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p—- i 1 1 i i j "I.'¡' ,a Lance-Corporal B. B. MIDGLEY, M.M., Royal Fusiliers, British Expeditionary Force. u I am writing of the splendid results I received from your splendid Phosterine. I used it in Salonika, and it made my nerves splendid, and I am sure I found it the only thing to keep away Malaria Fever, as well as do my nerves good. On arrival in France again from Salonika, I used your marvellous remedy, and thanks to it, my nerves were good enough to win me the Military Medal and Bar, and the Serbian Cross in Salonika. k cannot speak too highly of your splendid cure, and I am continually recommending its splendid results to my comrades, who also have fourd good results. You can use this in any way you wish." This intrepid Lance-Corporal declares Phosferine enabled him to outlast the unusually heavy nerve strain and climatic disorders to which he was exposed. Phosferine ensured that his system was kept fully sup- plied with the vital force to prevail over the campaign hardships and epidemics to which he was daily exposed. When you recplire the Best Tonic Medicine, see that you get PHOSFERINE B B lb gSa< B tH Mtt as-m r F= N IL A PROVEN REMEDY FOR fnffasnza Nervous Debility Indigeetion Sleeplessness Exhaustion Neuralgia Maternity Weakness Prematura Decay Mental Exhaustion Loss of Appetita Lassitude Neuritis Faintnsss Brain Fee Ansmia Nerve Doot Backache Rhaumatlsn Headaehs Soiattai Phosferine bas a world-wide repute for curing disorders of the nervons system more completely and speedily and at less cost than any other preparation. I SPECIAL SERVICE NOTE Phosferme is made in IJq?id and f Tablets, the Tablet form beiM particularly convenient for men on ACTIVE SERVICE, travellers, etc. It can be used any time, anywhere, in accurate doses, as no water .is required. The 3/- tubb is small enough to carry in the pocket and contains 90 doses. Your sailor or soldier will be the better for Phosferine—send him a tube of tablets. Sold by all Chemists, Stores, etc. Prices 1&. 3d., 3s. and 5s. The 38. size contains nearly four times the ijL 3d. size. DAIMLER Deliveries commencing from First Week July unti) November. R. E. JONES, Ltd. Motor Dept., Dillwyn St., Swansea.



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