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n f i! Leader Classified I Advertisements. APARTMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT OR j WANTED, TO BE LET, LOST AND FOUND. I One Three Six I Insertion. Insertions. Insertions æ Words. 1 0 2 0 3 0 JI) Words. 1 6 3 0 4 0 « Words. 2 0 4 0 5 0 FOR SALE, TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. One fliree Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions SO Words. 1 6 a 3 6 3Q Worde. 0 3 4 6 CJ Words. I 6 i 6 5 6 1 AIRTHS, DEA7HS, IN MEMORIAM AND MARRIACE. One Three SL: Insertion. Insertions. Insertione 99 WordB. 1 .„ 3 t. 6 0 30 Words. Z 0 6 0 8 0 40 Words. 3 0 7 0 12 0 EDUCATIONAL. I Oe Three Six I Insertion, Insertions. Insertions 29 Words. S 4 0 1 4 6 30 Words. 2 6 4 6 6 48 Words. 3 g. S 1 < MONEY.Gd. per line. MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS VACANT. WOMEN AND GIRLS. I LADY Agent Wanted to seli our Blcrasee, JLJ Camieoles, etc.—.Rhodes and Co., 147 and 149, Xewinston Oauayeytay.. London, S.E C7-16 TSrANTED, immediately, a Young Lady « » Shorthand Typist; good wag as paid to lijrht applicant.—A turfy with full particu )¡ 1' 5," Leader OfJiee 9Å1-14 WANTED, an Eiberic n c e? Lady Book-  ? keeper.—Apply by letter, to the Koath keei)e Company. Station-road. Port Talbot. 6A.7-10 MILLINERY AND TAILORING. I T AILORS.-Wante,cl. at once, Coat Hands; -L regular work ail the year round best j Jirice paid: lounges. 25s.—Apply Sidney icath, College-street Swansea. C7-21 í T-ÜU)R-' TaUoreascs. and t i JL wanted for first-class work; none but i cood hand .-i;eed apply permanent.—Ten-I neng. 5 Cradockst-reet Swansea. ??TAiLbH.S?—Coat Hand required'T?ne "ho can make a quantity. Aleo Coat aud Vest Hands, for ir:doors.—Apply Masters «inilCo.. Ltd.. <¿s¡I2-stl'eet-6A7-12 j '?.?A?TED. at cncp. TaiJor£s8 to ?ork on H. Coats; able to mak'3 buttonholes.-Ap- ply B ?' Lc-ader?O??-t? ?_ ° ? 11A7-11 '1;\[ .Axn.iD experienced Young La?y. able I T to serve thrcu?h: a'so good Salos- woman for Millinery Showroom; live out; fctate pere and ealary reouired.—Garfield > r. Jones .Ammanford C7-14 ¡ HOUSEKEEPERS. I ,<"llNTED. at once. Motherly Woman fond of and 1'.sed to children, to act as Housekeeper to party of children in Gower. Salary and board.— Write iiLmediately to "Gower." Leader Office. Swansea. DOMESTIC SERVANTS. f ENEKAL, Servant want ed for Bourne X month private home: three in family; no children; good wages; reasonable out ings.—Jirs. James, 2, Pembroke-road. vlournemout-h. 10A7-11 "T^rANTED. immediately. General Help V v g-(J.¡r} vva»(«.-Apply Lion Hotel, Xpw. Cardiganshire. 30A9-17 -~?"TT"a\,NTED. good Genera ?erva.nt.—A).. ? VV "['ter 5 p.m. 54. Beechwood-road. SvunsOt1- __9A7-14| TTSfANVEb, cood General, clean, trust- u-(j)v'!iy. anri good Cook State wanes ami refei-4, noes to Mrs. Tom Davies, 42, Pjeasant-stf^'et Morriston. 9A7-14 J\ E \) AfvD YOUTHS. ??A??E?FEKS wanted bv Mackenna. Cop- tractor.—Api lv lUi lib rook Engjneerin and Vill?'l?(-?rs Tinplate Works. Britonferryv C7-10 CiLESk with expedience. wanted in Soli- ? citor's Office; k 'wkdc¡e of shorthand and typewriting nec«i 'sarj-.—A pply, with particulars, to "Ler," Ja ader OfBce. 7A712 fmECKlVEI(iiBR7wa.nlt d for Graie Col- C tiery. Trobar.os.— WK'te. before 19th .Julv. with copies of receii»k_ references. to Secretary. \Vn1. Riehari?n. i >ryn Vii'a b2 9 'Tvypyhcdw-rond. Clydaeh-gn^Tawe. 5A7.j2 Waiitel: stan(l.J, rate Is. 8d M hour We boors, Windows, Woodwork. Timher of alj <le»c?i,iptions.—C. and Co. Ltd.. Bristol. C7-10 OULDEHS.—fteveca! rilif-clasa, Trades- Á1. men wanted for "Foundry in Swansea.— Arpl.v T? x?r Exct?i:?'t\ ??a!)Ma.  1-A7-11 I'> EQUmED.n two' (,"Gor! BlacJŒIl1-Üh" ?c- '?\ cnstompd to Shoeing and Colliery vote. ,—Arr!v Manager. New Glyijea Colliery Co ?<L_ Bynea Llaneliv. 7Av-12 '?'??'ANTED. immediately, fxperiencfd C?'A ? .■' ? ?. fo' ?':)an!! /Department at D<x!? C< ?ipry omc' \Y?t' stati?f fxper?ncc and. r??liiire(i. Lc, Box 36 G.P.O.. Swi'tipea < 10 7-1 i ANTED.—Several kee,n business men a? v? t"a,?H€rs of Kood selling lines: good 'Magm R.w1 commif-sioi).— Apoly. stating ful] I ,particnia<i"e. to Daily Loader Office. if r 6A'<-?2 ? APPRENTtCES. A PMENT?EwMt?dfor Hats and  '-??. Hosiery.—Apply Pa,nk'a. 17. High-strMt ? 9A7-10 SITUATIONS WANTED. :OKEWBHS'Engine Mai) w-eksSituation: j- -L> 13 years' experience- thorough knöw. of engines, boilers, and all brewing- plaDt. pumrK, pipes, fittintre. good refer- ei?cesl- W-rite Mara. Leader OSice. Swan?- -fe sea. 6A7-12 K??LECTRIC?AN. e-'merT<;?a<L Ee!Mra.lj i -Hi maintenance cf work's plant, re(jaU'e t- Employment; ste:1'I:o al'd sober, Got afraid f work: particulars on application.—Write  Bo? B 6." Leader Office. J0A7-35 ■ *■ '■ j LOST ASMD FOUND.  