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I' AMUSEMENTS. 6.30. TO-NIGHT! 8.30. -Phone: Central 92. FLORENCE SMITHSON, England's Premier Prima Donna. JOHNSON CLARK, Ventriloquist, and Hodge," the f okel. The O'GORMAN BROTHERS, Comedians. Latest News Pictures. BEN JACKSON, Banjodst. The O'Wtivait called BRYAN, An IJxhilaratitig Irishman. ;j' John Titter presents fJM, 12 MANCHESTER MITES, GBi arming and Clever Juveniles in Sing- ing, Dancing, and Musical Numbers. LES MOSSELAS, Lsteet Parisian Novelty. ROYAL THEATRE. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. UNTO THE END A FivsSPart Drama, featuring Crana Wilbur. T H E I M POSTER Drama. Five Reels. Episode 3, Pathe's Thrilling Serial, irfVSTERY OF THE DOUBLE CROSS, Entitled, An Hour to Live," Drama, Two Reels. Af LOVE RIOT (KeystoM, Two Reels). Guetts. Topical News. Thursday Next.-Mrs VERNON CASTLE ELY^IUM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. IStaxine Elliott, a Famous Beauty, in; F'IGHTING ODDS A Powerful Story of Intrigue & Trickery. COUNT BERNSTORFF'S SECRETS. Episode 16: Germany's U-Boat Baee in America. WHAT A LIFE (Comedy, Two Parts). And Usual High Clasis Programme. Thursday Next.—DORMANT POWER. PUBLIC NOTICES. COUNTY BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. NOTICE IS HEhEBY GIVEN that the MAYOR, ALDERMEN AND BUR. GESSES OF THE COUNTY BOROUGH I OF SWANSEA did at a COUNCIL I MEETING held on the 16th day of APRIL, 1919, make an Order with regard to OFFENSIVE TRADES within the said County Borough in the following form:— WHEREAS Section 112 of the Public Health Act, 1875, as amended by Section jrof the Public Health Acts Arnendmenit Act 1907, is in force in the County Borough of Swansea, WE, THE MA YOK ALDERMEN AND BURGESSES OF THE COUNTY BOROUGH OF SWAN- SEA acting the Council being the (j1'baI( Sanitary Authority for the said County Borough do by this Order DECLARE each of the following trades, businesses, or manufactures, namely, the trades, businesses, or manufactures of Blood Drier, Tanner, Leather Dresser, Fat Melter or Fat Extractor, Glue Maker, Siae Maker, Gut Scraper, Rag and Bone Dealer, Fish Frier, Manufacturer of Manure from Fish, Fish Offal Blood or other putreacible animal matter, Bone Burner, Bone Grinder, Hide and Skin Dealer, Skin Drier, Maker of Candles from Tallow or other animal substances, and Collector of Fish Oiial and other offal, within the said Borough to be an offensive trade. In this Order the expression Rag and I Bono Dealer means any person who for the purpose of sale carries, on upon any I premises the trade of receiving, storing, sorting or manipulating any rage, other than clean rags, or gfny bones, rabbit skins ,fat or other putrescible animal products of a like nature. The Corporate Common Seal óf the Mayor Aldermen and of the County/' N. Borough of Swansea was her&- f L.S. JI nnto anixed this twenty.ninths day of April 1919 in the p* j cence of r— W. H. Miles, K. Lang Coath, Mayor. Town Clerk. