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SCALE OF CHARGES FOB PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS PRIVATE NOTICES. Six insertions.-One shilling for 20 wortSs, and Sd. extra far eyery 5 words more. LOST AND FOUND. Three Insertions.-One shining for 2r words, and fci- extra for every & wora mare. Six Insertions.—One shilling and sfxpensj for ft wards, and 14. extra for bvory i words more. BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, DEATHS, If MEMCPIAM, A149 SYMPATHY NOTICES. Pno Insertion.—One shilling &Ili% Ilxpet for 20 words, and 3d. extra for aiary 6 words more. This Scale does not aspty to Advsrtlss merits from Corporate &r Public Boris* bankruptcy or Liquidation Notices. Sate end Let by Terder, or Tradasnmn a Bus, nass Ar.n.vjncero«nt#. HEAD QFFiCE- LEADER BUILDINGS. SWANSEA, Telephones: Central 1651 (Eleven Lines' Talegratis! "Leader. Swansea." LONDON OFFfCE— 161, FLE7,.T STREET. E.G. Telaphone: 2278 Central. LLANELLY OFFICE- LONDON BUILDINGS, THOMAS ST Teieafcones Nú. 171L HEATH OFF!GE — ALFRED STSEET (TefentisneV T.-ic Superior Circulation (If ma I..(; makes it easily the Sesi Local Paper for Srra.1, p.d.v.£¡m;!1ts. Turing the p,3" year these arsnoiinoemaiits have nearly doubled, and with our Sales still increas- ing, the public may, with confidence, dspenti upon fcstter results than art chtainetS p!ss\iMW«rs. c:= "I.- TRADE J]Fr- When replying to advertisements, phase mention the Leader OOT DEALERS—Fill up Stock as re- qiiirc-d frci-n our Whc lesale War&- houseef Leading Brands Stocked-—WILLI Ail. LwYD, Ltd., Gower-street, Swansea. DO not throw away your old useless Gold or Silver Jewellery, Watches., etc. Turn hem into ca&h. Host offer made by return "ben forwarcicd by post.-AL. Fcner, Jewel- ler, 4, High-street Arcade, Swansea, 26A4-J^> XTRA Pocket Money.—While spring cleaning you can turn all the broken Silver or Gold Watches, Chains, Rings, or any article containing gold or silver into hard ca&h.—M. Foner. Jeweller, 4, Eigli- streeet Arcade, Swansea,. 26A4-U3 i]-'1Jh\ it into Money for old Silver, Gold, 1. Faliee Teeth, or anything containing Gold or Silver.—Send by post or call at M. Foner's, Jeweller, 4. High-street Arcade, Swansea- 26A4-23 pHEQUE, Postal or Money Order by return V1' post for Broken Silver Watches, Gold, False Teeth, etc., by M. Foner, Jeweller, 4, Sigh-street Arcade, Swansta. Reference, iietropolitan Bank. 26.A4-23 T" BY Jones and Soaa, BryDymor-road, ior -L Bootm?kiug and Repa,iM; B6t Material and Lowest Prices. The new Chrome Water- proof leather in stock. lianu-sc w u a speciality. 26A4-2.) t^LOQSl Clogs! Clogs! Olog(! For all J trades; repairs a speciality; good work guaranteed; eee Clog sign over door. —Nash and Sons, Port Tennant-road, St. Thomas. 2.SA4-23 OAVE You; Laundry Bill by wearing the Whiteolin Collar; a Linen Collar specially treated so that it can be immedi- ately eponged clean; I-s. each, post 18. 1d- Penhale, Top of Temple-street, Swansea. 21A4-19 0 More Quarters Lost.—Try Bebington'a 2a Alarms. Speciality. Wateb Repairs—Be bington, Watchmaker, j Siddall Buildings, Alexandra-road, Swan- j sea. 20A4-1S R- AZÕRS, Sci?ors. Pen and Pocket Knives R Garden Sheara, et?.. gronnd daily T. Ward Davies, Practical Cutler, 7. Nelson- street, Swan-sea- 20A4-18 FOR UMBRELLAS and Repairs, try W Noble, 1, High-street Arcade. Re-cove; a speciality. HOTEL Bar Fittei-* Manufacturers of JT- Beer Engines. Washups. Corkdrawer- Spirit Measures Seatings, Ta,ble", Games at an kinds. Skittles.-W. 1. Vaughan. Queen's place, Cardiff. COMFORTABIÆ Work at Home.- Kitittui! I Machines. Best and Cheapest Cash o- Hire Also a few good bargains in Second bend Knitters, equal to new; reliable (Est 1671).-W. Griffiths, 30, Queen-stree Neath. KTb. and Id BAZAAR OOOW every kin ?? advice to hearinnprs; a?o deta?" p!t? fug agcp.y-, easy terras; catalogue free. Hay. t?a. PaTirtpit.R, Birmintrbam 07 1 MOLYNEUX. Ltd., Fish Merchant* • 126, High-street. Swansea. Cheape.v Eonse in Town for Fish of all Yarietic Wholesale and Rftail Trial Solicited.  ADIES qUlnn, my Femons Remedy T-1 not uselef? pit? and mistui^. 5nd 4s. 6d.; worth pounds; never fails; guaran- teed genuine and harmieee; beware of imitations.—Mm. J. Lewia. 5;). Charlos^treet, Leicoeter. Crown Dairy Announcements. P INEST Carmaxtlien Eggs and Poultry, Dairy Butter and Milk; Welsh Bacon and Hams at lowest prices.—91, Mansel- street. Swansea- CCONTINENTAL Table Delicacies, Salami I J di Milano, Brunswick Sf¡ usage. etc.; Cooked Meats ready for ta,ble.-91, Mansel- ¡ trtreet., near Albert Hall, Swansea, al,te Crown Stores, Carmartben. Myrddin Dayies's Announcements. I \■"A /jTYliDDIN'S-"indlgeetion and Liver Mix- .l.l turs, an eioellent preparation for j Indigestion, Heartburn, Pains in the Pit of ttee Stomach. Vomiting, Flatuicacy. Gall I tritro, etc Per bottle, Is. and 2e.—&yradi:i II Deviee, M.P.S., Cheniiftt, 2oQ, Eigh-«treet Swansea (bottom oi lligh-atreet). C4-24 B. NOBLE'S?f?okMhe and Kidney P:He .D epeciaUy recommended for Kidney I Trouble.e,. Lackaebe, Congestion of the Kid Qeya Infiainniation of the Blaader, Gravel, I etc. Per box, Is. and 2. 6d.—Myrddir j Daviee, M.P .S., Chemiats 2 58, iiigQ-t>tr^»t, Swansea (bottom of Higb-etreei). (J-2J M~YHnr>IT<• S" Liver Granule a aLVw- '.I. th little pill for Torpid Liver, liil lioucness, Dizzineee, Headache, Constipa tion. bold in boitlee, 6d. and 10id.