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ARMY HONOURS. WELSHMEN IN THE PEACE LISTS. Many Swansea and AVest Wales names feppear in the military section of the King's birthday honours list, the first in- stalment of which (that for France and Inlanders) we publish to-day. An inter- esting name in the rank and file list is that of C.S.M. (instructor) J. Driscoll, "hv roceives the M.S.M. BEATTY AND HAIG. Various departmental lists of honours were issued on Mondav. The Prime Min ister's list, in which public interest Usually centres, is unavoidably delayed, and will not be available for publication before Saturday morning. The Order of Merit is conferred upon Admiral Sir David Beatty and Field- Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, and other appointments include the Prince of (Wales to be personal aide-de-camp to the rKin £ and colonel of the. Welsh Guards, 1- Prince Albert to be personal aide-de- camp to the King, and Prince Arthur of Con naught, 2nd Dragoon (Royal Scots Greys) to he brevet lieut.-colonel. Order of the Bath. COMPANIONS (MILITARY DIVISION) Brig.-gen. Hon. Walter Patrick Hore- Buthven (Master of Kuthven), C.M.G., iD.S.O., Scots Guards, a nephew of Mr. C. E. Stewart Hore-Huthven, of Cefn Coed, iMertbyr. Brig-gen. Frank Percy Crozier, C.M.G., D.S.O., New Armies, in command of the 3td Welsh at Chatham, and formerly in vommund of the Welsh Bantam Brigade at Bourlon Wood Brig .-gen. Alfred Henry Ollivant, C.M.G., li.A., a great grandson of the late Bishop Ollivant, of Llandaff. Brig.-gen. Hon. Alexander Gore Ark. wright Hort Ruthven, V.C., C.M.G.. D.S.O., Welsh Guards, nephew of Mr. C. E. Stewart Hore-Ruthven, of Cefn Coed, Merthyr; appointed lieut.-mi. Welsh Guards, 1917. Order of St. Michael and St. George. COMPANIONS (MILITARY DIVISION) Lieut.-col. Hugh Lord Kensington, D.S.O., Welsh Horse Yeomanry, attached 25th Battalion Welsh Fusiliers, the first commanding officer of the Welsh Horse, which served in Gallipoli and subse- fluently in Egypt. Lieut.-col. Cecil John Herbert Spence Jones, D.S.O., Pembroke Yeomanry, at- tached Welsh Regiment. Son of the late. Very Rev. H. D. Spence Jones, Dean of Gloucester, and a grandson of the late i Mr. D. Jones, M.P., of Pantglas, Carmar- thensltil-e. ■•wj Brig.-gen. Lewis Pugh Evans. V.C., "T D.S.O., Royal Highlanders, son of Lady r Jvans, of I^ovesgrove, Aberystwyth, and nephew of the late T,ieiit.-gen. Sir James Hills-Johnes, Y.C., G.C.B., of Dolaueothi. Order of British Empire. I OOMMANDEMB(fptlLITARY DIVISION) I The Right Rev. Bishop Llewellyn Henry Gwynne, C.M.G., tf. C. F., 1st Cl", I R.A.Ch.D., son of the late Mr. Richard Gwynne, of Kilvev, nt-kir Swansea. Lieut.-Col. Edward Darlev Miller, D.S.O., Pembroke Yeomanry (R. of 0.). 1 OFFICERS. I Lieut.-Col. C. R. Graham, Welsh Regi- cnent. Lieut.-Col. Alexander Ge-orge Hamilton. R.A.M.C. (T.F.), formerly commanded the Welsh Border Mounted Brigade Field Aiu- balance, It. A.M.C. Major Herbert Francis, Scarancks Hunt j jngton, Welsh Regiment. Rv. Charles Edward Chaloner Lindas. vicar of Tonna, Neath. Hajor John Daniel Stuart Lloyd, M.C., Welsh Horse. Major Thomas Henry Morgan (T.F. Pee."), South Wales Borderers. C?L Arthur Owen Vaughan, D.S.O., I.abour Corps, of Dinas Powie, better l tnown as Owen Rhoscomyl." > Promotions. 1 I) ) W-) BE BREVET-COLON EL. I<ieut;-coi. R. F. Gross, D.S.O., S.W.B. Lieut-col. J. H. Langton, D.S.O. K.W.F. Lieut.-col. W. H. Stanwav, D.S.O. 11.C. S.W.B. Lieut.-col. C. L. Taylor, D.S.O., S.W.B. (. TO BE BREVET-M A J OR (on Retired p List). Major K. Ffrenoh, M.C., S.W.B. Major W, C-t Hewett, M.C.. Welsh Regt. Lieut.-cci. J. ketinedv, D.S.O., 31.C., D.C.M., attached 13th Welsh. Major M. C Morgan, M.C.. S.W.B., b,rodier of Major D. Hughes Morgan, of Penally. Lieut .