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY FUR- THER GIVEN that the said MAYOR ALDERMEN AND BURGESSES intend after the expiration of fourteen dayp from the date hereof to make application to the Local Government Board for con- firmation of the said Order. H. LANG COATH, Town Clerk. Guildhall, Swansea, v 90th April, 1 m. County Borough of Swansea. LAND SETTLEMENT. TD Corporation of Swansea are pre- pared to receive Applications from persons desiron* of taking up Small Holdings of from one to fifty acres under the Government Scheme of Land Settle- ment. Applicants sfeoald have eome Agricul- tural experience and be possesse d of some capital. The Holdings are intended for persons who would not at nrst wholly depend upon them for their means of livelihood. A Bobktaf containing particulars of the Governmeat Scheme can be obtained on application to the undersigned. Dated this 2nd day of May, 1919. R. LANG COATH. tJuildhall, Swansea. ? SwaMM Harbom Trust. DREDGER MASTER. The Swansea Harbour Trustees invite APPLICATIONS for, the position of DREDGER MASTER for their Dredger "Ahertawe." Applications (marked Dredger Master ") stating age, experience, quali- fications, and wages required, together with recent testimonials (not exceeding three in Bomber) to be delivered to the Oftdaraigned not later than 8th May, 1919 TALFOURD STRICK, Clerk. Harbour O%ew. Swansea. ifB. LANOORE PERMANENT BUILD- ING SOCIIETY-tbe Oldest, Largest, and Beat- in West Wale&-is prepared to ADVANCE money npon Mortgage on Jhtoperties, promptly, on reasonable terms. DEPOSITS received daily at 4 per cent, aatd per eeat. (free from tax). Investors I S per cent, compound interest. All pay- able 5 days' notice. Ample security. Full detaHs from Secretary. Mr. D A V I D K|BERTS,>fi, Wind-street, Swansea.. SALES BY AUCTION. SWANSEA. To House Seekers, Property Buyers, InveEtors and Others. Astley Samuel, F.A.I. Has been instructed to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the HOTEL CAMERON, on TUESDAY, 6th MAY, 1919, an EXCEPTIONALLY WELL- APPOINTED Freehold Residence, with all the Latest Heating and Lighting Apphanoes, Gas and Electric Light, Decorations in perfect condition recently done, Plate Glass in Front Windows. Situate at and known as i, BRYNMILL CRESCENT. The Accommodation consists of Tiled Porch and Hall, witti Plate Glass Door. Drawing-room with Handsome Grate and Overmantel, Dining-room with Extension and Glass Roof with Hatch to Kitchen; Kitchen with Gas Cooker and Gas Fire in White Glazed Recess; Scullery with Wash Up, Automatic Gas Boiler and Washing I Copper; Six Good Bedrooms, one now usod as Billiard Room; Bathroom with i Large Porcelain Bath, Geyser and Lava- tory Basin, w.c. with Pedestal Seat; Out- side: Coal House, w.e., Tool House, Con- I servatory, Good Garage. The Back Walls have been Re-Cemented, New Iron Troughs fixed, and the Front Walle re- cently Painted. A Fine View of the Bay. The House will be Sold' with Early Possession. Sale to commence at 3 p.m. Further particulars can be obtained of Mr. Clason DabmHp. Solicitor, Vic- toria Buildings, Swansea, or of the Auc- tioneer, King's Chambers. Swansea. SWANSEA, MUMBLE- FOXHOLE, and BRYNHYFRYD. I 'Asttey Samuel, F.A.I. Will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the HOTEL CAMERON, on TUESDAY, MAY 6th, 1919, the following Valuable Properties. LEASEHOLD.—Lots 1 to 7. Lot 1.—Dwelling-house, 24, WINDSOR STREET, UPLANDS. Lot 2.—Dwelling-house, 26, WINDSOR STREET, UPLANDS. Lot 3.—Dwelling-house, 27, WINDSOR STREET. UPLANDS. Lot 3.— Dwelling-liouses, 33 and 34, SEBASTOPOL STREET, ST. THOMAS. Lot 5.-Nos. 66-75 inclusive, FOXHOLE ROAD, ST. THOMAS. Lot 6.