IOST. on Saturday Last. between th?! iI ?? Promenade. Sk?tty-road. and ?Ket t.7 ? Oreen. a Gold Bauble. Finder rewarded fupon rc'tur?iug same to 15 Beechw?cd-rn?d. ? UnlMdH ::kmnsca. -1 10A7-J2 4* I OST. Chestnut Pony froru Haifw^v Park: it JLi height 13.2; white blase A on head. finder rewarded.—Arthux Butcher. Swansea- road. Lanelly. 1CA7-J1 -t T OST. on Sunday EveriEs.. July 6th on ? JL? Oystermouth St-HtM) a Gold Pendant ard Chain. Finder rewarded c« rettrrnine same to 146. Rhondda-street. Mount Plea-ant Sv/ansca. 9A7-14 '• L-OST:O;8av Afternoon, l^ady's RhH:! L silver 6ettiu: feft in ladies' [avr?tory < of Mermaid Hotel; very valuable to owner. Finder, on returning same to the Manar- ess Mermai.i Hotel, llumhles will he re- wr-rded 8A7-10 'RESPASSING on Dunraven Farm. Lian- -l srennitb. Gower. 4 Poriet-oiae black mare and yearling colt dark ivy: also 2 mares, one dark and one light bay. If not claimed in eight days will be sold to ray damages, pound liecuey-W charges, and in- ciuentals attending sale.—John Nicholas, .}(,und Keeper Llancennith 6A7-12 MISCELLANEOUS. 5 ■ \i ft. J □YTL/trjO(lNb\ of Fairwood r J-'i House. Killay bas now returned from tiic Army and wishes to inform the Public '•= tha the woiutd tlire or Drive t'artiefc to ,.nd troni any part of Gower and Swansea; also v. bo ii prepared to undertake all kinds of tfs, Haulaee. 6A7-11 "OALMISTEY and Clairvoyartcy, Noted X Indian Palmist; 50 years experience in M e,perienc,- ir. America. France, London Australia Fees, fioxn 2s. 6d.: oorres. invited.—Prof. Kismitt. PH.D. A.B. 11 to 9 Q.m.—92, Cecil-street, Manselton. Swansea F"IHAT New gWt! Buy your Cloth dire- JL and save money. Suit Lengths (3J yds) frora 3S. Write for patterns Dixon Woollen Co.. Dept. 0." 9 South-street. Fiusbury. Jjondan. E.C. 2. pp WINNINO LIN ES.—Staff of Espert Sr-i.j- tionlatti are prepared to &ene F-enin.7 Lines for ÍÀlmpetitions-" Tit Bits." An- swers." John Bull." "Ideas," etc. Prizes 'u l Ide ete every week. Four efrort5 is. p o. and stamped envelope.— Write "Editors," 27. Ee "i gent Grove. Ijoamington SVtl. 6A7-10 iTj YEARS' "Success. Lilian Fletcher. M.B.P.S. Test Reading Free. Send birth date and stamped envelope —5. Ar- &Qd(-. Pontycridd. Glarn. Q,\ ¡.4 FOR SALE. AS the Paper with the Largest Guaran- 1 teed Circulation, Small Advts carried in the "Leader" etiect the Largest Pub- licity. DOORS for Sale. 1,000 at Porthcawl (near JLJ' Cardiff), a.UOO at Bristol. BOO at New- castle-on-Tyne. Prices and particulars on ai.-jnication. Inspection invited'.—Jennintrs ami Co.. Ltd.. Joinery Manufacturers. Tim- her Merchants and General Woodworkers. Pennvwell-road, Bristol C7-11 SALE, a Charabanc Body to seat 22 persons: in iir,st-c;a.-j5 condition; com tlete with well-sprung leather cushions and -si.ii, curtaiifi. LolIl be inspected at Lewis iilotor Garage, Pontardawe. 10A7-15 tjil SA^LE, Times" History of the W ar X 10 volumes bound; re,,t io weekly parts to date; letter for full particulars.—Jones. 4, St. David s-road, Gwaur-cae-gurwen. 10A7-15 I/O: SALE, Mowing Machine, Hornsby, l? Bamford Rake: InterBation? H?v ilaker; all in good condition; low price—13 T. DaviG< JUerlwyn, Pontaiduliig. 10A7-10 1^011 SALE, or for Hire a little Lorry; X carry 30/12 cwt.; everything as gtúüd as new.—§7. Aiexan.dra-road. Swansea. 9A7-30 SALE, 13in. Locomotive; six-cor X in excellent order; ready delivery.— C tV Leader Utuce, C7-12 L''UR SALE. Kitchen able8 in all sixes X from makers. Call er write—89, iligli- street. 9A7-10 L^UR SA IJE, a Field. 12 ulots, 17 ft. front- X age, 190 ft. to the bade; situated Middle- road. near iiile Eiici.-Alioly D. Williams, Aruune-roa.d. Fiorestfach 7A7-14 I^OE SALE, Radeo 2? two?stroite? Li'?ht- FWeiglit; in first-rate condition; tools lamp, ana horn; £Z: after 6.40 p.m.—7, Jtal- vern-terrace. Brynmill. 9A7-10 l(OR S.U). cb::1Dzble speed?Yov?? 1.: Maclune. Benthall: Scr.Ser nearly new: ChiD Iwd Fish Portable Machine; Incuba- tors and Foster Mother.—Beaumont, Cross- SALE. Yaclit Vikin-g. now lying at Mumbles—Apply C-apt Naerup, Docks, Swansea. C7-12 LARGE boat-shaped Perambulator; hevi carriage finish; excellent condition: £6 or nearest; full particulars upon applica- t-!l_=YDh, Pram:J.eader Office. 6A7-12 I ACE. Choice Assorted- Edging*? and: Trim- I J miners: parcels 2s. 6d. and 4s. 6d.; won- derful value.—C. Anstee 50. Uisrh-paveniont N ctti npna m. 2A7-12 T OCS (scfaar? smtab??oF ?eeI?lock'-? i.d Timber in variety, new and second- hand Inspection invited — Jennings and Co., Ltd.. Timber Merc ha la and 'en oral Woodworkers. The Docks Porthcawl (near Cardiff). SinjJJar stocks at Bristol and Leicester. 