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'? i ::r I I T IFE tod&y is very worrying. Even women complain at times. The fact is, many are near the breaking point—when either their health must suffer or their work be eet aside. Dizzy heads and aching backs give warning of impending kidney troubles. Then, for a time. the work must go: the imperative need is rest, recreation and fresh air—more of the sunshine of life. Whilst a special kidney medicine gives necessary help, it does not fully counteract continued overwork A Household Remedy On January '15th. 1500, Mrs. A. Con- niffy of 12, Foregate-square, Stafford, said:—" I was troubled for about eix months with severe pains in my back and loine, as the result of kidney oam- plaint. When I s'.W,ped the pain was All though I had t -en stabbed with a knife, and I could not get up again un- aided. My head, also troubled me a lot. I felt faint and dizzy, and I had at last to let my housework go altogether. My feet would swell after standing. I had urinary trouble,, too, the water was cloudy contained sediment. I took all. sorts of medicine, but I did not get better until I used Doan'a Backache Kidney Pills. I had been ad- vised to toko these by some friends of mine, and I am glad I did so, for soon Hter taking them I began to feel bet- I r, and it was not long before I was fz%3 of the backache pain; the water pa;ad naturally, and I felt absolutely wet again. 19 Years Endorsed On September 10th, 1918, Mrs. Connilx 'said:—" I have never had a day's ill- ness tlirough the old trouble siaco, 11 an's Pills cured me nineteen years and I feel it a privilege and pleo- su v to recommend this splendid kidney mt iicine. (Signed) "A. Conniff." Do an's Pills help Nature's work. They givot. strength to weak kidneys, ensuring onot again that purity of blood essential to g >od health. They help women at critical times. They restore comfort and peace of mind destroyed by kidney symptoms such as urinary troubles, backache, dropsical swellings, rheu- matic pains and nerve tension. NOTE.-Don't mtrtly ask for "bacfcacho pills" or II kidney pills." Do as Mrs. Conniff did. Ask for and insist upon Doan's Backachs Kidney Pills. 10 199dafth, It IN s DOAN'S Backache Kidney Pilla. JLU dealer$, or Sf9 pott fret from FotUr-McCUllan Co., a. Wous St.. Oxford St.,Zon$on, IT. J. I' H OCULISTSI PRILSORIPTIONIL maj The majority of Lenses- m Rimmod or Bimlesg, Sphetiéal. Astigmatic or Iffl Meniscus-are ground in oar RA own Workshop. TWO QUALIFIED OPTICIANS ARE || IN ATTENDANCE. E The Highest Skill. The Best Workmanship. 2e:- Absolute Accuracy of aU §K Lenses. |g Perfect Fitting Trernes. u § ■ C Fb IILIEII | II 'I '] F.B.M.G., • 1 2123, OxfQt J stp6,, t I ^i ■ .1 ■ I. ■ v .—III I- <•■> ■■ J. :!Jill 1111 II 11111111 ZHatcAesj IIIIUllnUIII: SHtH))!))))!!)!) <===?-?—?? iiiniiniiiiiiifn S Pursers have secured a f?re? stock of Men? and :?d;M' Wrist Watches of ,.=< III the less expensive ty!)e, rhese'a re offe-ci It 11)6 ,it. n,t ■» •— known durin# the. war. Do no get .the M<? m? are thmw.?t)ts,?fanytnin?of<?:? < 3S kind each watch is perfect, is carefl1Hy timed and tested be e -s ale? Md has PtirkTiO jjjjj! ?-' reputation behind It. ?'<* o??o)?t<K</y <t )'?«?.. 11 SPECIAL BARGAIN PRICES 1 Fully Jtwclied LEVER Wrist Watch, luminous hands and dial, a perfefct watch for nieil's. wear. fully guaranteed, 35 Solid Silver La- diM'WdttWatth of dainty des??n and pcrfcctwork- | manship, u' e- quailed at our I special price, 17 6 SolidSllverJEW- I ELLHR Ladles' Wrtsi Watch. A tasteful, & really i high class watch. of splendid time- j keeping qualities 251- GentnlfultyJEW- EM.r.ft K yloss LEVER Watch (non magnetic). Strong dust and damp-proof cases For hard wear ? 25/- SEE I THE WINDOWS TO-DAY 1 ?   /2?) = Also at = TVatchn?ta.?ers c/-O, er5 0.2 Q,ieen St. & to the 1 Sf, John Sq., ^nl■l■lnllilfliiliillm ll 263 Oxford Street, SWANSEA cardi == ffllIlIlUUl1I (oPposltotlJe Market) .j,?.n= =n?!H«!H!HHHm"m (.ppo?.?e?r?) HmhHHHn :e At'J _v 't. C M V?- L E Tw*'a ?E- F  r8u;tJtw'fffà Ii1 Jil. U P.E GAME 1™ I '0 "f L J. i'< ;¡;; ( BEDDING 38 & 41 QUEEN ST., |j MANUFACTURERS. Tel. 403. CMSPfiFF, I -.c' PIA NO S., PIANOS. No Firm doing a HIrs Business bears a better reputation than TOOMPSu ohN & SNAC"ELLLTDO Sols Agents for Estey Organs and Brinsmead and Broadwood Player Pianos. 39, CASTLE STREET, SWANSEA, And at Cardiff, Newport, Merthyr, Pontypridd, Llanelly, Bridgend, Bargoed, Ebbw Vale, Bristol, etc., etc. ?FOR FAIR DEALING BEST TERMS AND GOOD VALUE I •• LARGEST STOCK IN W,?ES TO SEI,HCT FROM. I READ THE HERALD of WALES  J Every Saturda y   ,I;f,, ■ j **r:



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