-Noo. 1, 2 and 3, LLEWELLYN ROW. FOXHOLE. ST. THOMAS. Lot 7—NOB. 1-16, PLEASANT ROW, FOXHOLE, ST. THOMAS. Lot 8.—TWO FREEHOLD t DWEL- LING-HOUSES, Nos. 151 and 152, KIL- VEY ROAD, FOXHOLE, with a Valu- able Piece of Land adjoining. Lot 9.-NQ. 16, GRAY STREET, LAN- DORE (Leasehold). Lot IO.-Nos. 377, 378, 379, NEATH ROAD, PLASMARL (Leasehold). Lot II.—Nos. 1, 2, 3, FOUNTAIN ROW, MUMBLES (Leasehold). Lot 12.—Nos. 1, 2, 3, MYRTLE TER- RACE, MUMBLES (Leasehold). Lot 13.-N08. 32 and 33, PENTRETRE- BARNE ROAD (Freehold). Lot 14.-No. 153, KING EDWARD'S ROAD, SWANSEA. A Splendid Well- built Freehold Residence. Lot l>No. 7, BOND STREET, SWANSEA (Leasehold). Lot 16.—No. 8, BOND STREET, SWANSEA (Leasehold). Sale to Commence at 3 p.m. Further particulars as to Lots 1 to 3 from Mr. W. G. Christians, Solicitor. Fisher-street, Swansea; as to Lot 4, from Mr. R. J. Thomas, Solicitor, 2, Church- place, Neath; as to Lots 5 to 8.-from Mr. C. H. Newcombe, Solicitor, Wind-street, Swansea; Lota 9 to 16, from Messrs. Davies, Ingram and Harvey, Solicitors, Goat-street. Swansea; or for all the Lots from the Auctioneer, Corner of Gower and Orchard-strcet, Swansea. Astley Samuel, F.A.I., Will offer for SALE on TUESDAY. MAY 6th, 1919, at the HOTEL CAMERON, SWANSEA, Freehold Dwelling-house known as' No. 43, TONTINE-STREET, SWANSEA, kt at l6e. 9d. inclusive. Sale to commence at 3 p.m.: Further particulars, apply to Mr. J. Evan Rowlands, Solicitor .Swansea, or the Auctioneer, King's Chambers, Swan- sea. SWANSEA. Mr. J. Pugh Williams WILL Offer for SALE by PUBLIC TV AUCTION at THE HOTEL CAMERON SWANSEA, on WEDNESDAY, MAY 7th. 1919, at 3 p.m. (subject to euch Conditions 01 Sale as ahal 1 then. and there be produced) the following Valuable sttôp, Artisan Dwelling-Houses, and Ground Rents, viz: No. 167. OXFORD-STREET (Shop ana House). Nos « and 45. WILLIAM-STREET. No.. 100, RODNEY-STHEET (Freehold). Nos. 121. 123, and 125, RODNEY-STREET. Nos. 74 a nr. 75, LLA N G YFELACII-STREET. ,N, o. 22. TONTJNE-STREET. No. 32&2. TONTINE-STREET <Fro1d), No. Improved Leasehold Ground Rents of .£11 per ftrnum a-rising out of Noe. 41, 42, 43. 44, and 46. William-street. Mines and Minerals Reserved. Pull Particulars on Posters. or may be obtaiued, as to Nos. 22 and 32, Tontine street, from Mrs. R. and C. B. Jenkins and Lloyd, Solicitors, Fisher-street Swan- sea; and as to ALL the other properties and Ground Rente from Messrs. Gee and Edwards, Solicitors, Llanfair Buildings, SWANSEA; or from the Auctioneer. 12. Oollege- street. SWANSEA. THE DOCKS. SWANSEA. Near the Exchange. Post Office. and Banks, and in the centre of the Shinplner and Col- liery Office District. Messrs John M. Leeder and Son WILL offer for SALE by AUCTION. at w the HOTEL METROPOT?E. SWANSEA. on TUESDAY. MAY 6th. "1919 at 3.0 p.m., the Valuable L-ea-sehold Property known as Burrows Chambers," Situate on the corner of East Burrows-road and Pier-street, Swansea and comprisinc a substantially-built and well-arranged Block of Offices containing 28 rooms at present let at low rentals, amounting ii the AGGREGATE to 2312 per annum. I Poosessjon of the whole could be obtained IN & short t;ME. and the sale tims affords an excellent opportunity to any Firth with present limited accommodation wanting1 a bitildina to themselves with. room tor exten. sion. Particulars