07-11 SALE, Mfi. x 7ft, 5in Boiler; insured 105 Is I bs' w9rkin pre&?tre: cheap for iinme- diate C. 6,leader  7ft. Moi?r ilL in good condition. SALE, 7ft. leader Office  C7-12 SAFES. 22 to 43 inches hi?h. for 8?7 a Iso S pair 84 Winding Engines; Arie] Limau. sine Car; F/fco^m Wagons.Birt. 47a, Strand S\va.n?a.. ■_ C7-14 TIP.C.c\iï'Ï'JldlIâ!-i.-sal-Ji1 i 11; T phrevs 119 Ti-i4ity-?,treet. GorHcinon 9.\7-15 ONLY Necklets of fine jaatatior. Orieu- ta! Tinted Pearls. Speeia] job lin-e, 2i.: usual price. WB.-B,noek' Bros., Pert. land-street. 9A7-14 9A-HOITR grandfather Clock; plain case. Enalreh hovemenc- in good going order; 9Gs.-ÍhÙlock Bros.. Portland-street. 94k7-!4 HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR SALE AND TO LET. SALE, Pontardulaia, 3 Houses held X on long lease, at !ow ground rent in Cambrian place; must be disposed of to wind ] up estate—Apply Aeron Thomas and Co. Swa p sea.. .JA1- Il"'jOI SALE, two Houses at Mysydd-terrace. -L I«andore. r- For narticulars, arsnly • Br.vt iiori," Leader Office 6A 7-14 Mgr riston; 7 room*, scullery bath (hot and ;cold): larfre out-house; 999 years less 34.—Apply 45, King Edward's^road Swansea. I _? 1 10A7-15 I MALVERN-TE'RKACE.—House for Sale: 8 room.i and bath-room: immediate DDS- ?<?psio.N.—Apply 1i. I?n?land-atB'eet. Brvn- milL" 9A740 ?ORRISTON?—For mmedht-saiLeae- 1?X hold Shop at The Cross: very best trade *ite: new buildrntr excellent accom- Tnnda.tio?.—Appty TreN?o, Evans Auctioneer. 22, Wind-street, Swansea 6A7.J1 YOIT <?n Secure a House of Your Own b" bocomms: a, 1'plicv Ho)der of the ProvL dent Association, of Lotd?.i. Ltd Ful! ainaunt of valuatioa advanced in five years. For pposr>eetu«s eta. write to tfr. R, Ilard- wick J8. o a clull-terracc. Swa j us ea. ,Å,,(){)qGP Ilause^.for Sale at lirynhyfryd. 1: —Apply to D. R Jenkins. Post Office. Morricton. 9A7-15 A /ft WEEKLY will Purchase 1'50 Hon^e: 'x/U .?.av d)stnct: possession by arramre- meiu —" Tjeader tSffansina. rIC ?APA?TMEMTS AMO LQ?StKG3 ??J?'????P?'?I?-'? Aii'8' or A.B.??meMt- (? he<1rnOm6J Ci\'d for Au?u?t (4owcr C<?st or Mumbles— Stite terms Bo??E?." Daily L.-a?cr. J ?_ ? 7A7-14 fler preference X —reodireA ?y married coiirie with no etili.irto: no ?ttetM?a?;e.—Sta.? terma. etc to A 4. Cambria Daily iemer. 5-7-10 VS^ANTED, by man$nd wife two or three 'Uuru.yni;ked Sooiji- in Uplands dis- trict: preferred. at business all day; washing put out: few household advantages.— Write H." Iieader Offices. 9A7-14 HOLiDAY APARTMENTS. HOLlV-A^ Apavtisients. vacant July t2th' a.nd August 23rd; nice, comfortable front sitting- and bedroom.—B. Jeroine 31. Iligh- street. lA?narth. 647-11 OVSr¡ "V AT. • Alioi»e r^quir«4 i11 food die-; (JI" near ^w^insea, by m«trri&d coule (up: cfeiidren); Fe<]?]rod to rent for long {<<Mi'c ? ho., ?e-pte?her next.-Write, stating; tarja^ B" OHiee< No, "A7." Leader OSice. 6A7-12 f ANTBÜ:reE'hõÜ- or Leasehold KoUv-e 1) with, V cant œs.eesio&; 4 bsclro^ms; Uplands or srrettya,rI.-Apply 243 Oxford- 10A7-15 PERSONAL. 'I ITTLEOV Ft- Con.vhætion Corrklor j Cardiffwa.z:¡ .).1 tl'ain, Saturdlt.r. Ju!y 5th:. deligatiuHy Mrtert&iHms: ge?u- i?eb Í1¡teresj:d. Wii, yosi §end name, ad- d";? AHti?tOtin?.—M. Aghburne House. CHt;<?tpw?__ lOA'7-15 IN- Uticle Bertt'9" TQ? Shop there is 5 (kK¡¡ Only." Cncle Rert and bj« Son th?a?. you for ?c? help You are do:Da' Your kit as we did our? Thanks!! Sv;an3ea,. Ttoa nks!! 1 LIVE STOCK, &c. TPOE SAItE. black cart Colt, ooming 2 years S abQ Le^'horn Hens; good layers —Apply- Pareons. Old Factory. Pontardu- tais, 6A7-12 F' DR SALE:-Bi'ck-- Mid Whit? Lcshorn  Cockerels 10 and 12 wk cld, tte. each, 55 dozeri.-&,ans. Hc'ttyrdpryn. AMmaa? font. _?.? ?Z-.? i OR ?ALE PM?. IZI h-h.: 3 years I [ [?ro?cn to harnees.—Apply Mrs. Phi!- ? lms. UstoB. 6A7-? j MOTOR CARS, CYCLES, &c. OR KALE, late 1915 14-13 h.p. Trumbull JL 2-ijeater light Car: duplicate electric and j acetylene lighting: splendid condition; any trial. Price, with Accessories. £ 155.—Jonas, I Tcwy J! Carmarthen. 31A7-11 I'M SAI-E, Argyle 5-seater Landauletie 1 Oar (1914)1 £ 375. Can be seen by appoint- meiit.—-Apply W. R. Johns. 4. Goat-street, Swansea. 9A7-10 '?01? SALE. J8h.u, Daimler Motor Lo?ry. in good working order lecently thor- oughly overhauled; Bosche magneto: chain j drive.—For further particulars. apply Dainner." Leader Offiec. Swansea. '9A7-10 T>OR SALE Ford Landaujecte; electric X lieht. magneto; price £ 295; subject un- sold: cash. easy terms, or exchange.—Ii. E. Jonef". Limited, Motor Dept.. Dillwyn-street, Swansea. CTC I T? Q TT Motor Cycle. 3? h.D. 2?peed. S. U free engi.: new Dunlop tyreB; Llandovery. ONE 1916 Belsize Chaqsia fitted with Fl- lorr-v Body and Cab Front, for Sale: easy terms or eyehan,-e.-R. E Jones. Ltd. (Motor Dent.). Dillwyn-street Swansea. TO /?ACWT. Albion Chassis: four for delivery ??' in July snhiect to beins nn30ld.