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LAVE ADVERTISEMENTS. AV, A.N'iE-O. by important foreign Firm, Commission Agent, haying good con- nection in the trade. for Cement and other Building Materials.—Address A6," c/o Leader Ofhce, Swansea. l,011 SALE, ttrtng Booking Home; cost JL £ "1, sell for 56s. Also Drawing-room Suite, 6s.—75, Ma-nsel-terra-ce, Swansea. 29A4 26 T> AZ0it>S, &cÚor6, Pen and Poc?-et Garden Shears, etc., ground daily.— T. Ward Bavi«s, Practical Cutler, 7, Nebon- bi,roet, 29A4-26 rpo LET, "FrontT l''m-nMhed Bed Sittmg- -L room, suit married couple, 7& weekly; also back do., 60;. 6d. we-ekly,-73, Manceir- i..enac.e, thr-ee minuses from Albert Hell. ZSA4-25 OA-L MINER,; Wanted in Ccma-da; gcoa wages euiiable men; full particulars UIXJll application. Experienced and in- experieuoea i'&rmexs, Faira Labourer6 also required.—Bertie i'eikirus Company, 1.iain Passenger' Booking Oidce, 11, Somer«e&- pla-ce, hwenisfta. 26A4-25 L.LAI\ElOji and Mae&teg.—Good Ag-ente &,ntect.-Arply Taylor, Artiste, Swan- sea. ZvA4-25 Vv ANTLD, Youug Girl for Housework; strong; ri-fcep out; no washing; refer- ences.—Apply, between 6 and 7 o'clock. Zâ. Waiter-road, Swansea. 2.9.A4-25 SiiAiiP iioy w anved.-Apply W J uiau to Bookstall, Mign-etreet Station, Swan- eea. 29A4-26 01-t SALE or to Let, modern S-team J- Laundry n-toar Swansea; growing pro- fereeaive district; good centre; excellent prospeete; iispaotijn iiivited.-Apply Box 882, Leader Office, Swansea. 29A4-25 AVIED, at oncd, experienced Pecker and Sorter.—Apply ii-anagerete, Betha Laundry, Swansea. 29A4-25 CLAIn Ll^EliS—Persong desiring to be- eSLewai-ds, Stewardesses, Butchers, Bakers, Engineers, Stokers, etc., aend ad- j dressed envelope; forma free.—W. Breakell, 95, Shakespeare-street, Southport. C5-2 X"'0dS from Grand Pen; Blue Andal???- L well laced, good winter layers, 3s. 6d. Sitting; and 3 Buff Orpington Hens in full iay.-T. Grove, 4, Prospect-piaoe, Sketty. 29A4-25 NN" A-I'ED, Bright and Ambitious Young Men to qualify for Superintendences throughout South Wales by a Progressi-ve and Up-to-date insurance Compaiiy.-Write ful,y, "Mutual," 9-10, Castle Buildings,. Swansea. ZEA425 13 -AKEM.-Wanted, Smart Young Man as Vanman, and Assist Inside; live in; wages, 123.; references required; good sales- u,ail.-Buckley, Loughor. 2SA4-25 "r ATED. Smart Boy, just left Bchool, as Apprentice to the Grocery Trade; live in.-Apply, first. Apprentice, Leader Office, Swansea. 29A4-25 AY^ANTED, Second-hand Cycle-car, or Small Car; must be in perfect order, anfl reasonable price.-Box B3, leader Office. 29A4-25 o P, Mare. Cart, and Harne8S.- J- Write "Cart." Leader Office. 29A 4-26 ITiVTi ASON&T—W anted. Three good Rubble 1 Wallers.-Apply Thos. Jones, Builder, Y s t r a d g y n i a • 29 "A.4-25 Ystradgynlaw. r-, YCOCII-ROAD, SKETTY.-For S,ae, 6 • Houses and one Shop.-Apply G yc. Pocock, Kingston ,Jiketty. 29A4-Z5 OST t Y Saturday, April 5th, I' Gent's fawn Kain-procf Coat.