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L d 'CI 'II Lea d er' Classified Advertisements. APARTMENTS, SITUATIONS VACAMT OH WANTED, TO BE LET, LOST AND FOUND. I One Three Six I .Insertion. Insertions, Insertions » Words. 1 0 2 0 3 0 JO Words. 1 6 3 0 4 0 <0 Words. 2 0 4 0 6 0 FOR SALE, TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. I One Three Six Insertion. Insertiollil. Insertions ? Words. 1 6 2 6 3 6 60 Word 8 0 3 0 4 6 40 Words- a 6 3 6 5 6 11IRTHS, DEATHS, IN MEMORIAM AND MARRIACE. ¡ One Three Sir Insertion. Insertions. Insertions to Worde.. t f 3 6 6 0 30 Words. Z 0 6 0 fi 0 40 Words. 3 0 7 0 12 0 EDUCATIONAL. Oie Tbree Six lDs»tion. Insertione. Insertions 20 Words. 2 0 .) 0 4 6 AWords. 2 6 4 0 6 i 4a Words. 3 0 6 6 ? ft MQriEY.-fcd. per Una. MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS VACANT. "V* 7 ANTED. tmin?iat?ly. Male or Female T AL-eiite for Booke vacant at ?wsj!spa. Neath. Aberavoa, Goreeinyn, by successful office. C. B. Leader OW-ce, Swansea. 231A6-B I WOMEN AND GIRLS. .T?AyTEDr?for"Ya?ht" Oafe.Mnmb? iff: <JouM?r Handa. Waitre88e8, etc.-AVo Ttiy Mackworth. Swansea. 2S5A6-10 WANTED, experienced Shorthand Typist, LwT. also experienced Lady Clerk; ,Tood ha-r.dwrit-inir essential.—Reply Box 40. G.P.O. Swansea. UisA6- & "Y\~ ANTED. Lady Assistant. Grocery T»e- T t)artment.-Appi.v Star Supply Stores, Llandovery. 232-A6-6 HOUSE-KEEPERS. VT Gardens.—J&atron wanted; mnst be spoof practical housekeeper and interested in girls welfare.-Ai)t)iy Mrs Watklus, Hon. Secretary. Caenewydd. Sketty. 279A5-4 ?trORKINrG*K&n <w!dow?rC family three. V»i reanir. Housekeeper: mate &?e: )\ person nreferr&d.—Write Box I I $,' Leader p!We. 8wamea. ?-3-A 6.-4 T\7AyTEb. by a, Workman .'widower, with !"? five éhildr). BMerly Woman u "Housekeeper; one child not objected to; &.G. Dreferred.-Write B. V. Daily Swsnfta. 28 JAM DOMESTIC SERVANTS. "t. T ANTED. Tounir Girl. 16 to 18, years, to I VVi, help wfth Housework and look after Stall the Sands.—Apply 35, Strand. I 28-SA 6-4 WANTED, by mid-July, Oook-Generaj and I TT hcm?e PadourmJ?.—Ap?iy. Mrs He?s. Rectorr. Lougtior. 282A6-4 W ANTLD, immediately, capable House » T maid for small fairiiv.-Apuly Mra. KoJhoIland. Woodford Sketty-road, 379AM j MEN AND YOUTHS. ATiAHftF, Aftcnranre Company reaaires Superintendent to Introduce Agent* acd B usiness õgood opening for successful worker: liberal termo.—Write to "1 10. Lcd6r Office, Swansea B,ítTCKLAYEB8 W8.llt¡;<Elong ?b: die- trict rate.—Apply Contrac?r. Briton-  trict rate.-A. Vorks. Jer5eY Marine, ferry Chemical ?__?, Co-4 JOINERS and P&inhera wM-ted; lone iobs tJ to Rood men.—Auu? UnNth Dane8 and 00. Paxton Yard, Paxton-place, Swansea. 283A6-4 «Xl\ TA V VIES wanted afc Cymmer on M w ?\ mads and pipe track.—T. WaJ?er, Con- praetor. 282A613 SWANSEA Chemist Tt<mure.? ?a Intc?igeut kJ Youth ae Apprentice: no premium r? cuired.-Apply Chemist." Daily Loader. 