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SCALE OF CHARGES I fOR PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS PRIVATE NOTICES. Six msertfcns. -0n« shilling for fJ) words, and M. extra tor every 5 words more. LOST AND FOUND. Three Insertions.-One shining for 2D words, and 3d. extra for every 5 wwrs-s more. Six Insertions,—One shilling and slxpensj for 20 wards, and kS. extra for atiorn < t words mare. BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, DEATHS, IN MEMORIAM, AND SYMPATHY NOTICES. I die fnserf-fin.-Ons shilling and stxpenss for 18 words, and ad. extra tw every 6 words more. This Scale doae not apply to Advertise- Iftnts from Corporate or Public Bodies Bankruptcy or Liquidation Notices. Sa!e? j and Let by Tender, or Tradesmen* Busi ness Announcements. HEAD OFFICE- LEADER CIUILDIMCS. SWANSEA. ) Telephones i Central 1358 (Elevsn Lines) I' Telegra-ns; "Leader, Swansea." LONDON OFFICE- 181, FLEET STREFT. E.O. Telephone: 2276 Central. LLANELLY OFFICE- LONDON BUILDINGS, THOMAS ST. i Telephones No. 116- "EATH OFFICE- ALFRED STREET (Telephone). The Superior Circulation of the "Leader" makes it easily the Best" Local Paper for Small Advertisements. Caring the past year theso announcements have nearly doubled, and with our Sales still increas- I ing, the public may, with confidence, depend upon better results than are ebtainerf elsewnere. TRADE SPFt-VAT-ITIES. CdW- When replYIng to advertisements, please mention the Leader." QEWJNG Machines of all makes, cheap for £ 5 cash; Oil, K?odLe? Shuttles, Parte; good Machine from XI; aU makes repair, —Yates, Sewing -Machine Man, 17, Waterloo- atreet, Swansea. 28A4-B4 B OOT DEALEIIS.-Fill lip Stock aa ro- quired from our Wholesale Ware- i hoiwvee. Leading Brands Stocked■ WiLJjlAii I XtLOYD, Ltd., Gower-street, Swansea. I DO not threw away your old useless Gold or Silver Jewellery, Watches, etc. Turn them into 008b, Beet offer made by return > whE-n forwarded by post.—M- Foner, Jewel- ler, 4, High-street Arcade,. Swansea, 26A4 So I^XTRA Pocket Money.—While spring :J cleani-ng you can turn ail the broken Silver or Gold Watches, Chains, King*, or any article containing gold or silver into hard cash.—M. loner. Jeweller, 4, High- et-reeet Arcade, Swansea. 26A4-ZO UBN it into Xoney for old Silver. Gold, Falsa Teeth, or anything containing Gold or Silver.—Send by poat, or call at M. Foner's. Jeweller, 4, High-street Arcade, Swansea. 26A4-23 c HEQUE, I\v.-t*! or Money Order by return post for Broken Silver Watches, Gold, False Teeth, etc., by M. Foner, Jeweller, 4, High-&treet Arcade, Swajisea. Reference: Metropolitan Bank. 26A4-i<3 T- RY Jones and Sons, Brynymoi-road, for -?- Bootmaking and Repairs; B-t Materia,! and Lowest Prices. The new Chrome Water- ) proof Leather in stock. Hand-sewn a j speciality. Z6A2.) •'LOGS! Cloge! Cicsje! Closs) For a^l j trades; repairs a speciality; good work guaranteed; see Clog sign over door. -!i aih and Sons., Port Tennant-road, St. Tbom&s. A4-21 OAVE Your Laundry Bill by wearing tln. L Whiteolin Collar; a Linen Collar specially treated eo that it can he immedi- ately sponged clef-M; Is. each, pc-st 1. Id. Ptnhale, Top of Temple-street, S\va use-j. 21A4-19 FOR UMBRELLAS and Repair*. try W Noble, 1, High-street Arcade. Ee-covei a speciality. Fittei-s Maniifa turersof H" OTEL Bar Fitters Manufacturer* of I  Bear Engines. WMhup!. C)rkdr3cr, Spirit Measure3 Seat-inera, Tables. Gatnea nt all kinds, Skittles.-W. 1. Vaaghan, Queen's place, Cardiff. pOMFORTABLE Work at Home.- -Svttittmp Medlines, Be6t and Cheapest; Cash or Rire. Also a few good bargains in Second hard Knitters, equaJl to new: reliable (Est. 1871) •—W. GriEatha. 30, Queen-street Neath. 61 I D. and Id. BAZAAR GOODfi every kind | to berrinners: dcta-ls pay | Ingr agency; easy terras: catalogue free.- May, 174, Sandpits. Birrolnsrhstn 07-1 MOLYNEUX, Ltd., Fish Ju&eohanta P• 126. High street, Swansea. cbcu;).. I Houee in Town for Fish of all Varieties Wholesale and Betail. Trial Solicited ADIES Reo airing my Famous Remedy J (not useless pills and mixiirec-, send 4s. 6d.; worth pounds; never faiw; guaran- j teed genuine and harmless; beware of Imitations.—Mrs. J. Low is, 63, Charles-street, j Leicester. | ——————————————————————————— Crown Dairy Announcements. F" IS EST Carmarthen Eggs and Poultry, Dairy Butter and Milk; Welsh Bacon and Hams at lowest lprice,3.-91, Mansel- etreet, Swansea. OONTINENT.iL Table Delicacies, Salami ¡ di Milano. BruiiEwick Sausage, etc.; Cooked Meats ready for toble.-51, Maneel- utreet, near Aluert Hall, Swansea, al;,v- Crown Stores, Carmarthen. C5-17 Myrddin Davies's Announcomonts. "JTfTSDDltT'S Indigestion and Liy,,Z M.i. 1. tare, an escelleao preparation for Indigestion, Heartburn, Pains in tb-6 Pit cf the Stomach, Vomiting, Flatatenov. Gim- tritis, etc- Per bottle, Is. and 2s— Ltyrdciir; De,v;es, M.P.S., Cbe-ist. 2oO. High-«tr>eet, Swansea ibottom of High-street). C4-24 j D R. N, OBLE'S Bazkaebe and Kidney P!!Jd specwly recommended for Kidney baubles, Backache. Congestion of the Kili [ teya. Inflammation of the Bladder, Gravel etc. Per box. la. and 2s. 6u —ilyrddir. Daviee, IL.P.S.. Cbenxist, 238. High-street, Sv.'aii&sa (iKjttom of High-street). C4-24 M- YRDDIN'S Liver Grenutes, a most effec- ill. tive little pill for Torpid. Liver, Bii- tioueoeea, Dizsiness, Headache, Constipa- tion. Sold in bottlee, 6d. and 1Cd.-Myrddin Davieei, M.P.