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Leader' Classified Advertisements. AfArtTMtKTe, SITUATIONS VACANT OR WANT CO, TO III LET, LOST AND FOUND. One Three Six Insertion Insertions. Insertions N Wordo, 1 0 2 0 3 0 SO Words. 1 6 0 4 0 40 Words. t 0 4 0 6 0 ton SALE* TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions 1JJ Words. 1 6 2 6 3 6 30 Words. 2 0 3 0 4 6 40 Words. 2 6 3 6 5 6 rtlRTHS, DEATHS, IN MEMORIAM AND MARRIACE. I One Three Sir insertion. Insertions. Insertions to Words.. 1 3 6 6 0 30 Words. 2 0 5 0 8 0 4t Words. 3 0 7 0 12 0 EDUCATIONAL. One Three Sir Insertion Insertions. Insertions 81 Words. 2 0 3 0 4 6 30 Words. 2 6 4 0 5 6 40 Words. 3 0 6 6 7 ft MONEY.—6d. per tine. MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS VACANT. WANTED, immediately. Male or Female ft Acents for Books vacant at Swansea, Neath. Aberavon, Gorseingn, by successful office.—" 0. B. Leader Office. Swansea. 282A6-8 _n WOMEN AND GIRLS. W A.NTED, Lady Assistant. Grocery De- t t iiartment.—Apuiy Star Susply Stores. Llandovery. 282A6-6 HOUSE-KEEPERS. GIRI;S;uuTld-and- Hostel. 4, Nortbam»ton GUardens.-U,atro]] wanted; must be /fooc' practical housekeeper and interested m eirlb' welfare.—Apply Mrn. Watktn?, Hon. Secretary. Caenewydd. Sketty. Z79A6-4 W ORKING Maii (widoNver). family three, require Housekeeper: state age: jniddleaged person t)referred.- Write Box "I a:' LeaderOftiee, Swansea. 283A6-4 \\lA^'TED, by a Workman :-vidower. with IT »five children). Elderly Woman as Housekeeper; one child not objected to; B.C. preferred.—Write B. V. Daily jbeader. Swansea. 283A6-4 ANTED Woman, between 35 and 45. to f f keep house for widower with four Children.—Apply D. J. Johns. Upper Bank. fearnant. 282A6-3 #1/17ANTED at onoe. Housekeeper; colliery L district; three in family.—Apply 'Daniel Thomas, Glangorse House, High- street. Cwmgorae. Gwauu-caegurwen. 278A6-3 DOMESTIC SERVANTS. EQUIRED, immediately, experienced JLL Cook or Cook-General for about a month; high wageg to efficient person. Write Box "H 15," Leader Office. 278A6-3 NTED. Young Girl. 16 to 18, years to ttt. help with Housework and look aftel Stall on the Sands.-Api)iy 36. Strand. 283A6-4 /HIT ANTED, by mid-July, COOkener: I tC?T.?jLouac Parlonrmam.—.?ppiy. ?r? Ket'S'1 Rectory. Loughor. 282A6-4 ,? ANTED, immediately, capable Hous<- W maid for small family.-Apply Mrs. Mulholland. Woodford Sketty-road. 279A6-4 MEN AND YOUTHS. ri T.A"RGFi Aa«uranee Company maiiires Sur)eriiitendent to Introduce Agents and Business ;good opening for successful worker: liberal' terms.—Write to "I 10." Loader Office, Swansea ,T>KIGKI^AYEHS wanted: long job: diE- -0 trict rate.—Apply Contractor. Briton- ferry Chemical Works. Jersey Marirte, Swansea. C6-4 'FuEN lSHING Salesmen experienced: Three wanted for various branches.— Bevan and Company. Ltd. Furniblicre Car- diff. 279A6-5 GOOD solid Agency vacant: progressive income and cn nty of position to man -with insurance or canvassing experience.- Apply Agency, Royal London Insurance Offices. 