—Myrdain Davie* M.P^ Obemist, 238, High-street, b j,-« ao-i i. (bottom of lligh-^trec-t) C4 24 j THE Amor loan Corn Plaater is undtmbt- edly the moat effective Corn Planter manufactured. Try it onoe, then judge; no failure; no haraaeing corns; no pain or burning; easy to put on; readily cures; 7 £ d.: per poet, SW.-Wrddiu Davies, M.P^ ZZ.a. High-street, Swanaea (bottom of High. 6tt). 04-94 ELASTIC STOCKINGS 2e: u>. each, it, sd | per pair; Ankieta, Is. iCd.; Knee Caps, za.; Leggina, 2«.; ail eizes; Britieh mak.- Myrddin Daviee. M.P.B., Chemist, 258, High- street, Swansea tbottoza of High-stre«t;. t;4-2c TrraUSSES! Trueeea! Trueeee! in all eizea. double or single.—Myrddin Davies, M.H. P .S.. 238. Eigh-etreat, Swansea (betton Iligh-street)., C4-24 PIANOFORTE TUNING. When fC?t'tK? to a dT'e??e?ncN?, I please mention t?K Leader." P l ease tne-niioit t.4e Lea d er. ]L)IANOFO&fETUNLKM?.M.; Tecom- meHiatwDi! from Dr. Turpin, Gladstone, j find Bfoadwood and Song. Pianos from j Bechstein, HopkinnoB, Oollard. Brinsnaead. J Me.. &&1? or Hire.—Oh&rlaa E&don. 63, j1 Br8aswick*trMt» S?-?BM?. i LOST AND FOUND. fB& When replying to advertisements, please mention the Leader. LOST, since Monday. Black-ia-ced Sheep. Finder rewarded. Apply llenry Thomas, Llwyn M.&wr Farm, Ske.lty. Z6A4-19 T OST, Gold Chain and &&aJ.—Fuide? reL -*? warded (;n returning to Pank and Co., 17, Higli-etreet. 26A4-23 LOST between DAnygraig-road. St. Thomas and Wind-street, Gold Lock I off Bangle; finder rewarded in returning to "Otex," Leader Office. 25A4-12 1- y OST. Gold Medal 7?C" & F.C.) betw een '?-? H06piW and Brynyiaor-cresjcom; initials 'A.E,. on front and inscription on tavk—Finder rewarded on i-eturning to 158, King Edward-road, Swansea. 25A4-23 íILIJ the Pei-fK: n who Found Lady'& ■ Silver BelL anywhere between Vicarage-road. Cwmrbydy eirw, and Y nys.- forgan, on Sunday eveniag, return same to II. J. Owen, Bath-terrace, Morriston. Findtr rewarded. 23A4-21 LOST, between Windsor-terrace and Gor»e- road. Gockett, between 7 and 10 Friday night, a Lady's Waist Belt with g^ver buckles back and front, with pockets- on tides, in right-hand pocket a. Double-headed Snake Diamond Ping.—Finder rewarded on returning same to Central Police Station. C4-13 LOST, Yorkshire Terrier, tan lege; answers TO the name of "Peter"; finder re- warded.—Harry Daries, 98, Jiorf-^lk-stpcet. ZOM.18 i DO.MC.6TiC SEavA^TS V, Dar- When replying io advertisements, please mention the Leader. Li IOGD Servant Wanted at once.— \A Apply Evans's. Cross Hotel, Pontar- dawe. C4-23 ANTED, a good Genel-sl (25-50); must be able to cook and wash; no family. —Apply Park Houce, Uplands, Swansea. 26A4-25 "T ATED, immediately, Day Girl—Apply to Mra. P. V. Tobias, Hairlah, Hazlemere-road, 2-5A4-22 ?ToC'D General fcen'ani wanted.—App?y Mrs. &\lúou. Hienardeon House, St. Thomas, 25A4-22 (OOD General Servant Wanted by 5th of May.—Apply Mrs. Wilfrid Phe.6, 6, Uplanus-terraoe. 25A4-21 A GOOD, General Servant Required.—Apply 74, m ,■ u-^i-iei fuctj, Swansea. 25A4-21 T' TITANTED. 50th Aprih clean, leliabtc- t General; thoroughly experienced; ftinall family; reierencc.-Apply eveninge, Thomson, Plas Derw, Penywern, Neath. 22A4-21 T^jTANTED, an Experienced Kurse-Honae illaid.-Apply, with reference, Mrs. Dr. Llewelyn Jones, 58, Thomas-street, Mejthyr Tydfil. 21A4-19 AN TED, recipectable Young Girl, 17 to 18, to train as Houce-Parlournipid.- Apply, giving full particulars, Akeryn House, Newport Mon. 21A4-15 T^TANTED, a Girl, aged 15 or 16, to help in housework; one child.—Apply be- tween 6 and 7 p.m., 31. Mansel-«treet, Swan- sea.. 21A4-19 t ANTED, good General Servant.—Apply 11, 8,\a!1a. 21A4-19 Y?/'ANTED?ar?ep?ctubl? Day Girl for snail f&mUy.—Apply 99, King Edward- road. 21A4-19 GOOD General Servant Wanted; good wages.—Apply Mrs. Vanstone, Post OMee. Manselton. 21A4-19 w ANTED, at once. good General; plain f cooking; references.—Apxily Mrs HmTbea. 99, Windsor-road, JTfatb. 21A419 UTATED, Young Girl to aeeiet in hou&e- » work; sleep out.—Apply Mrs. Thorpe, 58, Trafalgar-place, Brynmill, Swansea. 21A4-I5 T'TJANTED, Two experienced Housomaids; good references essectial; wages £ 14 to £ 16.—Apply Matron, Hospital, Swansea 20A4-18 AINTFD, General Servant, able to do I ? plain oooking; also Young Girl as Helper in kitchcr.AI)i),y Bevan, Ch-emis Morriston. C4-1C W ANTED, a good GeLieral Sety-ant.- I f Apply Mrs. Clatworthy, Swan Hotel Morriston. 20A4-lb XTiTANTTDi good General; early riser f f essential; must have good references —Mrs. Mattick, Waverley Cafe, Newport Mon. 19 A 4-24 RECISTRY OFFICES. tor- When replying to advertisements, please mention the Leader MISS' SMITH, Hjgh-cla?s RegMtry CMEce lf for Servants. Wanted, G-ood Genera16, Housemaids, and young girl for morniilgE; 1, Glanmor-crascent, Uplands, Swansea. 25A4-22 ERRAND BOY WANTED. S,ay" I V hen replying to advertisements, plc,ys? the I-ecder," ~[ ANTED, a smart Errand Boy.—Apply Scott. Wliol&5aIc Confectioner, 58, St. ilelen's-road, Swauf-eft.. 21A4-19 w A-NTED, Smart Boy, one iubt IeT f f school.—Apply Universal BiUposting Co., 28, Lower Union-street, Swansea 19A4 SEVEKAli Boys Wanted, 14 years ai JK also Boys 14 years of age; splendid 01 portunity to earn money.—Appiy Mr. 1. Hemming. Leader OfiBoe. AJfred-stree' Nstath. UMBLES.