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a Leader' Classified Advertisements. APARTMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT OK WANTEU, TO BE LET, LOST AND FOUtHJ. oue Three Six insertion Insertions. Insertioua ? Word5. 1 0 2 & 3 6 30 Word9. 1 6 3 0 4 0 *0 Worde. 2 0 4 0 5 0 IqR. SALE, TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS- One fhrea Six Insertion. Ineeiticins. Insertions > Worda. 1 6 S 6 3 t 4 Worda. a 9 i 0 4 6 40 Words. S 6 a 6 6 t V.RTHSj DEATHS, IN MEMORIAM AND MARRIACE. One Tb ree Six insertion. Insertion*. Insertion Sft} Words. 1 I 3 & 6 It 30 Words. B it & 0 8 0 4ft, i < ? 0 11 fij FOUCATIONAL. One Three Six j insertion. Insertions. Insertiou. »< Worda. t 0 i o 4 6 .50 Worda.- 2 6 4 I) 6 6 40 Words. 0 6 6 ? t MONEY.—6d. per Una. T& ISCELLAHSEOUS SITUATIONS VACANT. RAG Pickers and Wool Sorters Teauiied immediately; good wagetj; permanent: railway fare paid.—Charles Danes and Co.. PiU'cess-street. Liaiieliy. 39A8-14 ?OMESTtC SERVANT.?. G-'iÊBRAL Servaqt wanted.-ÂPPIY;\(i'l !UT ?ua.U.V. with references, to West, ?mere' Arms. Skew^n- _——— TO '•i€V r iTCHf^rkAlD Want* young general 'K?Stsuit.-Apcly ?r.. Waiters Fen, lan Swansea,. 42A8-14 •~WY'V r* NTKD, respectabl Girl daily.—A.piy l" Mrs. G. Sparkes. Z4 Bridge-street, Ncat-h. 4SA8-18 i,, \1 'I-'F ä.1 epii;J'-C¡ C-k.Gene¡-'a.L: I .? good wagc.-A?p.y Mrs. 0, H. Ilió, tallencrcft, Mumbletv4iA$16 ?T. ?ANTED. Cook-General; housemaid ?t. ke?t.-Atply Mrs. B. W. Jones, M&My; golien Sketty. _„ ?8AS-? \,<4"AKTER. a. ^ood. trustworthy. General '\V< &pr?a'? for Pr?'ate Kou?e.-App!?. first instance, Pugsley aud Son. 24, Water- p»«trect. ce.15 'Y??A'?T'?D.? pta'ftrexoerienced. Eood all- lViaVii round Domestic Help to ai'llt young iia ?.t with work Jor smaU family; c'?!U cooking good home and ehort houys.—Jstate age. capabilities, etc.. Gowerton, Leadu Office, Swansea. 41A»-lb MEN AND YOUTHS. OCT TRADE.—Two (rood Benchmen no<l' 'I'RADE.-Two Q'oori Benchmen wanted; top wMM paid: ?nstaBt em- pi<?mem.—\VQ ?i s. i'o:'ta.rd;??e.? __?-o G- EOCERS.- Experienced AM?t?nts X Wanted.-State refs., ralary, Davie* s?c! Co.. The Boro' ?tore?SwM?ea.. _42A&-lj r?AS'Ei.?ic?-Drivor Wanted abh to do \Jf r?p&ira a.nd attend ? auction pm.t: previous experience absolutely ite?eemary Ai plT y by letter to R," Le?- Omee. ?wa? Se tv i rM jAIRDRESSIN G.—W anted^ n. cood Im- ?'- Drover or young Assistant.—A ptny ?. Primer. Dij?'n-street. _?_ juA? 16 ]-) ÜN'fiRi-S-W-antè1.-=-(Ú)o(i-BrU61lla;ldS 1 Aoply Wm. E. iaae. Builder a.nd C<m. tractor, Sketty, 41A8-.6 'TÀÑTE¡f"TTaveller. whol or park time. V Sale of ConfMtionfr?: salary and oOm mission.—Wr rite Confectionery, L«»oer (.'nee. 41 _14 ITS TASTED, immediately, for Coal and AV. Shipping Office. competent Cler!t f(VI correspondence and accounts: male or te- m&le.-Aoply. »tatinjr age, and salary reouircd. "Ctmeul." Daily Leader. 40 .1?. 9 1 5 WIR BLESS TBI esraphyfc—l .500 Qualified W Opcro,?rB are urg»ntly wasted; »iH c?meBcins ?.?ries of ?IM ri? to ;C2?