39. Castle-street 282A6-3 JOINERS and PainterR wanted; long iobs v to good men.—AppJy Griffith Davies and Co. 'Pkxton Yard, Paxton-ulace. Swansea 283A6-4 fVTAVVIES wanted at Cymmer on new i.\ roads and pipe track.—T. Walker, Con. tractor. 282 A 6-13 SWANSEA Chemist requires an Intelligent, tO Youth as Apprentice; no premium ro •uirfid.—Apply Chemist. Daily Leader 2BH6-6 t\'JHiKE good Railway Wagon CarpcNtprf 1 required on Repairs: trade rate and tonus paid.—Apply Lion Wagon WorkR. Jfartyglo. Mon. 282A6-6 '7tTELI,KNOWN-Comp8'D' reQuires an energetic Spare-time Representative capable of introducing its business in a elear. interesting manner: liberal terms.— Write to Box "I 9." Dailv Leader. Swansea. C6-7  ANTED. f?x?e7ienced Plate) ?ypr.—Apply f ■ Pontypool Tinplat? WGrks. Pontypool. 281A 6 5 ^ITABEHOUSEMAN reauired for Who'e- t ?. sale ProviRion Trade.—Apply John Richards. Ltd., Lower Union-street. ?wan- sea. ?1A6J5 Ii.\Y\Y TANTED, experie'nccd 6riv?r for 8t; I. V l WaRon: must be a willing worker and possess good credentials: state wages re- fluired: district, Swansea Valley.-Write "Wagon." Daily Leader. C5-3 W A.NTED-TNvo Good and Experienced TT Stokers.—App!y, Manager. Camlet Cclliery. Llansamlet. 275A6-2 PWIRELE.I;C, We have this year ;ent t T out 50 Students to good permanent berths, and liave. Situations waiting for an- other 50 Youths between 18 and 2G years of ace If you want one of these berths, write or call at Wireless Colleee. St Mary-street. Cardiff, or Castle-street Swansea. 'Phone 3008. l" TANTED. Bricklayers for Port Talbot: 1\'l full district rates paid: work under «over —Apply Beeston and Stevenson's Fcre- ?maji. Memm. Baldwin'? Limited. N?w ?W?rk. Marcam. POrt Talbot TO OFFICE AND ERRAND BOYS. ^XTaStED—A Respectable Lad about 14-16 Tea-re of age for Office Work.—Write. "1 5," Office of This Paper. 281A6-5 j#jtY7t\ rANTED. Office Boy: one already used n' to office work Dreferred.—Apply ctat- ing age. exnerience. and wages required, to Box 35. P.O.. Swansea. C6-4 t- ?- ————  MONEY. t? LAW. 12. London-road. "Neath. Mak(?6 i V, Cash Advances from ?5 and upwards StrictlY nrivate. Established 1876. TC riTF you require a Loan apply to George [X Thomas. Manacer. Church-street (oopo. aite t Mary's Churctw. Swansea. Private 'and confidential. C6-30 fELYJfL ONEY to Lend to Respectable House- tEm. holders: Private and Confidential.- fjvor D Thomas 5 Waterloo-street. Swansea. MADE for E5. For full particulars (Qj as to how small amounts of money mav be profitably employed to cive large idrofltg anoly to Graham Marsh and Com- nany. 240. ifigh Holborn London. Jjarge or Small Accounts may be Opened with the QOtfTHEEN JgQUITABLF. ADVANCE CO. (LIMITED), ZXCHANGE-CHAMBERS (Queen-street end). 1 FDWARD-TERRACF, CARDIFF. Why we re so widely Recommended: Fact 35.