—Boys Wanted to Sell th^ k "Leader" every evening.—Apply Ceaton Newsagent, Mumbles. BOYS Wanted to ,Aeli the Neath Gazette and Mid-Glamorgan Herald at Neath. Melincrytban, and turroaniine, districts every Friday ami Saturday. Apply Mr. Edwin Ueminiag, 68, Qunee Gtreet, Neath. SM.ABT Lade Wasted to Sell Is at Neath. M]incrythAn. and distrieta Apply immediately to Mr. B. Hemming Publisher, Queeo-btreet. Neath. "TAJ ANTED, Smart Boys to Sell tjxe t" ''Leader" after cchool hpure.—Apply to Charlie Evana, the Up-to-date Newi agent, etc.. 72, Brynynjor-road, Swraises L EADER BoyS-Severi*l Goo.t BOYd ILre Wanted at once to feel; "Leaders" ju MorrietoQ and District, to motit increasing demand.-Apply Johiv Morgan. NavvaageLlt, WoodiielQ-street, Mor '■sston. CLERKS. JW- When replying to advertisements, please mention the" Leader." C LEEK Want-ed, must be well up in book- ) beeping.—Apply Sivans^a Brickworks Go., Ivtd., Fforestfach. near Swane-ea. C4-3 IN 'ANTED Youiii-a-dy for Office; gooo f knowledge shortnand and typing eseential.-Apply Box 16. Leader Office. 25ii.4-23 "^T/'ANTED, Youth for Office (rot under 16). » Apply, in own handwriting, to Lucas, Auctioneer, 6, Rutland-street, SYtan- sea. 25A4-21 WANTED. Lady Stenographer for Coal Exporter's Offico.-Apply St-en(J,- Leader OSloe. 20A4-12 \\rANTED Smart Youth to assist ih Wholesale Fruit Merchant's Office; quick at figures; shorthand and type. writing a recommendation.—Apply, with copies of references, to Nectarine," Leader 0ffice. Swansea. C4-13 OFFICE BOYS. tdW- When replying to advertisements Leq.,ier, W.U.rrED. a- sharp. respectAbie Lad for DeaL-APpiy Masteis and Co., DuL. OwAtosstieeL ScA4-22 OFFICE BOYS. pr- When replying-ta advertisements Plea,se tne;,ttion Lite Leader. TA A.TED, intelligent Office Eoy for OGal Exporter's ODioo at Docks; knowledge of typewriting necessary.—Apply Coal Leader Ottice, Swa-nsea. 21A4-19 w ANTED. sharp Boy for Solicitor's Office. -.Apply" Solicitors," Leader Office. 2.1A4-19 QMAKT Ij&d Wanted for Office; shorthand k. and typewriting essential.—Apply A. L Morgan, 7, Cast La-street. 25A4-22 AGENTS, &C., WANTS 0.  When fC??M?' f.) ?Tft'tM??t6M<X, please mention the" Leader. A GEKTS Wanted.—Men in M?ula.r employ- ?A ment o.?.n increase their income by selling Boots, Cycles, Jewellery, etc.; well- known English 3rin.—Apply Boots," c/o W. Rosier, Pubiisher, Bridge-street, Neath. ) 26A4-25 R Or-AI. Lonaon Insurance OiSces.—lis- Quired, Full and Spare-time Agents at Gowerton, Gorseinon and Penclawdd.— Superintendent: 1. Alban-road. Llaneily. 04-25 ~j\/|~USIC —Well-known Firm E?u?'r&& 1, Resident Kepresentative in all to?u?. and districts; no previous travelling ex- perience necessary, if energetic; not under 25, and in touch with musical people, choirs, orchestras, amateur and profeasional, teachers, students, etc.; whole or spare time; liberal remuneration and permanency. —State previous employment, age, and if disengaged, to Bos A20, Leader Office, Swan- pea- C4-25 QOLE Agents Wanted in Swansea ajtd 1 District to sell British-made Electric Tungsten Wire I..aID.Writ6 22. Truider- road, London. N. C4-19 A GENT Required on salary and com- .1-1. mission to represent North and South Wales.—Address 65, Dotvnham-road, Kings- land-road, London. 23A4-S1 -DO iX'r- Friendly Society. —Good Book for Sale in Llaneily District; price ten times.—Davies, District Manager. 4. New-road, Llaneily. 21A4-19 TRAVELER Boquired by local firm Wholesale Provision Merchants, to tptn up new ground; must be experienced, salary £ 3; state present employment, age and fullest particulars.—" Rex." Leader Office, Swansea. zLk"-19 QMART Canva&sere Wanted; salary and commission; good opening— Jenkyn, 16. Alfred-street, Neath. 21A4-19 GENTLEMAN with connection among#! G* Bottlers, Brewers, Distillers and Mineral Water Makers, to represent leadinr firm Cork ilanufaeuirers: liberal commts- cion.—211, Sell's 03ices, Fleet-street, London. 16A4-19 TAILORS, C-C. gJBT- When rePlying io advertisements please 111pntioii fie Lead TT7"AXTED, Tailor or Te-iloress; cue accus- tomed to ladke' trade preferred.— Apply 145, Western-street. 26A4-23 'T.ílJ.JÛRING:vantèd immediately thor- T oti.ghly eXe'pl.4 nxd Hands for Ladies' Tailoring.—Appiy M. M. Thomas, 4. Northampton Gardens, Swansea, 25A4-22 ?? TAYLORS.-?'a..u?d, "?o (',();; also Two VMt Hands.—Lewis and Son, Cloth HalL Gowertoa. 21A4-19 MILLINERS, &o. PW- When replying to advertisements please mention the Leader. "\TILLINEEY.—Apprentice, Improver ana an A iclt&tnt Required.—Apply Ed- wards, Drapefc-s, Oxford-street. 25A4-22 ArPRENliCES. lis- "/hen rep!ytng to advertisements please f11P11!iM! the 1¡"arl'Y ?? ANTED, at oncQ, a smart Junior-^ Improver. Grocery a!:d Provisions; Melyn Branch of the Brito nfer ry and District Cc-operative Society; state age, references; trade union wages C4-1S v ACANCi' for Strong Youth, Apprentict- to the Coopering.—Apply Fred Jones. Port, Tennant Cooperage. Swansea. 21A419 u»i £ ittuLA,OuS :c.Ji. VACANT. kXW- When replying to advertisements, Please meution U;" t W A-N-TED, Smart Youth. là to 21, to learn Collecting. — Al^ly, stating age, height, and wages expected, Box B2, Leader Office. 