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I 4- j n_ J Q30. TO-N IGHT: 3.30. Those: Central 92. FRED BARNES, v The Famous: Light Comedy Star. TUCKER, The Singing Violinist. VIOLET ESSEX, I T!ie Star of Clin Chin Chow. Latest News Pictures. ELSIE ROSY, fhê CùmNy Girl in Burlesque Stunts. MAGGIE CLIFTON & Partner, i d a New end Novel Equilibrist ic and Herculean Gymnastic Act. 1) U S T Y R H 0 0 E S Singing Comedian, locally known in Wales as E. J. Kickard. .CORNALLA and EENME, Toss 'Em and Miss 'Em." IL Y S I ulosirl Aar x Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I Jules Submarine 1 how-Drama, TWENTY TWOUSAKD LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA. The Submarine Spectacle. embracing: a Thousand Wondeis- of Air, Landv Set and Ocean Bed. OUR BOYS IN GERMANY, the Thrilling Official Photographs cf the British Army tho HhiIl. Chariia Chaplin in TRIPLE TROUBLE. Topical Budget. Monday Next.—THE DANGER GAME. CAErLE CINEMA. (Adjoining "Leader" Offiee. 2.34. TO-DAY. Mje. Vivian Martin in THE FAIR BARBA- RIAN, Five Part Paramount Production. SUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN, a Sweet and Pathetic Story in Five Parts, featur- ing the World-Fammis Child Actress, Little Em Gorman. GIVE HER GAS (Eddie Lvons Comedy). CHARLIE CHAPLIN in the Famous [ War Comedy, SHOULDER ARMS. Pathe Gazette and Weekly Pictorial. CARLTON. 2.30. T 0 D A Y. 10.30. Frederick Warde, THE HEART OF EZRA GREER, A Drama in Five Parts. WOMAN IN THE WEB, No. 8. William Russell, THE LONE STAR. Monday Next.-VIOLET HOPSON. PICTURE HOUSE 2.3(1. TO-DAY. 10.30. Ton Mix m a Fox Masterpiece, MR. L 0 G A N, U. S .A. SHERIFF NELLS TUSSLE (Comedy). Corinne Griffiths, LOVE WATCHES. A (Greater Vitagraph. PUBLIC NOTICES. H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, K.G., Is the President of the ROYAL NATIONAL LIFE-BOAT INSTITUTION. On FRIDAY and SATURDAY NEXT,  will have an opportunity of ■ t B 9 I showing your Gratitude to ? the Men who Man the 256 LIFE-BOATS v And who during the War 'SAVED 5,309 LIVES of Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, Doctors, Nurses* and the Crews of Ships BRING- Jk: US FOOD and RAW MATERIAL. 1Ï'>O'- — PLEASE GIVE LIBERALLY. — Jhe National Union of Clerks. Special MASS MEETING For all Sections of the Clerical Profession at the -Central Hall, Swansea, On Friday, June 27th, 1919. Speakers- Mr. FRED. HUGHES (Assist. Gen. Secretary, N.U.C.. London). Councillor DAVID WILLIAMS klaboiir Candidate Swansea East). Councillor EGERTON P. WAKE (N.U.C., Barlow-in-Furness). Cfcairman—Mr. S. Dunn (Kumblea). i r At 7 p.m. l'rojsrpti r r Ommses War Pensions, etc., Locaf Ccmm!ttM, Central Police Buildings, Alexandra Road, Swansea. APPOINTMENT of INQUIRY OFFICER (Ministry of Pensions). The dùt1œ will be to in"estiptè and re- p?ft upon apphcation? for Pensions, tc. The quahhcations required will be the po>t8ton of knowledge of Industrial oon-  ditions, including experience in the assess- mcfit of wages for the purpose of Work men's Compensation. REMTTNETRATIONS WILL BE BY FEE. Candidates should furnish copy of re- erent, including at least one reference as to professional qualifications and ex- perience. Applications to be addressed, to the Ministry of Pensions and forwarded to the utuktf signed, marked" Inquirv Officer," not later than the 7th July, W19. GEORGE R. WHITE, Secretary. County Qorough of Swansea. A CtLSRX is required toO assist tfce Aeut Goileotor. A knowledge of book-keeping is desir- able and preference will 00 given to a discharged soldier or sailor. Salary !8S per annum, increasing to C115 by annual increments of £ 7 10s. Applications to be sent in to the -Borough Treasurer, Somerset-place. Swan* sea, endorsed Rent Collector's Clerk," j on or before July 4th, 1919. AMUSEMENTS. GRAND Theatre SWAMSEA. I MONDAY, 23rd JUNE, for'Six Nights I' at 1..30, MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.30. Chas. B. Cochran's Production, I From the Oxford Thaatre. ¡ In the Night Watch Under the Direction 4f T. LEWIS WALLER. and PHILIP BENNETT. NEXT WE-LIK- ¡ The fn-iroitakl* Actor, \1 Mr. ALBERT CHEVALIER, In the Delightful Play, MY OLD DUTCH." SALES BY AUCTION. I THREE CROSSES (Near GOWERTON ¡ and DUNVANT). HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE OF AN EXTENSIVE AND VALUABLE FREEr ft OLD FARM, SEPARATE ACCOMMO- DATION FIELDS, BUILDING SITBS, FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS, k. I Messrs. James and Jarues I F.A.I. Are, faverared with instructions to offer for SALE by AUCTION, at the HOTEL CAMERON, HIGH-STREET, SWAN- SEA, on SATURDAY, JULY bth, 1919 (subject to aueii Conditoins of Sale as shall then and there be produced), the Valuable and .convenientl.rplaced: Freehold Farm and Lands, Galled and known as "RHEAN