28L16-6 T- HORUGHL-ci9nt. Motor íi:ïj- Driver r^auired.— Write "Merchants, I.eadr c?Me ?A6-5 rPHKEE eOOd Railway Wagon CMocntcrs i. tea uired on RepatM: trade rat? and bcnus mid-Apply Lion Wajon W.rl. ?afty?o. Mon. 282A6-6 T A T ELL- KNOWN Company requires au w erierfffelio Spare-time Representative capable of introducing its butiness in a. clear, interesting manner: liberal terms.— Write toO Box "I 9," Daily Leader, fcwaugea. Co-7 ^V"T|\ 7ANTED. experienced Platelayer.—Apply w PontyVool Tinvlate Works, PoBtypooL 2ôl6- T\fV fAREHOUSEMAN  rcQuired for Whoie- %V 5aJe Provi6ion Trade.-App!? John Richards. Ltd., Lower Ui.,ion-strtet, Swan- ;.e. _.Z81Ab.5 -ANT.IRELZ, We have this year sent V V j out óO Students to good peimanent berths, and klave Sitiiations waiting for oLn- other 50 Youths between 18 and 25 yeara of age. If t-ou wsnti one of these terths, wnte or call at Wirelese wilege,. St. Mary-street. Cardiff, or Castle-street. Swaneea. 'Phone OFFICE AND ERRAND BOYS. :tff::C;-När-i:c- I' VV premice to Printine Trade: also saong Lad 8' Errand Boy.—Apply Ernest Da?es and Co., Ltd.. nsber-stri?i. Swan. 2Z3A6i-? l ~\Y'i\ sr A NTKD— Hespectable a d about 14-16  yeare of age for Office Work.-WrUe 1 5, Omce of This Paper. 2811\6- 1 \'7 ÃÑTED.- OiBce Boy^one already used V\? to omco work preferred.-Ap?ty. $Mt. inx ae, experience, aud wae8 required _t? Box 35. P.O.. Swansea.  SITUATIONS WANTED. iiI E0iJANîé.DRfvERîf-ye-ara"- I JM. ence. excellent references, desires Berth: commercial or hire work. Box 1 14." Daily Leader. 285,6-9 FOR SALE. OLI-NG I^th?! (sawn, also cleft), English make: &Lso Timber of all descriptions 0. Jcnni8 and Co., L.. Bristol. C5.10 I^OR SALE. Solid Walnut Sideboard, hand- .r somely carved, hcvcHed gla&i; also MahoEany Dinine Table with extra leaf. Apply Payne, Fforeetfaeh. 285A6.5 14 10]1 SALE. in Rood condition Saddle-tag iru itr: also Brass Fendei\—Apply P..ftJ' 6. 133. Robert-etreet. Manselton. ^35-vb-j OR SALE, a Balli TraD equal to new: I X rubber tyred; cushionM and lampts.-Ar. Tily Hone Kong* Gorseinon. Co-o F OR SALE, Kitchen Range, equal to new. -Isaiali Thomas. Frampton-road, Corse- fin. Z?Si\b-7 70R SALE( Pony Hawkri? Cart, in .rocd I' J condition.—Apply 26. Roeebery-terrace 2S2A6-6 TlOR KALE. HauHer'e Tio-Cart. with Har- nesa complete.—4 pply John Davies, Ynys HOMO. Pontarduiais 06 ° OF, SALE, Up-to-date iron-framo Piano: also Gentlcmar/e Press.-Yames, 8, l afcian-Btreet, St. Tl-toma^. C6.5 SJI ALL "Motor Boat for S<de. ?4ft. 6in. T 4ft. 6in n Ajas en?ne: excellent oon. <Lition' i,ie?i for bay or JEM.—EvanB. Adelaide-Ftreet, I, 283A I QPRUCE DMis tMn. x 24in? ?in. x 3in.. D 12in. x 3in.. 9in. ?°- ?"- x 4in 8in x J^t., etc.; short and lone; lintrlish, felled 21 years: better than some foreign. Try earnple truck, £39 to £ 49 std.. at-cording to lenfrth Ithd size; Kllw) smaller fizes under £:0: 8.\ Timber, Plywood Woodwork of f;erv description.