&- Chemist. 25B, Bigh-street. Swansoi (bottoTTi of High-streets C4,?4 1ARE America.i Corn Plaster is undoubt- ,.1. edly the m<Mi, effective Corn Plaster manufactured. Try it onoe, then judge; no lailure; no harassing corns; no pain or burning; easy to put on; readily cures; 7id per pwt, 8i*.—Myrddin Da vies. M.P.S., 23S. High-street. Swansea (bottom of High street). C',4-9j ELASTIC STOCKINGS 3s. 6d. each. 4e. 6d j per pair; Anklets, 16. 10d.; Knee Caps, 2s.; Leggins, 2a.; all sizes; British make- Myrddin Da vies. M.P.S., Chemist. 238, liib. street, Swansea (bottom of High-street' 04-24 fpTEXJSSES! Traeees! Trusses: in all ei»et, double or oincle.-Myrddin Danes, ^•R. P 238. High-atreot, Swansea (botton < High-street). 04-24 PIANOFORTE TUNING. rw- When replying to advertisements, please mention the" Leader." PUNfWOB rE TUNING, 3s. 6d.; recom- I mendatjons from Dr. Turpin, Gladstone, 1 aad Broadwood and Sons. Pianos from Beehstfin, Hopkinsoa, Collard, Brinsmead, Ha. Sale or Hire. -Gh&rWa Eadon, 63, ^rnnvwiok'Stis^eV Bvansea. I LOST AND FOUND. f m- Whett rePlyillg to advertisements, tlvase -fnention the Leader. I T OST, S?nda? April 13th, Four Shp and i -? One Lamb, marked with tar ring on back. Fmdor rewarded.—Apply D. Wil1iô,ms,I ba,Iz. Fil)clof, rowar(lyid.-App. C4-kii  LOST, since Monday, Black-fa<Ad Sheep. -? Finder rev.'ajd'&d.—Apply Henry Thomajs, Llwyn Mawr F a-ra: Sketty. 26A4-15 LOST Gold Chain a.Dd &e-Û.- Finder re- L warded on retummg' to Pank and Co., 17. IligiHBtreet. 26A4-23 LOST, Goli MedaT (B.C. & F.C.) between -? H.o&pita,l ?nd 'Brynymor-ci?i.?m; initials A.R. on front and inscription on I oock, -Finder rewarded on returning to 158. Edward-road, Swansea. 23A4-21 ILL the Person who Found Lady's Silver Belt anywhere between Yicarage-road, Cwtnrhydyi airw, ajid Yaya- fQ1;ga,Jl, on Sunday evening, return se,ii>9 to H. J. Owen, Bath-terrace, Morriston. Findei1 rewarded. ZIA4 41 lOUND, on Tuesday la.¡t.. a Sable end i White Collie Dog.—Owner can have iw-iiie by applying to 57.. Trafalgar-terrace, Swansea. D4-21 D 0 tA E S 7 10 SERVANTS ViAtHizJ. LW- When replying to advertisements, please mention the Leader. 1,I,TA-NTED. at once, good strong General Ser,va,it.-Apply Mrs. Martin, Terminus i HoreL auilftad-^trset, Swansea. 28A4-24 /? OOD uMi?ra? Wanted; three in fam"??y.- ?? Apply 5, Mirador-creec?nt- ZMA-24 lY'AM'lll), a gooti experienced Generair! » » three in family.Ippiy 40, Maneel street, Swansea. "1\TANTED, good General; three in family, W-Apply Mrs. E. A- Lewis, Hieh-aLi?et., Clydftch-on-Tawe. 2 £ A4-24 j TV"ANTED, good General Servant; plain cooking; le-i'erences recaiiiied; family two.—Apply, between 6 and 8 p.m., 4, St. James' Gardens, Swansea 28A4-24 I GOOD General Servant Wanted at once.- Apply Evans's, Grose Hotel, Pontaj- dawe. C4-23 kN'l'E\ a. good General (25-30); must j be able to cook a.nd wash; no la,mil.y. I Appay Park House, Uplands. Swanseo,. 26A4-23 \\JANTED, immediately, Day Girl.—Appl"f j to MV&. P. V. Tobias, "ir,a Haziemere-road, Sketty-avenue. '¡jjb..IJ"¡;¿ GTooTTGeneral rYaîlt wanted.—Ma.nj Mrs. Seldou, K-ishardaoa Hoa-se, St. Thomas. CtOOD General Servecnt Wanted by itich of u Ma,y.-Apply Are. Wilfrid Pinups, 6, U p 1 ands-terrace. :2JA.4-Z1 I A GOOD General Servant B.eqUlre<í.-pplY 74, Mansel-terraoe, Swansea. 23A4-21 WANTED. 30th April, clean, reliabie Uera.l; thoroughly exp?ri-e?oe?, small family; refereiace.-AI)ply evenings, Thomeon, Plas Derw, Penywern, Neailv 22A4-21 -k.IT,iNTED, an Experienced Nurse-House- maid—Apply, with reference. Mrs. Da*. Llewelyn Jones, 58, Thonias-stre?#? tr Tydnl. 21A4-1? ,I T ANTED, rcap?&Mbble Y?ung. Girl, 17 to ?' 18, to train a& Hou?e'PErloura'iaid. Apply, giving fall particul<m&, .Alt?ryn House, Newport Man. 21A4-19 TT/'ANTEIX a Girl, ag€«i (5 of lC to help tf in housework; one chilif.—Apply be- tween 6 and 7 p.ijj., 31, Swan- -ea. 21A4-19 TTTANTED, good Ger\tîffil Servg nt.—Apply V 21A4-19 WVV ASTED, a Girl for Yv small family—Appiv 99, #-ing Edward- j rood. ?i'OODGeneralServant Ranted; J ? wa?es.—Apply Mra. V?BSt-MM!, ?<?t Office. Mar^elton, 21A4-19 ^VrXNTEDatr~once7 gcodHfieners I; plain j cooi'ung; referenctjs*-Apply MM Husioa, 99, Windsor-road, :>ea,th. 21A4-19 T.fIÑT}D:-YcllngGirT to ,3j< ?ie't in hou<?e- -.york sleep out.—Appls 'l." ThenX'>, 53. Trafalgar-place, Brynmii^ Swanet-a. 21A?-I? anted! good General^ riser v 3cllLial; must have eped references. —Mrs. Mattick. Waverley (iaife, ^ewp<in. Mon. 13 A 4-24 r- REG5STHY fFF »€ES.  par" When replying to aduertisemenis, please mention the ill L rader Tl/JTSS H]t;h.d¡fi 6egistry Oifice j iyi- for Servants. Wanted, Gcod (renerela, i Housemaids, and young girl tor IDornings.- • 1. Gl«iimcr-CM»oerit. Uplands, Swansea,. j 25-14-22 j ERRAND BOY WANTED. j Btr- When replying io <iidvcriisetnentsl ) please mention the Leader." j VANTED, a smart En-antZ Boy.—Apjj^y | Soott. Whole»ale Cciifectioner, 53, 'St. Helens-road. Swanaea- 21..1(4-19   ??ANTED. 8m&rt Boy. one just lef? j echool.—Apply Universal Bi11£Ünt | Co.. 28. Lower Uirion-etreet. Swansea 1(.CV4-J.- j EVERAL Boy a Wanted, Vi years ai J also Boys 14 years of age; splendid on portunity to earn money—Apply h. E j Hemming. leader Office, Alfred-street ( Neath- to 1\' "Leader" every evening.