—Being well known in many towns by many years of Fair Business Deahngs Tel. 2399 (Not a Money Society.) Estb. 1880. Branch Office: 11. Oharles-st. Newport Mon. MONEY LENT PRIVATELY. Secrecy is U.U. our Speciality. A Money-Lending Firm, approved and recommended by the Press. That is the unique, proud, and happy posi- tion of the British, Finance 00 Interest and re-payment the Lowest in Englan-1. RIO 142D. 10s monthly: JEM Loan. 40s. monthly £100 Loan. E4 monthly: XZOO Loan. £7 10s monthly: tESOO Loan. C17 tOs. wontilij £ 1.000 Loan. £35 monthly. Lareer amounts, lower rates. Quarterly and yearly payments taken. No bills of sale. sureties, or dSmag- ing enquiries Absolute privacy guaranteed —The British Finance Co. 20. Bridge-street. Bristol. Telephone: 1675. FURNITURE. FURNITURE.—Beet Prices given by me J for Second-hand Furniture and Antique Furniture of any description Drop me a postcard, or call.—Wm. Jamee, 8, Fabif n- IIf,net.. St. Thomaft "• OTO HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR I SALE AND TO LET. URNlSHED HOUGEto Let at 41, Castle- JL ton. Mumbles; long period.—Apply at: above address. 283A6-7 I F Oll SALE. House Purchase Certificate for £400: paid in £ 14; will take C6 10s..— Write Sole," Daily Leader Offiop, Swansea, j I^OR SALE, 3 leasehold Smi-detached' FCottages at PIasmarl.— Write Bar goed." Leader Office. ?,8SA6-4 FOR SALE. at Upper Killay, 3 Houses in FPai-ish of Bishopston main road to Gower.—Apply on premises. 283A6-4) FOR SALE, LZOO House Purchase Policy: JL nearly eight years paid: no reasonable offer refused.-Apply Policy," Leader Office. 283A6-4 OR SALE, freehold Dwelling-house (6 L rooms) at St. Thomas: immediate pos- session.—For particulars, write Alnha." Daily Leader. 277A6-3 GENTLEMAN'S Residence; gara. ft'lh-I \? lin. card?ens. summer house. 3 recep- tion. 7 bedrooms, bath (h and c.), electric. ffas: half-milp from town: £ 1.800: possession Michaelmas.—Sonibbs. Agents. Bridgwater. 282A6-3 LOUGHOR.—For Sale. Leasehold Dwe!)inc- f JLJ houses.-For particulars, apply Hinds. Solicitor. 6. Fisher-street Swansea. 281A6-6 ONE Firm Sold £ 50.000 worth of Property 1 this year through Small Advts. 20 words for 3 insertions 2s. M in the Cam- bria Daily Leader. SOUTH Wales Housing Plan Scheme" enables you to bcoome landlord instead cf tenant at equivalent of rent; special faciliticvs offered persons email capital: terms to suit all.—Write Housing Scheme." Leader Office L" 270A6.4 TO LET. 9?roomed .Furnish? "Houpe — t Uplands district.—Write Furnish L(I. D a ilv Leader. 273A6-4 4/6 WEEKLY will Purchase L-450 Rott-e: -t/ \) any district: possession by arrange- mem-.—" Landlord." Leader. Swansea. TC APARTMENTS AND LODGINGS TO LET AND WANTEE). IITAN-TED. Two ITnftirrisbed Rooms n" !TT. young Married Couple: respectable locality.—Write Box I 12." Daily Leader. Swansea. 283A6-4 HOLIDAY APARTMENTS. I F I!RNISHED Bedroom and Sitting-room, JL with use of Kitchen. beautiful coun- { try scenery and seaside, in Gower.—Write "Horton. Daily Leader Swansea. 282A6-3 BUSINESSES WANTED. OFFICES required on Docks, two or three rooms Write. with particulars A W. P. 29, King Edward's-road. 283A6-7 Al TA.N'I'El), Small Warehouse, near Lan- » » dore Station.—State rent and particu- lars to ".Aletals," Daily Leader Swansea. 