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s L d C1 /1. J 4 Lea d er' Classified Advertisements. APARTMENTS, fSTL'ATiCKG VAO.AKT 03 WANTED, TO GE LET. LOST AND FCUND, One Three Six Insertion Insertions. insertions 20 Words. 1 0 2 o 3 0 30 Words. 1 6 3 0 4 0 40 Worcle. 2 0 a o 6 It FQR SALE, TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions SO Words. 1 6 2 6 2 6 3D Words. 2 9 3 0 4 6 4d Words. 2 6 3 6 5 6 BJBTHS, DEATHS, IN IREMCRIAM AND MARRIAGE. One Throe Sir Insertion. Insertions. Insertions 95 Words I I 3 6 6 0 30 Words. 2 0 6 0 8 0 40. Words. 3 0 7 0 12 0 EDUCATIONAL. Oio Three Six Insertion Insertions. Insertions 0 Wordi; 2 0 3 0 4 6 30 Worda. Z 6 4 6 v 40 Words. 3 0 5 6 7 I MONEY.-M. per line. I MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS I| VACANT. R EQU IRED i!-O.Inediatel. tf,,irpol'a-iY Pat- 4, terumaker for 3-4 weeks.—Write Box K.U. Leader Office. 306A7-1 WOMEN AND GIRLS. LADY Clerks.-heir-.v Laviers, Draoer. U Maesteg, rea-aires Directing Clerks: I knowledge of typing a recommendation. I'uU pa-rtioaiar# jfirat letter. i.iM().. Y ADY Agent 'Wanted ? eel I oui- B-ouK-ea, ..u ()am¥of etc.-¡Ui e.nd tJo,.14i &t).d 149, Ncwington Qauooway. London, S E ■i 07-16 I W AN'1'ED: experienced Lady A?s?tant for WT. Grocery.-Write R.JZ. Leader O?ce.? S\:anse& 307A7-1 "t7S7'ANTEI>, experienced Packer and So; tc. l t —Apply Baths Laundry. 305A6-30 WANTED, experienced Female Ty-uist to write commercial correspon- (tence.-ADuly eriv i;■ 2- references v.atree, to J IU. Loader Qiij.ce. J05A6-30 MILLINERY AND TAILORING. I T^vitAP ESY.— W anted, a Smart Young AJ La-dy as an Apprentice to Fancy Drapery; No Premium.—Apply personally. John kic hards Di-apers, 2, Cradock-ctreet, 8w&n£ 306A7-1 j ri'AILOR anted to make four to six Sui?s .l weekly: good price cirerod—Wnte Box i Ui." Leader OQlce. 303A7-3 HOUSE-KEEPERS. WANTED, Housekeeper used to farm Vt work abio to milkinc; splendid home: age about 50: only 3 in family; Welsh pre- ferred.—A poly Williams Litnaiit Farm. tioreeinoa. 3C5A6-30 DOMESTIC SERVANTS. j X MMA&F(yB.D.—Reliable Alaid Wa?tcd? -i\- HK? 18-W to do Lcnueworl;.—Wiite. ci7. UK references an4 gutting "agcs reQuiH.d. ?_ S.13, faw aiuea. 5.'>6A7-1 .'?<rAIl) Wan?.—'R?aectobI? Cin V. lVI to assist in t;fJ sm:lll family .y¡njV" to YroL Dand. ? J'ooe1. Ponmrdulm=,. 3G2A6-28 "WrASTED. Cook-Goneral for small Pri*. -1 .» Id Mouse; four in taraiiy; comfortable homo offered to suitable person.—Apply, 'itutine wanes required to Ali-Li Pratt. 2. Alaxted Park, Harrow, near London, N. W. 409A7-3 ANTEI) tmmediatey. experienced > V V tier.ensi: eteeimnt rcierencw essential; two in family.—Mrs. Haydn Evans" Elies- more," ijver«iey-ioa<i, SkeMy Wwaceen. J 30&A6-28 TTfTANTED. Mal« Ass-is-tant.— » T Apply J. A. Morris, Grocer, 31, Dill- v.-yr?-street. 307A7-1), WANTED, & gmd General SGrvant— t Y AddIv Mrs. WiUio R?rris. Herbert- street, Pontardawe. C7-1 WANTED, a good GeDeraJ: also Hous?- H. maid Waitt'& Mrs Owon I 3aveno. LAandrindod Wella. 206A7-1 j MEN AND YOUTHS. AGENTS E :dA Good II opening lor energetic men. at Pontar- dulais Kinssbridgo, GowerTon. Burryport: salary, expenses, anil commiesion; advance- ment to micees-ftli .At)-olv. in confid. ence Full particulars, ProErress," Leader OSloe. C7-2 ) B' OOT Trade.—Experienced Salesman Re-  -D auired.—Aoily M.