—Apply ffaaton, Kewsagent. Mumble3 B OYS Wai,t,ecl tq Sell the H^eath Gazette and Mjd-Glamorgan at Neath, Melincrytftar,, and eui-i!onndtnft districts every Frijiay and ga^tarday. Apply Mr. Edwin lieiiijaiing, 49. Quueii street, Neath. MAK'f. Lads Wantdd to Sell i^iuiara ? at Neath. Mefincrythan, and dietrict?.- Apply immediately to Mr. E. M-emuu? I Publisher, Queen-street,. Neatb. i "▼"A' ANTED, &m&rt Boys to Sell the I ''Leader" after school houxd.-AppLr to Charlie Evans, the Up-to-date News agent, etc.. 72, BrynyiMrs-r-road, Swansea j LjSADEK BOYti Wf*JIHXI.—jseverai Goad j *? Boys are W?cted at ouce to beU j N Leader*" in Mm ristoa and District, to most incre?aias demand —Apply John I KorgMt. ]KeweacenL ¡ ?istoB. viston. I CLERKS. í ii)11Ir TVh-en replying to advertisements, please mention the Leader. x¥7ANTED, Junior Clerk, accc«ttoxned to tunljea- yard, buildar or coui.racsor's ofnee—Apply Sryu," Leader Office. 28A4-24 CLEEK Wanted, must be weil up In bock- k-eping.-Apply Swansea Brickworks I Co., Ltd., near Swansea. C4-25 V" ANTED, Young Ijady for Office; gooe t knowledga shorthand end typing essential.—Apply Box 16, Leader Of&ce. 26A4-Z3 ANTËD. Youth for Office (not uno-cr 16). Apply, m own handwriting, to I Luoae, Auctioneer, 6, Eutland-street, Swan- sea- 23 A 4-21 -ANTED, L&dy Stenogmpher for Coal Lxporter'a Offioe.-Apply Sleno, Leader Office. 20A4-19 OFFICE BOYS. POP- WMn rePlyÜtg to advertisements please mention the Leader." ANTED, a sharp, respectable Lad for Cash D-esk.-Apply Masters and Co., j Ltd.. Castle-street. 25A4-22 VVA:TED. intelligent Office Boy- for Coat Exporter's Office at Docks; knowledge of typewriting nooeeeary.—Apply "Coal." j LEEXLER, SWAOEOA. 21A4-13 | OFFfCH BOYS. ) When replying to advertisements I please mention the" Leader. TX"ANTED, sharp Boy for Solicitor's Office. I —Apply Solicitors. Leader 21A4-19 I" NFART lad Wanted for Oifioe; shorthand and typewriting essential.—Apply A. L Morgan. 7, Cattle-street. 25A4-22 AGENTS, &c.} WANTED. Plg- When replying to advertisements, 1 please mention the leader." rpHE Oaxton Life oi David Lloyd Gecrg«<#fj Tw» Volum-es now ready.-A, Few smari, | Men RaQuired in djtrictB not'- j covered to book ordere for thio i in porta a c I publication; high terms oil-ered to good bp Am j with sellias ability.—Ma«iager, 22, West ucn Mail Chambers, Cardiff. 2&V4-24  A GENTS Waited.—MeR in NJ.gÜar €n?.j?.y 1 ?-  mcnt can içr-aæ their mccj/?t- by i celling Boots, Cycles, Jewellery, ûkQ well- I Intown English Ei-m-.Apply "Boofs," c/o W. Sos&er, Pubiiahejy, Bridge-atreet, Neath. .U"V. -'J,, 4Z31 T>0YAL London Insurauee Quii-ed, Fuii afud Spare-time .Agents at Gowerton, Goreeiticn arid P'/nelawdd.— Superintendent: IAlbaa-road, Llanelly. I G4-23 U S1C — W« 11-lfnown Firm Require a Hesident B^presentative in all towns and districts; no previous 'travelling ex- perience necest-ary, if energMic; not under w. end ill touc.ifl. with musicc/l people, choice, orchestras. t^aateur pi-ofeesional, I teJichers, stuci^nte, etc.: whole or spa/e time; liberal nanuneratio/i and permanency. -Stat« previous eillvlont, age, arid if ¡ disengaged, 110 Box A20, inaader Ofiice, Swan- sea. ■ C.4-23 OOLE A Wan/ed in Swansea and S''iOLE A'f/?:lit5 W,nl.ed in 8wanea and, Tungsten^ Wire Lamps.—W rite 22, Trinder- 'D i61JC".t t-o, wil Brltli,h-made mectrl'C 'I road, London, N. 04-19 A GE' /T Eeq aired on salary and com- "Aission to represent North and South Wal4-,s.-Addre,4s 63, Down ham-road, Kings- lan. /-road, London- 23,A4-21 I j.ÕY AL Liver Friendly Society.—Good I' 14 Book for Sale in Llfn?BUY District; ) /rice ten times.—Davies, District Manager. 4. New-road, I,iarellv. 21A4-19 J EA VELLEIi Eeqtiired by local firm Wholesale Provision Merohante- to cpen up new ground; must be experienced; salary £3; sta/te present employment, age, and fullest particulars.—" Rex." Leader Office, Swanasa. 2L4.19 I QiviAIJT Canvassers Wanted; salary and commission; good opening.—Jenkyn, 16. Alfred-street, Neath. 21A4-19 ENT'LEHAN with connection amongst X Bottlers, BrevrXjns, Distillers and Mineral Water Makers, to represent leading firm Cork Manufacturers: liberal commrs- dion.—Zll, Sell's Offices, FIe&t'etj?&t. London 16.M.19 • TAiLORS, &e. j PW- When replying to advertisements, i please mention the '4 Leader 0 TA1LO&S.—E. Greek, Vest Maker, would like to make any Quantity of. vTesta for the trade.—2S0, Picton-lane, Swan- sea. 1SsA4-24 \^L""ANT1 £ D, Tailor or Tailoress; one accus- temed to ladies' trade preferred.— i Apply 146, VVestern-siteet. 26A4-23 mÀïLõRIXG-=\V-an- illilllediat-aly thor- ■ 1. ougfcly ei.epri»noed Skirt. Hands for La-cTies' Tailoring.—Apply M. M. Thpmaje, 4. Northampton Gardens, rjpG TAILOiRS.—Wanted, Two Coat Hands; also Two Vest liancis.-Iewis and Son, Cloth Kail, G-owerton. 21A4-19 MII-J-iNcRS. &C, j i When replying to advertisements. j please mention the I-eader. "1/f'AKTEJi, experienced MiUiners; also yYoung Ladies and Men Astsistants for Fsucy and Drapery Sales; Wtish.—Ap^ly J. Kiiae Evaiw, £ 18. High-street, Swansea,. 28A4-34 ,1,TI-T,I.INE.R Y.-App rem tic.-e, ImprovBr aar. •van Aeeistant Required.—Apply Ed- ) wards, Drapers, Oxford-street. 25A4-22 S APPRENTICES. R$V- ",71,ten replying to advertisements, piezse mention the Leader AKTED, at once, a etrifirt or Improver, G-rocery and Provisions; Melyn Branch of the Britonjerry and DisU'ict Co-operative Society; state age, references; trade union wages M,;d. C4-18 VACANCY for Strong Youth, Apprentice to tho Coopering—Apply Fried Jones, Port. Tennant Cooparn-se. Swansea. 