283A6-7 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. A BARGAIN: godi Second-hand Piano by A. AviH and Smart in excellent condi- tion: Burr Walnut caeo.—Apply Hawkins. 22. Cha-pel-street. Mumbles 278A6-3 GODFREY and Co. Ltd.. have a Large Se-  lection of Iron-frame Pianos (Vertical and Overstrung in Walnut. Rosewood, Oak. or Ebonised cases, by Geo. Rogers, Collard and Collard, Witton and Witton. Sames Burnand Waddington etc. Prices from 50 guineas. Cash or Terms. Write for Fmkl List. or call and meke a. neremal selenticn.- Godfrey and Oo.. Ltd.. 22 St. Helen's-road. Swancea. J8-3A6-7 (T"< RA MO PHONE and Records wftnit-d; must VJ be in playing order. State lowest price ready money, I 7," Daily Leader. 282A6-6 PIANO (Metzler). 29 gns: otbers by Rutter, I JL 19 ens: Stoddart. 29: Broadwood. 38; Morley. 48: Furlons. 55: Craven. 58: Burling. 65: Ascherberg. 69: Hoffmaii Player-Piano. 95: others. 15. 17, 18 gns.- wholesale and re- tail.-Piano Exchange. 19 Park-street. Swan- sea. 283A6-7 QTECK Pianola Piano: new condition: all k latest improvements, including Metro- style and Themodist: see,1 by appointment -AlDlv Hawkins. 22. Chapel-street, Mum. bles. 278A6-3 IIOMPSON and Shackell Ltd ?9 Oast Ie- X street Swansea.—Black Collard Piano- £ 78: Walnut Collard Piano £ 70: Walnut Challen Piano. R95. Walnut Kirkman Piano £ 70: Walnut Normelle Piano Ef.5: Wairiiit I Brinsmead Piano. £ 105; Walnut Suuire Piano k85. Walnut Hawkins P-ano. £ 65 ifls, Walnut Thompson and Shackell. Ltd.. Piano £ 70; Imperial Organ £ 26 5s.; Jonet Organ E15- Estev Organ £55 "TOWNS. Violas. 'Cellos Ba?es. and all Y Wind Instrument: Bows. Strings. Ac- cessories. Music. Best value in tOWD.-SiM-. 2..Walters-road, Swansea. 281A6-7 't\7A"N')'Eb-F.econd-hr1H1 Pianos. Orran*. T G ramophonea and Records Good Prices given.-D. J. Snell. Hish-street Ar- cade, Swansea. PIANOS— £ 15. ?25. £ M. ?45 u?wsrf'?: Gramophones. £ 4 10«.: Record* from Is: Needles. 6d. box. Open Whit-Monday. 283A6-7 DJ. KNFT.I/.S (On1y? .?d''? High-6treet D. Arcade, near G.W.R., Sw?nsea? "W FOR SALE. I^OR SALE, Kitchen RanRp. eoual to new. F-li3aiah Thomas.. Frampton-road. Gorpe, icon. 283A 6.7 11 OR SALE. Motor Combination; 8 horse. I pcwer Jap engine, Bosch magneto; all chain driven.-Write I B." Leader Office. 282A6-3 1r'CJR?SALE( Ponv''Hawk''is- C2Xt- in gcod Fconditioii.-Appiv 26. RoEeicry-terrace. Plasmarl. 281?A6 6 FOR SALE, Haulier's Tip-Cart, with Ha JL. nesH complete.—?pp! y John Davies. Ynys House. Pontardula is C6-6 170R SALE, Up-to-date iron-frame Piano: also Gentleman's Press.—James, 8. Fabian-street, St. Thomas. C6-5 lOR- SALE. 2 Brakes: one to carry 10. one tc. carr?^ 17: 2 Cabe. 1 Landau. 1 Brougham.—Apply to Henrv Jones. Birch- Krove. 277A6-3 SMAIL Motor Bo,.t for -,Ile, 14ft. 6in. x 4ft. Gin. 27 Ajax engine: excellent con- dition; ideal tor bay or river: £ 60.—Evans. 1. Adelaido-street, Swansea. 283A £ -4 rfiHREE Air Receivers or Pressure Tar'c. X 30ft x 7ft. 6in.. 701bs. pressure: also 1.003 Pit, Tub Wheels. 