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AMUSEMENTS. EMPIRE OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA. Monday, April 14th, and Twice Nightly aT, 6.50 and 9.0 during the week. PHIL RAY The Soul of Brevity and Wit. H-ARRY LAMORE, The Odd American on a Slack Wire. New Series of Up-to-date Subjects on THE AMERICAN BIOSCOPE. WULLIE WALKER, Scottish Comedian. METZ AND METZ, Unique Conversational Dancers. ROB, IVY AND LYN, In Novel Scena, 'The Garden of Music. ALF CHESTER, Comedian. MILLtR BROS., Comedy Bar Artistes. JENNIE JOHNS, Vocal Comedienne. GRAND THEATRE SWANSEA. MONDAY. APRIL 14th, and during the week at 7.30, and MATINEE SATURDAY at 2.30, LOUiLa MEYER Presents His Own Company, in THE GLAD EYE. Preceded at Each Performance by "THE VAUDEVILLE TATLERS," a Novelty, arranged and produced by Louis Rhiil. NEXT WEEK— Mr. Philip ivilonaol Faraday's Musical Couiedy Production, "THE PINK LADY." Full Company of London Artistes, in- cluding Mr. Fred Wright, jun. THEATRE ROYAL, WIND STREEV, SWANSEA. Proprietor & Licenses—William Ceutts. William Coutts has pleasure in an- nouncing the important Engagement of Miss Mabel Mannaring in Henry Arthur Jones' Greatest Successes. TO-NIGHT (FRIDAY), at 7.30, and on SATURDAY, MRS. DA;E'S DEFENCE. To be preceded Nightly by MUDDLE ANNIE, a Comedy in One Act by the Author of Marie Tempest's Famous Art and Opportunity. Seats may now be Booked at Gwynne H. Braier's. Tel., 29 i Central, and 1212 Central. NEXT WEEK— THE WALLS OF JERICHO. PICTURELAND THE WORLD'S BEST PICTURES Are on View Every Evening at 7.46 throughout COUTTS' CIRCUIT. TO-NIGHT:S SELECTiOfiS are as faijows:- AT THE SHAFTESBURY CINEMA ST. H ELEN'S-ROAD, SWANSEA. The Cod of Cold .Selig. Timid May Vitagrapn. Pat Clancy s Adventure Eclison. The Leopard and the Burglars.Lux. I Treasure Trovs .Thanhauser. in Cyriaaise Comerica. The Peace Offering Kalem. Billy's Burglar .Vitagnph. Pathe's Animated Gazette ot the World's News, Published Satur- day, April 19th, 1913. T THE PALACE, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA. The Same Programme as at the Shaftesbury Cinema. AT THE TIVOLI, CWMBWRLA, His Mother's Hop-a .EdiBon. Feet That SpeaK Lux. Why Tightwad lips .K.alem. The Professor a-ici the Lady Vit. Bloomer Hurries Up Cines. The Bloodstained Pearl. Cosmo. The Usurer Kadem. From Goschenen to Warsan (Col.) Gaumont. Billy's Pipe Dream Vitagraph. ] The Cat's Paw .Essanay. AT THE PICTUREDROME, MORRISTON. Zigomar, the Eei's feki.i Eclair. Breton Scenery .Gaumont. Polidor's Gift Pasqu-ali. Six O'clock Vitagraph. The Telephone Girl & the Lady.A.B. Reward for Bronco Billy.E-ssanay. Gaum out's Graphic of Topical Events. AT THE GLOBE CINEMA, CLYDACK. The Same Programme as at the Picturedrome, Morristan. AT THE PAVILION, PONTARDAWE. For Leva is Life (Coloured).Pathe. No Place for a Minister's Son.J £ disoa Through the Suez Canal.Ambrosio. In a Canton Thanhauser. The Servant Problem V ita.gra.p,h, Pefcy s Express Delivery .Urban. Three Friends &.B. AT THE PLAYHOUSE, YSTALYFERA. The Same Programme as at the Pavilion, Pentartiawe. AT THE COLISEUM, YSTALYFERA. CONTINUANCE OF STOCK SEASON. This Week's Programme- To-night (Friday), M A R I A A R T I N Saturday—SWEENEY TOO. Jbfcfe „ • • AMUSEMENTS. 