and Conditions of Baia mav be obtained of Messrs. Jenkin Jones and Co.. Solicitors, 6. Fisher-street Swansea; and of the Auctioneers, 46, Waterloo-street, Swan- sea. SWANSEA. To Insurance Companies, Investors, and Others. J. Barron Pascoe, F.S.I., F.A.I., Has been instriictea to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the HOTEL METROPOLE, Wind-street, Swansea, on TUESDAY, 20th MAY, 1919 (subject to Conditions of Sale to be there and then produced), the Valuable Freehold Office-Premises, situate and known as No. 10, CROSS-SfREET, SWANSEA. The Property is substantially built, and comprises the following accommodation: on the Ground Floor—2 Large Rooms; on the First Floor—3 Large Rooms, w.c., 2 Store Cupboards. Electric Light and Gas is laid on throughout. The rooms on the ground floor are in hand, and Messrs. Rand-ell, Saunders, and Rarwjell, Solicitors, occupy the first floor at an Annual Inclusive Rent of £45, Sale to Commence at 3.30 p.m. prompt. Further particulars may be obtained of Mr. W. Arthur Davies. Solicitor, 6, Rutland-street, Swansea, and of the Auctioneer, Gower Chambers, 7, Gower- street, Swansea. i SALES BY AUCTION. MORRISIXXN. SWANSEA. Mr. David Roberts, F.A.I., WILL SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION (s-ut) y t ject to Conditions to be then pro- duced) at the LAMB AND FLAG HOTEL, 310HRISTON, on MONDAY, MAY 12th. 1919. at 7.30 c'clock in the .evening— Leasehold Properties "TY GLYN," 181. LLANGYFELACH-ROAD. containing' seven rooms, large garden. Now let at 7s. 6d. per week. Nos. 182 185. and 184. LLANGYFELACH- Nos. ea.'ch ?containing four rooms and ?t at 4S. per week. The property is held on Lease for 80 years from 1893 AT a Ground Rent of jB7 per annum, which will be apportioned. Further Particulars from Messrs. R. AND C. B. Jenkins and Lloyd, Solicitors, 4 Fisher-street, or from the Auctioneer at hit l Offices, 61, Wind-street Swansea. I TONNA, NEATH. I Mr. David Roberts, F.A.I., HAS been Instructed to SELL by PUBLK 1 JH AUCTION at the CASTLE HOTEI NEATH. on TUESDAY. MAY 13th. 1919, at o clock p.m.. the Leasehold Properties Known as Nos. i to 10, IlEXFAES TERRACE, TONNA. NEATH. each contain ing Four Rcome and a Scullery, and LFI, a.t monthly rentals of 16b. Eacji property has a frontage of abort I 15 f feet. and a tota,l depth of about 140 feat The Property is held on Lease for 9 yeans from 29th September, 1907, at at annual ground rent of £ 10 for the whob, and will be oftlered in 10 Lots. Further Particulars and Conditions <f Sale may be obtained from C. W. Slate. Esq Solicitor, 18, York-place, or of tie Auctioneer, AT his ofilces. 61, WIND-STRW, Swansea. Te.: Central 671. IN ? THE COUNTY OF CARMAR'UdEE OUTLYING PORTIONS OF TN? CLAYTO? AND LLANGENNECJ PARK ES"ATS. AT PONTYBEREM, LLANON, LLAI. EDY AND HENDY, PONTARDULAIJ. HIGHLY-IMPORTANT SALE OF i LARGE NUMBER OF CHOICE FREE- HOLD FARMS and SMALL HOLD- INGS, in the above localities, contau- ing the Aggregate Total Area of eary 1,000 ACRES. MESSRS. William and Walter James, (F.AJ.) Are favoured with instructions from I. M. G. Evans Esq., to OFFER for SAIE by PUBLIC A UCTIOIN, at tie ATHEN/EUM HALL, LLANELLY, cn THURSDAY, MAY 8th, 1919 (subject ;0 such Conditions of Sate as shall then aid there be produced) the following 25 Freehold Farms, &c. AT PONTYBEREM. Cwmheidir