21A4-19 it* i SO SiHsS VACANT. When replying to advertisements, please mention the l.eadfr W ANTE,r), Smart Youth, 18 to 21, to learn Collecting. A-PPI.Y, stating age, height, and wages expected, Box B2, leader Office. s 26A4-23 WANTED, Young M&n with experience i.'i' Siiovr xCoom and Warehouse.— Jenkins ana Go., ironmongers, Swansea. 26A4-23 ~*ENT.'S MERCERY—Sinart?oum ? ant?d C' a« Apprentice.—T. J. H?w?Hyn, 25, Vv atorloo-etreet, Swansea. 23A4-21 AlS'iED, Two Brick. Setters end Drawers (.contract; permitnetn, employment to • m-en able to handle 40;000 bricks in and out per \vtek.—Apply Tirbach Brickworks. Xstalyfera. 25A4-21 \'y ANTED, 50 Miners for Coal Seam in Lancashire; regular work, good wages; metal rninern may apply; applicants will be interviewed, in Swansea by appoint- ment.-TAppiy by letter. Box A13, Leader Office, Swansea, \jV'ANTED, Local Correspondent for Dun-I » vant district.—Apply, by letter only, Chief Sub-Bditor, leader Offlce. T^JITTiL about 13-29, Wanted as Barman, .1. and for odd jo be, ote. experienced pre- ferred references—Thomas, Goiden Cross, Si. Thomas- 23A4-21 c ARI,I-ER WaLted; good ploughman; state- ago, wagee, and reference.—Thomas, ] Marcross Farm, Llaniwit Major. 21A4-19 ] ANTED, two good Masons.—Apply Grif fiths. Builder, Cwmtwreh. 21A4-19 ♦fjST'ANTED, Single-l.anded Laundnees; good tluery ironer and wether.—Apply, giv- in j. full particulars, Alterya House, New- port, Moil. 21A4-19 It A Pi:B Y.—Yonn g Lady for Fancy De- partment; 6011110 esperienoe; cutdoor.— Isaac James, 75, St. Helen'e-road, SwanseG. 21A4-19 IAI; "'ANTED, iminediateily, s- Few Ansietants for the Cycle Tr-,ide.-Apply personalis to the Hallord Cycle Co., Ltd., Cawtle-Gquare. j 21A4-19 A MAN Wanted, with knowledge of Machinery and Scràp Iron, with n, little Capitml,-Sta,te salary required, and amount available to "A 31." Carabria Leader, Swansea. SITUATIONS WANTED. 901- w hen replying to advertisements, please mention the Leader GRoëEii'Y and Provisions.—Situation re- G quired M ÁMistant; Qe 25; 10 years' experience; good references.—J. Davies, 15. Brook-stre?, IAanL?loes, North Wales. 23A4-19 IDDLE-AGED Man seeks Situation of J.l any pi-acf, of t rust, such as Warehouee- man. Caretaker, or could BMma?e' Coal  BUdineæ; total ab?ta.inor.—AM?y bc;_ ford." Leader OSc?. 4-19 TOUNG Lady seeks Post as Shorthand- Typtitft: excellent referenc-es.-AppT ) "Efiieient." Leader Omc-e. iflA4-17 I I HOUSES FOR ?ALE AND TO LET, When replying to advertisements, please mention the" Leader EVy £ &Y Man Hie Own Landlord: the beat Nay to EColve tlie Housing Problem.— For \Sale, cheap, Two Polled Stone Front HoufJas in; garden front and ba* & largi) portion of purchase money can re af&.iu ou mortgage at 4 per cent.—Apply E qfan Evans-, Ben&siord House, Swansea. ZSA 4-24 igr-OUSE to Let, 7, ciiäpelreet, Mumtues; aight roonfc, bath (h i c); three minutes from f'.tatjor1.Jonff>. Butcber, Chapel-s-treet, Humbles, 28A4-24 "jVTEATH.—House to Let, nioely decora tea; küh (h & c) bilie en tranu#.—Apply A. 93, Britonferry-road. 5Sa4-22 TJ OUSE to Let. Walter-road, contain- ins r-ooms and large attic, bath (b & c'i, and offices, scullery and china pantry.— Further particulars, "Bela," Leader Office. MA4-21 Fü.1:f-:sXLf:7:Pr¡ ,¡ton tce.- -= A p P 1 -:f8 an 6,ea. '3A4-"l =t:rOUSE fõrsä¡;=o;3t, .l Uplands; vacant 24th June next.— Apply 29. Trevfalrrai'-place. 23A4-21 HOUSES WANTED. 1- When replying io advertisements, Please mention the "Lede" X^TANTED to Purchase, a House, St. Helen's Ward, -Write, with full parti- culars, "St. Helen's," Leader Office 23A4-24 Ty ANTED, a. well-appointed House, con- taining two reception-rooma, four or five bedrooms, in Uplands district; rent from £ 40- £ 50 per annum. Write" Ved." Le'd-ar Offi-ce, Swansea,. 28A4-24 FURNITURE, lie., FOR SALE. liar- When replying to advertisements, please mention the "Leader." F OR, SALE, Leather Parlour Suite. 12 5a. Also Dark Green t'iuuii Suite; sell for £ 3 5s.; must sell; room wanted.-75, Mansel- terrace, Swan&aa. 26A4-23 T | ILL'S FOPTFUENITCRE.—Central Bmld- D geA, Gower-str€»at, Swansea. Our 46 years' experience in the Furniture Trade has taught, us how to be able to supply to the public the most useful and up-to-date Goods that it is possible to turn out and at the greatest advantage. By being manu- facturers, we supply goods cheaper than any other firm in Wales* and the great thing to the Public is that we are the only firm that supply goods on easy terms at cash prices, and deliver free to all parts of the country. All we fuik is to give us a trial, and recommendations will follow. We supply strong Kitchen Couches from 161i.. 6d.; Dressers from 2Ss. 6d.; Bedroom Suites from 3i guineas; Full-size bedsteads from 15?. 6d.; 0\ ermantels. Fenders and Fire Brasses at your own prices. All Bedding sold by us is guaranteed properly purified, and made at our own Works; so whether you want to furnish for cash or easy terms, call at the Eight Shop: Hill s. Central Buildings, Gower- street, Swansea; also at Cardiff. Aberdare, and Barry Dock. 25A4-22. Hughos Furnishing Co.'s Announcements. A SPECIAL Ba-rgain—L:ght or Darx Wal- UTIt or Oak Bedroom Suite, evened plate glass door to wardrobe, full size swing mirror Dressing Chest, with maroie slab ttnd tile-back Waehstand, X6 1/s. 6d money returned if not as Hughes Furnishing Co., 251, Oxford-street, Swansea. C4-22 A WALNUT Sideboard, with larg» bevelled Aplat6 gL&ee mirror, large cupboards and drawers, £4 196. 