-a- ??rv Stu'i?t new at <?r School ha? a be?h??ir.? for him and vve.vwjuire ?oreto un?'f.v as early poasicle. Apply litoro Twining CoUeae. CardiS or Sw-i. se t, LOST AND FOUND. LOST. Stick war relic. Will persoo who ij took same: from Victmia Platform. Sa-turd?v. icturu aajn? to Cloak R?om.V?.! toria Owner will be verv grateful. Dark brown crook handle. sword "tick.-W Ash- !cy. Dhl?vyn-roa<L 8k:- _40-13 Xi?Z O REwTIID.~Tx)et in Braclet. Set of 92 REWARD.-Loet in IRrae4elet SOt of Teet!L-S?flutc. 41, ??S-13 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. A RTIFlCIAL Teeth. Platinum, Gold S'T- x\ vor. Bought; any condition; utmost value give-n. Post pai-cels J Chernick 54, Exchange-street Cheetham, Manchester. 4OA8-13 T AIIA)HS' Clips urgently needed. Send X ,Prd to Wyman, 65. Dyfatty-streei:. S'fartbWi, wiao will pay you full market value. ^5A8;16 fiïïRËES W&nted over Pitwood sixe.-Jen- .L nin?. Ltd.. W dworkers Pennywe! F?a.? at Por t ?eawl-A'f 'II\TANTED to buy. a Second-hand Piaro. ,? -j suit&M? for boy le&minK.—Wrtte Btat- !nK r ce required to Workman," Leader wa.,npea. 42A 8-14 TAT ANTED, a pood s?nar Gent.'s Bi:le. VV &Lgo a Lady s: will pay fair pricQ.- Writfl stating price to "Workman." Daily Leader, S-wansea. 41A8-15 Wo You Want to a?n Anything? Send it -U ? the Auction Mart, 219. High.str?t. lp4rkin !fin Sell it for you, P? IBUY Furniture; best pricos giver; New or S,k-,Ond-hand- Serkiii, ,ig Hi-b-street. ROP me a Postcard and will call.- J. Scrkin, 239, High-etreet-. PP- ALE8 conducted in Town or Country: low o commission.—J. Serkin. 219, Higb- Street. p p. L I IL i 1U2B MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. PODFREV and Co.. Ltd., are ffTsring cr Second-hand Pianos bv Collard and Col- lard Monington and Weston. Avill a.nd Smart, etc.. etc.. from 25 enineaB: New Pianos by Rogers, Collard and Lollarci. lames. Witton and Witton. framer. etc.. irom 50 enineae; cash or terms PlayeT. Pianos by the Leading Makers from 14\) tnineas. Write for Free List or call arid "lake a Personal Selection —Godfrey and no.. LuL, v., St. Helen's-road SwaMea 34A8.15 SECOND-HAND Pianos by ?oll?rd a?d Sp !.11?er. Mox ington and We?. on .nd o?her wen-known makers. In?peo io? invited. Gramophonea from ?4 43; New loublo-«ided Records from Is. each Largo stock. Lists free.I). J. Snell. Z1.. High- -rtreotj Arcade. Swansea 41A8-16 qiUOMPSON and Shackell. Ltd. 39. Caetle- L street Swansea.—Black Gollard Piano £ 78- Walnut Collard Piano £ 70; Walnut Sr-hallen Piano. £ 95r Walnut Kirkman Piano £ 70; Walnut NormelU) Piano £ 65; Walnut Brinsmead Piano. £ 105; Walnut Sonire Piano £ 85; Walnut Ha wking Piarwj. £ 65 Ii\ Wa^lnut Thompson and SbackelL Ltd., Pillno £ 70; Imperial Organ £ "6 58.: Johet Qriran £15: ERtev Orean C35 FURNITURE. "pURNITURE.—Bost Prices given by me for Second-hand furniture and Antioue furniture of any description Drop me a teard. or call —Wm. James. 8. Fabii-n- reet.. St. Thomaa. CTO SAILINGS. C.P.O.S. to CANADA UNITED STATES & the ORIENT LIVERPOOL TO QUEBEC AND MONTREAL. TUNISIAN Aug 12 Aug. 15 SCOTIAN Aug. M MINNEDOSA 1 Aug. 26 SCANDINAVIAN .g. 28 iLETAGAMA Sept, Z CORSICA* Sept. 10 -EXPRESS MONTREAL TO VANCOUVER. 954 hours. QUICKEST TIME ACROSS THE GACIFIC. VANCOUVER TO JAPAN. 