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#4 2 'iA <?'  ?? <  -? !i ill iBiui! |w|m 1 VvlwP^^ 5 v w jf !?- THEyU>' ¡ 'l T' 113' A"  n  Ii I ¿; "STEPIETI u  t  6ø 1^1'Hi' ^willllil BlWiWIIII ?<amQ-!<m?-:StMa<))ta<m <?  !)! _1IIf- = cannot be equailed when car has t to travel on wet grass, snow or 2 greasy road s. ?e A PROOF. t Leamington, <r April 1st, 1913. Dear Sirs, <U I am very pleased with your Road- Grip Tyres, their skidding properties are let very great comfort, and it may interest you to learn that at a Race Meeting re- eently I was able to drive my car off the ground (which icas very wet grass) with a u full load without the slightest difficulty, » a singular contrast to the large number < £ of other cars which had to be pushed or have ropes wound round, the wheels. Yours faithfully, g J. A. C. 2 I The Stepney Spare Motor Wheel, Ld. jj S Stepney Works, 3 LLAINTELLY. I 168, Great Portland 5t., h LONDON, W. e yrr sirsrmrwTww • • — a a 0 0 0 0 0 0 .;Z.muœ- 1"c:JIII t1ll"V: IiL I" X CVCL& I^ |ACC^OrieS|^1 | I 0 ? ? Mb mean added pleasure to oycliDg. N)t HH (o M | TB?OY M8 80 entirely depeDdAble g H S ? S? thtttJb<:reigtbaoIate!ynothij?; ???c3? g §1 si worry Made of the KB Hf i? J? ? Is best material, by cyclists, Nt ? t W ? n ? "Rlyabun" Acc5orie. ??? K | ? # i ? '?* QmriT&Hed. Ask voor dealø ? 3? |g a  K I OA.tMeÖRëAN, FfTj&ll t?? B 21, OXfORD STREET, B?aSyt SWANSEA. B ?-? W  'I r BIIT f!: ???i?????"?  MOTORISTS should inspect and try the 1913 VULCAN sr CAR now on view at JOHN S. BROWN'S MOTOR GARAGE. BRIEF SPECIFICA TION.-15"9 Motor Streamline Body, 4. Seater, Paiated Green, complete with Hood, Screen, 5 Lamp Horn and Spare Wheel £295. j SOLE AGENT- a JOHN S. BROWN Motor Engineer. Swansea. 4" a.w. SYDNEY to MELBOURNE OPpnised. by 1:11. RELIABILITY TRIAL. of Australasia TKTjfc L TJSjlrA r Zq 3 YT Y TWT RECEIVED BY CABLE- ¡ MJL A c???M/L?. ONLY TWO TALBOT CARS COMPETING I PLACED FIRST AND SECOND. i Winning Talbet was awarded: MAXIMUM PC!NTS Iw RaUABILITY. MAXIMUM POINTS tor HILL-E-LIM INC. MAXIMUM POINTS for ^E^TROL^O^MO^Mr. Local agent: I Ernest E. Fletcher Oxford St., Swansea. TALBOT The rest a, in the world to eover t 108 MILES IN ONE HOUR. Catalogue on request. Clement Talbot, Lt4., Barlby Road, Ladbroke Grove, London, W.