%nager. Saone Shoo j Co, Ltd. Swansea 303A6-25 JOINERS Wantall: standard rat-9 1s, ad j t7 hour. We eupply Doors. Windows, Woodwork, Timber of all descriptions.—G. Jennings and Oo, Ltd., Bristol. 07-10 r f ijACTIO-N Engine Drivers Wanted for JL Abergavenny district and other die- triota: folly experienced in loading ana haulm* trees.—0. Jenning- and Co.. Ltd.. Brifitol. C7- £ > WASTM). a Blacksmith used to Shoei::s VV juud Colliery Work.—Apply Manaerer, amlet Colliery. Llangamlet 3QAi() W'-ANTED.atL lancJ1y..BackslDith. accus- W. tom?d waTon repf?ir? and re-('ttm epriiMM: wages C4 5s. per week.—Write Box ¡ -'0. R 14..LMdr CKi?3.  WANTED. Clerk with cood know led so of tV General C&ro Trade for Steamship OfBoe in Swaneea— Write, statiBK esperi- ence and salary reauired to ShippinJ! Daily Leader Office. ?06Ao?8 -'Î'FD. an experienced man aa Foi ? vV man of the Galvanizing Department I of a Sheet Mill Works.—Apply with refer- ences and stating experience and wages re- auired to Galvanizing." office of this paper. C6-30 :'tiiNTED. two or three Walling ''VT South Wales ra.te.-D Bees &D1 Sor@, Builders. Yetalyfera 302A6-27 FxXTIBELESfi."— We bays tb year ?nt W out 60 8tndents to good permanent ¡ berths, and have. Situation" waiting for an- I other 50 Youths between 18 and 25 years of I Age If yon want one of these berths, write or call at Wireless College, St Mary-street. Cardiff, or Castle-street Swansea. 'Phona ,3008. OFFICE AND ERRAND BOYS. WANTED, Errand Boy or GI?.—ADnfy ')'Yâ1te. 307A6-28 t'T?T'A?TED. Strone Lad M Buand Boy.— AnDIv. with references. Morgan J en- kj= and Son 40-3, Waterloo-street. Swansea. 307A7-2 SITUATIONS WANTED. I ADVEBTISER has 4 OT 6 hours each even- DIVERTISER has 4 or 6 bour?escheve-?i A ing to spare and would like any lieht Employment to fit same.—ADDly Rix." Lec.dcr OSce, Swansea. M4A&-30 CLERK recentlv enga-ged on Government I work. now closed, desir-ca position either 8A book-keeper or accountant; has had considerable experience, and can fur nish cood references. Address: Box S77. Western Daily Prese," Bristol. C7-3 m i- j j-i j ll-jst v »Er LOST AND FOUND. TT"OUND, Lady's Purse on Mumbles Tr t —Owner apply Mrs. Hann. 73. Ma-nsel- terrace. Swansea. 308A6-30 OUND, Purse containing pioney.—Apply the B.C. Shoe Store, Goat-street j  M5A6-30 I. OsT,-¡"Öûld'Bracelet-'Withnumb('r of i coins attached, between Central Police Station. Arca-de, and Hi.-h-strect.-Fin(ler re- ?Yarded on returninc same to Central PoHoe j Station. 306,17.l j ft333CELLAN £ OUS WANTS. I A RTIFIC1AL Teeth. PlatInum. Gold. Sn ?T. ver. Bought: any condition; utmost I value Eiven. Post parcel" J Chernick 34. ilxcDaiise-etreet, Cheelham Manchester. 306A7-1 B RITONPF,RRY 'fowr. Cricket Club want I JD Eome Fixture •with good club for Firbt LJeYen for Saturday ?niv 5 -Apply Seci e- tarv. Vernon-tcrra.Le. BTjton?rry. 308A6-30 ¡ T-??ECTOR to fix Overhead Ropeway Traas- I J? porter in Walen reauired: state previ- ous etusrienee.—Jenninca and Co., L' [?.. Pc rDywel?roa d. Rri stoL ? — 07-2 flTiti-JES Wanted ov?ei, Pitwood J- nings, Ltd., Woo?lwork(?rs Pennywell- :-oad. Bristol. Branch at PM'tbeaw!. RTC ??NTE?). ? õ- i ;;z. 'Ceio, suitable for h\tTnt'r, or will exchange ClH;jr.e old Violin.—E. Lewis, Cinema Bridgend.-3C9A7-1 T?TAXTED. Three Second-hand Liftirr- V*. Jacks 5 to 1? tonR. 9 inches and 20 1 inches thereabout? when down State lowest price.