12in. with axles. IFiii.. 24 ennge: and quantity Colliery Plaiit,-Seud for list to Todd, 94. Market-street. Man- chester. 285A6-7 W OHTH1NGTON Centrifugal Pnmi) 6in.: V T 20.000 gallons per hour: 250ft. head- belt driven. Pulsometer ditto. 4in.: 15.000 gallons: excellent enTidition.-Robert R. Paton Trosnant, Pontypool 278A63 LOST AND FOUND. L OST. a Sardonix Stone Brooch. Sunday, JLj between Manselton and Treboeth. linder rewarded.—Johns. 22. Clare-street. Manselton. 283A6-4 I -OST, Thursday Morning. between Unicii- I JF:tTeet and Oxford-street Garage a small Parcel containing a Diamond Ring of great value to the loser, who will give nub. stantial reward.—Apply 232 Oxford-street. 282 A 6-3 LOST. Thursday. May 22nd, black and Told JU Mourning Brooch with D in pearls in centre: belonged to dead mother. Hand- some reward to finder-—Mrs. T. Hill. 11. Car- marthen-road. 2h1A6-6 OiSTi on Thursday Morning, between J Brynheulog Weig-terrace and Dowdle's, grocers. Gold Brooch. Finder suitably re- warded on returning same to Mrs. Thomas, above address. 282A6-3 TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. B" REATHEFREELY^ Nostroline Nasal JD Specific quickly corrects stuffiness, snuf- nmK. nacal discharge and obstructions in nose and throat of children and adults. Use it to prevent a.nd cure Cold in the Head, Influenia, Nasal Catarrh, and Hay Fever Of leading Chomists everywhere 1/3 (bv post 1/5. Sold by E Bevan, Nelson- street: G. T. David Mansel-etreet; D. It. oa,N-ieA St. Helen's-road: J T. Davies, Ltd. (all branches); H. L. Havard, Brynymor. toad- C. H Kent 45 St. Helen's-road: E. J. Kirft. Robert-street. Manselton; A. D M-1 thews. Oxford-street: B. Needham. Neath- road: Oedens, Cash Chemists, Ltd Hitrh- street: J. and D. Reee, Fabian-street. St. Thomas and Port Ten nan t: E. T. Rich. Hieh- street: E. W. Richards. College-street: E. Thomas. High-street: Wriaht and Son. Walter-road, SWANSEA: W. T. TIl-?. Gorseinon: M. L. Beva". 99, Woodnetd- street: W. Isaac. 86 Woodfield-street, MOR- RI?TON: ?nd all Chemise in Neath ALFRED- TENNENS. Ladies' and Gent's ATailor. makes all kind" of Ladies' Cos. tumee. Riding Habits, and every kind of Sportinc and Riding Harn l'nts for Gents: guarantees to be one of the finest cutters in the trade.-5. Cradock-street Swansea. 27 A 6-3 -C"OFECTIONERYat- Rock Bottom Priced ? Nut. R&gpberry. eLmoi. ek.. Toffees, Nut Cn?dy. Lemon Candv. etc 71h" Cs.; 55 lbs. 52s. 6d.; carriage ^aid Constant re. orders.- .Ind(-rc-en. 11 St. Mary.s'reèt. Southampton. 282A6-6 Ij^OR the Kiddies' Shoes trv the new R. n FShoe Stores. Goat-street A splendid selection at reasonable nrices 277A6-3 IF you want the Correct Time biiv r -L Pocket Watch with a Lever movement for 20s. at Bullock Bros.. Portland-street 278A 6-3 TVOR L. ROBERTS Electrical Engineer. JL wishes to inform his old Customers and the Public generally that bt., Chief Electri. cal Engineer, who ioined H.M Forces, has returned to his employ The Electrical De- nartment being now thoroughly eQuipped with an Efficient Staff of Electrical Engin- eers Electrical Work of every description can now he carried out. Heating ana Power Inet.allatione mv Speciality. Your enquiries Rolicited. 