6d.; worth nearly double; guaranteed.—The Hughes Furnishing Co.. 251, Oxford-street (opposite Market Corner). 04-22 A LARGE Selection of Overmantels from 13s. lid.; nearly half the usual prices; guaranteed new and in perfect condition.— Tht Hughe*, Furnishing Qv. lopyosite Market Corner). Swansea. C4-22 ALAEGE Selection of Bdstead to clear -?- at pri(*e below tho?e tbcr?ed by the makers at present.—Hughes Furnishing Co. 251, Oxford-street, Swansea. C4-22 "jZ* ITCH EN Dressers, made in our own worlwbope, at wholesale prices; must be cleared to make room for new stock; prices from 35s. lid.—The Hughes Furnish- ing Co.. 251, Oxford-street, Swansea. C4-22 j POULTRY, DOCS, LIYE 6iu,, j Whet! replying ti advertisements, Please mention the Leader H.EEP DOG, 10 about 4; musi, be SOld.-Further parti- culars apply B. Thomas, Pelican-street, j Ystradgj-nlais.. C4-21- j F'OX Terrier Dog, 12 months, black tan j head., marked body, beautiful front; k&en g-aard; trained house; iiuthful with children; lOe.—Jones, 5. SheSeld place, Mumbles. 28A4-24 CHICKS.-Fino White Wyandottes, 76. n dozen; Campine Eggs, & a tatting; Lewie Jones's strain. White Leghorn Cnicks rc-vidy H. Conibear, 6, ) Miers-street, St. Thomas, Swansea. 26A4-23 TTREDALE Terrier Bltch 12 months^Tich black tan colour; gocd guard and com- panion; champion ratter; 25s.—IJewelyn, Wellfield House, Ammanford. 25A4-22 CHICKS! Chicks! Chicks. 6s. per doll White Orpingtons. Brown Leghorns, Block Minorcas; everybody delighted Nooo: Wanted, Bantams and "bbita.-NeilL 17a. Nicholl-street, Swansea; also Market Swansea. 24A4-22 T?GGS! Eggsf Eggs! Plymouth Socks ibarretl). Slater's 6train, 26. 6d. per "itting.Morria, Gower Inn, Parkmill. 21A5-3 FOR SALE, St. Bernard Dog, high pedi- gree; fond of children; 23 months okl; 33 inches high; weight 13 etone.—Evan Morrie 88, Manselton-road, Manselton, Swansea. 21A4-19 PROFESSIONAL. IUF:" When replying to advertisements, please mention the Leader. "jlTASSAGE amd Electricity, including High iTj. Ffequ'ency, Radiant Heat, Electric ?Nan- heim Pine and other Medicated Baths, given by Nurse Evans, at la, i fynone-street. Swan- eea. 25 A 4-22 -wHsêËLLÀNEOUS WAN'rs, fafr- li,*hepa replyitig to advertisements, please mention tue Leader." "T^TANTED, Address of Bootmaker making Genu;ne llaü<J.'S0,n Boots to meaouie for flat foot and other deformity.—Sox 157, Leader Office. Swansea. 26A4-23 WANTED, Stabling and Aocommcdation for Two Dr'¡'Yi> near the Docks.—Apply, with full particulars as to rental, etc., to "Stabling." Leader Office. 26A,4-?3 "ITP'AIsTED, Larch Butts, 10 to 27ft. lengths, » oin. to Sim., Quarter ,i.-th.-Parti- culars and price, Geo. Harvey, Boat Builder, Docks, Port, Talbot. 22A4-21 X %*A!?TED. an 8-moh Gas Engine; state '? s,g?, lowest prioe.-Appl? Gas," [reader Ofgce. 21A4-19 w ANTED. in exchange for nearly-new iKiuble Pram. Tuba-fraaie Folding Car- riage. si,ig:e.—Ap,?ly (ai.-cr &■>. Ao. i. h<-> n vi'.le-t.errace. West Croes. C.T.D. PARTNERSHiP WANTED. Big- When replying to advertisements, please mention the .j Leader ADVERTISER (Lady) would like Partner- ship in Business with Lady or (ientie- mar.; will assist in suitable businew.-Write Suitable." Leader Office. Swansea. 26AA-23 CINEMA, and Va!-iet,ieo.-Wanted, Partner, f,150, for Palace near Llanelly; 4"2 weekly guaranteed, or half shares; now running euocessfnlly; first applicative first ciMffioe.—Write Box A1S, Leader Office 8fcA4~23 j EDUSATIORAL. I IW- Wh!'t'l 1'epij'II2' to aå7Jl'rtlóiem,m! s, I I_'iea:- mc;;I';)il f! lea d er IBL'S Bcerdmg and J a? School.—Dum- | barton. B, 0:,ci, Swansea. The Ho. is well situated in its own grounds. I Summer term .commences May 1st.— Pi incipai Miss Gaziick, A.C.P. C4-50 T ESBONS BY POST.—Study Privately at Home. Firemen's Lessoiifi, Is. iOd. Gas Cap Scaiee, .3d_: Instruction Book Free. —Cambrien Mining School, Porth, Rhondda. CS-3 ———?_ j QWAXSEA COM??.RCIAL SCHOOL. C??'e I s Building sc-?00 Tie I CLASSES Subjects :—Shorthand, Type- writing, Book-keeping, English, Arithmetic. Spoiling and Composition. New Session Commencing. Call or write now for parti- culars. T.C. S TUDENTT' Trained to » fipeed of IJ Words a, Minute in PITMAN'S Short- I l?Snd Civil Service Caniddr-tes Snccessfullj PrepLred for EYa-onn?tinus. Numerom J Recent Successes. L?arcert and Sorwra, Swansea and London. LMeone given in Arithmetic. Book-keeping. Trigonometry etc., Ladies and Gentlemen. Success Guar- anteed.—Mr. J. Harris, Shorthand Taacher. 66. Ox lord-street. isweusea. Day and Even- Music-,AL INSTT,-(1 E T C,. I tar- When replying to advertisements, please mention the" Leader." T^IVE HUNDRED Records Wanted.—T. Lauren-ce, Dealer in Second-hana Furniture, Old China, Curiosities, Graino- piiojits, etc., Royal Stores, 64, Oxford-street. Srtea&ea. Goods bought privately. Tel.: j 900 Gentr&I. 26A4-23 I A HERICAN ORGAN, 15 stope, 6even sets ? of reeda; 2Sgs., reduced to ?18 cash, or j 10s. monthly.—Sims, 2, Walter-road. 21A4-19 pIA-NO, only shop soiled; list, price 3Bgs., sell for £24 cash, or 15s. monthly.— Sims, Z, Walter-road. 21A4-19 "VT'IOLINf' by the best riakere,, Hnesi Italians; Strings for all Instruments: Expert Repain to all Stringed Instruments Bows Repaired 1 J. T. Wooding, Violin Maker and Uepairer, = Gower-slreet, Swan- sea. G -0 L D It E D A L PTATOT" A DDINGTON & SONS, Ltd., STATION ROAD, P01.T TALBOT (opposite the County School). Established 18.3S .