—Box B.2, Leader Office S the Pa?er wi:b the LarKest Cuaran- lx teed OirpnI?Uc". Small. Aflyt carried ¡ in the Leader" effect the L: -grct Ilub- l j TRADE fi^NOyNCEMEPITS. AN Apology t-o those of our Customers who ha-C-e not yet been :\ble-to'g'èt any I of ont Special' Lilit's jI) Unbleached Calico N'ie ai-e ple-it-ed to announce that we have I just received another IJGrg- Consignment, j axul shall oiler same unci' cleared. Our | special Line this 'wek is Kid Lon't miss it. John Hichards. Drapers, 2. Cradock-street.' Swansea. 307A7-2 A'-LFRF:DTe;îrJh:l.-Ù;e Ladies' nnd Gentle- -?? mea;; '?'Ril?r. makes every kind of 'I I indies' Costumes. Dre.?€es, iiiding llabitr-. Sporting Costumes. Gentlemen's Suits- of I every deseription; Breeches and all kinds of uniforms, both wholesale and retail; one of the finest cutters in the trade—5. Crauock-etroiJt, Swansea. ^OiA.T-1 BEEATHE FREELY, NoBtroline'" Napal ? Specific quickly correct i3tlzfpnc?s, snuf- fling. riai-tl] discharge ami in noso and throat of children and adults. Use 1- it to prevent and cure Cold Jll tne Head, Nasfti Catarrh and Hay Fever. '-Of 4eading Chemists everywhere !/3 tev -post- 1/S. Said by E Bevan, Kelson- ptreet: G. T JD.a\id .Mansel-t trcet: D 11. Davies St. Hcle!i)^s-i-Oad; J T. Davies, Ltd. (ail 'bpancbofi); II. L, L- avird.' Brynymc)r. road G. n iient 45 St. Heien's-road: E. J. Ki«ft..Robert-street. Mansehoir; A si thews. Oxford-street: 13. Needham Neath- road; Ogdeiifi, Cash Chexeists. L:d iiiizh- stroeu: J and 1). Recs, Fabiau-stroet St. 1 nomas and Port Tennant; E; T. RkliHÜ:h, ,8t1'e{\; E W. Hichnrds. ConR?-cetrpft- E Ihornaa. n?h-strect: ,Wright and Son. ?altcr.-o?d. SWAN?KA: W T 'iron?g. ?cr?mon.; -M. -L.-Hc?a." C9. WoodS?id- W. I?ac. 66 Woodfield-street. MO&- ?-?.&?.?pd aH eb€?isf6.?_N?ath? T>OiS WOI'!S Section '??t? B now P..Cl, ShOe Stores.. Co?t??-cc t: ■ wr-'af jwell. 2??7.1 BEAD 'Necklets and 'Ropes, alT^tlie h- -■ patterns, from ls. 6d each.—Bullock ?! os.. Portland-Street 306 A6-3C r^OSWMW. and Suits frQm ? G)un?F. ) Ladies ELnd GG?t.'s Own M?teri?ls Made U!). T? Ben'y. Union Chambers 27, Union- street. Swansea. 305A74 'f?EMOB?jiis?D.—L.i?t.-CoD:7ir?T)der T ?; D ?.arnn. late Termmus Hotel Director b.vansea PcotbaU 01 ub be? to inform b!? I numerous friends that he h? taken over 1 tae Swansea Castle Hote!. OxforJ-?trept. ana ?-m be ?!pa.Md to Oee old faces a.a.n — T 'C6-8 TpOR T-mn:s. Po?ma.Titps)'.5'Kit c-f and B";ef Bags. Week-end Casep a ?a?ahty.—Swansea S?dd!erv Co, Hr?. ,qtldillerv Co., ?04A6-28 T?OLIDAY Jacketg.- 'an-tei, ] .t1 '()rn; Draper, to se H Quick: popular pnee-s. Hundred I,a<!i?' ICh-da-"s WooUcc çüat&: newest styip: ?-sorted: ?pfwia] b?.r-! ;ain.- Wrjt;,) _R ?6." Dci'v Leader. 358A7-3 I-'I-AÏivES';PhmenLs Going Strong1 & :(owin 'Machines Hay-rakca and H?v.. ? makers: also Cream ScD?rntors. Don't fOf- set our Furnishing Department- New Dig- i play of Electro-plated Goods—Harries. House Furnishers and Ironmonjcens, A JrI. manfor d. C6-30 TVOR L. ROBERTS Eleotrical Ensrinecr. w i::hes to inform his ohi Cnstome's and the Public generally tha.t his Chief KJectri- <1 Endae8r, who ioirsed H:t1 Forces, has returned to his employ. The Electriual Da- ) partment being now thorourhlv equipped with an Efficient iitaff of Electrical fingio- eers Electrical Work of (', pry descriutioD can now 00 carried out. Heating ana Fewer Installations m? Speciality. Your j enouiriea solicited. 