10 days to CHINA 14 days. Complete information promptly furnished by" WM BAIRD, General Ageut. Pier Head Liverpool. Vv a RAY. General Agent. 16. St. Augufi- Parade Bristol. "NADIAN PACIFIC OCEAN SFIRVI-CER. LTD. FOR SALE. I' E MPIRE; Typewriter: excellent working onjr: acar?t offer to £ 15. Aso Arm- strong, £ 10.— Write "Uypewriter," 46. V. i- ters-road. Swanaea. 40AS-15 SALE, Bay MareTi3X^d~Colt.-Jen. X khiE. i'en-y- W aun Dairy. Middle-road, Gentlrog. 42A8-14 I^OR SALE, chea-r). Piano, losewood case, check action, in excellent condition, by Collard ana Collard: r.o dealers.—Apply r, Greenfield-si reet ?wan&e? 4ZAS-?o 1L?OR SALH-Latge? M?rbia Clo? al.o J- Walnut Octagonal Table.—Write "Oc- !oualDai¡y b?ad?r." 41A8-.13 i^OR  SALE7'Bmiard Tabfiu¡¡-;ie:- by -L Wri?hts. London- ?cxk)d a? uc?A-, with fe<KKl as new; with acceStSorte?.—Appiy Centre ?otel Uanclly. ¡ 42A8-13 1001 SLE. Second-hand Billiard Table. I L half-size, and Aocesaories.Apply H.C.. I 4. The Croft. Neath. C8-15 OR SALE. White LcEhorns, 2 pullets. 2 Fcocke re lia. March. 1919 hatched, £ 'i lot. I -Coover. 6. Castle Houses. PlasWarl, 8witu. F OR SALE.—A limited number of Shell I Oaees collected from tlie battleflehi^ of France and Belgium. THosa desiiing to I purchase its a War Curio apply, enclosing 3s. to cover cost and postage, to D. D. Ji.J\ ans and Co., Metal Merchants. Exehang» Buildings, Pontardulais. Giam. C8- .6 OWLS for Sale, eplendid Andalusian 1. Cockerels, March 1919 Blue Black And White. 10s. 6d. each.—Apply M. Brown, Z. Water-lane. Morriston. 40A315 ]- iPt?ETS.?Wa.rratit?d C?ck Brown Lin. JJ nets weR on scèd. Is. 6d. p?ch.—Appty Webber. 1ft. Beddows-row. CwK). Bonymaen, near Cwm Sctto<vl. 42A8-16 OIWAN for Sale.—To Choir Secretaiit -• etc—A Small One-Pedal Organ, suit Schoolroom or Mission: a bargain.—-Apply Rev. James Evans. Sailors' Rest Swansea. 42A8-14 SINGER'S Boot Repairing Machine for k Sale, iq thorough worliing i bargain.—Thos. P. Jonee. Glan-y-nant, Gar- naut, C-Arm. 42A8-24 OA FES (fire resistincri various fcizes. for O Sale; also Steam walrons; pair 84in Winding Engines; 7in. Steam Pulnl).-B, t. 47a. Strand. Swansea t C8- 3 QATjETor Lease, Stables and Yard: acoom. (I 0 modate 12 horses; adaptable garage, manufactory, ete.; low ground rent,. H | Jones, i, Brunswick-place. Swansea. 40A6-15 SALE, immediate poeefSHO?, Lea?fhont ? Houee. BruDswick-street containing 4 rPcpDtiou. 5 bedrooms, kitchen, scnllc: bath, 2 w.c.'s.—Jones, 3. Brunswick-place^ Swansea. 40AS-15 TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. A IfMANFOltD.-F(>r solid Singing A none to beat the Aumanford and for Value in stolid Leather kuit none to beat Hari-jos, Coiuoieie House Ful" ntehers and General Ironmongers Cfc-14 BARGAINS at Enoch's. Arelade.-Fc-r eNv JD or kimtl d-haiid Books of all kinds, call at above address. Serera) Seta of Bible Commentaries cheap. Fine Assoii- ment of Bijblea, Welsh and English; alio TeacheiV Bibles and SooSeld's. Fine Assort- ment of Notele, 16., etc. 42A8-^6 ^^HOfJOTATES Galore! Hi?lT-Clajs C<)nfec- KJ tions. Wholesale only.