Farm, Cwmgroloew Farn. and Sundry Allotments. AT LLANON. Cwmllethrid Ganol, Coedcyw leaf, Coedcyw Ganol, Coedcyw Fawr (with vacant possession Michaelmas, 191)), Coedcyw Mill Tyrbryn. AT LLANEDI. Ty'ryn, Pantydwr Isaf, Pantdvr Uchaf, Hafodwen, Penyrhiw, Penyfedv- fach, Tycanol, and Sundry Allotments. AT HENDY PONTARDULAIS. Ynystomenlle. Sale to commence promptly at 2.30 p.n. Full Detailed Particulars, Plans, aid Conditions of Sale are in course of pie- paration, and may be had when rea4y from the Auctioneers, 7, Goat-street, Swansea; Mr. T. John, Llangennech Park Estate Office, Llangcnnech; or from Roderick and Richards, Solicitors, Llaa- elly. Short Nbtice. No. 8, GWYDR TERRACE, UPLANDS, SWANSEA. Messrs. James and James, F.A.L. Are instructed to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on the premises HS above, on FRIDAY NEXT, MAY 9th, 1919, the whole of the Household Furniture AND EFFECTS' (used at the above by a Family of Bel- gian Refugees who are now returning to their own Country), being the Contents of SITTING-ROOM, DINING-ROOM, KITCHENS, and- FOUR BEDROOMS. Goods on View Morning of Sale. S8.10 to commence promptly. at 11 o'clock a.m. Teijms—Cash. Auctioneers* Offiom: 7, Goat-street, SwanBea. GOWER AUCTION MART, Gowerton. TUESDAY NEXT, MAY 6th, 1919. FAT CATTLE and SHEEP will be Sold and Allocated in accordance with the Live Stock Regulations. STORE STOCK by Auction as usual. All Fat Stock to be at the Mart by 10 a.m. Sale to commence promptly at 11 a.m. Messrs. JAMES & JAMES, F.A.I., Auctioneers 7, Goat-street, Swansea. Telephone: 172 Dooks. THE DUNNS, MUMBLES. Mr. Arthur S. T. Lucas Has been instructed by Mr. J. H. "Ban- field, Hairdresser, Tobacconist, Confec- tioner etc. (who, is giving up the resi- dential portion Of these Premises, but is continuing to carry on the Businesses), to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above address, on TUESDAY, the 6th of MAY, 1919, a Quantity of Valuable Household Furniture AND EFFECTS, as follows: Solid Mahogany Sideboard, Walnut Dining-room Suite, Oak Case Grand- father's Clock, Leather Upholstered Suite, Carpets, Overmantel, Pictures, Ornaments, etc., several Bedsteads, Bed- ding, Satin Walnut Bedroom Suite, Wash stands ,Tabled, Chests of Drawers, Toilet Glasses, etc., etc., Drci or, Tables, Chairs, Copper Gas-Heated Urns, Lava- tory Basins, Gas Fittings, etc., etc. On View day before Sale from 2 to 6 p.m. Sale to commence at 11.30 ajn. pre- cisely. Terms-Cash. No Reserve. Auctioneer's Offices: 6, Rutland-street, Swansea, and at Mumbles. Estd. 1885. Tel., Central 230. (1666) Preliminary Announcement. <. WELSH DRAMA WEEK. To whoever it may concern! Reserve THE WEEK commencing OCT. 120th, 1919. for the WELSH DRAMATIC SOCIETIES, who will be Competing at the ALBERT HALL, SWANSEA, Each Evening during that week, and a Matinee on Saturday Afternoon, October 25th. All Secretaries are earnestly reque-sted to take note of this announcement. Entries to be in the hands of the Sec- retary by June 19th ncxt-W. CLEMENT, Rock House, Landore- "HERALD OF WALES" IS NOW ENLARGED to SIX PAGES "LEADER" CLASSIFIED ADVERTS. • i See Page 3 To-day. Sun Rises 5.43, Sun Sets 8.32. Lighting-up Time, 9.8. High Water, 10.45 a.m., 11.2 p.m. King's Dock, 36ft. lOin. am., 36ft. 4in. p.m. To-morrow, 11.36 a.m., 11.57 p.m.