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X SALES BY AUCTION. ASTLEY SAMUEL, F.A.I. i, SWANSEA. I rt' Astley Samuel, F.A.I. WiU offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUC- 1 TION at the HOTEL CAMERON, on THUIuSDAY, JULY 3rd, 1019, Valuable Leasehold I Properties: ? Lot 1.—All that Leasehold Messuage or |; Dwelling-house, No. 1, Chesshyre-street, Brynmiii, Swansea. Let on a weekly ten- :i*mcy, at a rental of 11s. id. per week, Lot 2.—No. 2, Chesshyre-street, Swan- r jsea, let at 8s. lid. per week. f4 Lot 3.—No. 3, Chesshyre-street, Swan- iMa, let at 8s. 4d. per week. Lot 4.—No. 4, Chessliyre-street, Swansea, let at 7s. 8d. per week. Lot 5.—No. 5. Chesshyre-stroot, Swansea, Jet at 7s. Sd. per week. Lot 6.—No. 6, Chesshyre-street, Swansea, let at 7b. 8d. per week. The above lots are held under separate "i Leases for a term of 99 years from 29th ►September, 1892, at a yearly ground rent of 92 12s. ud. per each lot. The landlord pays rates and taxes in respect of such lots. i Lot 7.—All those two Freehold Mes- suages or Dweling-houses known as Belle Vue Cottages, situate and being Nos. 29 end 30, Brynsifi-terraoe, Mount Pleasant, Swansea (formerly one Messuage), let on a weekly tenancy at the aggregate weekly 'rentals of lis. Id. per week, the landlord vpaying rates and taxes. ? Lot 8.—All those Leasehold Dwelling- fcouses, Nos. 6, 7, 8 and 9, Kynaston-place, Swansea, let at 6s. 4d. each per week. I Held for a term of 99 years from 2-ith June. 1850, at the apportioned yearly rent of 4.6 6s. Lot 9.—All that Leasehold House, Shop, Dweling-house and Garages known as No. 10, Bond-street. Let at 27s. per week in- clusive. Held for a term of 99 years from ECth September, 1S59, at an apportioned ground rent of £ 3. Lot 10.-X0. ns, Oxford-stt, Swansea. Lot 11.-Ko. 119, Oxford-street, Swansea. Oxford.street, Swansea. Lots 10 to 12 will be offered as one lot. and if not sold will then be offered as lotted. Lots 10, 11, IS are let at 12 s. each per week inclusive, and held for a term of 99 years from 25th March, 1873, at a ground rent of £ 12, which will be equally appor- tioned between the Lota. Mines and Minerals are Reserved. Sale to commence at 3 p.m. Further particulars of Lots 1-7 can be obtained from Messrs. Picton Evans and Jones. Solicitors, St. Mary-street. Swan- sea: Lot 8, Messrs. T. W James and Co., Solicitors. Goat-street, Swansea; Lot 9. Messrs. Viner Leeder and Morris, Solici- tors. Oxford-street, Swansea; as to Lots 10-12. to J. Moy Epans, Esq., Solicitor, 15, Adelaide-street, Swansea; or as to all the tots the Auctioneer, corner of Gower and Orchard-street. Swansea. SWANSEA AND ST. THOMAS. WEDNESDAY, JULY 9th, 1919, Astley Samuel, F.A.I. Will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the HOTEL CAMERON, Valuable Properties: Lot 1.—No. 16, TERRACE ROAD, SWANSEA. Lot 2.—No. 18, TERRACE ROAD, SWANSEA. Held for a term of 75 years from 25th March, 1863, less one day. at a total (Ground Rent of £ 5 10s. a vear. Lot 3— No. 302. NEATH ROAD, LAN- DOPE. SWANSEA. Lot 4-No. PM, NEATH ROAD, LAN- DORE. Lot 5.—Nos. 304 and 305, NEATH -EOAD, LANDORE. The house 3M, Neath*road has been recently renovated and is sold with vacant possession. I/ote 3 and 5 are held for a. term of 99 (rears from 29th September, 1905, at a total (Ground R,-nt of £10 ner annum. T/ot N«w. 23 and 24, HAMILTON STREET. LANDORE. The life interest of Freehold Properties together with two life policies. I Jtft 7.—No. i, LLANGYFELACH ROAD. I SWANSEA. ) TM 8.