-R E Jones (Motor Dept.). Swan- sea. TC 1914 34 ZENITH. J. A P engine, B. -aid B Carb.: New Dunlop studded tyres; belt, lamps, generator; variable gears: free engine: condition as new; cli b anything: 4359.—Alan Davis. St. Briavels. 6A7-1 0 Ivor L. Pobeets' (223 Oxford-street) Announcements, ??O?MEE?lAIj LORRIES.-Agent fcr DIm. c nis. Austin, Karriers Star3, <tc Send me your inquiries. I can offer Early D. lheric$ u_ QECOND-HAND LORRIES.-I have a Large ? Aasortmei?t from 1-ton to 4-ton; pr?ocs from t.) i.650 ftend tor Iltö. or asi; ui« to call on you. 1? OTOR CYCTjES. —Acent for Triivi ?- B S A., Douglas. Sunbeam. A,J.S.. En, field P. and If.. Norton etc Get your .K'me. on my waitine lists fo ensure early ;• df-Hvcffies. •_ QUNBEAM 5-Sgater Car: good condition; 1 O. f 425. DENNIS 3-4 ton, complete with body, in t stock; immediate delivery. Y OUIZ. Old Car or Motor Cycle taken in Part Payment or Bought for Cash. ftend or write, with full particulars, to Ivor j L. Roberts. Oxford-street. Swansea. TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. A MI-IANFOIID.-H-,ii,vexit Implements of all | !.x\. kinds: GaivaniBed Sheets and Wire Netting jn large stock: large consignment of Perambulators Our Push-Cars need not I be puslvjd by us; the pric- makes them i go."—Harries', Ironmongerp and lloiice, Furjiisliers. C7-li i ,A LL kinds of Furniture Repaired and Ke- I -fi upholstered; all work promptly exe- cuted, Selid for card to Dan Wilks. Cabinet- Maker and Upholsterer Richardson-street. ■ 6 A 7-16 j A LFRED TENNiWS. the Expert Ladies' I il and Gent's Cut^r wishes to draw at- tention to the Trade iliaj he is prepared to make every kind of-K&rnlent for Ladies and Gent's. Costumes and Dresses of every de. scfiptioa, plain Etilf] fancy. Biding Hahjts and Ereecjies: Gent's Suits of every kind; i a-lso for sporting and riding: Uniforms of fjvrv kind. We alto make and repair Fura i of every kind.— 5, {jpudock^ti'eet, Swansea. f 7.7.12 BON EE HE Firewood.—Broken a.fs 0 ohnmpg lying Briatol, gouth j Wales district, London, Derby, Leicester, etc., JFiS" ton,. wine stations; | aho Englisih and foreign sawn timber, ply- w-ooo, woodwork every des.crjp.ticn.—C. JeÜ- n;nga and Co.. Ltd., Bristol. CT-VL 1?XPRESSION is Everything; obtain a We -J arflaok Lpwia's Studio, two doors from Kcy?I Hotel. Pre-w?r Exprees Service iP- ?'med. C7-29 Hil.T, and Hon to infol,i-i Inhabitants of'Clydach and di«tri^ that they have ^started the. OTd-estab- I;f>hed •• lindeHaJeers Business Fnneral^ epipuletplv Furnished. Also ai] kind of JC!rer? Work done. Repairs promptly at- tended to. 7A7-12 TVOR L. ROR?'? Eleotrieal Ensineor A wishes to inf<? h;? p)? Customers and I the Public generally Hi at his Chief Electrf. cal Engineer, who joined IT M Forces, has returned t,o his employ The Eleotrical De- i "artment being now thprontrhl.v euuipned w;th an EfTloient Staff of Electrical Rntrin- cera l.lectr^cal WOr-Ji of every description can now be carrisd out Healing Power tni3tpliatiois \I Spetjality Your enotnriefj MQificited Vii Ovford-etrect Swan, frsa 51ffN'l'iNGDE-L UtE,=f,"Cif-t)¡.4t aiD-¡()' J'L fiiiiheadi? ?em.? qj utterly, -m; bv 8in.. 98 Busmeó!i' Cards ()S.: samnrGs and c&umates free.-W H Joae? mûpt C ). E.) Grp.-n-?nes. London. N.? 303A7?8 ? tTTURE Pcpitn?iy C.n ed.-Pree TriQ; xx from Le Brassem' SundcaJ Mf? (?o _td Dent M- Y 90 and 92. ?'o.ce.ster-?treet' BirmmE'ham..Vor?S! PamT Paris. SEE the "ice iot of Ladies' Ne4t Shoe's t i tlw new IUl Shoe Stores, Qoat-etrect. | a Sensible ghapes and Fjttinga. 16A7-15 Q ALE now on at Enoch's. Arcade Bar- tiains in Novels (New and Second-hand); j ?tbips under cost. i?ta of Commentaries• Lt!pyc!op?di,i. i?d aH kinds of Books.-Oo.l to inspe(O the stock. 7-\7-32 SCRarCAL Apolianees —1Trusses, Spravp k Enemas, Sjjrgeons' Rubber Glove" ar.d 8i;rcdca.1 Rnhber Gpods of every description Write for Catalogue, sent post. fre5.-I,e BI'aiit'l'ur S»rKi(-ai Co.. Lttl Del)t, D V ). 90 and 92. Worcester-street, Birmingham, CJIDNEY Palmer's well-known Cakes and I. Pastries are made of best ingredients only Wedding and Birthday Cakes in stock and made to order. Noted for Tea. a/Ui Cold Luncheons.—Palmer's Cafe. onno- Sito Empire, and Branches. 7A7-12 ,1 .=: MUSSCAL USTVMENT$. Assovt- I I. me'1t arrived; reasonable prices. Also good range of Month Otgaus Oxford Music Stores, Goat-street Arcade Swansea. 9,A.7-10 OR SALE.—High class Iron Fra-me Piano J- in Walnut Case; a bargain.