—City Ooniec- tionerv Co., M. Church-street Manchester 41A8-1.6 ??AIjIOOS.?Thia?H prob?My be the laA C, opportunity for gome considerable time I to purèhas good Unbleached Lahco at Bid. and la OM. per yd. We have on offer quite a large quantity of both quahhes but they I will acoB be cleared. So "t at oDCo.—Johu Richards Dra.per, 2. Cradook-etreet, Sw&ji- eei. 42A8-13 DIAMOND RinK. 3 ane bijlliant4 in ån: I Dplatinum rin?. A'KM- also a number of Second-hand Rings from £ 5.—Bullock Bros Portland-s.treet. 42A S-18 IVOR L. ROBERTS Eleotrieal Engineer. JL wishes to inform his old Customers and the Public generally that, his Chief Electri- cal Engineer, who ioined H.M Forcea. has returned to b im employ. The Eleetrical De- partment being now thoroughly equipped with an Efficient Staff of Electrical Engin- eers EletttrioaJ Work of every description can now b4i} carried out. Heating ana I Power Installations m.v Speciality. four enquiries solicited. 2U Oxfor<f- £ treet Swan. sea PEN HALE'S SDort5 Sale Visitors are ad- t. vised to Inspect the Bargaina at ZU Hib.,street. 300 Gent's Grey Flannel Trousers to clear, 1%. ild.. worth S'a. 6d.: -,Vouths' to eiear. 196. Ild ojt1 ? Ms, lid- 140 "? Trousers dit Ao. 1M %? r nega,l SOOrt6 Coats t? clear at 39s. lid., usual prions.; 100 Gent's Grey Check smartly-tailored; Suits 97s. lid., worth Z6 6s. Bargains in Socks Is. llid worth 2, lid.; Summer Shirts, 6s. 6d.. worth 83 lid. See windows.—Peabale. 232 Hi?h. street. C8-K Q P EQIA 4-bottle CrUetO. best EleBtro- o plate, EDK?ish glis. ?s.—BuIlock Bros., Portland-street. 42A8-1B SIDNEY Palmers well-known Cakaa and t' 3 PastrieR are made of bee* Ingredients only. Wedding and liirtbdav CaHee in stock and Riadp to order. Noted for Teas and Cold Luncheons.— taimer- s Cafe, oppo- site Empire, and Branches. 41A9-15 QURGICAL Ai)ulfanoo&-Triigmes. Spraytq, O Enemas Surgeons* Rubber Gloves, lpd Surgical Rubber Goods of every description. Write for Catalogue: sent post free.—1.6 Brae-seur SHrgical Co. Ltd. (Dept. U. V.). 90 and 92 Worcester-street Birmfughain. 1110 £-¡34 PROFIT from 20 birds in one vear was made bv Cornish poultry- keeper after using Karswood Poultry Spice. 2id 7M.. 1.8. sd.-Skeweu Agricultural Aew- ciation. Ltd.. 231. New-road, Skewen. 42A8-13 MOTOR CARS. CYCLES. &c. A LBION ChMsis- We can offer delivery A of 4?ton Chassis in August, 60 cwt &cp- tember. and 50 cwt. September; stlbject uu- sold. Cash. EAsy Terms, or Exchange. ?r L'3?  4angO. ATT\  CO"ERCIAJ? VEHICLES.- A.J?.?. All SDaro Parts in &t<?.- Thomas ?Vbite and Co.. EDtdn?re BarrY: Souh Wales Agent-. üW.Z4 L-ADY'S-ÏtQYal-fr{umphBiCy-cietúr S?Ie. L imm&diately.—AnD?y AL. Salmon, Train- ing COHCK6. ?wa?&oa. 414S-' .5 I">CH SALE, Lady^s Rudge Whit wo. n: Bicycle: exoellent condition; latest model: bargain.-Mendl(aon. 164. Oxford- street. Swansea; 40A-15 OP. SALE, 1916 Premier Motor Cycle, with three-speed counter shaft eear; pnae 65.R. E. Jonea, Ltd., Moto.- De1)t. 10 L^OR &kLE, 15 Ford TotH'in?' Car: <;t6t- F class condition.—Am)Lv R. T. ETfme. Alexandra Garage, Swansea 4 £ A8-18 "lfOR SALE. Gent.'a Cycle, new tyres, tubes muderuarda. new bacit wheel; a bur- gain. seen any time.—Billiard Hall, Tonna, near Neath. 42A6-14 IT'OR SAIX.