26A4-22 W ANTED, Young Man with experience for Show Room and Warehouse — Jenkins end Co^ Ironmongers, Swansea. ZM4- ENT.'S MEIWERY-Smurt Youth Wanted -,Inar', Youth Wantc-d Waterloo-etrest, Svvansea. Lieweliyn, 25, 2.3A4-%l ANTED, Two Brick Stterd and Drawees (contract); permanent employment to men able to handle 40,000 biicks in and out per week.—Appiy Tirbach Brickworks. I'etalyfora 23A4-21 TV7"ANTED, 50 Miners for Coal Seam in l f Lancashire; regular work, good wages; metal miners may apply; applicants will be interviewed in Swan&ea by appoint- ment.—Apply by letter, Box A13. Leader Office, Swansea. ■ TAT"ANTED, Local Correspondent for Dun- rant district.—Apply, by letter only. Chief Sub-Editor, Leader Office. Y OUT-U, about 38-20, Wanted as Barman, and for odd jobs, etc.; experienced pre- ferred; references.—Thomas, Golden Cross, St. Thomas. 23A4-21 CARTER Wanted; good ploughman; state care, wages, and rcIel'c,-Thoma<3, Marcross Farm, Llarirwit Major. 21A4-19 T V" ANTED, twe good Masons.—Apply Grif V,-ths, Builder, Cwmtwrch. 21A4-1S WANTED, Single-handed Laundress; gocd finery :t?t)<r and washer-Apply, giv- ing full particulars, Alteryn House, New- port, Mon. 21A4-19 EAPEEY.—Young Lady for Fancy De- D partment, some experience; outdoor.- Isao/c Jamea, 75, St. Helen's-road, Swansea 21A4-19 IVANTED, immediately, a Assistants W for the Cycle Trade.—Apply i>?,:t'sonall.v to the Hallord Cycle Co., Ltd., Castle-square 21A4-39 ?t? PRACTICAL Navviea WanWd at th, J L ,¡ Now Training Co!l..?e. Gianmor. Swan sec.—Apply en si to. 19A 4-18 A MAN Wanted, with knowiedge of Machinery and Scrap Iron. with a, little Capital.—State salary required, and amount available to "A :1," Cautbris6 leader, Swansea. SITUATIONS WANTED. §)W~ When replying to advertisements, please mention the Leader GROCERY" and Provisions.—Situation re- quired as Assistant; age 25; 10 years' experience; good references.—J. Davies, 15, Brook-street, Llanidloes, North Wales. 23 A 4-15 1\. If'IDDiE-AGEri Man aeeka Situation of man, Caretaker, or could manage Coal Business; total abstainer.—Apply Eck- fc-d." Leader Office. 21A4-3.9 YOTjl;C,, Lady oeelw Post as ShorthaTuT- i Typist; 0xLe.lmIt references.—Apply Efficient," Leader Oiiice. 1CA4-17 T- = lVhen replying io advertisements, ,le,-Isc -n-,ii,ton the Lead,-r. ENTLEMAN deajr<?, to corrwijond w?th .J" i<?ne<i Ls.d: aboH? ?; view, mat-riinoiiy. genuia-a and confidential:-Boz A17, Leader 03ico, Swaiwsea* 26A4-23 HOUSES FOR SALE AND TO LET. pj. When replying to advertisements, please mention the" Leadu." iE VERY Man Hi6 Own Lanulo-d: the best way to solve the Housing Problem.— For Sale, cheap, Two Rolled Stone Front Houses in Pentre-terraoe; garden front and back; large portion of purchatse money can remain on mortgage a.t 4 per cent.—Apply Evan Evana, Beresfoz-d House, Swanee«. 25A4-2S "VfEATH—House to Let, nioely decoratiru ,-)ath (L, &- e); good garden; side en- trance.—Apply "A. 93, Britonferry-rcad t 25A4-22 OT'SE to Let, Walter-road, cont?n- H ing room?? !l{l large attic, bath (h & c), J and oSiees, scullery and china pantry.— Further particuiars, Bela," Leader OSice. 24A4-21 7, 73, Walter-road, Swana. 23A4-"1 O OUSE tor Sale, No. 34. Bernard-street, Lv'" ",a e, .\0. -"<" (hna -<s Uplands; vacant Appiy 29, Trafalgar-place. 23A4-21 T^'OR SALE, a Hou.-e v,ith stable in Ed- Jt ward-street, 3 Houses Kilvey-terracc. I House Ciarenoe-terrace, 1 House Richard- son-street.—Apply j. Harris, Auctioneer, 1, George-street, Swansea. 20A4-18 FURNITURE, & £ FOR SALE. FURM?TUHE, &e., FOR SALE. Q- When replying to advertisements, please mention ihe Leader. "F"1 OR SALE, Leather Parlcur Suite, S9 5a. j ALM Dark Gieen riuKh Suit?; 6?11 ror in it-,t sell; room wanted.—7a, Mansel- | I terrace, Swansea. y ILL'S FOR i-URiNITURE.-Central Build- ,r-1.. ings, Gower-strest, Swansea. Our 40 years' experience in the Furniture Trade has taught us how to be abl6 to supply to the public the most useful and up-to-date Goods that it is possible to turn out aiid at the greatest advantage. By being manu- facturers, we supply gooda cheaper than auy other firm in Walee-, and the great thing to the Public is that we are the only hrm that supply goods on easy terms at cash prices, and deliver free to all parts of the country. All we ask is to give us a trial, and recommendations will follow. We supply strong Kitchen Couches from 15s. 6d.; Dressers from 28s. 6d.; Bedroom Suites from 3 guineas; Full-eke bedsteads from 15s. 6d.; Overmantels, Fenders and Fire Brasses at your own prices. All Bedding sold by ue is guaranteed properly purified, and made at our own Works; so whether you want to furnish for cash or easy terms, call at the Right Shop: Hill's, Central Buildings, Gower- sireet, Swansea; also at Cardiff, Aberdare, and Barry Dock. 25A4-22. fOR-s:ALE, G-'e?u Plush Suite, cost L12, -l te11 for ?3 ?&s.; also Sideboard, cost .20. sell for c9 10s.; must sell; room wanted. —75, Mansel-t-erraca, Swansea. 20A4-18 pÔR SAÎÆ" Kangle and Washing Machine; no reasonable offer r?fueed.—Apply 18. UK ward-street. 19A4-17 Hughes Furnishing Co.'s Announcements. A SPECIAL Bargain.—Light or Dark Wal- nut or Oak Bedroom Suite, bevelled plala glass door to wardrobe, full 6ize swing mirror Diessing Cheat, with marble slab Hnd tile-back W.a.6h<3.and, £6 17s. 6d money returned if not as represented.—'The Hughee Furnishing Co., 351, Oxford-street, Swansea C4-22 A WALNUT Sideboard, ?ith large bevelled -?- plate glass mirror, large cupboardB and drawers, £ 4 19-3. 