223 Oxford-etreet Swan. éa. LADIES. Bead Necklets and Ropes are fashionable; colours to siiit all dresses at Bullock Bros., Portland-street. Swansea. MEN, WO can sell you a Lever Watch, llJ. noclcet size. Nickel or Black caee. for 20s.-RuIlock Bros. Portland-street. Swan- sea. NOW you ca.n get, your Watch or Clock -i-^ properly Repaired at moderate ct. and without delay. Take it to Purser's 263. Oxford-street, Swansea. N EW Stocks of Engagement Rine,- iiif:t i arrived: latest designs: low prices.- Bullock Bros., Portland-street. 278A6-3 NOW you can get your Watch or Clock Derlv Repaired at moderate cost and without delay. Take it to Purser's £ 63 Ox- ford-street. Swansea. "VTEW Stocks of Engagement Rings iust qr- rived: latest designs: low Trices.-Bul. lock Bros.. JPortland-street, Swansea. RUPTURE Positively Cured.-Free Trial JLt from Le Braseeur Surgical Mfg Co.. Ltd (DeDt. E.N., 90 and 92 Worcester-street. Birmingham. Works- Pasey Paris. SALli; now on-;t-E-noch'-Arcade- Bar- gains in Novels. New and Second-hand: Bibles under cobt: Set, of Commentaries; Encyclopedias, and all Books.— Call to inspect the stock. 283A6-7 S HEETR.-WP are about to offer =ome very good lines in Unbleached Twill Sheets at 17s. lid.: also in White Twill. full aizo. at 12s. lid. to 19s. lid —John Bich-irds. 2. Cradock-street, Swansea 281A6-6 84 URGICAIJ Appliances- Tr??es. Spravs. Q Enemas. Surgeons' Rubber Gloves and Snreicai Rubber Goorls of every description. Write for Catalogue, sent Dost free —Le Braseeur Surgical Co.. Ltd. 'Dept. D.V.). 90 and 92. Worcester-street. BinminEham. S UN BLINDS 'enring rollers). Hook-up Blinds Tents. Awnings. Flags. Tar- paulins. Cart Covers. an,, Loin Cloths- Morgan and Richardson (Limited), Manu- facturers, 20 Woman bv-street (opposiie Castle Clock Tower). Cardiff. C8 7 MOTOR CARS, CYCLES, &C. ANOTHER?E?crFour-totrchaseis'for?de- Iivery in 7 days. WP have been the owners of a fleet of 3-ton motors since 5910-, our experience in heavv motor repairs is unique. We are now selling al) our old chassis and buying A.E.C. Our advice is to do likewise.—Tho:<. White and Co.. En- gineers. South Wales Agents Barry. C6-26 F OR SALE, lady's Bicycle, £ 3—83 St! J: Helens-avenue. Swansea. 283 AM Olt. SALE, a bargain, Lady's Cycle, £ 5 10s., fitted with alumirikim rims; also Gent's Cycle in good condition. JE3 to¿ Both can be seen any time.-Billiard Hall. Tonna. 283A6-4 ]?lVE-3EATnR Darraca Car for Sale: ready to drive away; £ ^95.—Apply 50. Trinity-road. Llanelly 282A66 MOTOR Vehicle for Hire: suit commer??ial traveller, light parcel delivery: lon or short. iournes-s; moderate charges; long or short iourticys.-57. Alexandra-road, Swan- sea.. 273A3 TWO 40 h.p. Motors., by Newton. 2"A vQlt. .1. D.C.. 96 amps., 8'0 r p.m.. starters and switch sear complete: Lancashire Dvnamo. 240 volts. 