223 Oxford-street Swan. ?ea T P. Wajtcn. A.R.S.M.. Analytical Chemist • and Sampler, Consulting A;etallui.L:ict. Eiijcit in Electrical Smeltinc.—103, Victoria- road. Aberavon. 304A6-.30 n-laid P Billhoa,da ilemos or Letterheads, 5iu. by 8in.. liiisuiesj Cards 6s.; samples aid estimates free.—'W. Ii. Jones (Dept. C.>, 50. Green-lanes. London. N.16. 303A7-18 EUPTURE Positively Cured.-Free Tr;ii from Le Brasseur Surarical ?Jfg Co. Dept. M.V., 90 and 92, Worccater-wtreet, Birmingham. Works: Paaey. Paris. Q J. TIDAIAS (late J M. James. Union- O. street). Undertakers and Cabinet Makers, 57. Plymouth-street. Specialist 01. Aritiaua and Modern Furiiiture Work. Up- holfteriug. and rFench Polishiug.. 304A6-28 SIDNEY Palmer's well-known Cakes and O Pastries are made of best ingredients only. Wedding and Birthday Cakes in stock and made to order. Noted for Teas and Cold LunalieouiS.—Palmer's Cafe. OOPO- site Empire, and Branches 304A6-28 QAFES, 22;n. to 48in. Lig?, in Btock. fo' | O Sale: a!?o Steani W Gns, Steam Cart-. 239 lbs. i)ressure.-Bi,t 47a. Strand Swan- ] sea. C6-28 SURGICAL Appliances—TrusMs, Sprays. ? En&mas. ?ur?Roub' Rubber Gloves and .Surgical Hubhe! (?oods of eery descriPtion Wnto for Catalogue, sent post free.-Ie Brasseur Surgical Co.. Ltd. IDept. D.V.). 90 and 92. Worcester-street. Birmingh&fn. SUN BLINDS coring rollers). Hookup Blinds Tents. Awnings, JTlagrs, Tar. pauiin?. Cart Covers, an.) Loin C10ths.- Moreran and Richariieon (Limited), Manu- facturers, 20. Woman by-street (opposite Castle Clook Tower>, Cardilf C8,7 -u -NC-BE BEiRT'S Fuli Cre-a-m, W IIlut and vJ Almond Tcfre-es re now on Sale at his Oxford-street Shop. Pre-War Quality. The I"ct and the B't. 3C?A?-2 I IV! ATCHES for ikdie^nFcentsT"Frist » » or Pocket: travellers' samples: bar- gain uiices.-Bullock Bros Portland-street. m 305A5-30 9K DIAMOND Rin". all second-hand, t5 OJ to JDIW; exchanges made if desired.— Bullock Bros.. Portland-street. 305.46-30 Mills, English, and Co., Ltd., Swansea, Specialities. SERVANT GONE?— We have Vacuum Oar- pet Sweepers In Stock. XE1A K LN G Y—Aek for our Milltex." the j Quick care. P ARI,O(JR FiRf-The Princess Grate at- tachment wiU save vou using bricks for fuel economy. (1 AS.—if vou ape it do not forget the sur T ply i? reduced. A small 'Mfco Dover" will burn rubbish and cook and boll for 14 persona. We do it. Call and see. UGLY Fireplaces cause discontent.—Call and see our Artistic Mantelpieces. Malkin Panels and Eagle Fire Gratea. rrURN your Kitchen into a Breakfast- 1 room by adopting the Twin Interior. which baa hot water parlour fire and un- seen oven combined. PERSONAL. IN Uncle Bert's" Toffee Shop there te JL Standing Room Onty." Uncle Bert and hi* Son thank you for your help You are itoing Your Bit &a we did oura. Thanks 11 Swansea, Thankelll MARRIAGE Events etc. Is. and otamp: send age; 40 years' exderioiace. -Mr. Wrieht. Market Sauare Chambers Ponty- Dridd. 307At.-JO FA T ATI flinty and Ol«-iryoyan«y. Noted -L Indian Palmist; 30 years' experience in America, Franoe, Lend-on, Australia. Fees from 2e. 6d.; corres. invited.—Prof. Kismitt, P.H.D., A..B.; 11 to 9 p.m.-11,.P,arud-e. Hum- bl-e^, Swansea, S.W. 304A6-20  YEARS' Success -IJlimn FIetch? 10 M.R.P.S. T(>tl'tRn!! Free. Send birth date and stamped envelope.