-Overland Sweater Motor Car, L 25 H.P., Bosch Magneto, Clauden Hug- son Carburetter. Open to any trial and ex- amination; L-375.-Price. Butcher, Goriseinon. C8-16 OYAL ENNELD 3 H.P. }{o,wr Cycle for S<1? ExceFeat condition. — Appiy LoosIDore, Rav Merchants. Oxford-street. 41AS-13 ?f'H? MODEL 5-Seater Toroedo TounnET I iyi,) Car, Wire Wheels E!ectric Horn and Bosch Aia 7T.; Hood and Side Curtainsr r d cor rp-adv for roa il. 1M new: splendid condition: rea) for road: I £ 400; first ttheque secures.—Da vies, 57, St. I 41A8-13 lP'P' HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR SALE AND TO LET. OR a Fotir-roomed Housc- tnl Slope, No. 31, iorwerth-street, Hansel* ton.—Apply at No. 33. 4ZAb.16 L-;OI\- SALE Old-fashioned Freehold House at Loughor; near river, station pest office; bath-room. gas, water; vacant poA,< BIOJI.—Apply Iluinphreye, Uwyn liaii, Ljwyr.hendy^ 39A8-24 Ii"Olt three well-built Houses, situ. te43 Cefn-road. Bonymaen: two miles from Oil Works; large gardens; lease M9 yoarg.—Apply Williams 6, Hibbert-road. Neath. 40A813 HOUSE ?o Let on S?a Frant, Mumbles, for JH. remainder of AugH?t and September.— Apply Ford. Newsagent. Mumbles. 43A8-18 T LANSAMLET.—ForSaYp. a Divined I J House, 6 rooms a.nd 4 rooms (oppOB?e Peniel Green &hoots): immediate possessi: n of 4-rocmed hou?e.—For particulars apply D. J. Thomas. Peniel Green Boot Stores 41A8-18 AJ^ACANT House for jBai-3 in Bernard- T street, Uplands; leasehold; two recep- tion rooma. five bedrooms, etc.—For further particulars apply to Messrs. J Blewitt Jei kins and Sons Land and Estate Agent I 4. Collee-t reet, J''?L?'s??- C8-15 4/6-WEEkI:Y-wÜT Purchase ?M Rau..t-; rk/ Q a,n? district: nc-QseHsion by a rratH'p-! ment.—" Landlord.^ Leader, Swansea. TC f* FOR Key of House. 3 bedrooms bath f. preferred: about £ 25 per annum ?ocd neighbourhood, Swans ea district.—Particu- lars to Hibbert, Daily Leader. Swansea. 41A8-13 APARTMENTS AND LODGINGS 'I TO LET AND WANTED. 4 PARTMENTS.— Wanted. 3 Empty Rooms. ■ £ "V or more by Respectable Couple (one ohild) with nice people: (-oicir.ission paid for I' information: would like House.—Box "B IS Daily Leader. 37A814 j p E?TLEMAN desires a Bed Sittim: Boom VJT KsgintUtig of September with houieiy people (permanency) if suitable. Write, stating terms. Box CIO. "Daily Leader," Swansea. 41A8-13 "VY^ ANTED, at Gorseinon. by married T couple, 2 Furnished or Unfui'mehcA Rooms: state terms.—Apply Box C3 Leader Office. 4 "-A, 3 11 8 BUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL F OR SALE,. Free Double Lic4 iied House in I Swansea: long lease.-Write Fox. C2. Leader Office, Swansea. 4*A8-18 BUSINESSES WANTED. "1T7"ANTED, a small Grocery or Confecticn- 1 t ery Businoes. it) Eroofi locality, with living accommodation.— Write to B 18." Daiy Leader. Swansea. 48A8-13 MONEY. E LAW, 12, London-road, Neath. MakM i?t Cash Advances from ?& and upwards TO IF you requite a Loan, appiy to George JL Thutuag, Manairer. Church-street (oow. itè t Mary's Church). Swansea. Private and confidential. MONEY to Lend to Respectable House- lf holders; and Confidential.