••/THAI, r1.;ANOFOETE MAISUFaCTUEEES. 1 PIANOS from 1. bel.; ORGANS from 5s. Monthly. SOLE AGENTS for the Eastner Autcpiano and the Celebrated Stems Tnrenor Piaytr Piano, also Ritmulier Double sound- j boc.rd Piano, iiinncrman, Poldorf and other well-known German Makers. SPECIAL AGENTS fcr Pianos and Organs by all the Leading Makers, include-, Bord (of Paris), Allison, Bell, Mason and Hamlin, KB rn, Farrand, Hamilto-n, Saints, Dominion, Packard, Imperiai Oo„ Springfield and others. WADDIISGTON'S alwayv. nave a Good Selec- tion of SHOP-jsOlLED and SECOND- HAND Instruments for Sale at Low Prices. Write ior Catalogues and j t-articulars. WADDINGTON'S Allow Railway Fares to ] purchasers. WADDINGTON'S. STATION-ROAD (opposite the County Schools). PORT TALBOT. j And at Cardiff. Porth, and elsewhere -0 D J. Sneli's Announcements. OECOND-iiAND Upright Grand Piano, by 0 Coventry and Co.; iron frame; walnut I c'; fine tone and touch; tremendous bar. gain, ?15 13s.—D. J. Suell. 14a? High-street j | Arcade Swansea. 23A4-21 O ECO.ND-HA.ND viano, oy Hoffman, in beautiful walnut ca&e; fine tone and touch; bargain, E14 10s.—D. J. Snell, 14a, I' 21 and 22, High-street Arcade, Swansea 2314-21 Ct "j.' Gi'IELD Org?n,wilh high m i rror top, 10 ctops, fine tone; honestly wnrth £ 20; genuine bargain, £ 14.—D. J. Snell, 14a. High-street Arcade, Swansea- 23A4-21 J /? RAMOPHONES frcm 21s. New Douoi?- !G sided John Bun and Winner Recorde Is. 6d. each; ail new titles.—D. J. Snell, 14a, 21 and 22, High-street Arcade, Swansea. Z3 6-4-21 Godfrey & C-os Announcements. ZM.4-Z1 GENUINE BARGAIN.—Stwonc-hand Piano i, y Woolley. of London. Patent Iron Frani-e'; very f-ne tone and touch; in good condition; 10 guineas casb, or 6s. monthly.- Godfrey and Co., Ltd., 22, St. Helen's-roed, Swansea. 2IA4-19 ENUINE BAEGA1N.—Second-hand Piano  by R,?,ny. Iron fmiue; full I trichord; check action; Ivery keys; roeewcoo ¡ ca.e; in perfect condition: 12 gui:ie" cash, or 7?. 6d. monthly.—Godfrey &Nd 00., Ltd? 22. St. H?ef'?'-cad, S?a.aa&a- 21A4-13 I B0, t'O:r::D6:roDd. &l: B soiled; the fne6t German Pianoforte poseible to obtain; need by all eminent I Piajusts; noted for Lheir exqT:?te tcn?. flexibility of touch, and lasting qualities. Original price 85 guineas; induced w 56 I griea6 oa6h or Z5s. ll1onthly.-GodfNèY au d Oo? Ltd- M St.. Heien's-road, Swansea. 21A4-19 I MISCELLANEOUS SALES.21A4-j9 I When replying to advertisements, please mention the Leader QAFES (FiM-reeiating), all sÍVÆ8, for Sale, bargains; also second-hand Donkey Pumps, Saw Benches, SOcwt. Platfoiia Weighing Machine, etc. Enquiries solicited for new and second-hand Plant and Machinery.—Birto'-and Co., 47a, Strand, Swan- æa.. 2SA4.2,4 R SALE, Mangle, in splendid condition; J- will sell elleap.-Appls, 32, Nicholl- street. 28A4-24 )R SALE, Yost No. 4 Typewriter, in good working order, for £5 5s. o"h.-Bcx A19, Leader Ofiioe, Swansea. 04-23 F ORSALE. Bookcase, well-made, 7ft. lOin. high, 20in. dt;ep.-Fcr particulars write "Bookca" Leader Office, Swansea. 25A4-2g TO Steel and Tinplate Worke Managc-rt. For Sale, Four Tons Second-hand good Sail Canvass.—Apply Harvey's Yard, Docks. Port Talbot. 22A4-2J QEVFBAL Tons of Firewood and Old Yron for Sale.-James. Ship Stores, Ltd.. Pier street. Swansea. C4-31 NOTICES. &jW- When replying to advertisements, please mention the Leader. A STROLOGY.—Your Future, Important Events Foretold, Marriage, Partner de- ) scribed, Busings, Specuiotion, Changes, Legacies, Lucky Days, Planet, etc. Send. birthdate, 6d. P.O. and stamped envelope,— i Madam Marion, 4, Roberteon-a. venue, Edjn- burgh. Strictly private. Immediate replies, jI 25A4-Z2 > SMART Turn-out for Hire or Rale; Com- mercial Vans. Horsed, Ponies, Traps, Waggonettes, Governess Gars, Ralli Cars. Brakes.—W. jar vis, Victoria Mews, 6, Francis-street, Swansea. l'i. tel. 184Y1. 2SA4-22 T HE Oocau Dry Docks Co., Ltd., Swansea. are Bayers at all tiiree of Scrap, Cast Iron and Brakes (light and heavy), in large or email quantities. Best prices given. 2oA^t j rriHE Engraving Business of the late Mr. A i. Troiaas is being uirned on at 23. Waterloo-etreet, one door lower down. 23A4-21 -LOR all kinds of Outside Catering, Jno. FE. Fitt, Alesandra-road, S?ac?ea- Cooks and Waiters sent out. Cutlery, Plat,e, Glass, and China on Hire 21A4-19 MATRIKGM* top- When replying to advertisements, please mention the Leader. G ENTLEMAN demrea to correspond With I ?? re&ned Laay, aboat 30; -new, ) matrimoaiy; genuine and contdentiaL-Box t A17, Leader Qiäoe. Swansea. 2&A4-23 ——————————————— i MACHINERY, &c., FOR SALE. Jty When replying to advertisements, please mention the Leadey." FOHSALE OR HHE, PURGLSE-HIRE i 600 LOTS, including;— t IY!EIR FEED, etc., STEAM PUMFS 9jin x 7Jin. x 12in- & 14in. x Win. x ZOin. etc STEAM W iNCKES, 4in. x 3in.. 7in.. x 12in„ Sin. x 8in., 9in. x 14m.. etc. HAULING ENGINES, Two Drums, 2ft. wide; Cylinders, Sin. x lOin. Also double dram. self contained, Sin. x 12in. ETEEL BUILT STEAM HAULAGE SET THOS. W. WARD, Ltd. BRITO^FERRY. I LAUNDRY Machinery.—For Sale, one I -? Bradford'6 Midway Decoudun Ironing ¡ Machine, Roller 90 inches ling; condition perfect NUl be 6een working.—Apply Secre- tery, Hospital. Swansea. 23A4-21 I "'OR SALE, 14-15 N.H.P. Loco type Boiler .