6d.; worth nearly double, guaranteed.—The Hughes Furnishing Co., 251, Osford-street (opposite Market Corner). 04-22 A LARGE Selection of Overmantels from 12s. lid.; nearly half the usual prices; guaranteed new and in perfect condition.— The Hughes Furnishing Co. (opposite Market Corner), Swansea. C4-22 A LARGE SeIecLion of Bedsteads to clear ?- at priœG below those changed by the makers at present.—Hughes Furnishing Co 253, Oxford-Street, Swansea. C4-22 Dressers, made in our own workshops, at wholesale prices; must be cleared to make room for new stock; prices from 55s. lid.—The Hughes Furnish- ing Co., 251, Oxford-street, Swansea. (;4-22 POULTRY, DOCS, LIVE STOCill., li7heii replying ti advertisements, Please mention the" Leader TUCKS.—Fine White Wyandottes, 76. n c dozen; Campine Eggs, 3e.. a sitting; Lewis "ones'c; strain. White Leghorn Caiciis ready Thursday, 24th.—Mrs. H. Conibezir, 6, Mieri-etreet, St. -Thomas, Swansea. 26A4-22 A IREDALE^Teirier Li,u:n^3Y;aoutLsr Tich black tan colour; good guard and com- panion; champion ratter; Z56.L16w(>lYll. Weillteld House, Ammanford. 25A4-22 U -IHIM,CS! Chicks! Chicks. 6s. per dot.; V White Orpingtons, Brown Leghorns, Bkick Mmorcas; everybody delighted Now: Wanted, Bantams and Rabbit^.—Neill, 17a, Nicholl-street, Swansea; also Market Swanooa.. 24A4-22 -P gm! Eggs! Plymouthlw (barred), Slater's strain, 26. 6d. per sitting.—Morris. Gower Inn, Parktnill. 21A6-3 OR SALE, St. Bernard Dog, high pedi- grec fond of children; 23 months old; 33 inches high; weight 13 stov-e-Evan M()l iis 88, Manselton-road, Manselton, Swansea. 21A4-19 PARTNERSHIP WANTED. Ear- When replying to advertisements, pleD-sa mention the" Leadn. A DVERTISER (Lady) would like Partner- ship in Business with Lady or Gentle- man; will assist in suitable butin&6.—Write Suitable," Leader Office, Swaiiisea, 25A4-23 CIKEl\L-;d V aneÜ;= uît.- Partner, ? -€150, for Palace near Llanelly; £ 2 weekly guaranteed, or half shares; now running successfully; first application first chance.—Write Box A38, Leader Office. 26A4-23 PROFESSIONAL. gw- When replying to advertisements, please mention the Leader. MASSAGE and Electricity, including High If Frenu?ncy. Radiant Heat, Electric Nan- heiru Pine and other Medicated Baths, given by Nurse Evans, at la, :aYllOne-6tree Swan- ms 25A4-22 NOTICES. NOTIC ES. gar- When replying to advertisements. please mention the Leader." A STROLCGY.—Yo?tr Future, Important ?-?- EHo,nw Fo, Marriage, Partner de riooci, Busines-s, SpecuitLtion, Chaugtfe. Legacies, Lucky Days, Planet, etc. Sena birthdate, 6d. P.O. and stamped envelope.— Madam Marion, 4. Robertson-avenue, Edin- burgh. Strictly private, Immediate replies 25A4 2.. Q MART Turn-out for Hire or Sale; Com- k} mercial Vans, Hoise^s, Ponies, Traps, Waggonettes, Governed Gars, Ralli Cars, BrakeB.—W. Jarvis, Victoria Mews, 6, Francis-street, Swansea. Nat. tel. 1S4Y1. 25A4-22 liE Ocean Dry D0{6 Co., Ltd., Swansea, -t are Buyers at all tiiaee of Scrap, Cacit Iron and Brass (light and heavy), in iarge or small quantities. Best prices given. 25A4-Z3 rpHE Engraving Business of the late Mr. L Thomas is being carried on at 20, Waterloo-street, one door lower down. 23A4-21 "FOR all kinds of- Outside Catering, Jno. E. Fitt, Ale-sandra-road, Swansea. Cooks and Waiters sent out. Cutlery, Plate, Glass, and Chins, on "VTEWTON "Mumbles.—Building Plot6 tom; i Leased or Sold.—Apply T. J. P.?hop Davies. 664 Wind-street. Swanoea,. 24A4-18 t EDUCATIONAL. gar- When replying to advertisements, please mention the Leader It G- IRT.'S Boc,.rd''ug and Day School.—Dum- banon, Brynymor-road, Swansea. The House is. well situated in its own grounds. I Summer term oommeucea. May 1st.— Principal: Miss Garlick, A.C.P. C4-30 T ESSONS BY POST.-Study Privately at ..J Home. Firemen's Lessons, Is. :00.; Gas Cap Scales, 3d.; Instruction Book Free. -lamtri n Mining School, Porth, Rhonclda. C5-3 SWANSEA COAJ-M-EPCIAL SCIIOCJL. Buildings SPECIAL EVENING j CLASSES writing, Book-keeping, English, Arithmetic, Spelling and Composition. New Seesicn Commencing. Call or write now for parti- culars. TC OTUDENTS Trained to a Speed ot W, ards Minute in PITMAN'S Short hsTd. Civil Service Canidds.tea Succfrssfuily Prepared for Examinations Numerous Recent Successes Ie-rneris and Sorters Pwansea and Lordon. Lessons given ic Arithmetic, Book-keeping, Trigonometry etc.. Ladies and Gentlemen. Success Guar P-nteed.-hi.e. J. Harris. Shorthand Teacher 66, Oxford-street. Swansea. Day and Eveo- • ne Classes. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, I Im- illhen rePLying to advertisements, 1 please mention the" Leader." írUVE HUNDRED RB>oorcls Wnteù.-T Dealer in Seoond-hanci liii-nitum, Old China., Curiosities, Gramo- phones. etc.. Royal Stores, 64. Oxford-street, j Swansea. Goods bought privately. Tel.: 9U-J Ceiltrel. 2 6 A 4 MEEICAN ORGAN 15 stops, seven sets of reeds; BgB., reduced to £ 18 cash, or 10s. monthly.—Sims, ?, Walt?r-roa?. 21A4-1S TJ1ANO, only shop-foiled; list price 38gs., ?- ?11 for £ 24 cosh, or 35s. monthly.— Sim". 2, Walter-road. 21A4-19 VTIOLIN? by the best makers: nne- Italians; Strings for all Instrument" E-pert Repair to all Stringed Instruments Bows Repaired i r J T. Wooding, Vioilr Maker and Repairer. 