eases of uisagreeable breath, arising from de- cajev. teeth, disordered stoiuach, mouth ulcerations, an.l otner causes. As a cure tor ordinary sore throat, with its usual pn in. ul and sometimes dangerous yirptoiyis, the J..unm Gargle is far better than anything. Bottles, Is 6d. Sold everywhere. n PEPPER'S WHITE COUGH" MIX- _fi_ ILRK. lhe most reliable, speedy, and agree- able cure for coughs, coids, asthma, bronchitis, con- sumption, and all diseases ..f thy lungs ami air- passages. It is soothing, comforting, and tranquil- lizing in ts ae iuii, quite different from ordinarv cough remedies. Attords reaef after second dose Bottles, Is 12aud iis yd each. Sold by all Chemists. 1RA0 ROFT'S ARECA NUT TOOTH KJ PA.->TK.—Regularly used every moruius the teeth are kept m beautiful order. Ail decayiiig aud destr uctive tartar is removell from the enamel, which asaiiuits its ivory, lke -,tpl)earazice. CRACROF'l"S PASTE removes all causes VV ci decay, and will preserve the teeth intact for many years. Branded Pots, is each. Sold everywhere. TTRTCKOFT'S ARECA TOOTHPASTE; C Bv using this delicious Aroimtie Dentifrice the enamel of the teeth becomes white, sound, and polished like ivory. It is exceedingly nagrant, and specially useful. Get Cracroft a. DEAFNESS, N'OISKS IN THE TA-RS,&C. DELLAR'S ESSENCE FOR DEAF. XtSM should always be tried, as m numbers uf cases, seemingly incurable, it has done wonders. SiliKht deafness, obstructions ill the ears, and the incessaat humming ounds so frequent with affected hearing, are removed. Sold everywhere. COP.N,li! CORNS I CORNS! UeXlOXS AND ENLARGED TOE JOINTS! CURED IX A FEW DAYS. DELLAR'S CORN AND BUNION PLANTKUS are the only real remedy. They uiffer from all plasters, shields, or CCTUPOSILI-lli. By instautly at.ftemug the callous surrounding 5he pa.j,n goes at once, the Corn soon following. Balliolis aitl elll,L"gelt toe joints require more time but the action and relief is certain. Boxes, Is lid. Sold everywhere. S^^i^EINE SOAP (a soap contain- callv t'ehcateiy rehneU. ohemi- bv those enfinvc* | .n?e^ for general use, but specially er ectly I ren^Vtlth skins. Coimlion im- ,vith '"j,u'Kllls acrid liea.thy condition, -^ulpho sL,, h V"[t-,Plla"le; mai e Its odour b0dP hoWS the tll'St ^,ensiv: IV.Wete, aml the not LRVEII. COMPLAINTS, — BIHOUSNKSS, INDIGESTION CURED LY STOMACH DERANGEMENTS DR. RING'S DANDELION & QUININE LIVER PILLS (Without mercury), Act effectively on the liver, and, whilst mildly apsrient ar-j all that can bo desired. Dr. Kind's famous Pilla purify and clear the entire system by freeing the liver frotn sluggishness, causing the stomach to properly per- lorm its functions, quickly and entirely removing all ioeling of headache, dizziness, oppressions at chest and oack, disagreeable taste, nausea, i'ldigestion, !-ipaSlll, .^ejisution of heaviness, and irritating depression attend j nig bilious attacks and liver derangemeuw. BE sURli TO HAVE DR. PILLS. i. SOLD EVERYWHERE, 1I8?5 [ ^nsincsa trLrrt5St5. J^AKKPX"Lvr: S) AU B ANKI'UPT SA,.E j^ANKRUPT: SAL1-; JGANKRUPT SALE i JJA^urprj RALE J^AN'KP.UPT, CJALE I^ANKRUPTj SiLK |^ANK:UIR; s ALF, I\ J..I B' ".K'P.' QALE J^A\K)iUPT RALJo ]3A, IRUPTI QAi.E J^ANKRUPi SALE J^ANKF.UPT- OAI.E O jgANlCRUPTj QALE J^AXKRUPTJ gALB THE ALLIANCE 33, ST. MARY-ST., CARDIFF, Are now Sellin2 ai very imoortantSTOCKi Of CLOTHING,! HOSIERY, HATS.I Ac., Purchased bv, Teiuler at a VERY LARGR DISCOTi.XT aff the ORIUIXAL! COST, from the estate1 of E. II. LEVY A Co.. Merchant Tailors. Clothiers, Hosiers.and Hatters 73, Queen's- Clothiers, Hosiers.and Hatters 73, Queen's- don, W. voad, Bavswatar, Lon- Tijo Entire Stock is now on offer for a -HOHT PERIODI ONJJY, nr;rke<l at 4j per cent, o^ cost, For further p irticu- ^ars ^t-e;>iogua, or! PIACELIST. POST PRES. Clothin:* mado to measure from woollc; iClothr, iu same Stock [at Equally Low Prices. See Windows. Inspection freelv in- viteil without being compelled to purchase. ;^LOT*IlXG O.SIEIZY CLOTHING VY AND lHOSIERY v AND ^LOTHING rVosiiiRY r,I.OTfIIXG c AND TTOSIERY C^I.OTHING J AN:> JJOSIERY I SLOTHING j AND | j^OSlEBY /^LOTiriNCr \J AND |l|-OS I l-RY (^LOTHIKG ANI> jj-jj-QSlERY CVOTIIIXG J AND CVOTIIIXG JTOSI.RY fALOTHIXG AMI rrosiERY 4 aoTHixa 5 AND ^|-J-QSiERY ILCTHING I AND Jjpl OSIERY /■^LOTHING \J AND ^_jo-~ik!:y £ 1LOTHING VY AND IT OSIERY i' H.OTiI .XU AND JJOSIMJY THE ALLIANCE; (JLOTHIERS, 33, s T. MARY-ST., 450 (NEARLY OPPOSITE THE ROYAL) PERFECTLY PAINLESS DENTISTRY. TEETH.