— 20, King RAMOPHONE Needles of new non-rugt M steel, per 1.000 4s 6d.: Sound Boxeg specially tested, ?s. 6d. 9s. 6d. and 12s. 6d. ('¡,wh. trade supplied; tlliual discouni—The ¡ «>>iora Music Stores. Goat-street Arcade, Swansea, 100A7-23 G ODFREY and Co.. Ltd!! are offering i Second-hand Pianos by Collard and Col- iara Monington and Weston, Avill and umart. eto.. etc. from 25 euineas; New .lianos by Rogers. Colla rd and Collard. &5!n:eg, Wittoa and Witton. Cramer, etc trom 50 snineas; cash or terms Player. ¡ Piajpos by -the Treading Mnkera from 140 guineas. Write for Free List or call and make a Personal Selection -Godfrey and i Co.. Ltd., 22. St. Helen'st-road Swansea. S A 7-14 I rFHOMPSON and Shackell Ltd Oasiie. street Swansea -Black Oollard Piano- 1£78; Walnut Cottard Piano £ 7(1; Walnut Cballen Piano £95, Walnut Kirkman Piano £70: WJn1]t Normelle PiR110 f5; Walnul Brinsmead Piano. £ 106: Walnut 9ullire Piapo Walnut Hawkins Piano ff-5 I Or ■ Walnut Thompson and rihackell, Ltd i-iano ze?n. I "Ill""ial CVgran Cab S« > .Jones Or2'3 111 FI.AV Ori>nn f.S I FURNITURE. f l^ffRNITURE.—Best Prioes given by roe I for second-hand furniture and Antiuue furniture of any description L»ron nie a postcard, or eall WUI James, So F-alij:. street. St Thomas. CTC | SMALL ADVERTISE MENT ORDER FORM. !? I ¡ ,8 .¡- if | — ^_LZZZ !j I. I.. '1 I ..1 | —— I | • t I  I I Please u b Ii, h th: .1>ove 'dmt;S<>.t. (0)" 0 b ;01\ I I enclose ,e.d. I. I i Name and AdctTss r | | If dcau'ed, rep!'es aaas be eeat ? Box Numbers at Uie Cambria Dany |1 y Lender" Offise | This form should be 8ddrd to Adfprt?f?pnt Department, "Cambria Daily ? gl?e?er," SW!lIJea.. 1üI"i1 A.A r, .'¡,L'>A:IT'n' ,t;¡;<$!J: A I EDUCATIONAL. d' "YTTITAY about the Future? The InterDa- j r f tiotal Correspondence Schools of I London ad ve sound. up-to-date, practical j Training, in all branches of Engineering, in iCc?nl!ite.rc-.e. AdvertisinK Saie?ma-nship. Mod- i ecn Languages. Architecture. Farming, etc. I-A DPly for prospectus stating require- ments, to Interuational Correspondence Sclitvois, Ltd., Caeitle-street, Swansea. C1-2S j 1 AAA OF our Ex-Students are now em- 1,000 ployed and earninsr good salaries. and we have situgtions waiting for all we Qualify this year for youths between the aco of 18 and 25. If you want one of these berths apply at once for our prospectus. W ireless Training College Cardiff. or Castle. street, Swansea. MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. A RTIFIOIAL Teeth. Platinum, Gold. Ril. Ii. ver. Bought; any condition; utmost valus given. Post parcels. J. Chernick, 34, Exchange-street. Cheetham Manchester 10A1_15 !TTAVE you an? "Want" to Advertise? H Try the effect of a Leader PrepaM j j Twenty words one ?hfXtnf TATILE Wailted: four to five ft. bed: gc -li condition essential: state price and where to. be seen.- Write Box "B 1," Dailv Leader Office. ,h' 7A7.12 j PRIOE wanted for Grasp, Cutting at Jersey -1 Marine:: five to six days' work for two. horso machine.—For full particulars ad- dress Box 31, Post Office. 5A7-34 rriSE-ES Wanted over Pitwood sine.—^Ten- mngs, Ltd.. Woodworkers, Pennywell- road. Bristol, Branch at Porthcawl. 8TC "rXWTED, at once, quantity Nantes Sand: also regular future deliveries. 'Phone 164 Central, Pritchard's Chemical Works. Swansea.. MONEY.  LAW, 12, Londcn-roa?. 'Keath, Matt? I JLJ• Cash Advances from ?66 n,nO upwards Strictly private,- Established 1876, TC TF you reQuire a Loan apply <o George I I Thomas. Ma-n?c?r. Chur?h-etreet foont)- I s?e t Mary's Church). Swansea. Private and  5n1!3.2 ?irONEY to Lend to Respectable HpHt? i holdera; PDYCbte 'n !vor 0 Thom?a 4 Wat?'o<)-iHr?t. Sw&hae?. MADE for ?5 For fun p%rt;cutaM c??JO as to how k?1n4li amounts of m()ny I mav be Brofit?bt'? em?ioved to .¡,. ?arRe I prcSta aOD1Y to Graham AfaFSh and Ccpt- I n?nv 7.40 ?igb Hoth?r? ?ndoa.? j SmAll or Large Accounts way be Ovenei with the gOUTHERN jgQUlTAB^E ADVAXCZ CO. (LIMITED). EXCHANGE-CHAMBERS (Queen-street end). 1 EDWARD-TEliRAOE CAKDIFK Fact 4 —The Advantage that South Wales I People have in dealing with a Cardiff Firm ) is that vnq can know by inauiry that yon I are Safe in doing so and OUR TERMS are lower than ALL out, of District AdvettifKjrs Tel. Zo99. (Kot a Money Society.) Bstb 18O. ¡ Branch Office: 11. Charlee-st, Newpoji Mop, A BRITIEn FIRM FOR BRITISH BOB. A ROWERS-TIn: BRITISH FINANCE COMPANY. Not a limited company with directors and shareliolfierf- to know your business and consider our application. NO BILLS OF SALE WANTED. NO SURETIES OR PLBLIClTY ABSOLUTE PRIVACY GUARANTEED. BRITISH FINANCE CO., 28, OHjDGE STREET. BRISTOL, PUBLIC NOTICES. ,Aount Woods, Gowerton. SATURDAY, JULY 26th. ORAND FANCY DRESS CARNIVAL, FETE AND GALA. LIST OF EVENTS. let In68d. let 1nd Best-dressed Cycle and Rider Mb. 5e. Most Original Costume. 10s. tis. Fancy Dress (Adults) ills. 3b Children's Fancy Dress (Boya).„, 30s. 6s. I Children's Fancy Dress iGjrlw 10s. 56. Best, imitation of Charlip Chaplin. 