—5. Arcade. Pontvuridd. 3Q MISCELLANEOUS. (4RAND Clay Pisreon Shooting Match A will be held at Yetalyfova. Saturday. July 5th. 1919. commencing 2 p.m. Prtxes. £3 £2. £1. One man one prize. Also Target, Shootina Match. ][low to Win Weekly." an interesting little Book clearly explaining how to obtain a ElexillaIr lncf)mp fi-orn Racing. Price Zd.-I, New Oxford-street, London. W 01. Sporting Chat. ) HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR j- SALE A-WD TO LET. BUY Your House and Save the Rent. Over 37.000 Houses have been purchased on .our..system,—Apply for particulars to G. iA-ans. Eversley-road. Skctty. 302A6-28 "S^OIi SALE. 4,i90md Rouse eit?s.t?? JL 11. M?le End-row. Melincrythan.—Write | | 1 11. c/o Daily Leader j D. F.. 3G7A7-2 ) i^OR SALL, a, cix-ro.?<'(t Hou«e, No r?? .c Ncatn-road. Plasmarl Swansea—Ap?.y for particulars to J Rccs 42. Long Oake- avenue. Swansea. • 305A7-1 lOR SALE. Siloh-road. Laridore, Fr.»a X House, poll stone, four rooms and scul- lery; near cars and station—Write "Alpha," I Leader. 3C6A6-29 ONE Firm Sold £ 50.000 worth of Property this year through Small Advts. feO words for 3 in&ertior.s 28 fid in the Cam-, D'ulv Leader. PAYING itent dors not solve the Housing L Problem. Oni- Approved System helps y to Purchase your own House.—Box 374. Leader. 302A6-28 | n>y-those deisiribas of Purchasing a House. X The Provident Association of London, Ltd.. isauo-s House Purchase Policies for 20. { ?p. or .30 yeo-ra' periods.— Piospectus oonttj o. u? fuH particulars free fy?m Mr. R. Hard- I v/ick, &S Rosehili-tGrrace. Swan&ea VACANT Possession.—Modern House, 12, v Park-treet, Neath hath (hot and col'i, i i excellent condition; Sale by Auction. C-atrtle Hotel. Neath, on the 30th June at 7.— ther from 6. Queen-6treet. PoTt Tal'i^t. C6-30 Ä 16 WEEKLY nH. purch?a ?? UM?: .-? ?, any Gist riot; no&scsmon by arraDge IM'cssrs. J. Bicwitt jGn?n?s?and Scrs' I Announcements. "jl/T UMHLES.—For gale. with ear!y posscs- l"l cion. ?rechOtd House near. Bays; 2 re- cent ion-rooms, 6 bedrooms etc. LET, Furnished. Detached jtesidence 3 in,.Iez from 'Swansea, overlooking! i'-iumbles and Swansea Bay, 2 reception- ijcui?. 5 bedwoms. bathiooin (h and c). g>araee dairy, etc.: excellent garden weh i sto(:Ïi:('d :_immfdiatc Ro??s?iou. DRY.K-BOAD.—Leacc!:o!i' Dwe?cItMu'? B. for ?lc at reasonable figure. 2 Hittin?- rcxims. kitchen, 4 bedrooms )xroom. bath- room. etc. /'?WYDB?l?S?E:-fT?Se?eia!*?:b5t '? Leasehold Uousea for Sale a1 mad&raM: btices:  l\,rr\LYJ=&TERRA-C¡.Twon- Sj;'mc1 j lvJL liou? in couveniM.t p(?n:M? fot J ?-ie; leR-?e??out 70 years; ground rent  A3 gg- pcr house. j T7INCENT-STREET.—Two cood 6-roomcd .P?-) g c (),I 6-rc,.om, Houses for Sale at reasonable fiviire, -11,o:-t further particulars of above apply J- to iiessrs. J. Biewitt Jenkins and Sons. Land and Estate Agents. Surveyors etc. 4. 1 HOUSES WANTED. ^HRISTIAN Temple Church. Ammspford. KJ -Warted, by the above-named Church, a. Dwelling-house, conveniently situated, with view to purchase. Please oommuni- i with undersigned on 0, before July 5th. 1919.—Thf«. Lake. 39. H col-las. Amiar.n- fn;'r! C7-2 APARTMENTS AND LODGINGS TO LET AND WANTED. -n!,SIIOPSTON.-P,,irni,it-t-d R,cv)m, to Let, n near Bays and Golf Linke: evory con- veuienoe; garage.— £ 3. Boobier, Carltop, j Bifhoaston. Swansea. 