—C. Jennincs and Co.. Ltd-. Bristol. C6-10 _—   rpHBEE Air Receivers or Pressure Ta,?. ',30ft x 7ft. 6in.. 70iba. pressure: !"¡Ô 1000 Pit Tnb Whec?. 12in. with axles, ?in.. 24 gratisCO: and quantity Colliery Plant.—Send for list to Todd. 94. Market-street. Man- Chester. 283A6.7 OJ 'iEW-,i -peri a] in excenent condi- 4mt tion: new tyrM: eDjrine perfectly •■or.iDPed: f!4.—A. Rees. Oriei. Tvcroes Pantyffynnon. 285A6-9 fJOO TONS fehic,,Jv Oak) Tree^. Pitwo^ OUIJ Branches, etc: £ 300 in place: mwtlv felled near Newquay. Cardizanshire; suit colliery owner uavinj* own boat.—Pf*ee. Abcrayroo. Cardiganshire. C6.10 LOST AND FOUND. ZT. a S»rdonix Stone Brooch. Sunday, .J between Manselton aid Trcboetii. cffinder rewarded.—Johns. 22. Glare-street, anselton. ■ 283A6-4 OST. ThursV.ay. Mav 22nd. black and JJ Mournine Brooch with D in pearls in oentre: belonged to dead mother. Hand, •orn^ reward to giider.- Mrs. T. Ifill, 1. Car. 3aarth< u-rond. ¡\f"ft HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR SALE AND TO LET. IpTJENISIIED HOUSE to Lst at 41, Cnstle- .J:.1 ton. Mumbles; long Deriod.-Applv at above address. 283A6 7 I7051 KALE, r fcr c4LX: Pa i(i in £ ^4: will take £6 1(1; Write "Sale." Daily Leader Office, Swansea. 17*011 SALE. 3 Lea?hol.i Se'aii-det??'?f' F. Cottars at PiasmarL— Write Bar good," Ijeader Office. 283 \6 4 FOR SALE. at Upper KiUay? 3 Hou?s jp JL Parish of Bishop?ton main road fa Gower.—Appiy on premises. 233A6-'i IipOil SALE, ?SCO House Purchase Poiic: Fuc-arlv ei?ht years paid: no reasonab? otfer refused.—Apply "Policy." Leader Offic.e. 285A 6-4 LOUGHOR.—For Sale. Leahoh1 DwpUi) ? Lo houses —For particulars, apply Hin(1. Solicitor. 6. Fisher-street Swansea. 281A6.6 ONE Firm Sold £ W.000 worth Of Property this year through words for 3 Insertions 2s. 6d in the Cam. bria Daily Leader. S OUTII W-Ice H-otising P,an "Scheme" 0 enables yon to become landlord instec.d of tenant at equivalent of rent; special facilities offered jpersons email capita]; terme to suit all.-Wr to Housing Scheme," ¡P2I.! Office. 270A6-4 TO LET. 9-roomefJ Furnished RouVe- Uplarda district.—Write Tarnished." Daily Leader. t7t¡A Y-ou can Seenre a. TTotiF-e rf your own by beeomir.g a Policy Holder of the Provi- det,t Association of London. Ltd. Full amount of valuation advanced in five years. For prosT/Cctus, etc. write to Mr. R. Hard- wick. 38. Rosehill-terracc. Swansea. ?/? UFFXTY will Purchase ?<50"nom? .t/ U any district: n<MSM6jon by arraBtr?- ment.—" Landlord." Leader. Swansea. TC APARTMENTS AND LODGINGS TO LET AND WANTED. A'XT.AILTTET). Two or Threo Uüft;rT:ihd- Furnished Rooms for Mother and rrown-up Son; Swansea or district.—Apply Box I 17." Daily Lender Swansea. 205A6-5 Two Unfurnished Rooms 1, f;, you Tier Married Couple; respectable ,wr.litv.-Write Box I 12." Daily Leader. Swaneea. 263A6-4 HOLIDAY APARTMENTS. A PAKTMENTS.—For Summer Holirlnv; A. Bedroom, etc.. ever.- convenience: trams paseintf door: close to Sand= and Dirks,- Write 1, M 2. DailyJLetder. 