— Ivor 1) Thomis it Waterloo-atreet. Swansea. V?OQ MADE for .S& For full parHcuiare a as to how @mall amounts of money may be profitably employed to give large profits apply to Graham Marsh and Com- pany. MO. Higb Holborn London. S-1 UPWARDS. £1 SOUTlJERN JgQUlTABLE J^DVANCE CO. (LIMITED). EXCHANGER HAM BERS (Queen-street end, 1 apWARD-TERRACL CARDIFF. The Standing of Sound, Straight-dealing Financial Firms is better understood to-da.v Fact 5.—Many opportunities arise to get Value upon Cash Transactions—knowing what you are paying—than in Betting Goods on Oifedit. Tel. 2399. (Not a Money Society.) Estb. 1880. Branch Office: _11. Obarles-st, Newport Mon. A BRITISH FIRM FUR BRITISH BOR- ROWERS—THE BRITISH FINANCE IXiMPANY, Not a limited company with directors and shareholders to snow your business and consider your application. LOANS £ io TO NO BILLS OF SALE WANTED. NO toURETiES QB?a PLBLiClTy ABSOLUTE PRIVACY QII ARAN TEED. BRITISH FINANCE CO., 20, BRIDGE STREET, BRISTOL. PERSONAL. WILL, the person who picked up .» ». Luncheon Basket left on ..30 train froM Mumbles on Saturday ci?bt return eamo to Central Police Station Finder handsomely ?'ewan'de<? 41A8-13 I-Üncie-Beri'8-" ft,ff }¡op there is ± Standing Kwin Oaly." Uicle Bert and h? Son tb&ah you for vonr help. You are doing Your k B to?? for Your help. You are t as we did our$. Thanks I I PROFITEERING at tbe expense of the Jt dmr little children. Buy the Popular S%eets. !d. per oz" at the Old J?irm. Head don's. Orange-street. 41A8-16 PALMISTRY and Clairvoynncy.-Noted JL Indian Palmist: 30 years' experience in America. Franee. London. Australia. Fees fiom 2s. 6d. Correspondence invited.—Prof. Kismitt. Ph.D. A.B. (11 a.m to 9 p.m) Y2. Cecil-Btreet. Manselton. 40A8-15 PALillSTRY and Clairvoyancy.—Noted t Indian Palmist, 30 years" experience in America France, london. Australia. Fees frocuti 2g. 6d. Correspondence invited.—Pref Kismifct. PH.D. A.B. (11 a.m. to 9 p.m.). 9i, Cwil-gtrcet Mapselton, MAP8 TO Solicitors Bankers, and Othera.-A nÝ Jl- parson knowing of tho existence or con- cerned in the preparation of a will made by the late Frank Victor Charles Jay, of Brisbane. Australia. but up to 1914 manager of Messrs. Wood ley and Co Swansea, But- chers. would oblige by communicating with Meager and Harris. Sclicitors, 15, Castls- street, Swansea. 40A6-14 — — ■ ■ == MISCELLANEOUS. WAITED, Boiler and Steam Pipe Cover. I (V era uaed to Silieate Cotton Mattresees and Steel Sheet Covering—Apply Mills, English ftod Co.. Ltd,. Swansea. C8-15 T'TTANTED to Rent Stabl.o in Neatb. i)- VV ply 1. Britonferry-road Neath. 37A8-13 i YEARS Fl XO M.B.F.S.; Test-readinsr free birth date and stamped envelope.-S. A r- oade. Pontypridd, Giant. 40A8-13 AS the Paper with the Largest Guaran- A teed Circulation, Small Advts carried in the [,eader.f effect the Largest Pub. licity. PRIZE DRAWING. "t "7"INNING Numbers Mrs Tucker. Waun- T i wen-terrace:—1 3140% 5805; 3, 242; 4, 129 5. 59 6. 1051: 7. 1096; 8. 1983; 9. 358- 10 2667: 11. 92: 12 3365: 13. 1781?: 14. 848: 15. 958: 16 466; 17, 314: 18. 3138-Apply Secre. tary. 41A8-13 ■mmmmmm—PMW—H———qpaiiM.w SMALL ADVERTISEMENT ORDER FORM. | 1 <r,< I õ _———— c — r ■ "tL. -4" ;t Ad' ?- — ?—? — ?—-Lt ?-———— I —??.?.?.?.?.