308A7-3 j BUSINESS Girl requires Bed Sitting-room, -D or would share rooms with another I girl: near town. With or without bo-trd.- 1 B&? _R-3," ?'L?ader" OHIce. 'r"Õ'Y. sr?a?] hcr.?. "<mId re-eivp I payinc guests: musical: close Wepti Pier: br?ine?s gentiemeu preferred— E.. 6. i ?-Uiwood-Mad. Brighton. 305A6-30 SOlTTnSjíA,XOv; Vac;;t:Redro0ID 1d I ¡tU nç:,room: bath: close sea and trams: fu? bo?fd. 35s.: attendance, 18- 146. St. Ausn?ine-ro:M. W7A7-2 -X-,JTANTED, two or Unfuvnishea I v Rrioma in Swansea —Reply Davies. F erne) iff. Mumbles. 307A7-3 PREiVdISES TO LET & VtfANTE13 I WANT'ED, immediately, Premises «-n i • ■ able for Garage, to hold 4 or more cars: central position desirable.—WrPe ,IA)ader Oftice. I MUSECAL INSTRUML-NTS. I GODFREY and Co. Ltd.. have a Large Se- lection of Iron-fra-ne Pianoe (Vertics.1 and Overstrung) in Walnut. Rosewood, Oak or Ebonised cases, bv Gc,) Rogers, Collard and CoIIard. Witton and Witton, SaIDrS. But-n,trd. W,-tldiiigton. etc. Prices from 50 crnincas. Cash or Terms. Write for List or call and make a personal select r-. -Godfrey. and Co.. Ltd 22 St. Helen's, road. Swansea. ■ 3C5A6-30 PIANO.—Really food Piano, 86 guinea^ to onie-k buyer.- Write. firct instance, to "Argn^s." Leader Office SwaE-fcea. 308A"-3 PIANOS.—Ast'ouBdiner Hargains: 19. 23 55. 39 49. 6B gtririeaa: two black Over-, ntrnnfs. cheap.—Piano Exchange, 19 Park- atreet Swansea.. 305A6-30 'j^HOM 1'SON and Shackell Ltd 39 castle- J- street Swansea. —Bltjck Collard Piano- £ 78; Walnut. Con?rd Piano C70: WaJmi! Cballen Piano. ?95- Walnut Kirkman Piano Clial',c-n [lia,o, Iiormelle Piano £ 65: Walnut Brinsmead Piano. £ 165; Walnut Squire Piano £ 83; Walnut Hawkins P>ano R-65 iOb.: Walnut Thompson and Shackell. Ltd.. Piano ?70. Imperial Or?an ?26 66.: Jones Organ ?5 ?JEs?e?O r?t< ??6 T'?ANTED. S&coBd-haud?PianosrOrKans. V Gramophones and RccordB. Good Pric6R sriven.—D. J. SncH High-6treet Ar- cade. Swanaea. 'DIANOa.-?157?2sr?E:40.' R45 nWa d:. JL U?amophonr's..E4 10e.: Records from 1.: Needles. 6d. bot,  J. SNELL?70nIy) Address: Ei?h-Ntreet D • Arcade, near G.W.R Swansea. 3G4A6,28 FURNITURE. FURNITURE.—Best Prices given by me i- for Second-hand Furniture and Antique Furniture of any description Drop me a poetcard, or call.—Wm. James. 8. Fabinn- street, 8t Thomas. CTC I^URNlWltH WRNITURE. FURNITURE! Jt- —This is one of the Greatest Problems of to-day to all parties getting: a Home to- gether to know How and Where to get the Beet Manufactured Article at 1,11e Lowest Possible Price. Anyone in this difllcuity should call at once at Hill's (Swansea Branch), being the Largest Manufacturer* in Wales. Can easily explain how to pro- oeed. No photographs to choose from, but plenty of the Real Article as it is made,, or makina: fine sc-lections of Bedroom, Sitting, or Kitchen Suitei, and other goods too numerous to mention.—Please note the Ad- dress: Hill's, 23. Gower-street. Swansea. 307A7-2 LIVE STOCK, &c. F OR SALE, a erood young Pony. 13,3: no dealers.—Apply 20. Hoo-street, Port Trn- nant. 307A6,26 T?OB?SALE (Re?stered? Thorour?ih?.' JP Greyhound Bitch ( Mifwn,ny known as Fair Lady; 21? inches hi?h: sire The Mona?'h dame, Chatterbox own Sister to "Lord Protector": trial '"i.wn against anything living.—Apply to P. Jill- mins, 21. Canal bank Clydach-on-Tawe. 3^i7-1 GBINDSTONES cover many siii s bu'. in L  Kara?ood Me&) (Sn?