-Fiuder returning same to Police Station, Yrtaly- j fera, will be rewarded. and Bedroom; also J: comfortable Bed-Sitting-room to Let, overlooking bay; fine position; every con- venience; close to parks and beach; with or without board. 1. Priorton-terrace 28A4-25 TTOUSE to Let, Walter-road, cont? -H ing 8 rooma and large attic, bath (h & c). and offices, scullery and chine. pantry.- Further parUcula?. B?. -?dcr  24A4-Z.1 WANTED, Lady or Gentleman, with good 'V conn-xtion. to canvass order for Goal; good commission given to suitable appli- cant—Apply Coal." Leader Office. 29A4-2a VV' V 'A* NTED a thoroughly experienced  House-Parlourmaid; mu?t give thoroughly good -refel7,onces.-Apply Morton Peel, South View, Sketty. 29AM4?-? HOUtoE-foi~"Saife in HaiWmere-road, o3 -Li Sk?tty-a?nu?.-Apply G?Uydeg, Hazle- mere-ro" Sketty.  Dan. Wilks' Announcements. KLSSIX u-Ch«*t Paire, with Marble Slab \v?ha?n(!only .M; Solid Walnut Wardrobe, only £3; Kitchen Table, 4in. legs, white wood top, only 14s. 6d. C4-Zb ir* FOR fullz-e W{)ol Bed Set, Wool 1?/ Uo??fl&y 1?. 6d.. Wire Ma,ttr"6e6 9?. id., BadtJtcad and Pailiaoeea only 12e. 6u, ieoond-hand Combination Bedstead with Aatxres«i, complete 7e. 6d. C4-2.5 Sideboard, with Shaped Bevelled liir- G ror, only t4 19s. 6d.; Gilt Overmanitl, ift. x 3ft. 9in., only 37s. 6d.; Chippendale ¡ Overmantels, only 25e. each; 4ft. Louis 3abinet3, only £2 7o. 6d.; Stair Cttrpet-s, Is 4d X:r yard; Tapestry Squai-ee, 3x3, only I7e. &d.; AxmiDster Squares, 3x3^ yards, aniy £ 2 6s. C4-Ji "T LL Kinds of ?urniture Impaired and re- -?- upholsteied. W noiesale pnoo. Send Poetoard direct to the iactory, 22, Eichard- son-etreet, Swansea- C4"^ ?OR SAi-?E, American Organ, in good eon- -? dition, 10 stop?; ? be Bold cheap, ?7 lÛ8.-¿m Wilks, 22, Biehard(iou-6treet, Swan- sea. 04-25 j J- Braytey's Announcements. -I m' t-) MODEL DE LUXE Rex, 2?)eed; ?-??? bought new January. 1913; C50, 0; I offer. G.T.I>. ^1 PKIUMPH, 3i h.p., £ 20.CT.D. 191'-) .?LW HUDSON, 4 h.p., three-speed I I-9l,i.d g- 'o. C.T.D. -L QJTXT± CTLll^DEa"F.NTMotor CycleTjuSt 1 L u <j\t.'bj.uied and renovated by niaier»; price C.T.D. po RD CAR, j-D perfect condition, L60. J: C.T.D. Tq1I '? 5-6 H.P. Olyno &nd 8ideca.r; all in o L —< perfect condition, £ 55. C.T.D. MMEDiA 1L Deliveries from Stock of Kew liudcoii, James, Ariel, and Rex; also A-asnt for Rover find F.N. Motor Cyclea, arid iitager'fi Cycle-Cam—Call or write for list, free — J BI-ayiay, 215, Ox ford-street, Swan- &ea.. C.T.D. I Surgical Appliances  Springiess Trusse3j I Abdominal Bpha ?Lumba?o Belts Elastic Hosiery | J Elastic St,?ck;ngs l? Knee Caps I Anklets I Depot for Swansea and District: I MOSES JONES & CO., Cash c??.<,? j? J ? HIGH STREET, SWANSEA. lYNE VALLEY RACES, I SWANSEA. TURDAY, MAY 10th, and I WHIT-MONDAY, MAY 12th, 1813. £ 200 YONEY. Entry Forms and full particulars from the Secretary— E. JENKINS, A (romerian-plac«, Swansea. —iAll Vehicles Freo.-


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