28 k.w.. D.C.. in stock—Robert R. Paton. Trosnant Pontypool.278A6-3 YRE,3-" International PneuinaFic and JL Solids: also Lubricating Oils and Grease; trade dismzints.- Price lists, Agent 5. Woodfield-tprrace. Radvr. 281 a 6-5 'pWo 19lo i-ton Bflgize Chassis, fitted with X Flat Lorry Bodies, and Cab Fronts, for Sale; Cash, Easy Terms, or Excliange.-R. E. Jones, Ltd., Motor Dept.. Dillwvn-etreet. Swansea. TC "j f?-SEATER 'Bug. in first-class order. -LvJ ready for delivery. £ 450: 1915 Ford Van, complete with shelves, for baker in first-cla-s,s order:: detachable wjieels: R20.- The Commercial Carrier Co. Ltd.. 59 to 62. St Ilfl'en's-road. Swansea. Telephone: Cen- tral 77&. C5-7 Ivor L. Roberts' (223 Oxford-street) Announcements. DELIVERY from Stock. 2-3 Ton Austin: also 3-4 Ton Dennis. First cheque se- cures. CCOMMERCIAL LORRIES -Aent for Den- s nis Austin. Karriers Hors, etc. Send mo your inquiries Terms arranged to suit your convenience. I can offer Early De- liveries. SECOND-HAND Lorriee.-I have a Large Assortment from 1-ton to 4.ton: prices from £ 125 to £550. Send for lists, 01 ask me to call on you. S_ECOND-HAND Cars: prices from E35 to £ 375. Send for liste. MOTOR CYCLES.-Arent for Triumph. .L B.S.A. Douglas Sunbeam. A.J.S. n. field, P. and M.. Norton-s etc Get your name on my waiting lists to ensure early deliveries. Is IECOND-RAND Motor Cycles.-I have k9 several to offer from P,5 to £11)() 1 can fix you up at any price to suit your re- quirements. Send for lists YOUR old Car or Motor Cycle taken in JL part payment, or Bought for Cash. SePd or writo with full particulars, to Ivor L. Roberts Oxford-street Swansea. PERSONAL. IN Uncle Bert's" Toffee Shop there i6 JL Standing Rooin Only." Uncle Bert and his Son thank you for your help. You are doing Your Bit as we did ours. Thanks!! Swansea. Thanks!! 1 1 SMALL ADVERTISEMENT ORDER FORM. j J -J ?. —  —?? ■ I /0 » I. Z Z H ? I I- tyt -i ■ ■ ■ —— • — J — I t J 1 *rr. i II T— ) Pleam publish the above advertisement.times, for which I enclo& .a. Name anll Address: If deBired, replies may be sent to-Box Numbers at the "Cambria Daily Leader" Office. This form should bo addressed to Advertisement Department, u Cambria Dally I Leader, Swanees6 ;??'- .?-?..???.?.?.u.??? .„„ ??..????*-  -??M.. I Because of his colossal s-Ics and immense re- souieea, H. Samuc!  i vcs .?-B J ???U?  greater va!uc in Diamond?????tj?  and Gem set jeivellery,  ?*    Watc h cs and Plate than ?S? any sim i lar firm in the ?N  9?*???? Kingdom, and his o?er ???   ?' of next to SnL/ FACTORY PRICES ??  may save you pounds ^\1([ RXrf'/Tk TO-DAY I 'LUC Y' ??????? ?SDCiMCS. Diamond  ? ?c ??° Jv/?  ? Diamond     Crossover. H.SAMUEL$ .???j?. NOW Diamond AN,3 Cluster. a \?l)?y?? SEE 9 lustrous ???<?  ?? THE Brilliants. '? ?S" S?B/?-??? f DIEPLAY. n) CEM PEROART Ilir^Ov e Set with Pearls and ?t ,??  