10s. is. 1Q» fig Best Uunjovows Costuwe. Best Mounted Fancy Dre81! 10s. a. Best Tableaux (A(ifilts).1.11 xI Best Ta.bleaqx (Cliild-teii)- voipic Band (not less th1112. in no. .58. 7/6 Second Priza W,-f.,iil-.eld if: l'osii thilti four Bands c-nmripta. Procession starts at 3,PVA. from Ma«sel- gtreeii TpG-QF-WAR COilPl^rTION't' Prize. £ 3 a,r:d Challenge Cup; 2nd, £2. Admission: 3s. CHuhtrcn. half-price. l)roJ(n.wm 34. tiacli from c. All Entries for abovj to. be in hands of Se,. W. T Thomas Church on or before .1 (il.v 25th. I Sido Shows of all descriptions Refresh. provided. GRAND OONpERT & OPEN-A IR DANCLNG during the Evening. SUNDAY EVENING, JU4Y 27th, GRAND CONCERT, in Spacious Marquee When the following will an&ear — Soprano, Mil's E- M. LEWIS. To?.ypandy; Tenor. MR. DAVID HARRY E.R.A.3J Uwyn bendy; Bantdne, MR. MOG. MORGANS IVealaw: Eloontionist. MH. HOW AIm D:\ VIES (({old Medallist) Accompafli8t„ MR HAYON WIIJ4AM8, Gowerton. Admission—Ffont Seats 2g ^ach Seats, la, All Proceeds for War Memorial Ftfml, County Barough of Swansea. PEACE OEI.EDRP.TIONS.-SPORTS, Etc. I In eonnoction with the Above Celebra- tions, it is proposed to hold Sports and Physical Competitions in the Afternoon of Saturday, the 19th instant. The QOpl- petitions will be confined to thosd who have served. in His Mnjesty's Forces or the Mercantile Marine rlrtring the War, and 1 fed sure that the Townspeople of hwansea would like to show their appre- ciation of the splendid ssrvices rendered by these c?n by presentiH? prizes to be competed fop. 1 should therefore be glad I to receive o?rs of assIstanm in this direction within th? next few days. I W, R MILES, Mayor: of Swansea. I Guildhall, 7th July, 1019, County Borough of > AMENDED NOTICE TO CONTRAC. TORS, TOWN HI 1.1. ROADS AND SEWERS,~ CONTRACT No. 2. Date for delivery of Tenders is now amended to 12 Noon, Monday, 21st July, W!9. J. RICHARD HEATH, Borough Engineer and Surveyor, Guildhall, Swansea, 8th July, 191^). County Borough of Swansea. PEACE CELEBRATIQNS. BANDS AND CHOIRS IN PARKS. Apidieations are invited from Secre- taries of Bands and Choirs desirous of giving Entertainments in the Public t'arks on Saturday, the 19th inst., iropu 7 to 9 p.m. Applications should be made on or before Monday morninir, the 14tli inst., to the Paria, ete., Offiee, 4, Proaijeot. plaoe. D. BUSS, ■.«. ■■ MISS GWEN JAMES, L.R.A.M. (Teacher). Etooution and Speeeh Production, Will bo in SWANSEA from July 21st to Sept. 12th, 1919, and can take a Limited Number of Pupils. For Terms, apply "The Orchard Bun- galow." Ileirslin. Middlesex I t- SALES BY AUCTION. GLAMORGAN & BRECONSHIRE. SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, in Lots, of FREEHOLD FARMS, SMALL HOLD- ING COTTAGES and MINERALS. To be Sold pursuant to an Order of the High Court of Justice, Chancery Divi- sion, made in an Action Jenkins v. Ellis," 191-1, J. No. 1329, with the ap- probation of Mr. Justice Astbury, by Ernest H. Leeder (of the Firm of JOHN M. LEEDER and Son), the Person Appointed bv the said Judge, at the HOTEL CAMERON, SWANSEA, on WEDNESDAY, JULY 16th, 1919, at 3.30 p.m., The Agricultural Estate, Comprising CEFNLLAN UCHAF FARM, Situate in the Parish of Hanguicke, near Rhydyfro, containing 116a .2r. J7p. of Arable, Meadow and Pasture Land. The SMALL HOLDING, known as | "CEFNLLAN COTTAGE," with 8a. 2r. 22p. of Pasture & Garden. TWO COTTAGES, known as PEN- GOROD and "GWVNYDD," or GWYRHYD COTTAGES. The MINES, MINERALS, IRON ORE, etc. tiiiderlying the foregoing, and One Undivided Third Share in the Freehold Farm, known as PENTRB- MILOD," containing 65a. Or. 22p., situ- ate in the Parish of Llaudefalle, near Bronllys, Breconshire. Particulars and Conditions of Sale may be obtained of the Solicitors, Messrs. T. W. James and Co., 24, Goat-street, Swan- sea; Messrs. W. R. Davies and Co., Pon- typridd; Messre. J. T. Lewis and Wooda, 54, Chanoery-iane, London, W.C.; Messrs. Helder. Roberta and Co., 3 and 4, Clein*- ents Inn, London, W.C.; or of the Auc- tioneer, 4>6, Waterloo-street, Swansea. NEATH, 8KEWEN, AND ABER- DULAIS. IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS FORM- ING PART OJ, THE TENNANT ESTATE. MESSRS. John M. Lecder and Son Have received Instructions to OFFER for pSALE by AUCTION on TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, aud THURSDAY, JUL)- 22, 23, and 34, 1919, at ths CASTLE HOTEL, NEATH, 2.30 p.m. eaeh day, the Freehold Ground Rents, amounting in the aggregate to kl,14,6 PER ANNUM, arisijig out of and secured upon Bcsi- denoes, Dwelling Houses, Churches, Shops and Licensed Premises, with the Rovc-r^ione to the Raci Rents at the ex- piraJtion of the respective leasee, Pfirticulam of Sale have been prepared as fol].