23, Gower-strsat. Swan- | «8a. P ?' A N 0 c Q O L D MEDAL PI AS Oi WADDINGTON 4 SONS. Ltd., STATION EOAD, POET TALBOT (opposite the County School). Established 1338 L ANOFOBTE MANUFACTURERS PIANOS from 10; 6ti.; ORGANS from 5-i, Monthly. SOLE AGENTS for the Kastner AutepirLro and the Celebrate! Stems In'e>or PUiye: Piano, also Ritmuller IKjuble sound- board Piaco. kinierman, Poldorf and other well-known German Makers. SPECIAL AGENTS for Pianos and Organs by all the Le&din? ?a.?sre, includœg Bord (of Pari), Allison, B?U. Maaon ajid Hamlin. Ka,rn, Farrand, Hamilton. Sanies, Dominion, Packard, Imperial Co.. Springfield and others. W ADD IN GTON'S alw.syw nave a Good Selec- tion of SHOP-SOILED and SECOND- HASD instruments for Sale et Lew Pricea. Write for Catalogues tuiff i rticulars. WADDINGTON'S Allow Railway Fvres to purchasers. WADDINGTON'S. STATION-ROAD (opposite the County Schools). PORT TALBOT. And at Cardiff. !'orth. and elsewhere D 1. Snsll's Announcements. Q?OKD?'ND Upright Grand Piamo, by S Cofentry "Li Co.; iron frame; walnut case; fine tone and touch; tremendous bar- gain, £ 15 10s.—D. J. Snell, 14a, High-street Arcade Swansea. 23A4-21 riailo, by Hoffmcp., in beautiful walnut case; fine tone and touch; bargain, f,14 IGe.-D. J. Snell, 14a, 21 and 22, High-stre<3t Arcade, Swansea 23A4-21 Org-an, wiib high" mirror s top, 10 stops, fine tone; honestly worth £ 20; genuine bargain, £ 34.—D. J. SneU, 14a, High-street Arcade. Swansea. 23A4-21 (GRAMOPHONES from 21&. ew Dcuble- C-T sided Johu Bull and Winner Records 6d. each; all new titles.-D. J. Snell, 14a, 21 and 22, High-street Arcade, Swansea. 23A4-21 CccSfray & Co.'s Announcements. G E-,Ui'E BAItCAl-N.-Socond-haiid Piano ;;y WooUey. of London. Patent Iron Frame; very fine tone and touch; in good condition; 10 guineas cash, or 6s. month ly." Godfr-ey and Co., Ltd., 22, St. Helen's-rcad. Swansea. 21A4-12 G E:nJINB BARGAIN.—Second-hand Piano T. by RlliY. Paiie Iron frame; full trichord; check action; ivory keys; rosewo-oa case; in perfect condition; 12 guineas cash, or 76. 6d monthly—Gccifrey ajiu w.. Ltd.. 22. St. Ile^en's-road, Swansea. 21A4-19 BLUTIINER Upright Grand, slightly soiled; the finest German Pianoforte possible to obtain; used by all eminent Ilanist-s; noted for their exquisite tone. flexibility of touch, and lasting qualities. Original price 85 guineas; reduced to 56 guineas cash or 25s monthly.—Godfrey and Co., Ltd.. 22, St. Helen's-road, Swansea. 21A4-19 MISCELLANEOUS SALES. (HF" When replying to advertisements. please mention the "Leader," F oR SALE, Yost -No. 4 Typewriter, in good L' working order, for £ 5 56. cash.—Box A19, Leader Oflioe, Swansea. C4-Z3 I lOR SALE. Bookcase, well-made, 7ft. icin. _r high, 20in. deep.-For particulars write "Bookcase," Leader Office, Swansea. 25A4-22 To Stetl and Tinplate Woriis Managers.— j For Sale, Four Tons Second-hand good Sail Canvass.—Apply Harvey's Yard, Docks. Port Talbot. 22A4-21 J-00-500 Tomat-o for Sale, 32in high; Iti. 6d. per doz.. 4«. per 50.— Apply Edwards, 29, Penybank-rcad, Amman- ford. 20A4-38 SEVERAL Tons of Firewood and Oid ron for Sale.—James, Ship Stores, Ltd., Pier street. Swansea. C4-31 BUSINESS FOR |OF~ When replying to advertisements, Please mention ihe Leader. 1 > EST A U RAJS' T Business for disposal; grand opening; excellent stand, near Theati-es; profits large proved.—Apply Box AlII," Leader OSee. 25A4-22 G OL-SEI-'NCN.-To Drapers and Outfittei-e: For Sale. as a. going concern, a Diaper's and Outfitter's Lock-up Shop; cr will sell Stock separately; good reasons for giving up Ijeader Office. 04-33 TO LET, the old-established Business or Boot and Shoe Dealer, situated at 5, Brecon-road, Abergavenny; good position, main road; double-fronted; stock low. Also i Branch Repairing Shop; centre town: Reason disposal, going abioad-—John Short, Abergavenny. 25A4-Z2 T — T -1 L LEFT-OFF CLOTH ■ MQ, &c. gar- Wilen replying to advertisements, please mention the "Leader. C>A -T-O4. F Clothing and Furniture of ? ?very d'e?Mription bought '?to any amount for cash; postcards receive prompt attention; best prices given.—Note address: Ruck, 15 and 16, Princo o-i L-zivan- f-ea. To 5uyers: A Large Selection of goods to choose from. C5-13 A,i-RS. BA.D!)IEL Buys Ladies' and Gent.'s 1'-1. Left-off Clothing. Posto-ards receive prompt at.tentiov-7. Prin-ce of Wales-road, Swan-sea. 25 A 4-21 T\TK~TsFAtV-Left-bS Clothing Bougnt i 1: and Sold; best prices given; postcards receive prompt attention; c lee rung, p reset ng i and repairiug Neath-road, lisfod., Swansea. 25A4-21 sMOTOR CARS, CYCLES, &6., FOR SALE. When replying t advertisements, please mention the Leader. "IOR SALE, Gent.'s Second-hand Cycle, Piemisr make, 26iu. frame, excellent condition, tools, Brooks' t>a.ù d. Ie B90, also Eadie coast,er-hub, £.3; a bargain.—Apply 146, Western-street. i6A4-23 i Ol 1 FRLiT~Engine Triumph, in perfect if condition; best offer over £ 30.— Sutton, 38, Worcester-place, Swansea.. 26A4-23 1-9-10-FOR-D Two-seater; practically new; ???0 best cL:er over ?1<M; C06t £140- Sutton, 38. Worcester-placs, Swansea. 26A4-25 ? Q? ? GENT.'S Cycle. Ull60ûed, with B.S.A. X*'Xi) 3.-6d gear; ?4 4s„ bargain.-Wnte "Avon," Leader OSice. 26A4-23 IF You Wish to snow the Exact Brake- Horse-Power of your Motor Car Engine, call at Melbourne Garage, 7, Melbourne- place, Swansea. Can give it for a small fee. I have a special apparatus for the purpose. C4-:2 ELS 1 ZE CARS.