-co.. V. B. Ramsden, D.S.O., M.C., S.W.B. D.S.O. TJout.-Col. Dehne William Campbell T)avi e-Evans, Pembroke Y E'<Imanry,. son of the Lord-Lieutenant of Cardiganshire, Lieut.-Col. Archer Geoffrey Lyttelton, Welfh Regiment. Cai)t. ITo,,i-el Gwyn Moore-Gwyn, M.C., v» j Rifle Brigade, son' of Mr. J. E. Moore- Cwyn, J.P., D.L.. of the Dyffryn, Neath. Lieut.-Col. John Muller, M.C Welsh, Jtegiment. Tiieut.-C-ol. Wilfred Taunton Raikes, M.C.. South Wales Borderers, Treberfydd Dwlch. Major John Burrell Holme Woodcock, Pembroke Yeomanry, attached 24th Welsh Keigiment. M.C. Capt. Frank, Lewis Thornhill Barlow. tWelsh Guards. Capt Oliver Bird. Welsh Guards. Capt F. E. Viviiin Blowen. S. W.B. Capt. Cyril B. Christopherson, Welsh Regiment. Capt. Conway Trevor Ellis, Kith R.W.F "I Lieut John Fowler, 5th R. W.F. Cixpi, H. Carleton Hawkins, Welslk imenL Capt H T R. H?ndin. 26th R.W.F. Lieut. Thomas Lloyrl Jones, 1.6th iR.W.F. Capt. J, F. A Lewis, P.m broke: Yeo- manry. Capt. 'Virtan- M. Lewis, Welph Regt. Capt. W. V. L. Morgan, Glamorgan IR.G.A*. Lieut. E. W. Peate, 7fch R.W.F. The Rev. David Randell. T./t'.F.. our.ate of St. Iasell's, Pem. Capt. L. M. Rudge attd. 9th R.W.F. E. F. Malcolm Sam, Welsh Regt. -Capt. T. Thexton, 9Hi Welsh Reg*. Lieut. J E. Williams, Hth R.W.F. Lieut. Thomas Williams, W?lah Regt. Capt. A. Wit.ham, 18th Welsh Regt. DISTINGUISHED CONDUCT MEDAL. 17398 Sgt. W. Anthony, M.M., 13th Batt. R.W.F., attached 113th T.M. Battery (Britonferrv). 26079 Sgt. S. Bevan, 14th Batt. Wor- cester Regt. (Swansea). 12125 Sgt. J. Bishop. R.K., attached! 66th (E. Lanes.) DIY. Sig. Coy., R.E., J.F. (E. Swansea). 15991 Sgt. E. A. Enoch, 39th Batt. M'G. Corps (Carmarthen). .^54184 Sgt. A. Fortune, 13th Batt. elsh Regt. (Haverfordwest). 15877 Pte. P. Grey, 2nd Batt. S. Regt. (Neath, S. "Wales). J. Hancocks, 24th Btt. Welsh Regt. (Camrose). v 475;32 ggt. J. Moore, 10th Batt. K.O.S.B. (Swansea). 1, S!P./2853 Sgt. P. H. Mcvore, 24th Batt. R. Fuailierfi (Swansea). -.8QOd;QIi'.Q..r.. Regt., attached 231st L.T.M. Battery, (Kidwelly). 1j2496 Sgt. G. F. Richards. 123rd Fd. Coy., R.E .(Port Talbot). 320121 Sgt. W. Williams, 24th Batt. Welsh Rcgt. (Nantgaredig). 265253 C.S.M. G. Young. 6th Batt. Wrelsh Regt., T.F. (Swansea). Cpl. G. W. A. Summons, 9th Welsh iMilford Haven). Sgt;. A. H. Watkins, 2nd S.W.B. (Neath). I MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL. 15615 B.S.M. J. Bines, 288th Siege Battery (Tenby). 33574. Sgt. T. Jones, 488th Siege Bat. terv (Swansea). C.Q.M.S. (A.R.S.M.) A. I G. Bates (Swansea). 454198 Mech S.Sgt. C. F. Glaron (Mumbles). 5W/J Sgt. M. Anthony, 255th Tun. > Coy. (Glanamman). 139622 Spr. (L.C.) Hall, 354th E. and M. Cov. (Pembroke Dock). 53506 Sgt D. Owen, 14th Batt. (Port Talbot). 265878 Sgt. Y. T. M. Williams, 6th Batt. (Swansea). 265477 Cpt. W. J. Mabbett, 6th Batt. (Swansea). 38171 Cpl. G. Taylor, 9th Batt. (Lam- peter). 29131 Pte. S. W. Price, 14th Batt. (Swansea). .54567 Pte. E. L. Rees, 13th Batt. (Swansea). 216123 Pte. (A.Cpl.) NNI. E. Gronow, 25Htla A.E. Coy. (Swansea). S./13752 S.M. L. Stock (Swansea). S./18747 Sgt. J. H. Freeman, 361st Coy. (Pembroke Dock). 84,072649 Cpl. O. Lewis (Neath). S./290262 Cpl. G. T. Morgan (Swan- sea). M2/117119 Pte. (L.C.) F. r. Bowman, 41st Div. M T. Cov. (Swansea). M2/117368 Pte. (L.C.) A. E. Williams, 41st Div. M. T. Coy. (Llanwrtyd Wells). C.S.M. T. T. Pascoe, R.E. (Swansea). Sgt. P. W. Warner, H.E. (Landore). Cpl. J. Fisher R.E. (Manorbier). C.S.M. J. Joshua, 6th Welsh (Tondu). Sgt. W. H. Tribe, R.A.S.C. (Milford Haven). C.S.M D. J. Sweet, R.A.S.C. (Swan- sea). Cpl. T. Williams, R.A.S.C. (Brynteg).







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