>Wf»; — First Day*<! Sale, oontprieing pnoper ftee in the PARISH PIF BLAESHONDPAN. Riyej-eide, Canal Side, Main Neath Road, Massjfwyn-tdrraea, and Cilfrew-road, Aterdulaia. Cmloxton Terrace, Cado.xton. Penyworn Road, Tygwyn Terrace, Alex- andra, Road, Rhydding, Neath Main Road and Cilfrsw Road, Bryneoch. PAEISIi OF NEATH LOWER. Dulais Faeh Road, Aberdula. Second Da,y'4 Sale, eoinpriping groper- tios in the PARISH OF COEDPFRANC, Skeweni WOT Road, Stanley Road. Christopher Road, Winifred Road, Third Pay's Sale, ooinprising properties in Skew&n: Evelyn Road, Coonibe Road, Charles Street, New Road, High Street, Tabernacle Sb'eefc, Queen's Road, Old Road, Burrows Road and Mooretown. Covie-5 14 the Particulars and Condi- tiono of Sale' may be obtained from the Tennant Eqfv#te Office, Neath; Messrs. Whitting-ton nd David, Solicitors, Prudential Cframbere, NeatU; or of the Auctioneers, fit their Offices, i £ Waterloo Street SwiUif.ea. SHAFTESBURY HALL,7 ST. HELENA ROAD, SWANSEA. WEDNESDAY, JULY 16th, 1919, Mr, Joseph Harris WiH }1014. b4J\ FORTNIGHTLY SA-IJE m Superior Household Furniture and other effects at fch<s above Hall and date, tfae chief ihnu" of whioh comprise Handsome Inlaid Sheraton Bedroom Suite and WaUmt ditto, 6ft, Carved Oak Sideboard, Beautiful Inlaid Sheraton China Cabinet, Oull; Dining Table with throe extra leaves, Handsome Drawing- room Suite, Marorie Chesterfield Suifo, Hedsteads, Wire Mattresses, Wool Over* lays, Three Feather Beds, etc., te*ce<tiior with the usual Kitchen Utensils, as well as a Rich Tone PIANOFORTE ftnd otber article4 too numerous to por- ticnlarlse. Goods on Viqw Morning of Sale. Sale to oomnienee promptly at 11 o'clock a.m. Terins-Casb. Auctioneer's Cfaces, 1,, Swansea. Tel., tefl J)oook. GLASYN' Ya,^ CASWELL ROAD, LANGLAND. I THURSDAY, JULY 17th, im. Mr. J. Pugh WiTSams Is instructed by the Owner (who is ro- linquiehing housekeeping, and has soldi the residence), to SELL by AUCTION, on the Premises and date as above, the JSs- otjedjngly: Choiee and Valuable Household Appointments, being the Contanbs of the Residence, the principal items being: A Handdorio Draw- ing Roúlll Siiite (consisting of doubw spring-^tlge 2 Cushioned Settee, 2 large Divan Easy Chairs and 4 Inlaid Mabany Chairs in silk tapostry); Elegant ftft. Mahogany Cshinet, Inlaid Mahogany CaM Table, Oval Mirror (Inlaid Mahog- any frame), Jaoobean and Occasional Tables, oostly Persian Carpets and Rugs, very Masaire Oak panelled Sideboard with Bevelled Glass Front, Fine Jacobean Ex- temding Dining Table, .Taoobean Chairs, well made and prettily designed Wicker and Cane Ea-ey and other Chairs, Barome- ter, charming Japanese and other Vasee apd Ornaments, Carrara, &c., Figures- Choice Painting and Picturea, Superh Oak Carved and Inlaid Bedroom Suites in various sizes, Massive Oak Bedstead s with Superior Bedding, Eiderdown Quilts. (Blankets, etc.. Bedroom Ware. Cases of Solid Silver Tea Knives and Forks, Spoons. Fine Jacobean Hall Stand, together with an assortment of China. Glass, Kitchen Effects, and Culinary Articles. Goods on View Day Prior to Sala from 1 to 5 Sale to eonotnence at 11 in the foreseen precisely, Terms-^Caslj. Kote —Th« whole of rhe EffectiS are nearly new and in ezeellent condition having hardly been used. A rare ojipor- tunity far per*oiH intending to furnish. Auctioneer"? Offices: 12, College Street S^nsea. '1- MR W. WILLIAMS, Taller, College Buildings, Begs to inform his Customers that on and after July l-lth, the CLOSING HOURS will be as follows: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 6 p.m.; Thursday, 1 p.m.; Friday, 7 p.m.; Saturday, 9 p.m. SALES BY AUCTION. J PONTARDA WE. I Parishes of llhyndwyclydach & Llanguicka 1 I MESSRS. I ¡ W. J. Hees and Par-tiers Have received instructions from Capt. J. Gwyn Jelfreyri, to offer for SALE by AUCTION, at the HOTEL METRO- POLE, SWANSEA, on TUESDAY, 15th. JULY, law, at S o'clock, Valtiabi-a ¡ Fr&Moid Farms and Accom- I modation Lands, ripe for development for building, in Lots, short particulars of which are as follows: Lot 1.—Two Freehold Cottages, Gardt:!13 and Field, known as TWYNYGARTH," RHYDYFRO, containing 3a. Or. 37p. or thereabouts. Let on iease for the term of a life now aged tiO years at £7 7e. per annum with reversion to the rack rent estimated at £ 15 per annum. Lot 2.—Freehold Farm, known as GELLILUOGUCIIA," RHYDYFRO, comprising Farm House, Outbuildings, and about 69 acres of ltnd (together with a leasehold enclosure of about three acres). A valuable right of Common is I appurtenant to this Farm. Let on yearly j tenancy at £ 32-5s. per annum. Lot 3.—Freehold Farm, know a as "CWMBRYN," RHYDYFRO, containing Farm House, Oiitbuildings, and about 5,1 acres of land, together with Rights of Common on Mynydd Carn Llochart. Let on yearly tenancy at S28 104, per annum. Lot 4.