-I can give immediate ue- liverY of any of the 10-12 h.p. Models, and early delivery of all other Models.— Book your orders now for WliitrTuu with the Agent: C. K. Andrews, Uplands Garage. 25A4-22 "OICYCLE for Sale. cheA.P, in good running order.-App,-iy Cheap," LeaOer OlliN. ZÜ4.Zj FOR SALE, Lady s Eudge Whitwortn Cycle, 40s.—Apply No. 55, Phillip-street, ilani,elt.)n, Swansea. 21Å19 Or /?—GE:ST.? Eud?e Whitwortn Sicyc:? <JU/ ?.. gaie. jn splendid cond??oi; also New Hudson, suit young lad; will sell cheep.—Appiy 29, Mane^l-st.reet. 2DÀ4.8 "ClOR SALE, 14-16 N.H.P. Loco type Boner Dy Robey: quite as new; fitted with Donkey Pump.—Apply to G. S. Richmond, Engineer, Liacelly. T C. Clarke's Announcements. CLARKE'i-d&rege,-port Talbot, for eaticiaetion. C4-22 /^AES.—I. tupply Sunbeams, Sherneld Sircrpler,, Vaiiams. Enfie-lds, Alldays, Balsize, Fords, &c. C-4-23 SMALL Cars and Cycle-Cam.-Book your order at once and save disappointment. At present I can deliver Morris-Oxford Small Car, five weeks; Perry Car, four weeks; Rumberette from stock; Chater-Lea, 10 daye. C4-23 OTOirCYCLES. Zenith Gradua, 6 h.p., from stock. Triumph, from stock. Calcott, 2i h.p., 33 guineas, from stock. Hazeiwood, 5^ h.p., Twin Jap, Armstrong 3-opetid, 53 guineas, from stock. Zenith Gradua, 8 h.p., 10 daye. Zenith Gradua, li h.p., one week. Clyno, 14 days. Budge, one week. C4-23 1DECAES in Stock. 04-2.3 SECOND-HAND MOTOR CYCLES. 3512 Zenith, 6 h.p., kick starter. £ 54 10 0 1912 Eudge Standard 35 0 0 3S11 Zenith, 6 h.i) 45 0 0 1912-33 Eudge Multi 48 15 0 1912 32 h.p. Alldays, 2-speed 34 0 0 1932 Clyno, 6 h.p 48 15 0 î; ¡;/ ':i: 1 0 0 Many otnera. C2.3 CARS and Motor Cycles Accessories in great variety, albo Second-hand Tyres, Head Lamp, Radiators, Stepneys, Coils, Back Axles, &c., &c. Inquiries solicited. When in Port Talbot do not forget to call. Clarke's Garage. Port Talbot. C4-23 Hedge's Announcements. 20 H.P. C.P.T. Delivery Van for Sale; —used, only for demonstration purposes; cost £Y>û new: splendid value at JE230. C4-22 -j A.J •"> H.P. Two-Cylinder Da.rraq Car. -1 ?\ '?JL? fonr-Eeawr. hood screen, lamps and tools; in good running order; £40. C4-22 B S A i TRIUMPH Motor Cycle6, -fif?Z with free engine clutches; 3i h.p.. 2pced chain drive James, 3912 model, with new Canolet Sidecar, in splendid order, £ 60 cash.—Appiy at Hedge s Garage, Neath- CA'— J Braytey's Announcements. J Braytey's Announcements. s I-NGER, 1512, as new. 2i h.p.: £ 32. C. TrYITMPH 3J h.p.. 3-epeed gear, f?-ee engine, -JL fitted with smart Sidecar; L45. C.T.D. TRIUMPH 3J h.p., in good running order; £20. C.T.D. 21 Chain-driven Humbert £ 7 106 '2. C.T.D. OOK EARLY for Delivery of New Hud- J-3 aDD. Jame?. Ariel, Eover. Rex. and F.N. Motor Cycles, and Singer Cycle-Cars. C.T.D. i 912 5-6 H.P. Clyno end Sidecar; all in ,ion, -ICLS. C T.  iji? I*Tfeet co-ndition. ?5. C.T.D. J- BRAYiÆY, a5. Oxford-street, Swan^a IT C.T.D. Ivcr I. Roberts' Annaurccmenti 1 -1 E Cycle Car iu = ",A S call and insp-ect it Ordera booke. r-riy- Esrly deliveries enf-a red CTT, ttOOK Now for Early Deliveries of A.J. ■L* Enfields, Douglas. Humbera. Rudge Motor Cy-"le« • "!1.0 Swift Tvcl- ri f HAVE in etocli eeverat up-io-cate secouu band Motor Cycles, including 19U Indian. B.S A's, Triumphs. EnSelds, P. ami M.'a. Bradbury's. N.S.U.. New Hudson* Premiers and A-J-S. Prices from ICIO to £ w Send postcard or call for List.-Ivor I r!ft O^JC T MACHINERY, &0., FOR GAlE. gar- When replying to advertisements, please mention the Leader. AUNDEY Machinery—For Sale, one L Bradford's Midway Decoudun Ironing Machine, Roller 90 inches ling; condition perfect; can be seen workiub.-Appl;r Secre- tary, Hospital.. Swansea. 23A4-23 AKERSi—Portable Oven. equal to new; also One Sack Werner Pfieidirer and Perkins' Kneading Machine, la,test pattern. equal to new; cost £ 105, ac- cept a bargain.—Apply "Portable, Ijeader Office 19A.17 BOILEES (50) and Machinery, good second- hand.—John Stringer and SOD, Dept. 65, Blackburn C7-3 FOR SALE. 10,000 TRAM SLEEPERS, 3ft. 6in. x Sin. x 2Jin. LARGE QUANTITY OF MAIN LINE SLEEPERS, 9ft. x lOin. x 5in. Also Quantity MAIN LINE SLEEPERS Suitable for COG WOOD. BUYERS OF OLD TYPE RAILWAY WAGGONS FOR DISMANTLING. D. ûOUillAS STEWART AND CO., Metal, Machinery, and General Merchants, Telegrams: Stewart, Quay-parade, Swan- sea. Tel.: 306 Central. SUCTION GA, E N G! N R. A IN ¡; S F?eld;ng Patnt. Gold Medal Awarded Sire 9 to 300 BH P.; 10 B E r. 5or Id rier hour. Cheapest power known nUDd. working. Catalogues Free Write pre?er.r cost, and we will show Snvine to bp effected. Few Second-hand Gas Ensir??' Cheap. Engines for Cinemas a Speciality, -S,¡1e Makers: FIELDING AND PLANT. GLOUCESTER OR SALE. 500 Tons > eel Rolled Joists. varicus sections; Built-up Qj rden. Angles. Tees. and Rail. Also a Large Assort- ment of Tanks. Stretching Screws. efc., etc. Inspection inv ited.-ShiiDbreaking Oo Ltd.. ,K.iDjf" Dock. Swan"&. O.T.D. CARRIAGES, HORSES, &o., FOR SALE. !«- IT' hen replying to advertisements, please mention the Leader." FOR SALE, Sm all Governess Car, suitable for pony or donkey; bargain—Morgan, White Horse, Llandiio. C..2Z G Cai, foi- cheap; or Exchange for ltalli Trap. Spring Cart for Sale, suit c-ob.—W. Jenkins, T^OE SALE. Timber Ca.?iage: nearly new; Fbe eccn any timc.-Apply IL Ford, Thomas-street, Swansea. 23A4-17 T^OE SALE, splendid Bay Cob. 14 hands: fige five years; suit tradesman; must sell: no dealers.