23JA6-»5 SOUTHERN DOW N.—Room. to TAt (b; 1T J tj room; and Attendance- June. July. Sep- tember: stamp for replv.—Apply Richards. Devonia. 236A6-3 PREMISES TO LET & W ANTitrt DAIRY Business: 148 imperial erallons daily: 5 pram rounds; unique posi- tion: suitable partners or privol* company srood house and premise;-)— Anply G. 184. Northcote-road. Battereea London. 285.6-9 OFFICES required on Dock*, two or three rooms Write. with particulars A. W. P. 29, King Ed^ard's-road. 283A6-7 WANTED, I?x-?-?p Shop, or House and f' Shop. in Neath or Port. Talbot; mnder- ate rent.—Reply. girinv-, full particulars to S'hov." Daily Leader. Swansea* 294A6-5 "IXTAifTED, Small Warehouse, near Lan- if dore Station.^—Sts.te rent an(k particu- lare to "Metaie," Daily Leader Swansea. 285A6-7 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. 1?OR BAJA, American OMgbn. in splendid Fcondition.-Auply 2. &bapleton.p?a<;e. Morrist<m. _?_?.? ?? ?85A6-S FOR SALE, a FaH-site Conœt Piano b?- J. JL Schiller. Berlin; oyerBtmnc. solid iron frame with all latest improvements — T bo in as. Albania, Brynamman. 283 A 6-9 /S ODFREY and Co.. lJtd. have a. Larcre 8e U lection of Iron-frame Pianos (Vertical a.nd Overstrung in Walnut. Rosewood. Oak or Ebonised oases, by Geo. Rogers. Collard and Collard, Witton and Witton, Sames Burnand. Waddington etc. Prices from 50 guineias. Cash or 'lonop. W tit tor Free List. or call and make a nereona,] ofelectirn.— (Jodfrey and Co. Ltd.. 82 St. Helen's-road Swanee&. 281A6-7 GRAXOPEONE and Records wglni-ect: mvist \jr be in playing order. State lowest price ready money, I 7," Dailv^Leader. 282A6-6 PIANO (Metxfer). 29 ens; others by Rutter, jr 19 ens: Stoddart., 29: Broad wood. 33; Morley, 48: Furlong. 55: Craven, 58: Burlinr. 65: Ascherberg, 69; HoSman Player-Piano. 95: others. 15. 17, 18 (rnt.: wholesale and re- tail.—Piano Exchange, 19. Park-street, Swan- sea, 1m 6.7 'THOMPSON and Sbackell Ltd.. M Ca?tit'- Tstree Swansea.—Black OoUard Piano- £ 78; Walnut Collard Piano £ 70; Walnut Challen Piauo, Cgb: Walnut Kirkman Piano £ 70; Walnut Nortuellf6 Piano. £ 66; Walnut Brinsmead Piano. £ 105; Walnut Squire Piano. £B5 Walnut. Hawkins Piano. £ #> 10. Walnut Thompson and 8baekell, Ltd.. Piano £ 70; imperial orcan, 426 k,: Jones Ort:au .£111: Egtev brgan ES6. V IOLINS Violss. 'Cellos. Basses, and all V Wind Instruments: Bows, Strings, Ac- cessories. Music. Best value in town.—Sims. 2, Walters-road, Swansea. 281 A6-7 l' \?/A.NTEb. 6<?-3nd-hand PiBJ1O$. Orpam. T i i Gramophones and Records Good P,dooe eiyen —D. J. SncH. Hich-?atreet Ar-  cade, Sw?asea. _?_?_. .?iA?OH—.El?. iE? .?. ?45 upwRr<'«; P Gramophonee, ?4 JOs.: eoordo from Is; I Needles, 6d. box. Open WWt-Monday. ,_283A6" I. D-Jf1L:elüJ:\i:s;ll-met D- • Arcade, near G.W.R., Swansea. LaVE STOCK, &C, riHICKENSTTWyMdo?? Le?hoi?. OJ:"P-I ? in?tone. Rede, Bocks. A?ona?, Minor- oas 17& doz; ?peciaie. 2do.: (jro. J6S. 