£' by Bobey; quite as new; fitted with Donkey Pump—Apply to G. S. Richmond, I Engineer, Llanelly. T-C. -B-oiL2RS(5;) and Machinery, good seccnd- taEd.—John Mring<:r and Son. Dept. 65. Blackburn. CT-3 FOR SALE. 10,000 TRAM\ SLEEPERS, I Jft. 6in. x tiin. x 2jin. LARGE QUANTITY OF MAIN LINE SLEEPERS, 9ft. x loill. x Sin. Also Quantity MAIN LINE SLEEPERS Suitable for COG WOOD. IBFYERS OF OLD TYPE RAILWAYi WAGGONS FOR DISMANTLING. I I D. DOUGLAS STEWART I AND CO., I Metal. Machinery, and General Merchants, Telegrams: Stewart, Quay-parade, Swan- I i sea. Tel.: 306 CentraL j II QUCTION GAS ENGINES AJND PL-AiST.- Fielding's Patent. Gold Medal Awarded O B.H P. ',or d. pe- Ii Size 9 to 330 B.H.P.; 10 B.H P. Id. per j hour. Cheapest power known. Lundred4 I working. Catalogues Free. Write present j cost, and we will show Saving to b? j effected. Few Second-hand Gas Ens-ine* j Cheap. Engines for Cinemas a Speciality. Sole Makers: FIELDING AND PLANT, j GLOUCESTER. "POR SALE; 6M Tons eel Relied Joists. various eectiona; Built-up Girders, Angles, Tees, and Rail. Also a L? rge Assort- j ment cf Tanks, Stretching Screws etc., etc Inspection Invited.—Shipbreakin: Co., Ltd.. Eing 6 Dock. Swansea a.T.n, i PORTABLE ENGINES. LARGE SELECTION BY BEST MAKERS, i INCLUDING SIZES FROM 4-N.H.P. UP TO 1 26-N.H.P. OTHER ENGSNCS AND BOILERS j UP TO 250-B.H.P. | Ready for Immediate j WILL LET ON RULE: OR HTEE-PUECEASE, || ON R E.-U: OS "WE TT:ÏníS TO j SUIT CUSTOMERS. j LOWEST PRICES FOR CASH. j Charles D. Phillips EMLYN & CENERAL ENGINEERING WORKS AND FOUNDRY, NEWPORT, MON. Established 1S67. Local Representative: Mr. Albert Reeb, Woodland HouEe, Ourwen- terrace, Port Talbot. BUSINESS ?8EM!StS TO LEY Wr When replying advertisements, 1 please mention i,.c Leader." Q'HO? to Let, suitable for any busings; j cioas roads; side eatranoe.—Apply 1 Thomasi, Poet OfSce, Brynliyfryd. 2SA4-24 mWO convenient-, goou-sized Rooms to Let as Offioes; rent moderate; good posi- i tion.—Cti^i and Co. (W. & E. Turner, Ltd.), .5. College-street, Swansea. 2&A4-24 rpO LET, P remises a.t Mumbles with Seven Bedrooms, 15s. weekly inclusive.—Appdy Lucas and Son, Auctioneers, Swansea. UA4- TO LET, Double-front Shop st Mumbles, 15s. per week—Apply Luoas and Soil, Auctioneers. Swansea. 261..4.45 pLDT of Land to Let.. back St. HelerTfr avenue; alto Yard and Workshop, :u k 17, Paxton-plaoe.-Writ<e "Investor," L<«&der Oiaoo. 2aA4-23 '?1 ST'HE.LE?'S-BOAD.—T? Let, lArg?  ? Shop and Premi?M.—Apply J?ukins, S, Uplands-crewoent, Swansea. 251A4-23 HOUSE and Shop to Let at Fyoreotfgwh. plate-glejbs front; suit any business; I good opeeing for Colonial Prod roe; rent 12a. ] per week.—Apply Crocker, Station-road, < FforestfAch- 26A4-23 TO LET, tbet commodious and up-to-date Grooery or Drapery Double-fronted Premises; house, bakery and stable at- tached; High-Street, Ogmore YaJ-Apply 1 j Jamas, Pentiebaily, Biackmill. 25A4-22 /COMMODIOUS Shop and Premises To La? at Sketty; good position.—Addr?e Box J..15, Leader, Swansea. 25A4-22 I OFFICE cr Workshop to Let, 4st 6d. II weekly.-Appl.,v Ivor J. Thomas, 20, FÕUR CHSces to Let on second floor of 17 .11 j W'indtr"'at, SwaBaea; will let in paire I if recjuired.—Th?ae modern and well-ligbt?s I suites can be vi-rsd on application to Fitt Brothers and Daviee. Ltd. C4-9 THP^i'' ?ce? t-? Let on first floor, and Two CfEoea en -ond Sow. cf No 17 Wind-etreel. Swansea; possession March A. d I June Quarter D&ye respectively.— I modern and well-lighted suites can bit i viewed on application to Fitt Brothers and I Davies. Ltd. T.O. CARRIACES, HORSES, Ac., FOR I SALE. I ifSf H- hen replying to advertisements. please mention the Leader." "UlIBST-CLASS New Surrey 'I"rap, rubber ■* tyres; also three second-hand Rustic Traps; one Butcher's Trap—Apply Jones, I Garage. Ammanford. C4-24 I I F OR SALE, Small Governess Car, suitable for pony or donkey; bargain.—Morgan, White Horse, Llandilo. (Ä-Zt GÕVERS Car for Sale, i-ubber tyres, cheap; or Exchange for RaJii Trap. Spring Cart for Sale, suit oob.-W. Jenkins, Gower-road, tek-etty. 25A4-23 ¡ t?OR SALE, Timber Carriage; nearly nw; I c&n be seen any L, -A"pply W? H. Ford, Thomas-street, Swansea. 2?A<-17 FOR SALE. splendid Bay Cob. id handc; — age five years; suit tradesman; must ¡ sell: no dealers.—Apply Gates. Western- etreet, Di!)wyn-road. Sketty. 23A4-21 I FOR SALE, Trap with covering, nearly new, suit butcher or grocer; also Set of Harness, seVi f-heap.—Apply T. Davies. 6. ldwel-etreet, Ntath. C4-21 POR SALE; Ten useful Horses and Cobs; I J.Iso several Brakes and Wagonettes —Apply Copperman's Arms, Plasanarl. 21A4-19 j APARTMENTS WANTED. IIIr When replying to advertisements, please mention the "Leader." TTTANTED, by Two Young Ladies, Furnishded Bedroom and Sitting-room -Apply. with terms, to aT," Leader- Offices, Swansea G4-Zii 1 MOTOR CARS, CYCLES, Ac., FOR S-. t E, ffiP- When replying t advertisements, please mention the Leader." F SALE, Gent.'s Second-hand Cycle, Premier make 26in. frame. excellent oondition. tools. Brooks' saddle-, B90, also Earlie coaster huh. £ 3; a i)argam.-Appiv- 14i, Westarn-street. 26A4-23 I-ELE, L" FALgine Tiiurapb, in perfect condition; best offer over £ 30.— Sutton, a3, W orcester-piaoe. Swansea. 24A4 23 1i-1- 9 FOKD 'rt'ateT-; P!.ticaify- ne?; Lv.LV ??? Qg?,. ,? i.100; ?? ??40? Sutton. 36, Woroester-plaoe, Swextsea. 26A4-23 1-9-1-a-f -¡:7' C' :h B A with A. f. Ù :H,'6'Ù g01U; .4 4t- bargain.