—-ipply Gates, Western- FOj-S::L, Trap with covering, nearly new, suit butcher or grocer; a loo Set T. Dcvies. 6. Idwal-street, Neath. C4-21 pOR SA LE. Ten useful Horses and Cobs; also several Brakes and Wagonettes. -Ap.-ly Copparman's Arms, Plasmurl. 21A4-39 BUSJMESS PREMISES TO LET. replying I., advertisements, please mention Le Leader. 1"10 LET. Premises at Mumbles with SeTen — Be-drooms, 15s. weekly inclusive.—Appiy Lucas and S-n. Auctioneers. Swansea. 26A4-25 TO LET, Double-iront Shop at Mumbles, 3j; per v.-v'k.—Apply Lucas aiid Sen, Auctioneers, Swansea. 2oA4-i3 pLOT of .Land to Let., back St. Helen's- avenue; &so lard and Workshop, baxlt 17. PaMon-piaee.—Write "Investor," j>sader Cilice. 26A4-23 91 ST. llELEN^S-EOAD.-To Ijet~LerpB NShop and Promisee.—Apply jenkir.s. 8, I3piana&-cre3oent, Swansea- 261A4-2i 0 O i.. SL and Shop to Let at Fforestiach, plate-gloss front; suit any ousiness; good openiiig for Colonial Produce; ren t lZtà. per week.—Apply Crocker, Station-tna<^ Fforestfeoh- 2tiA4-:¡,J qpo LET, thct comiEodious atnd up-io-<laie 1 Grocery or Drapery Double-fronted Premises; house, bakery and stable at tached; High-street. Ogmore Valt;Appl, James, Pentreix^ily, B*ackmill. 2aA4-22 CÕú. JOlJIOCS She): and I'remises To Let Sketty; good i>osdtion.—Atidiyes Box A.15. Leader, Swansea. 25A4-22 'O.Ff'lCE or Workshop to Let, 4s. 6d. weekly.—Apply hor J. Thomas, 20, Waterloo-street. 23A4-21 TiOUR Offices to Let on second floor of 37. — ,Wind-street, Swansea; will let in pairs if required.—These modern and well-lighted suitec- can be viwed on application to Fitt, Brothers and Davies, Ltd. C4-9 THREE ".CM to Let on Sre.t floor, and T Two CMc,* on Lecord Coor. of Ko. '7. Wind-street, Swansea; possession March aid June Quarter Days respectively.—Thesa modern and well-lighted suites can be viewed on application to Fitt Brothers and Davies, Ltd. T.C. APARTMENTS, &o. EW- When replying to advertisements, please mention the" Leader. N EA-LH.-T<) Let, Bcdioom and Sitting- room, in good locality; suit married couple.—Apply B. Leader OfSce, Neatu. 2<SA4-2S ?p6 LET, Two UMfur??h? Roums. "ut 17, Bey-street, Port T?nnant. Swansea. 24A4-21 XI" ESTCEOSS.—Apartments (iurnMhed) ir 't Let, Kitchen and Bedroom one or t.. gDod &d6, aG J'8<:[u':ed. from 6s. to 30s, weekly; pioasantly tituateO; semi-detached; references fychanged.-AI)ply West," 21A4-19 T 0 LET, 'iwo Unimnished Rooms, front sitting and front b-edroom, with use of kitchen; rent low.—Apply 10. Carnglab- road. Sketty. 7A4 39 R- OOMS to Let, suit gentleman; best part of Sketty; every convenience; bath; piano; terms mod-rat-&-Apply "Sketty. LMder OSce, Swacaea. 20A4-13 1,-ed e?- Offic*, Swanaca,. 20A 4- -? 8 rro LET. Large Front Furnished Bed-Sit- ting-room, suit married couple; alpo back do.. 5s. 6d. weekly; one minute from .Ai hert Ha-ll.-73, Mansel-terrace, Swansea. 20 A 4-1S NTEA TH -To Let, Bedroom and Sitting- room, suit one or two gentlemen in business; beard optioncL. Apply 19. Leonard-street, Neath. 19A4-17 APARTMENTS WANTED. OW- When replying to advertisements, please mention the Leader. W ANTED, by Two Y'cur.g Ladies, Furnishded Bedroom and Sitting-room. —Apply, with terms, to E.T" Leader Ouioes, Swansea. C4-25 MiSOE LLAHEOUS WANTS. ;44- It hen replying to advertisements, pic ase mention hie "LA- ad.u "ITTANTED, Address cf Bootmaker making Genuine Kand-eewn Boots to measure for flat foot and other deformity.—Bos B7. Leader OSce, Swansea. 26A4-23 X^'ANTED, Smblui? and Accommodauon f0r Two Dray? near the Docks.—Apply. with full particulars a6 to rental, etc., to "Stabling," Leader Office. 26A4-23 "TITANTED, Larch Butts, 10 to 27ft. lengths, » » 6in. to Ejin., quarter girth.—Parti- culars and price, Geo. Harvey, Boat Builder. Docka, Port Talbot. 22A4-3 V8- A-NTED, an 8-inch Gas Engine; st.BÎ. age, lowest price.—Apply Gato." Leader Office. 21A4-39 TV ANTED, in exchange for nearly-new t i Double Pram, Tube-frame Folding Car- riage. iiiagie.-Apply (after 0No. 5, Rock- ville-terrace. West Cross C.T.D. -&: sirtANStA TftAOfc kil HECi OHY. NEED HAM'S MACfC COUCH CURE. COSTS LESS Tu. N AN LADEHTAKEE. A Compound of the best modern Gouh Remedies known to the Medical Profession. One doso reiie\«s; one bcttie cures. 1),ri,-e STORES, HAFOD. SWANSEA. Co 7 CARRIAGE, VAN & CART LAMPS. CLIPPING MACHINES, HOUSE RUGS, Purchaser? of the above (r00fh would ds weU too call and inspect our Stock. CA r- ria-ge Repaired. New G!a*«.>s Fitted. —SWANSEA SADDLERY CO.. HIGH-ST. ARC A DE 103y Central. i7E aTH CR" AND"C ?' N3ERY^ Real Useful Sole Leather Pieces for Boot Repaire.-fc can be had at the Cheapest Houn ;n Wales. — SWANSEA r' SADDLERY 00. LeatMt iaercnunt?. ARCAT-E. SWANSEA. C. rti. M 0 R P. 18, 19i LiMJON-STREET, — FOR VALUE AND FIT. waterprOOf Hcrsa Lain Cietns, Tarpau- lins, Caft, Truck, and Wagon covers, Nosebags, etc. Hs>:i!?<?rs, Oontractora, and Horse Keepers. bsfoi e lluring the above Goods, kindly call and Inspect our LERY CO. 'HlfiH-STREET ARCADE. 303y Central. -W-i,f R? ROO i=; H tf"iïRE-D WHpra to Go or Rzlny Days;— Bend you WATERPROOFS to rTrPST,AND vrv r' ,,T" 7"' n CTT^ A VCTJH caouciiyon ) f' ,v ?"?\   ('.I £ GO TO I i| iiityuistriyri o jj ? íUUtBll Ufi t-ø j n; é f ?t?' W??? ??? S?p !} Y Stc? HyEtd &r-, t (';a.r;¡/I .Jc:oJtS01  31, !IICH STBE?T..? ???A?aB.A. ??  11 nftOUCHTötr