1 AM USE M EHTS. MB8—BBMMiWM—MaWPWMfaJM——M—B—B—fc 1 THE PICTURE? H 0 U S E i HICH STREET, SWANSEA } (Next Door to Davieo & t?hort). £ M?D?ic? Director Wiiliam Ceutts. I The Last Word in Cinema Theatres. TO-DAY at 3, SPECIAL MATINEE. Afternoon Tea Provided Free of Charge. TO-NIGHT, Continuous Performance from 6.3a till m-so. Mr. W. H. rtoare's Orottestral Bnd Plays Every Evening. TO-OAYS PROGRAMME— CINE.ViATOCRAi'H SUCCESSES. His Mother's Hope .Edison. Feet That pea* Lux. Why Tightwad Tips .Kale.m. The Professor and the Lady Vit. Bloomer Hurries Cp .Cines. The Bleodsiaified Pearl .Cœmo. The Usurer .Kalem. From Gosscheuen to Warsen (Col.) Gaumont. Billy's Pipe Dream. Vitagraph. Pa-the's Animated Gazette of the World's News. Published Satur- day, April 19th, 1913. Change of Pictures; Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Continuous Performance Every Satur- day from 3 tiii 10.29. JIMWIIII—Iillllll mill illlMIHlMlim llll i—i»i———i l CXt'OR" Je i r, I CKFOaa ELESTRI2 THEATiE UNION STREET, SWANSEA. The Premier Hall oi South Wales. A Ceaseless Performa.o8 of Exceeding Excellence from 2.30 till 10.30. PROGRAMME FOR TO-DAY: AN INDIAN OUTCAST. TAKING CARE OF BABY. A FOREST FIRE. THREE CaRLS AND A MAN. BRONCHO BILLY AND THE MAID. FOOLING THEIR WIVES. PIZEN PETE. T9F2QAL BUDCET. THE OXFORD IMPERIAL LADIES' ORCHESTRA Plays Daiiy from 2.30 till 10.38- Afternoon Tea Free of Charge to All Parts of the House. All Trains -Load to the OXFORD." Pictures are projected on the Wonderful CHRYSTAL MIRROR. POPULAR PRICES:-M., 6d. and is. LORD JOHN SANGER. THE WORLD FAMOUS CIRCUS AND MENAGERIE Has Arrived, and will give TWO PERFORMANCES THIS DAY (FRIDAY), AND TO-MORROW (SATURDAY) At 2.30 and 8 p.m. in Victoria Park, Swanseas PRESS AND PUBLIC UNANIMOUS IN P .H.A18E. FIRST AND POSITIVE VISIT OF THE COMBINED SHOW'S, DIRECT FROM CARDIFF, PRIOR TO A TOUR OF THE WORLD. REFINEMENT! SIN CKRITY ORIGINALITY r r .i'ii" m ~l~ PUBLiC NOTICES. gWANSEl y^ II<»ti. ROWLING A SWCIATION. —THS- ANNUAL MEETING of the above will take pla-ce on TO-NIGHT, (FRIDAY), at 8 o'clock, at THE CRQSVEMGR HOTEL. —All Bowlen; are Invited to Attend.— NATIONAL LEAGUE -OF- YOUNG LIBERALS. SWANSEA TRAM W A Y S. An IMPORTANT DISCUSSION will take pl ace at MOND HALL. on TO-NIGHT, (FRIDAY), at 8 p.m. Members of &lJ Liberal Organisations Heartily Invited. RICHARD MARTIN, ESQ., J.P. and others. TOTAl. A BSTINENOE gOCIETT. THE USUAL WEEKLY Gospel Temperance Meeting ia the NEW RAGGED SCHOOL. To-morrow (Saturday) Night PROGRAMME ARUANGSD BY MISS THOMAS, WAUNWEN. Chairman-Mr. ARTHUR RADCLIFFE. Solo-PianMioses V. Morse and K. Evans. So tigs, imetfi, Recitations by ALenera. Rees Wilha-iid, Harvey Morgan, W. Eaton; Misses. E:-hsl i liomae, K. Evsuis, Dolly Fallow, M. Williams, May Davies. ¡ SKETCH BY WAUNWEN GIRLS. Accompanist: Miss Oertieitlomas, It. A.M. (Adv. Grade). To commence at 8. Collection. JpUBLIC IEDICAL gERVICE. Owing to the ruala of applications for membership the office will be open every evening from 6 to 8 p.m., for the present, in addition to the usual office hours. (Signed) ROGER THOMAS. Secretary. Offices;—89. Manael-stxeefc SALES BY AUCTION. COUNTY BOROUGH OF SWANSEA, SOUTH WALES. Important Isaue of "New OrJinary" and "Perpetual Debenture" Stock of and in the Swansea Gaa Light Company Messrs. J. M. Leeder & Son Will Offer for SALE by AUCTION, pursuant to the Provisions and Conditions of the "Swansea Ga.6 Acte 1898 and :911," at the HOTEL METROPOLE, SWANSEA, on TUESDAY, MAY 6th, 1913, at 3 o'clock p.m., precisely, £ 50,000 NEVi ORDINARY STOCK (1911). entitled to a Dividend of 5 per cent. per annum, and 910,00,0 4 Per Cent. PERPETUAL DE- BENTURE STOCK (1&98) of and in THE SWANSEA CAS LIGHT COMPANY. Being part of the Additional Capital of the