*t. •y- —- i'~gr* w* .i ■ i. ■« ■> i.i —* V.J^-lT j ii ii — ——~— —| Please publish the above toi which I Enclose.».»»»•« NaDlé and AddreMt If desired, replies may be sent to Box Numbers at the Cambria Daily Leader Office. Thie form should be addreend to Advertisement Department, Cambria Daily | Leader," Swansea. I 1MB HI 1 iitnjrimrri«rrr^— sow y I.J OA t. L s tylVfcTlN0W1 II. Samuel's 1 Jffl solossal s sales at over 77 large f | § Branches enable him to give better p I value than is obtainable elsewhere and i I to offer for your selection at next to FACTORY ?? PISCES ? i. the world's finest es- | ??????? ampies of DiamoDd I ?????? J<i\vcll Watches } ??-???? Plat-. < 25/- P2NSAKT. g BSM PENDAKT. ? /Z??*?? Pel?ly and ForidoL {  T~^S lesKv ?maztn? L <?EBa!? RH!M. Diamond ?? Latest Court | O?re styles. Wedding | j Ring ard ( ^jSjisbv Kise; S Handsome li/ K yk. I | Diarronds, A, j Diamon d s 4 lus- rantc-d Self ex- f trous Rubies, So/- par'ding Silvef Mmo' n d Cros- over, perfectly Diamonds and jKEUCT WATCff. F?,ty Ruby, Pansiin Jewelled. lui?ncus or  on-luzmnin s. -Ic-kd, I Single 'Sto Di. pond Ring. £S It' Diamond Clost^ er, Fully jewelled, dust ^» 9 BnUianti. £ 15 J and proo'fi Sil- S C/Ht WOW I VC cases. 52/6 t ^M^ nrrwmTr^- g 265?0XFOR!!§I I 1 (Under the Big Clock). I SWANSEA,, I A'øfÇ<.r4i¡; ITeytport, Herthtyt,'$k. | W unaN. to can wrfto for ? Free Cataloisua to H. Seruuel, ;j N ?0. Market S?aet.  J SSW, mrwrvBHiiWMiw- -r I' Real Joy in | Baking  I is realised best by those |l I knowing ho?isewives g: ¡ who use no other flour | | 1 than | j ? a.rdo. ?w??????s??? I' I .t1õu I "No flour like ?/' |j Made solely from a | selection of only the | finest, purest, first-grade r wheat, combined with the purest and best raising ingredients. No better flour can possibly |! be milled. jl Its delicious flavour of new | wheat makes KARDOV a joy s, supreme, and crowns the f j cook's handiwork with that I complete success after which ail strive, but only a knowing I | I few attain—they use KARDOV. I J KARDOV CANNOT DISAPPOINT, J I i Cash price' 3^d. per lb. bag. j [ ■ • Sold everywhere where | I good Flour is sold. I KINGOV TRADING CO., | jl Cardiff and Swansea. 1; TVXV TISE ONES Put Noetrolme N'afi? ¡ Yv Specino in your holiday kit. Guard against noee or throat infection in str«,iine T lacee. Stop Uea-, Coldo; Hay FeTer Nasal Catarrh, and Head Ooldtl and guards against Pneumonia and Consumption. lhe it yourself and teh your friends Of lead- ing Chemists everywhere Is 3d (by ioet 1(5 5d. Sold by E. Bevan. Neleon- street: G. T. David. Marcel-street, D. R. Davie* St. Helen's-road; J T. Davies, Ltd. (all branches); H. L. Havard, Brynymor. road: G. H Kent 45 St. Helen's-roadi E. J. Kieft Robert-street. Manselton: A thews. Oxford-street: B, Needham. Neath- road: Osrdene, Cash Chemists, Ltd etreet: J. and D. Rees. Fabian-etreet. ss:. Thomas and Port Ton ri ant: E T Rich Hisrh- street: E W. Richards. College-etreet: L. Thomas. Hich-Ptreet: Wrierht and ?on. Walter-road. SWANSEA: W. T Thoma, Gorseinon: M L. Beva" 99. Woodnp)<? street: W. Isaac. 86 Wood?etd-street, MOR RISTON = and al1 Chemists in Neath.

JFor the Ladies.


[Children's Corner. I