'I aox. Ayl-burv and B.onner Ducklings. 27s. doz—Lloyd. 384, P?Btre?wthin-ro?d. Cwm- bwrla. ??<n?e9)i Market Saturdays. 285A6.91 CHICKS: Bueft tYPical brds. -fe. doz.— \? Note, wanted Fowls and Pigeons; high- M<. price s?et]?-H. Pegler-street, Brynhy_ fryd. „' _? ?- ? 263A* I OR SALE, Togan.?ur .ianny xn(i Kidj j i' tfooC mUker.—ADolv Harrie. Cla?mcnt. Morriston. 2JJ5A6-5 | I":>-ABBI'1'E-Veïf:m;rk;d-Dll1i or En?ligh JL? for Sale; &onM winners: a? j'ouaiK- ster?.—E H. Cook. 20. UroTe-rW. Ciyd&ch. 285? 6-5 MtSCELLANEOUS. ? CLYDA011 AIïõ.mPDTA8ëõöiä:iion--UOl:t1 ell;- \?' tur&t Show and Fete and Gala, Auglist loth. 1919. &h..Jules can now ba obtained Apply to Secrwtary, E. 11 Cook, 20, Grove- road. CIydaeb. By ocet. one penny stamp. C6-5 ("^ONSUMPTLVES, Prolong' yourLives. J Cure vouraelvee as I have; learn how. Mv record of recovery is wonderful: 10 Ypart experience. Advice Is. fid.; treatment Zs. 6d.—Nurse Wileon. 25. St. Stephen'g. aouarc. Bayswater. 279A6-4 E IS'fl,DI)FOI)ALI .Concerts, etc.— Win Pro. JtLt moters of foregoing Forward Pros- uectuses to George. Secretary. Male Voice Ghjai-r. Cinderford. Glos. ? 279A6-4 Ilr nr».GS leftTatTStable in Jockey-street 18 months ago arc not claimed in five day will be Fold to defray eipenees.—Apply Jonw, 34. Powell-street. 283A6-5 STAMMERERS, write for free booklet 0 Straight Talk to Stammerers. Wm. Wa-reink. Anchorshol,me. Blackpool. 279A6-4 1 f» YEABS* Success. Lilian Fletchcr. L'> M.B.P.S. Test-refiditte free. Send birtb-date and stamped envelope.-5, Ar- cade. Pontypridd. Glam 285A6-9 • j i1 ij TRADE ANF^OUS^C £ WIENTS. 'r" EREATHFrFKEELY" NpetTolinc"Ngsal -?-? Specific qH!ck)y correcs stutRne?s,sauf- n'.n.?. na?ai dischRr?'e and obstructions in nose and throat of children and adults. Ure it to urevent cure Cold in the Head. Jnfiutina. Nasal Catarrh, and Hay Fever Of leadins: Chemists evei«vwhere 1/3 (bv post 1/5. coll by E Bevan, S'elson- stret L: G. T. David Manfel-«.tr«et; D. 1". Davies St. H<cn's-oa< J T. Draies, Ltd. (all branches): II. L. Havard, Brynynnsv. wad, G. H Kent 45 El. Heler/s-road: E. J. Kicft. Robert-street. ManscUo'i. A. i' thews. Oxford-street: B Needham. Neath- road: OKderts, Cash Cheiaists, Ltd street: J. and D Itees, Fabian-stjeet, St. Thomas and Port Tennant. E. T Rich. Kitrii- sirect: E W. Rithaids. Oolies:e-<?treet: E. Thomas. High-street: Wright and Son. Walter-road. SWANSFA- W. T. Thomas. Gorseinon; M. L. Bevan QJ. Woodfleld- sti eet: W. Ifaac. 66 WocdSeld-street, MOR- RTSTON: and all Chemists in Neath. pONFECTIONEEY at Rock Bottom PrfcwT v Nut, Rasni>erry, eLmon, etc.. Toffees, Nut L:> "Il-y. l.tni.Hi Ci-.niv.. u\ 71 bs. 55 lbs. 52s. 6d.; earrings r>aid Constant te- neot orders.—Andtrsen. 11 St. Mary.q,r(,ot. Southamnion. 262A6-5 lOR- Ban. Trunks. Pcwtumnteaux. Kit ..11 and Bigs- Weekend Cases a S- peciality.—Swansea Saddlery Co.. Hlsrh- street Arcade. 