—Write "Avon," Leader Offioe. TF Ycu Wish to hjow the Eiact Brakfc- Horse-Power of youi Motor Car Engine, cell at Melbourne Garage, 7, Melbourne- place, Sw an, Can give it for a smaii fee. I have a special apparatus for the purpose. C4-ZZ "QELFIZE CARS.—I can give immediate de- livery of any of the 10-12 h.p. Models, and early delivery cf all other Models.— Book your orders now for Whit-sun with the Agent: C. K. Andrews, Uplands Garage. 25A4-22 "DICYCLE for Sale, cheap, in good running order.—Apply Cheap," Ijeader Ofiice. 23A4-21 F ,()Z SALE. Lady s Budge Whit worth Cycle, 40s.—Apply No. 35, Phillip-street, Manselton, Swansea. 21A4-19 Clarke's Announcements. CLARKE'S- G-6.rage- Port Talbot, for saticiaetion. C4-22 /"■<AKS.—I t u?ply Sunbeam&. Sbefficid SimplM. Y ulcam. EuBeMa. Allday, Bel.o;ize. Fords, 4:c. {;4-Z.3 OMALL Cars and Cycle-Oar*.—Book your order at once and 6ave disappointment. At present I oan deliver MorrieOxford Sbaail Car, five weeks; Perry Car. four weeks; Humberette from stock; Chater-Lea, 10 days. C4-2j It irOTOR CYCLES. lL Zenith Gradua. 6 h.p., from stock. Triumph, from stock. Calcoti 1\ h p-. 33 guineas, from stock. Hazelvvood. 3* h p.. Twin Jap. Armstrong 3-c.peed, 53 guioeas, from stock. Zeuith Gre.aua, 8 h.p., 10 days. Zeuhii Giadna, 5^ h.p., one week. Clyno, 14 days. Rudge, one week. 04-21 SiDrXARis in S)?)ck. C4-23 '? C?Z5 *-E^ND^HAND ??OT?ErcrCLEB? S 1912 XeBJth. 6 h.p., kick starter. £ 54 10 0 1912 Rudge Standard 35 0 0 1911 Zenith, 6 h.i) 45 0 0 1S12-33 Rudge Multi 48 15 0 1912 3i h. AUdays, 2speed 34 0 0 1912 Clyoo. t h.p 48 15 0 1910 3 umber. 2-speed 24 0 1) Many others. C4-> CÁRS and Motor Cycles Accessories in grvt variety, also S'cond-hend Tyres, Ree.ti Lamp. Radiators, Stepneys, Coila. Back Axi«i. &c.. &c. luqutries solicited. When in Port, Taltxn do not forget to can. Telephone—No. 37. Cierke'e Garaare. Tort Talbot. C4-"j Heage s Announcements. 9A 1I-P- C.P.T. Delivery Van for Sale; I9..d 0 ueeki only for demonstration purposes; 00Bit £ J90 new; splendid value at EZZO, €4-22 ? C?? 9 ii.r. TwowL'yiijider Darracq Car, —' ? i'cur-oe&uer, h<?jd screen, lampe and t-ct:.i £ in good runuirig order; C4-3I ? i TRIUMPH ?o' ?r?CycI.?  S. A w t h ire? tn?in? clutches; 3 h.p., 2-epeed chain drive Jamea. 1912 model, with new Canolet Sidecar, in splendid order, £ 60 ca^h.—Apply at Hedge's Go.rage, Neath. C4-22 J Brayiey's Announcements.  SINGER, 1312, as 'new? 3? h.p.; I.. L. :D,6.1. aD I, '2 'i:}" £ J2 C.T.D. rpRiuMPH 3J h.p., 3-speed gear, free engine, jt'.teci with smart Sidecar-, 1,45. C.T.D. T EIT-TXPIT Zi h.p., in good running order; £.\1. C. T .D. 01. H.P. Chain-driven H umber, £ 7~i6s~ C.T.D. BOOK EARLY for Delivery of New Hnd- ecn. Janes. Ariel Bover, Bex, and F.N. M ctor Cycles, and Singer Cyr-Ie-Oers. C.T.D. Q1 r) -r>~ £ H.P. Clyno and Sidecar; all in C.T.D. JBRAYLEY, 215, Oxford-street, Swansea.. IT C.T.D. ti. L. Psberts' Annotjnceirenrr Cycle Uir ili gt-Ocit. L' call and inspect it Ordeft booked now Farly liveriee sruirsrteed C T.D. BOOK Now for Early Deliveries of A.J.S- -LF Enfielda. Douglas. Humbers, Rodge. Motor Cyr-W: C T n THAVE in stock several up-to-date Beooad- .1 hand Motor Cyoiea, including 1S12 Indian. B^.A's, Triumphs, Enfields. P. and M.'s, Bradbury's. N.S.U., New Hndeona, Premiers and AJ.& Prtcoe from EIS to £ 55. Send x>oeicard or call for Liat.—Ivor L. :1'(' :X1r-tA /"J..f"f'.A.L R"T\9't CT.D ¡. ;t r- v r. w f I. i; -0. PATENT Fuel Factory and BUSINESS for Sales. Bear Cardiff. Newport, Barry; low price immediate purchaser; terms arranged hiiiiabie pajti<«.; preseat owner going abroad.—Write Leader Office. Swansea. 28 A 4-24 nOGIi Old-fashioned Country Grocery Bufiintvo ior Disposal. Write "Country," Leader Office. 28A4-24 R I;SIAURA-XT Bueln*w for dwposu; grand opening; exoellent stand, near Tb-eati-es; profits large pixjved.— Apply Box Leader Office. 26A 4-22 T LET, the old-eetablisiied Business ot Boot and Shoe i>e«ier, situated at 5. Breoon-ro". Abergavenny; good poeation. main road; double-fronted; stock low. AIM Branch Repairing Sbop; oe A tre town. Reason dis-poaal, going abroad.—John Short. Abergavenny. 25A4-2! APARTMENTS. Ac. |W Whett replying to advertisements, Please mention the Leader," "VpEATIL—To Let. Bedwxjm and Sitting- loom, in good locaiitj suit married oouple.—Apply B. Leader Office, Neath. 26A4-21 r-L .110 LET, Two Unfurnished Itooms; #ui» ntmed couple—Apply 17, Bey-street. Port Tear ant, Swansea. 24A4-21 T"%TESTCBOSS.—Apartments (furnished; to LEt. Kitchen and Bedroom; one or two good Beds, as required, from 6s. to 10s. weekly; pleasant iy situated; semi-deta-rked rrferences eichanged.-Apply was., Leader Office. 21A-1.t TO LET, Two Unfumiahed Sooms, sitting and front bed room* with age of kitchen; rent k?w.—Apply 10. Carnglas- 7A4-1-9 LEFT-OFF CLOTHING, &0. Q&- K hen replying to advertisements, please mention the Leader. < -T-OFF Clothing aid l,urniture Of V every description bought to any amount for tash; postoards receive prompt ai teTition; beft prices given.—Note addressi P-uok 15 and 16. Prince cf Wales-road, Swan- sea. To Buyers: A Large Selection of good. to choose from. 05-U jj"2S. BADDlEIi Euys Ladies' and Gect". Left-off Olothing. Postcards receive prompt rtte-ution.-7, Prince of Wales-read, Sw ansea. 2JA 4-21 ES. ISAAC.-Left-of Oiothing Bougn* aad Sold: best j'rices given; postcard* receive prompt atteati^u; cleaning pressing and repairing done.-Is. Neath road, Hafod. Swansea. 25A4-21