—Freehold Farm, known as HEOLDDU." RHYDYFRO, comprising I' Farm House, Outbuild??s, and about HJ acres of land, with valuable Rights of Common on Mynydd Cam Llechart, Lee on yearly tenancy at £57 14s. per annupi. Lot 5.—Freehold Farm known as «TIR- SHBT," and Corn Grist Mill kaotyn as GELLIGRON MILL, situate at Rhydyfro, containing Farm House, Outbuildings, Mill, and about 16 acres of land. Let oa yearly tenancy with other lands at t;"f) per annum, of which £29 per annum is apportIOned on this Lot. Lot 6.—Freehold ACCOMMODATION LAND, situate adjoining the "Trarellers* Well," at Rhydyfro, and comprising pas- ture Land and Cowhouse. Containingtan. area of about U acres. Let on yearly fen- ancy to Miss Hannah Lewis at icio per annum. « Lot 7.-Freehold ACCOMMODATION FIELDS, numbered 2529, 2530, and rt of 2536 on the Ordnance Map (2nd Bdi- tion), situate at Rhydyfro, and contain- ing about 12 acres. Let on yearly teufiri- cies to Miss Hannah Lewis *nd J?r. cios to Lew? at th? total yearly Mn? of S7 10s. The land adjoining the forgo*ing has bean let for building. Lot !Froohold ACCOMMODATION LANDS, situate at Gellygron, and num- bered 2922, part 2923, part 2926, afd yprb 2927 on the Ordnance Map (2nd Edit;), containing an area of about 17j aereo. Let to Mr. David Bev;4n on a yearly tenancy at tfO, per annum. This land is ripe for building, the land immediately adjoining being already built upon. Lot 9.—Freehold ACCOMMODATION LANDS, Situate near the last-mentioned lot and adjoining the grounds of Oel1-e gron House, numbered 20-ti and 2942 oa I the Ordnanee Map (2nd Edition), contai; iiif? an area of about M? acres, and le? oa yearly tenancies at the Wtal rent of '?21 10s. per annum. Both the tenancy ag*e<^ nienfa reseryo power to tM iandlorct to' take up laqd for building purposes, a Lot 10.—Freehold ACCOMMODATION LAND, numbered part 2987 on the ()rd- nance Map (2nd Edition), and sityate«ad- joining the last-mentioned lot aod Main Road to Rhydyfro, containing' an area of 2* acres or thereabouts. Lot* on; lease for 35 years from 25th March, nn 1, i at $:25 per annupi. « The various tenancies above mentkyied are nearly all very Qld tenancies at kw-ji rents. The Mines and Minerals under &H tb,6 1 14OU are Reserved j Further particulars and Oonditione cf fialo may be obtained on application to" Messrs. Smith, Rundell, Dods and Bo<- keit, Solk-itors, 9, John-street, Berjford- row, London, or ho the Auctioneers, Messrs. W. J. Rees and Partners, Tho Laurels, Swansea. i r COMMERCIAL INN, PENTRE. SWANSEA. FRIDAY, lltb JULY, 1910. Mr. Trevor E. Williams Has boen instructed to SELL by P^BLIOj AUCTION (subject to Particulars and Conditions of Stila as shall then be pro; dueed), all that Freehold Shop and Duelling; house ImowJ1 31. M. LLANGYFELACH tOAD, PENTrH ESTYLL, SWANSEA. Also the following Leasehold ^Dwelling-Houses, Hfl, PENTRE TERRAOE, PENT^RJL E.TYM? aWAN?A. 20. MYNYDD TERIUCE LANDORK,? 20, SWANSEA. J..ANDORB. ?A?EA'? TE13XACE- LANDORE. Swi Sn,) ??<?. ,4 W A N S'?ll .4 Th? ?nn<? and Minerals 'ad1' the above lots are Reserved. Salo to Commence at 7 oMoek p.m. j For Particulars of gale apply to Mr. D.! Stanley Owe-n, Solicitor, London and Pro vmcial Bank Buildings, Wind-street, S-svansea; or to the Auctioneer, at his: Offices 17. St. Mftry-otretit, Swansea.? T(L Doås lZi. f, "8 1;i "T y' RE-BUILT ARMY BOOTS. We handle the vr1 beat. The tipperq are free from patches. They have been re-lasteej and dressed with our Special Dressing, whioh renders them Soft and Pliable. They have been Re-Soled and Hoold in our Factory with a ftrliabl-) Sole Leather. For 13"6 you obtain a Real, Hard-Wearing Pair of Boot's ,wiiich are unequalled at the price. State Size required an d Enclose 6d. #5tra for carriage. Money willingly r$tnrn«d if net approved. A. E. EVANS, Skewen. SWANSEA HOSPITAL. NIGHT PORTER WANTED, Marriod, R.A.M.C. or Police exierioitee preferred, S2 10s. and Mealg on Duty. Qood references essential. Apply in writing to nnd^ipsigned and state age and experience, > W. n He G lIES. Secretary. VICTORIA PARK. BAND STAND PAyiLION. Prank Parwin presents bit> ALL SIR GARNET'S COSTUME CONCERT PARTY. Matinees- "Moniay. Thursday, and Satnr- dau at 50 i>.ra. Bventne Performapcee at 7.30 t>.m thronffhout the Season until fur- ther notice. Popular Prices R, A, O. B. Th& FUNERAL of the late BRO. QSSER (ROSS) THOMAS, SMITH ARMS. LI.-ANSAMltET, will fate place on SATURDAY NEXT. at 4.30, at. M»n- samlet Churchyard- Members of the Order please fall m at he Smith Arins at 4 JENKINS, C.P., City -Secretary. Samlet Lucjge. All YOU Want to Know About Sport of tho WqqH is to be found in the 44 SPORTING NEWS." Published Every Saturday Night. ONE PENNY.