-DKNTAL NOTICE.-ONVEtNck-, CO. JL will ATTEND CARDIFF from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. eve»v Thursday, at Mr Pady's,Tailor, 72,Croc';cherbtown. riiEETH. —OVYEN and CO., M.R.D.E., JL SURGEON DENTISTS, Fran: London (Established 30 years), 4, OXFORD-STKKET, SWANSEA. Artlticial Teoth Guaranteed. Perfectly comfortable in wear in<r, durable, and Haem,: rpEETH OF SURPASSING JgEAUTY, MADE FROM ALLIGA'l'OR INDIAN IVORY, The hardest and purest known. This celebrated Ivory has obtained 23 Prize Medals. They are guaranteed never to break nor change colour. Kitted without pain whilst waiting. FTVEETH. —OWEN, PRACTICAL, THE JL OLD-ESTABLISHED DENTISTS. Artificial Teeth tixed by Oivon's Patent Suction, re- quiring no fastenings, ^tc. No pain whatever, no ex- traction. lor Eating. Articulation, they aro equal to the Natural Teeth. Warranted to itzitt life-time. A Tooth From £ 0 2 6 Upper or Lower Set From 1 5 0 343e Consultation from Ten till Seven Dailv. 73204 s K v Y 0 U P,, GROCER FORI gOUTH "Y^ALES JAM AND USe IARMALADE N OTICE. THE MAGNETA1RE. UNPRECEDENTED DEMAND FOR THE MAGNET AIRE! PROTECTED BY ROYAL LETTERS PATENT. Highly Recommended by Eminent Pbysicians FOR THE PREVENTION, RELIEF, AND CURE OF DISEASE. In consequence of the increasing demand for his Ap' pliancea, and the benefit derived by many of the iu- habitants of this neighbourhood, MR. RICHARD LONSDALE, M.E., Inventor and Patentee of the MAGNET AIRE, has arranged to prolong his VISIT TO NEWPORT A FEW DAYS LONGER. MR I.OXSDALE may he consults.! at his Private -'Opms adjoining DAILY TELKQRAM OFFICES, QUEEX'S. BUILDINGS, NEWPORT, (Opposite Queen's Hotl). Until Saturday, August 23th, 1835, Where he will gjvo advice, &c. HOURS OF ATTENDANCE Ten to Oiis, Two to Five, and six to Eight. A 32-page Pamphlet, containing Testimonials, Price List, and full particulars, Free untpplic-ition., 452 10, U, A 12, CAII DTL,-F. G. A. STONE, U N D E It T A K M It, HEAIJSE AND MOURNING COACH PROPRIETOR., OSTRICH PLUME í;Ir.:<:}UI. KU51N1SII 1 NO KS I AiMJ^UMKNT. The 'XVado ati«l 'every requisite foi* i' uucrai l^nriiisUiiju. 7 154* J- H I T E 1-1 A L L w Y ATCHMAKEP-, JEWELLER, AC., OPPOSITE HIGH-STREET STATION, EWPORT, Bes to Inform his Customers and the Public Generally that he Intends SELLING OFF AT AN IMMENSE REDUCTION OFF MARKED PRICES From the present date until further notice. 451 QEMEST 0EMENT. J)AVIEFS BROS., Sole Ag«iits in Newport and District for John Bazley White and CEMEKT. Bros.' London, Portland, and Keene's V, U F, N T -S. PLASTER. PLASTER OF^AEIS, fmh Weekly. KUILDINO1 Tile th^r?ade"andeat ufe'S6"' MATERIALS. I Readable P^f°3t „r1Ti?< I B<Wt SLATED. and Portmadoc I HOOFING SLATES. Best Staffordshire Glazed PIPES. MJCKBT PIfK.S; als# the Locftl Make at Low Prices. Be;t White, Buff, "Slue, and "Red • RRTOK I .Moulded and Plain j BUILDING BRICKS. BUILT)ING BRI(;KS. I Best London W H IT IN O, In Casks, Bags, or Bulk. BANGOR AND LONDON WHARVES, •u ]SrEWP0RT' Mon' XTERVOUSNESS. LOSS of ENERGY, rS" VITAL POWER.—A gentleman having tueii in v,v.u every ndvertU.j<i reniedv, has nis.tovered » wur i' ',lslealls ,"f self-cnr«. lie will b,, happy to 'ie P^t' to any autlerer on receipo o; a -an envelope Address J. T. Sawoil «w», Cteswiwi, AIMUU<mx I business Àhrt,sS£5. JOHN, THE TT ATTEPv. JLJL • C1IKAPKST AN D BUST llOUSli IN CARDIFF for FRI.T HATS. j The Best HALF GUIXRA SILK HAT IN THE Tit A DE. Q *>, QHURCH; STREET, CARDIFF. 280* WANTED KNOWN. THAT THK HAIRCUTTIXG AXD TOILET SALOONS. lately carried on a:. :lIarl,10t Buildings (SAMUEL UKOS.), art; now replete with every requisite for tiifl comfort of Ladies and Gentlemen at 71, ST. MARY-STRRET, under the personal management of J. H. FBARN, Practical Hairdresser find Wig- maker, late of Trueflt's, D'vidas', and other leading West iOnd Hairdressers. 275o

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