Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

7 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



CHEER UP OLD AGE Z1,e." ùlù ø Story." E LDERLY people need cnoottrage- ment. A little gentle tact per- suades them to accept the easy chair, f the coey corner, or the sunny window- eeat. And 80 much depends on making a life worth living. Make it your plea. sure to cheer up old age in every possible way. Thousands of old folk themselves choose a most practical way. Week after week for twenty years past they have been recommending the special kidney medicine that rids them of the worst discomforts of advancing years. Here's Encouragement On May 85th, 1902, Mr. D. Shepherd, 39, Campbell-road, Lower W aimer. Deal, said I have lived a most active life in the open air. and until lately never had to give a thought to medi- etaes. A short while ago though, due I think to strain, my kidneys broke down. For a time I was doubled-up with back- ache aad muscular rheumatism. There were other discomforts, too—which me&- it plain weak kidneys were the cause. Prescribed medicines and treat- ment proved unavailing, but fortunately i I at last tried Doan's Backac he Kidney i Pills Thia splendid kidney medicine had most marked results. I felt eased and hopeful after the first dose, and I ten the simple truth in stating that the I third box cured me beyond all doubt. I am now as well as ever in my life." 16 Years' Happiness On June 7th, 1918, Mr. Shepherd wvids ¡ I am 82 now. Doan's Pills did me sJch good sixteen years ago that tny I happiness, as far as health goes, is com- plete. (Signed) D. Shepherd." Doan's Pills suit old people. They regulate the urinary system, without I in any way upsetting the stomach, liver I Or bowels. They relieve old people's I backache, lessen their rheumati ten- dencies and counteract the ill-effects of I uric acid upon eyesight, memory and hearing. They are indeed a comfort and a blessing in old age. NOTE.—Don't merely ask for "baokaohe pills" or "kiJney pills." Do Mrs. Shop* hsrd did. Ask for and insist upon Doan's Backaohe Kidney Pills. J D OANS Backache Kidney Pills, t da demkri, vr Bf9 pott free from Fotter-McCtelkn Co., 8, WaRs St.. Oxford fit.. Loa-;60. gg——BBMH————————■ mi I III"- >>WBlNW<H ■» Hl»l—BCB—minMMHIMHIII 1 ICWPLGTE HW8E MMDt E.GAN E. LTD BEDDING 88 & 41 QUEEN ST., MANUFACTURERS. TeL 403. CARDIFF.  ==A. E. C  1 Commercial Vehicles Stand No. 125 Royal Show. To users and purchasers of 3.4 Ton Chassis. Examine in detail all the Commercial Motor Chas&is in the Show. Then please visit the A.E.G. Stand, No. 125. There you will see a 45-H.P. 4«ton CHASSIS. This Chassis is a good salesman, with an excellent war record, and will speak for itself. We shall bee in attendance to receive your orders, and can give delivery of 3 4-ton Chassis from stock. All A.E.C. Vehicles supplied by us are examined twice a year for two years, and a detailed report of the condition of same given to the owner free. THOS. WHITE & Co., Engineers, BARRY. Tel. 321. South Wales Agents. G 0 DIR B'RGRAIG ItAOF,6 SWANSEA VALLEY. SATURDAY, JULY 26. £100 IN PRIZES. TROTTING. GMJOWAT AND FOOT EVENTS. IfoadioaDPer—-JAOK PRICE. Esq., Merthyr. Secretary: J. FLETCHER DA VIES. Godre'reraiK 1



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