2S5A6-10 IVOR L. T-,RTS, Electrical Engine1 rislies to inform bus old Customers and the Public generally that t.A 'bief Eisctr;- eel Unin'reer. who ioined M M Forces, has returned to his employ. Thp Ebctric) Df-. n^j/rtment beilig now thoro?c'htt f?u'?r'ed 'Mth an Ea?cicnt '?taff of Electrical Rn?)n- eers EI"trica.) Work of every d?acriution fean now hfl carried OUL. Heating P-na Power Installations mv Speciality. Tour r ??ouirifa ?hmed. n3 Oxford-etrfet 8?a? 1\TOW you can glt YOUr Watch or Clock i,r,. i),)rl- Ifcpaired at moderate coftt and without delay. Take it to Purser's. i63 OK- ford-ettreet. Swansea. RUPTURE Pf-?it'vc!y Cured?-Free Tr?: ?-? from Le Brasseur Sl1ndca] MfR Co, 1,1,4,1. IDent.. E N.. 90 and 92 Worcostcr-stroet. Birniinffbam^ Works: tltw..v Paris. SALE now on at Enoch's. Arcade, Bar- sains in NOH'I8. New and Sccond-ha?d: ilibles under cost: Set. of Commentaries; Ereyclopwdizs, and all kinds of Books.— i inspect the stot;k. v 283A6-7 SHJ/ETS.—V.V are abou* to offer s^ine very erood lines in U»;l>leached Twill Sheets at 17s. lid.; also in White Twill, fu.11 son. at 12s. lid. to 19s. ild -John Richards. Ii. Cradock-street, Swansea 283 A6 6 S1.'HGJCAL ADo1iauces -.T; pra:v! '? ? Eii?nas. Sur-.rc?a'' HubLer GIo?s a;d P';r?';c?) Rnb?r ticode d fY?ry description Write for Catalogue, selit post, free— L? Brasseur Surgical C<> Ltd. -Dept. D.V.). 90 and 92. Worcester-street Birmingham. QUN RLINDR ^sprin^ rollers). Hook-no v BtînilR Tents. Awninsrs. Flags, Tar- paulins. Cart Covers, an1 Loin Cloths.— Moreran and Richardson fLimited), Manu- facturer, 20 Womaribv-i-treet (opposite Castle Clock Tower). Carditf. CM MOTOR CARS, CYCLES, aC. NOTHER A.E.C. Four-ten Chassis for de- Xi livery in 7 days. Y. p have been the ow ners of a fleet of 3-ton motors since 1910; our experience in beavv motor repairs is utiiaue. We are now selling all our old chass:s and buying A.E.C. Our advice is to do likewise— Trios, White ard Co.. En. pincers. South Wales Agents Barry. C626 TonD Touring Car. 1916; 5 detachable wheels: painted ere.v: very p.ol1 order; £ 235.—APPIV Fordcar," Leader Difice. C5-5 Tj'OR SALE. Lady's Bicycle in excellent condition: new Dunlop t.vres;—Lloyd 79. Kine Edward's-road. 285A5-5 F OR SALE, Lady's Bicycle, £ 3—35 M. Helen's-avenuo. Swansea. 283 \6-4 I710H SALE, a bargain. Lady's Cyclc £5 IDs., fitted with aluminium rims; also Gent's Cycle in good condition. ?3 !? Both j can be seen any time.—Billiard Hall, Tonna. i 2e5A6-4 JTUYi'-SEATElv Darraca Car for Sale: tM?v to drive away; ;j?96.—Apply 50. Trinity-ro3d. Llanelly 282A6-5 1"YREs"Hliternationd." Pneumatic and ?- Souus: also Lubrica.tinc Oils ahd IT Greafe: trade d?MUl.ts.—Price lists, Aent. 5. Woodtield-terracc. Radyr. 281^6-5 R-IVVU glb 3-ton Befsize Chassis, fitted with X Plat Lorry Bodies, and Cab Fronts, for Sale: Cafh, Easy Terms, or Exchange.—R. I -Jones. Ltd., Mot<?- Dept.. Dillwyn-street, Swansea. 1X3 ¡1-'6.:SElTE-R-;B;in-fi rst.ël,t; crner.  