Company authorised to be raised by the Swansea Gaa Acta 1898 and 1911, and pursuant to the provisions and conditions therein contained. Purchasers of the New Ordinary Stock, 1911, will be entitled to Two Montns' In- terest at the rate of 5 per cent. per an- num. as from let May, 1913, payable on the 1st August, 1S13, and Purchasers of 4 per cent. Perpetual Debenture tock 1898 to Two Months' Interest due and payaoie on the 1st July, 1913. Particulars, with Conditions of Sale, con- taining all necessary information, way be obtained on application to MR. GEORGE ANDREWS, Secretary and Manager of the Swansea Gas Light Company, Oystermou th- road, Swansea; or to the AUCTIONEERS, at their offices, 4h, Waterloo-etreet, Swansea. PONTARDULAI3. GLAMORGANSHIRE. GREAT SALE OF FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES, Comprising of a Whole Street in a particu- larly convenient position. Messrs. James and James F.A.I.. Are favoured with instructions to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the FARMERS' ARMS, PON TARDU LAIS, on FRIDAY, APRIL 25th, 1913, the whole of William-street, Pontardulais, Compriaiug- 32, FREEHOLD HOUSES, With excellent Gardens and Back Entrances thereto, all in the occupation of Substan- tial Tenants; Noa. 1 to la at Rentals of cl 7s 6d. each per month, and Nos. 16 to 32 at rentals of ki 8s. 6d. per month, payable weekly in each case. The whole producing a groea income of E581 15s. PER ANNUM. The Houses are modern and weii-built of Brick and Stone Walls, with Carnarvon- Slated Roofs, and Cemented Front Walls. Each liouae contains Entrance Passage, with tiled doors, Front and Back Parlour, good Kitchen, 3 large airy Bedrooms, Coal House and w.c.; excellent Garden, securely divided from the adjoining garden, with uncLuabable iron railings, and with a solid stone wail bordering the back lane, to which each house haa a back entrance. Nos. 16 to 32 have Pantries in addition. The Houeee are light, healthy buildings, with unusual headroom for houses of this description, and being freehold as well would make first-lass investments, such aa are not often met with in cottage property. The Property will be offered in Single Lots, as may be required by Purchasers. SALE TO COMMENCE PROMPTLY AT 6.30. For further Particulars and Conditions of Sale apply to the Auctioneers, 7. Goat- street, Swansea, or to E. M. Clason Dahne, Esq., Solicitor, PontarduIaXis and Swansea. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23rd. 1913. TO BUILDERS, CONTRACTORS, FARMERS, AND OTHERS. Important Sale of Surplus Contractors' Plant, Machinery, etc. Mr. Frederick F. Meager (Fellow of the Auctioneers' Institute), Of the firm of Mtesrs. Beynon and Meager, is favoured with instructions from Meeers. Parkineon and Rodgena, owing to com- pletion of Building Contracts in Swansea, to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, on the above date, at their Premises, STRAND, SWAN- SEA (Tear of Vaughan's Tenements), a Large Quantity of Surplus BUILDERS' AND CONTRACTORS' Plant, viz.: Man's Steam 5-ton Wagon in first-claee order. Winch to lift 2 tons, nearly new; large Quantity of Second-hand Doors, Door Frames, Windows and Sashes, a Quantity of Stable and Common Bricks, a large number of Plasterers' ordinary Trestles, a Quantity of Slates, Ridge Oretrts, Heavy Sling Chains, Carpenter's Clamp, Ladders, Scaffolding Poles, Flooring Boards, Red Spruce Deals, Slate Slabs, Endless Chain Pulley, Zinc Cis- tern, Quantity of Navvy and other Wheel- barrows, Casks, Hods, Corrugated Zinc Sheets, Concrete Platforms, Ashes and Sand Screens, Quantity of Slating Nails, Second- hand Stairs, Quantity of Hoop Iron and Builders' Centres of various eases. Firewood, Ropes, &c. Terms—Oaeh. Sale to commence at 11 a.m sharp. Goods on view Morning of Sale. Auctioneer's Offices: Melbourne House. 