WRIST WATC lAD. C N'IACELET WRIST WATCN   Lominoos cr non- ?' s^SC jewelled. Self. luminous. "Fu't? ly J??ted. ?Se'?lf. | Jewelled. Nickel CMC 17/8 Br=cclet 55/-J B loke World'i Largat Jeweller. f 2S5, OXFBt"iD STREET 1 Sa (Under the Dill Cleek) SWANSEA. m And at Cardiff, tScrttw. Peal-t.!sc, M S f if yea caanc-I call, wri'3 for Fnr Catotegac Ba e fa N. OMiUEL, 113, garikstst., MDII;¡:,r::JtÆl'. W JB j The Corsets of Distinction. 1 I See the initials J. B. inside every pair. I ÀS YOUR GROCER FOR MISCELLANEOUS. pONSUMPTIVES. Prolong your Lives. Cure vourselves as I have: learn how. Mv record of recovery is wonderful: 10 Ye'ar, experience. Advice Is 6d.; treatment 2s. 6d.—Nurse Wilson. 25. St. Stephen's- scit.-are. Bavswqter. 279A6-4 IMSTEDDFODAU .Concerts, etc—Win Pro. motera of foregoing Forward Pro%- pectuses to George, Secretary. Male Voice Choir. Cinderford. (:,Ios.? 279A6-4 IF. you want to Sell your old Bicycle or JL any old Furniture. I am a buyer. Will nav top i)rice.-Write Hall Dyily leader. Swansea. 282A6-3 p ELLERGAER Horticultural Show (2n(1 t7 Annual) of fruit Vegetables, and Flowers .will be held at Council Schools and Drill Hall. on Saturday. Augti-st 30th. 1919. Schedules ?d. each, p-r r>o»t Zkd., fro-'YJ T. M. Wat kins. Dovona, Penllergaer and D. J Rogers. Tir-enion, Penllergaer. 282A6-3 CTAMMERERS. write for free? booklet ? "StraiKht Ta)k to Stammerers."—Wm. Wareing. Anchorsholme. Blackpool. Z79A6-4 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. COCOA Butter .Wanted in large Quantities. 2s. Der lb. Accept this as our order. and rail auicklv.-G. F. Lovell and Co New. nort. TC IADY'S and Gent's Cycles wanted, in anv -L? condition: also Parts.—Write Jones 100. Aberdyberthi-street. Hafod. 28aA f -5 L ATHY, wanted: good condition: about bin JLJ centres: 4ft. bed: screw-cutting: back reared etc. State full particulars and price geared, F I." Daily Leader STD to Box S TABLE and Warehouse wa ted.- v,n and Company Furnishers. 280. Oxford. street. Swansea. 279A6-3 TREES Wanted over Pitwood size.—Jen- -L nings, Ltd., Woodworkers, Pennywell- road, Bristol. Branch at Porthcawl. STC rpRACTION Engines or Honsee Wanted -on I. Hire, Daywork or Piecework, for Pit- wood and Tree Hauling in various coun- ties.—Jennings, Ltd. (Controlled Establish- ment). Woodworkers, Penny well-road. Bris- ol. CTC ANTED. a Motor Ambiilanee.-Give f,ill M particulars and price to Box "I 11." Leader Office. 283A6-4 LIVE STOCK, &c. Cn'"ïOKS;ftnest typical breeds, ?s. doz.— C Note, wauted Fowls and PiRcons: high. fat price given.-13. Pegler-street, Brynhy 283A6 91 NEW-LAID eggs now cost one user 1 ,1. I each. but they used to cost him Is. 7d each before he used Karswood Spice, con- taining crround insects, which increased egg outpmt amazingly. Prove it to your profit. Packet's 24d.. nfl. Is. 3d -Rwal"ea and Dis- trict CO.-OD. Society, Ltd. 20. Orange-street. and Branches. 281A6-2 N EDUCATIONAL. PELMANISM. FOR MENTAL EFFICIENCY. AVOID DELAY BY APPLYING DIRECT TO THE DIRECTOR, PELWAN INSTITUTE, 96, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. EARN Dutton's 24-hour Shorthand:. 35.1 JLJ per montb aecures speed of 150 w,p.m.; specimen leaefn 2d.—Duttoa'e College. Desk j I P. Skegnew.

For _the Ladies.