ready for delivery. ?M: 19?6 Ford Van. complete with shelves, for baker in Sret-class order:; detachable wheels: £ 200.— i The Commercial Carrier Co. Ltd.. 59 to 62, St. Helen's-road, Swansea. Telephone: Ct'n. tial 776. Cr-7 Ivor L. Roberts' (223 Oxford-street) Announcements. DELIVERY from Stock. 2-3 Toa !üsUr.:  also 3-4 Ton Dennis. First chcque se- cures. (COMMERCIAL LORRIES-Agent !or Den- J ni3. Austin. Karricrs Hors, etc. Send mo your inquiries. Terms arranged to suit your convenience. I can offer Early De- liveries. OECOND-HAND Lorries.—1 have a Large Ki Aùrtmtmt from 1-ton to 4-ton; prices from ..£:25 to £ 550. Send for lists, ci ask me lo call on you. | SECONDHAND Cars: pricet from -Mo to £ 575._Sen(i for^ lifts.L i ffOTOR. OYCLES.-Ant for Tiiumph. E.S.A,. Douglas Sunbeam, A.J .S. En- ftcld, P. and M. Noitons etc. Get your name on my waiting lists to ensure early deliveries. QECOXD-HAND" Motor Cycles.—I h?Te >3 dweral to offer from ?? ?. ?.100 1 caj"' fix you u? at any pTice to suit your r&. uuiremente. &end for tS1S YOUR old Car or Motor Cycle taken in JL part payment, or Bousrht for Cash. ,-e!ld or write with full particulars, to Ivor L. Uoberts Oxford-street. Swansea. MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. RTT FICIAL "Teoth7"Plat[iTu"m7"Gold. Sil. ver Bought; any condition; utmost value sriven.—Post parcels J Cher nick, 34, Exchange-street, Cheatham. Manchester. 235A6-9 LATHE wanted: good condition; about bin. JLj ocntres; 4ft. licd. screw-cutting; back u«ired. etc. State full particulars and price to Box F I," Daily Leader STD rpIlEES Wantwl over Pitwood size.—Jen- nin?9, .Ltd., Woodworkers, Pe-nnyweli. oad, Bristol. Brncbat Porthcawi. STC rj^RACTlON Ensrines or Horsee Wanted en X Hire. Day work o-r Piecework, for Pit- WOCKI and Tree Hauling in various coun- tios.—Jennings, Ltd. (Controlled Eeitabli^ii- ment), Woodworkers, Pennywell-road. Bris- tol. ANTF,D. Govern,,es Car. in good cocdi. I ,ion.-r-Reply Car." Leader. 285,1,6-10 j "VlfANTED immediately. Counters, Mnrblo 11 Slabs, and Fixtures.—Apply 2. Staple ton-place. Morriston. 235A6-9 j ^tXTANTED. Lease Brickyard Plant: eoing TT colicern downdrafts preferred.— Sheppard. Stockwood PenyRraie. 285A6-6 'VlfANTED. Gent's -Bicycle: a.1?0 L'?itx I 1. will nav good mice.— Write "School." Daily Jarter.S\van-ca. 285A6-6 j ??ANTED. a Motor Ambulance.-G"?vI e fn!) V particulars and price to Box I 11." Leader Office. 283A6-4 AVE vou anv "Want" to Advertise5 tl Try the effcct of a leadt-r Prcoaid j Twenty words. one shlllin*. r SMALL ADVERTISEMENT ORDER FORM. i 1 — i J _J. ———? I ■■■■!■ I 1 ■    .———   '— i n •- J .J' Pleace publish the above advertisement times, for which I enclose —-d. II Name and Address t < jj | If desired, replies may be pent to Box Numbers at the Cambria Daily Leader OQics. This form should be addressed to Advertisement Department, "Cambria Daily Leader," Swansea.

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