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111cal", Severe Form of Eczema. Wonderful Recovery after trying-all sorts of ointment without ? relief. Onr Ttortrait is of Mr. A. E. Silham. of 21. Worcester- road. Manor Pa.rk. Eaaex. who writes— J[ have much pteaanre in writing to you to tell of the wonderful care I have ba.d by nsinc vour Cta.rke'8 Blood fixture. For months i aa4 Eczema, in a. bad form; wttrter blisters or eoree kept fin on my arm. and when dispersing left the skin in & raw state. The irrita- ,ion was intense and oa-paed B&e such great discomfort and p<tin that I dremded har- tner affected pafta attended ta. t went to my doctor, but. it was of no use. and a,ft'?r .r.Tinc all aorta of ointment and finding no relief my *ife persuaded me to try Ol:trke's Blood Mixture and i am only sorry I did not do @&-sooner When I had had two bottles the sores bocan to-disappear and after hav- nm seven bottles wae cuite free from the Eczema and have had no return eince. M-r friende eay it is wonder- <Tti." <A Sufferers from Bad Lega, Abscesses, Ulcers, G!andu!ar Swetnngs, Piles, Eczema, B6:ts, Pimples, Sores, Eruptions, Rheumatism, Gout, M kindred complaints, should real ise that lotions, ointmanta etc., can but give tem- poT&ry relief-to be eure of a cure, complete and lasting the blood must be thor- oughly cleansed of the impure waste matter, the true cause of all such troubles. darkens Blood Mixture quickly attacks, overcomes, and expels the impurities, that {é.why so many remarkable cures stand to its credit. Pleasant to take', and free trcm injurious ingredients. Aek for and see that you get GIarke's Blood Mixture "Ev.l'¥bod'. Blood PUf:f!er." Of all Chemists and 6'<orc.8/9 per botik. (Six times <A< quantity. lil)-. Kidney Trouble Anaemia, Nerves The plain twuth tells its own story. Remarkable cures, when all else failed, by Dr. Casscli s Tablets te&rtwa.s affected. I Xrthini,- did me Rood MU'e Tablets. I Kra.( til I wae-quite cured." Dropsy and Heart Pains. Mise Bueh 2 Albion'e- road. Ketterine; M,ya: "There is no doubt Dr Ca-saeM's Tablets saved my life. My kidneys got out of order, my arms legs. face. and body beea.n to swel! all over. My was in great until I tried Dr Cas- ltM.lly Kot better nn- L Nervous Anaemia. I Mrs. Lea.dbea.ter. :U. Venice-street. Daub- hill, Bolton, Bays:— I went Quite pale a.ndthin' with ter- rible headaches and pain in my side. It n nvisn:ej feU I most and was in bed I weeks at a time. Then I tried Dr. Ca,sse!a I ia.oiMS. n was woDaeriui now my health ¡ returned. They made a new woman of me I got Dr. Oaet'U'" do?es t passed a dua-Uy sot ccnipletely !ntense Backache. Mr W H Blake. 21. rthur-strcet, CardiC. sayo:—" I suf- fered with intense padn in my back from Kidney trouble. The pain vvaoo awful. I was too weak and iJl to work I waa en?m- ined by X r&ye: noth- ing did me good nnti! Tablets, after a few atone. and then I gra- weU." ? ? Acute Kidney Troubte. Mr. Johu Parker. M. Armaoda Qtr<t€t, Roundhay-road. Leeds says:— For nearly 6ve years I had kid-: ney trouble In most ? a<cutc term. I WM eteepieps bad co ap- t)€tite. and suffered j n- ¡>alIi. ii r. u T:J. hlf't! the soon went. I slept well. and now my health is splendid HW? ?L ?rv ?S T? ? B B '?? ?t ?B ?? ?? ?? a S ? ?? I m si iE L??i'vJB ? $ w??L ???<??L??j???9?Q??js ?is ???-?? Tabtets Dr. CMeeirs Tablets are the recõgnieed home Rempdy for Nervous Breakdown S!eeptessneM Wasting Diseases Nerve Paralysis Anaem!a Palpitation Infantile Paratysis Kidney Trouble Vital Exhaustion Neurasthenia I ndigestion Nervous Debility Specially vatuabie for Nursing Mothers and during the Critical Periods of Life. Sold by a!t Chemist. tad Storee throuKhout tbe British Empire Home PriMt: Ie 3d.&nd 3&. th. 3a. eize beine the mort eoono mica.1. I FREE tNFORMA-nON as to the euitahiHty of Dr. CatM-U'b Tabtets in youi CaAe sent on re- queet Dr CasepU'f Co., Ltd., ChMitcr I Road. Maachestpr St OCUHSTS* S TWO QUALIFIED Bg B PRESCRtPTtONS. ? B ? OPTICIANS ARE gH Bt M? !M ATTENDANCE. Sjjt NB The majority of Lenses— The Hisheat SkiU. SB fB Rimmed or Rimless. The Best Woi-km<nship. @B ? Spherical, Astigmatic or V 'Absolute Accuracy of .U JS Mt Meniscus—M-e ground in oar Lenses. EN ? own Workshop. Perfect Fittine Frames. ? B L F.I AL TEftS,F,B,M.C" jt 226, Oxfofd Street, at j) ??-SWANSEA. j! WATCH THIS SPACE ? FOR DAILY ARRIVALS OF MOTORS. R. E JONES, Ltd. Motor Dept., Di!!wynSt., Swansea. ?_ ) WEEK'S LOCAL NEWS, .1 SEE THE "HERALD OF WALES." (SIX PAGE9) THE Paoer for Absent Relatives and Friends. I

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