«ex Ground) ?)b. bae Is. Id., titcre 19 none to oover. Every erain i=i pure honest food larizoiv increases ccc ontT'?t. as thou??ndn of poultry-keepers j testify.—Davies Bros. Chemists, Hf-bron- road. Clydach. 3C4AS-28 ) < !M .8MALL ADVERTISEMENT ORDER FORM. i I ,L mmmm> 11T ,J 11 '1 1 •' 1 i |l 1 ff'P-fT r I' | J I J "C«,' ¡ 1 { ?. — ) t'' 1 f' "irniim. ,.n ■ l' ¡ 1;r;l iPlesfljB pyblish the iltove advtrtiS'J,wi<iiiiic?, f. whic.h I < & n Igamo and Add!-out Name and Address* I h Leader" Odea, Thla form should be B-ddresefa w ,A;&frt!s:mf¡ Cambria Dallj i Leader/' Swansea. tkli.ii.. J j ii ASK YO U R Gi;1oeCE n FOx} | ASK YOUR GECCEB FOH ?  I 1  1  S.a 5 )c' tMNM 'Tm! @ MJfiyTE -r-nait 2-lb. bag full weight* CHAMBERLAIN, POLE & CO. BRISTOL Ltd. Ptoprfctors of Snowirat" SR. Flour; Nuttrx Poultry and Pheasant Foorts; "Ranii Growth" Chick Food; "Rapid Flight" Pigeon M;ztu»e»&c. Established KaU-a-Ceutury FOR SALE. BKICKJfAKEES' Three Traction Engines. 4 ) Traction Trucks. Motor Lorries, 35 Aujclorrt 2ft. guago Brick Kiln Cars Cranes. Portables, and various Machinery and Tim- ber of ail kinds; now offered as we are fiuisbincr our Government contracts.—C. Jec. nines and Co., Ltd Timbey Mercliants and Woodworkers. Bristol. Some at our Branches. Porthcawl. Resolven. Leicester. C7-7 I B' -iTNGiWWS can be lined with onr Neponset Walboard 3ad. so. foot., ear- riasre paid: also Cement Sheets. Doors. Win- dows. Woodwork, Plywood Timber, Fire- wood.—C. Jennings and Co. Ltd.. Bristol. Leicester and Porthcawl, C6-3C DOORS for Sale. 1.000 at PorthetLwl (near JLJ' Cardiff), 5.000 at Bristol, 809 at New- caatle-on-Tyne. Prices and particulars on application. Inspection invited.—Jennings Co.. Ltd.. Joinery Manufacturers. Tim- ber Merchants and General Woodworkers. Penny well-road, Bristol OR SALE^ Whitehouse Double-ranee Chly) Cart, with Chopper; place for two to serve: enclosed with sliding windows; store cupboard for 3 cwt. potatoes; g-ood condi- tion.—Appl.v W. Jones. Fish and Chip Mer- chant. Der wen. road, YstradzynlaiLR. 307A7-2 Tio"R'- MALE MahoMny-too Counter: t^o v i-cce. 8ft. aaul 6ft.: in excellent condi- tion.—Apply Rosser. Lonlas, Varisamiet 01.2 TUBE WOOD, free cn rail near Newport. L Swansea, and other places 396 ton. or carriage paid most places U.K for 59s. ton or tlnder.-Jeii,-iriL, ,s and Co.. Ltd., Peny- well-road. Bristol: and Porthcawl C7.9 F OR SALE, about 220 toni JL' Second-hand Steel Bull head Bails. 00 and 85 Flange 75 and 90 lbs. per yard: also all descriptions of Railroad Accessories: 20 li.i). Steam Semi-Portable Loco-Type Boiler by Marshal!s new 1916. 120 lbs. WP.. etc.—Geo. V. Perry, Cambrian-place, Swaiv sw 304A6-30 IOGS (square) suitable for keel blocks • J Timber in variety, new and second- hand Inspection invited—Jennings and Co., Ltd., Timber Merchats and General Woodworkers. The Docks Porthcawl (near Cardiff). Similar stocks at Bristol and Leicester. C7-11 rriypTWRITEB for Sale. Boyal Barloek JL (Brief) visible writer, excellent condi- tion Con be seen any evening between 5 and 7.—Apply Ivor John, 65. Crown-street, Morriston. C6-2B MOTOR CARS, CYCLES, &C. TpOR SALE, Oent's Cycle cood repair.- A Apply 19. Pegler-street. Brynhyfryd. 301 A6-28 FOR SALE, a five-seJter Motor Car (Sid dlesley Woleley). in good condition, 14- 20 horao power.