FAWR," THREE CROSSES, NORTH GOWER. Area, IM Acres or thereabouts. Rental, £ 158. Occupier, Joseph Daring. Annual Tenancy. If LOTS OF FREEHOLD GROUND BENTS, with Reversions situate adjoining the same at the WERN and THREE CROSSES," and 2 LOtS Of ACCOMMODATION FIELDS guitmble for BUILDING SITES and SMALL HOLDINGS. Sale Promptly at 2.30 p.m. Full detailed particulars, Plans, and Conditions of Sale from the Auctioneers, 7, Goat-street, Swansea, or from C. W. Slater, Esq., Solicitor, 18, York-place, Swansea; Edward Harris, Esq., Solicitor, 1 Fisher-street, Swansea; and Messrs. Edwards and Bull, Solicitors, Fisher- street. Swansea. SALE OF A VALUABLE LEASEHOLD RESIDENCE WITH VACANT POS- SESSION. MESSRS. John F. Harvey and Sons Hare received instructions from the owners, to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the HOTEL CAMERON, SWANSEA, on WEDNESDAY, the 2nd day of JULYi 1919s, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon (subject to Conditions of Sale then to 00 produced), the following Desirable Leasehold Residence, No. 27, BERNARD STREET, SWANSEA Containing—On First Floor: Dining- room, Sitting-room, Kitchen, Scullery, Pantryv On Second Floor: Drawing-room, 2 Bedrooms, Bathroom, and Lavatory; on Third Floor: 3 Bedrooms. There is a Back Entrance and Garden. The House is in thorough repair and Electric Light is laid on throughout. The Property is held on lease for a term of 99 years from 25th December, 1988, at an annual ground rent of f4 6s. 4d. Mines and Minerals are Reserved. Farther particulars may be obtained from Messrs. Williams and Williams, Solicitors, Fishguard and Haverford- west, or from the Auctioneers, at their Offices. 3. 4 and 5, Goat-street, Swansea. PUBLIC NOTICES. Ammanford Recreation Grounds. Horn, Foot & Whippet Races SATURDAY, JULY Sth, Events- Full One Mile Gallop, 40 Guineas. Full One Mile Trot, 118. i 12ê Yards Flat Handicap, £15. 150 Yards Whippet Race, tfl. Entries Close Saturday, June 28th. Sooreftrv-D. E. THOMAS. Ammanford. ?__ ?? ? ?  SARON, BIRCHGROVE, LLANSAMLET Oynhelif y 3edd EISTEDDFOD GADEIRIOL, Oydd Sadwrn, Gorffenaf 12, 1919. Prif Dtifcrn, Oor Plant, "Dowch Alfcn a'n Deiyn," n*u ÐilfAu'r Dolydd" iO/oq- raw neu Seteneg). Ghrotor, PA 4g. a Ohwpan mardd. Champion Solo, At. V"wdau (B.C.T.B.). AdratdfaAya, Prydtleet, eto. Yegrifenydd: I. Btohaird*, Dolgerdd, Blrehgrove, Usn&ainiet. County Borough of Swansea. NOTICE. NO REMOVAL of HOUSE and TRADE REFUSE wiU be mode on FRtDAY NEXT, the 2?th icst., the occasion of the Visit of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. Householders aftid Tradesmen are re- quested not to plice any receptacles out- side their premises on this day. J. RICHARD HEATH. Borough Engineer and Surveyor. Guildhall; Swansea, 25th June, 1919. A MEETING Will bo held at MOND BUILDINGS Of the 3rd WELSH FIELD AMBULANCE (THREE LINES), on SATURDAY, the 28th, At 6.45 p.m. D. E. EV/NS, Lieut.-Col. WATTS JONESE  A ? '? SALE I OF Millinery SPECIAL OFFER I THIS WEEK OF | 400 Ready-ta-Wear HATS, 8fl 1 Ustial Prices, 18/11 to 45/11 SEE WINDOWS 256 and 257, Oxford Street, SVifANSEA. is N Mr. Worrell's im 8/6 I I Optical Sale. Will You be Too Late ? Friday and Saturday the Last Two Days. Dockers'Hall, Elysium Buildings, HIGH STREET, Swansea. Hours: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., anjt 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. PUBLIC NOTICES. SWANSEA HOSPITAL. The Board of Management are about to appoint TWO HONORARY ANiESTHE- ilSTS. Medic-al gentlemen wishing to apply for the vacancies are requested to make written application to the under- signed, on or bciore Saturday, July 5th, stating agp, qualilications, and experience, and must furnish not more than three testimonials. Canvassing will disqualify. The following are the main conditions of the Olhce: A.-The appointment will be for 12 months, after which period Officers will be eligible for re-appointment annually. B.—The gentlemen appointed will be required and must undertake to attend regularly at least two hours on one morning, and two hours on one afternoon each week. C.—They shall not bo entitled to auto- matically succeed to other appoint- ments, and shall not have the privi- lege of beds. W. D. HUGHES, Secretary. 24th June, 1919. NAVAL COMMANDER'S NEW POST. Commander Thomas Fisher, R.N., who has represented tho British Ministry of Shipping in Washington during the past 18 months, has been permitted to retire in order to accept the appointment of general manager of the Atlantic Lines of the Canadian Paiific Ocean Sertficee, Ltd., with headquarters at 8. Waterloo-place, London.,iL1 ?J,? v n' THE VICTORY LOAN REPRESENTS BRITAIN'S SHARE AND YOUR SHARE IN THE FUTURE. BUY VICTORY LOAN. <

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