7. Melbourne-place, Swansea.. Docks TeL: 335. AUCTION MART. 4, & 5, GOAT-STREET, SWANSEA. Messrs. J. F. Harvey & Sons Have been instructed to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at their Mart, on TUESDAY N'TIXT, APRIL 22nd, 191;), a. Large and Varied Assortment of Weil-preserved MODERN and ANTIQUE Household Furniture AND OTHER EFFECTS. Sale t.c oommeuoe at 11 a.m. prompt. Auctioneers' Offices; Goat-Street, Swansea. SHORT NOTICE. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, APRIL 25 & 26. 22. WATERLOO-STREET AND PARK- STREET FURNITURE STORES, CORNER PARK-STREET, SWANSEA. Mr. Arthur S. T. Lucas Has been favoured with .instructions by Mr. Giles Cook, the well known House Furnisher, to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, the whole of his Valuable and High-Class London-made Household Furniture, BEDSTEADS, PIANO, and Other Effects, to make room for the Builders, pievioua to the reconstruction of pieuxises, including » Handsome Bedroom Suites in Oak and Wal- nut, Massive and Nobie Oak and Walnut Sideboards, grand Bhuek Louis Cabinets, 6 very øuOOlantial Parlour and Dining-room Suites in various coverings, 3D handsome Art Oolour ajid other Bedsteads, Wire and Wool Mattresses, Feather Beda. Hundreds of Use- ful Hoawehold Requisites, &e. &c. Sale to commence each day at 11 am. and 7 p.m. Terms: Cash. No E.oeerve. Auctioneer's om. ee: Swansea, end Mumbles. BOUNTY BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. TOWN CLERK'S DEPARTMENT: JUNIOR CLERK. APPLICATIONS are invited for the poet of JUNIOR CLERK in Town Clerk's De- partment. Wages, 7o. per week, increasing according to scale on approved service. Applications in candidate's own handwrit- ing to be sent to the undersigned not later than the 26th April, 1913. n. LANG COATH, Town Clerk. Guildhall. Swansea^ 17th April. 191.). L ,l>iiio PUBLIC NOTICES. PLEASE NOTE-NO LIMIT. ELEVEN EIGHT EIGHT (1188 CENTRAL, THREE LINES) Are the New 'Phone Numbers for T. BARFOOT, Turf Commission Agent, 6. WORCESTER-PLACE, SWANSEA PRELIMINARY NOTICE. GRAND A MATEUR A THLErnC SPORTS at the SWANSEA FOOTBALL GROUND on WKIT-f/IONDAY NEXT. Entry Forms to be obtained from W. J. Morgan, Sherwood, Mumbles. CHAMPION HACKNEY, MACAULAY (7.182) WILL STAND AT FAIRY GROVE FARM, KILLAY, FOR SE-a.i»ON 191.), AND WILL SERVE MARES AT THREE GUINEAS EACH AND FIVE SHILLINGS GROOM FEE. For further particulars to Mr. HENRY JAMES. SWANSEA AND DISTRICT INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERS. MEMBERS AND PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS are invited to attend a GENERAL MEETING to be held on TUESDAY EVENING, the 22nd inst., in the LECTURE ROOM of the SWANSEA PUBLIC LIBRARY, ALEXANDRA-ROAD, at 7 o'clock prompt., when DR. W. MANSERCH VARLEY will Deliver his Presidential Address. Subject:— "THE TRAINING OF ENGINEERS." A Discussion will follow. Chairman- -THO&. NICHOLS, Esq. (Vice-President). R. A. JONES. Hon. Sec. 9, Kensington-tenrace. Swansea. NETT SALES, TWO-AND- A-HALF ttnes as great as the South Wales Daily Post. Sun Rises 6.1, Sun Sets 6.59. Lighting-up Time, 8.3. High Water, 4.6.





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