—Write Box R.10, Leader Office. t 305A7-1 ONE 1916 Belsize Cbacsia fitted vith Flat Lorry Body and Cab Front, for Sale: easy terms or exohaiixe.-R. E Jones. Ltd. (Motor Dept.). Dillwyn-street Swansea. TO SINGER Car for Sale. 10 h.p.. Dynamo Lichting. Spare Wheel etc.; good oon. dition; any trial.-5. Uplands-terrace, Swan- sea. Telephono Cental 752. 305A6-2/ 10-12 Motor Car, <• IU 8cwt.. Bosch Magneto Stepney Spare Wheel, in going order, would suit fish. moncer or similar trade admirably: nearest L70 drives away.-Box R.7 Leader Office MSAG-30 60 CWT. Albion Chassis: four for delivery Ov in July subject to beine iinpold.-R E Jones (Motor Dept.). Dillwyn-street. Swan- 500.. TC C. K. Andrews' Announcements. /^wVEELAND Model 83. in arst-cla?a oondi- \-? tion: fitted with van body; any trial or examination; bargain fo- quick aale.- Apply 0. K. Andrews.. Uplands Garage, Sv/ansea. H UMBER. 10/12. fitted with roomy two- H seater body and double dickey; any trial: bum-main. Apply above. IAORE, 30 h?.: two-ton Chassis. {Itt?d J with lorry body; in first-class cOKd{- tion; any trial or examination. Apply aG. C7-3 Ivor L. Roberts' (223 Oxford-street) Announcements. COMMERCIAL LORRIES —Agent for Den. nis, Austin, KarrierB Stars, etc. Send me your inquiries. I can otfer Early De- liveries. F,COND-HAND LORP.IES.-I have a Lai-g* k3 Assortment from 1-toa. to 4-ton; pricee from L-ALj to £050, end for Uste, or aa-k to ($11 on you. M- OTOR CYCLEs.=-¡g;ntfõr'T;iU'I, B8.A.. Doug'lM. Sunbeam. A.J.S.. En- field. P. and M.. Norton* etc Get Vour npmc on my waitine list. to ensure early deliveries. SUNBEAM 5-Seater Car; good oondition; £4. DENNIS 3-4 ton. complete with body, in stock: immediate 4elivery. YOUR (Nd Car or Motor Cycle taken in JL Part Payment, or Boueht for Cash. Send or write, with full particulars, to Ivor L. Roberts. Oxford-etreot. Swansea. MONEY. ELAW, 12. London-road, Neath. Make$ E. cap? Advances from £ 5 and upwards ?nctiy private. Established 1876. TC IF you require a Loan, apply to George JL Thomas, MUnager. Church-street (oppo- site t. Mary's Church). Swansea. Private and confidential. C6-w M ON EY to Lend to Bcspectable House- M holdere; Private and Confidential.— Ivor D Thomns 5 Waterloo-street. Swansea- POQ MADE for £ 5 For full particulars 5wOO as to how small amounts of money may be profitably employed to give larlle profits apnly to Graham Marsh and Com- pany. 240. High Holborn London. SOUTHERN EQUITAULE A DVANOE C9. (LIMITED), EXCHANGE-CHAMBERS (Queen-street end), 1 EDWARD-TERRACE CARDIFF. Not a Monev Society but an Old-established Registered Financial Firm. Prompt and Private. No Fees. No Finee. Forms Free. With or Without Suretiee. TEN Branches. The Leading Welsh and English Firm. Telephone. 2399 Cardiff Estab. 1880. Branch Office: 11 Charles-st.. Newport, Mon. A BRITISH FIRM FOR BRITISH BOR- A ROWERS-THE BRITISH FINANCE COMPANY. Not a limited company with directors and shareholders to know your business and consider our application, NO BILLS OF SALE WANTED. NO SURETIES OR PUBLICITY. ABSOLUTE PRIVACY GUARANTEED. BRITISH FINANCE CO., 20, BRIDGE STREET, BRISTOL. EDUCATIONAL. PIANOFORTE. Orcan Composition* Courses: Beginners Speciality; Advice Free.—Cvrii Ra.viiham F.RC.O.. f.T.CJj. L.R.A.M.. Organist Parish Church. 8. Paso- SU'ect, Swajjiwisv. 3G5A6-JO

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