—No. 6, LLANGYFELACH ROAD, I 6, T,T,A'(4YFYLACIT R-OAD, 1 Lots 7 and ? are be'd with cthar pro- -perty f?r a term of !9 YPar? from 29th ptember, 1887, less one day. at a Ground Rent, of which ?2 a .ar ?haH 00 paid in I resnect of tMs prope'tv. Lot 9.-No. 20. F>ANYGRAJG TER- IRA CE. ST. THOMAS, SWANSEA. Tot 10.—No. 21. DANYGRAIG TER- B.ACE, ST. THOMAS. SWANSEA W A- N-z?'F A. Lot 11.—No. 2J. DANYGRAIG TER- RACE, ST. THOMAS. SWANSEA. Lot 12.—No. 23, DANYGRAIG TER- RACE, ST. THOMAS, SWANSEA. Lots 9 to 12 are held under a Lease for I xa term of 99 years from the 29th Septem- ber. 1906, at a yearly Ground Rent of property is sold separ- ¡ ately the Ground Rent will be equally, apportioned between tho Lots. Lot 13.—No. 1, PENMAEN TERRACE; FREEHOLD; let at £29 Per Annum. Mines and Minerals are Reserved. Sale to commence at 3 p.m. Further Particulars from C. H. New- combe, Esq., Solicitor, Wind Street, Swan- sea, as to Lot 1 to 8; from Messrs. Picton Evans and Jones, Solicitors, St. Mary Street, Swansea, as to Lots 9 to 12; or as; to all the Lots from the Auctioneer, corner of Gower and Orchard Street, Swansea. YSTALYFERA? Astley Samwcl, F.A.I. Has received instructions to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the NEW SWAN HOTEL. YSTALYFERA, on MONDAY, 1 7th JULY, 1919 (subject to Conditions of Sale to be then and there produced), the following Valuable Freehold and Leasehold Properties Namely: Lot 1—No. 20, GOUGH ROAD, YSTALYFERA. Lot 2.—No. 21, „ It Lot 3.—No. 22, „ „ Lot -i.-iNo. 23, „ „ The above Lots are let at 18s. each per Calendar month. Lot 5.—No. 5, SPENCER TERRACE, GURNOS, YSTALYFERA. Lot 6.-N(). 6, SPENCER TERRACE, GURNOS, YSTALYFERA. Lots 5 and 6 are each let at .£1 7s. per Lunar Month, and are held for a term of 99 years from 29th September, 1905. Lot 5 will be sold subject to the appor- tioned yearly ground rent of 6s. Id., and L-ot 6 to the apportioned yearly ground rent of 13s. 6d. Lot 7.—No. 71, ALLTYGRUG ROAD. YSTALYFERA, now in the occupation of Mr. John Bell, at a Lunar monthly rental of 2&s. Lot 7 is held for a term of 99 years from the 29th day of September, 1904, at the yearly ground rent, of L-2 Os. (kl. The landlords pav rates and taxes on all the Lot?. The Mines and Minerals are Reserved. Sale to commence at 7 o'clock p.m. Further particulars can be obtained from the Auctioneer, King's Chambers, Swansea; or from J. Moy Evans, Esq., Solicitor, Ystalvfera. By Instructions from the Trustees of the late Lavinia Thomas (Deceased), and others. ALBERT HALL, SWANSEA. Exceptionally Good and Well Preserved Household Requisites, Astley Samuel, F A.I. Has baen requested to remove for Con- venience of Sale to the above Hall, and SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION on WED- NESDAY, 2nd JULY, 1919, Modern and Antique Household Appointments, Exceptionally Fine Pianofortes, Ches- terfield Suites in Tapestry, Saddlebag Parlour Suite, Mahogany Bookcase, Walnut Bookcase, M'ahogany Sideboard, Walnut Sideboard, Glass Cupboard Dresser, Onk Dining Table, Very Fine Walnut Dining Table, Carpets, Wicker Chairs, Copper and Black Curb, Bronze Clock Set, Walnut Overmantels, Black Skin Rug, China Pedestal and Jardinere, Pictures. Angora Table Cloth, Antique Sideboards, Grandfathers Clocks, Mahogany Hall Stand, Stair Carpet, Stair Rods, Fumed Mahogany Over- mantel Very Handsome Solid Mahogany Bedroom Suite, Mahogany Inlaid Bed- steads. Wir", Mattress. Overlays, Feather Beds, Bolsters, Pillows, Bedroom Ware, Occasional Table, Plush Suite, Brass Curbs, Dinner and Tea Ware, Vases, Ornaments. Goods on View Morning of Sale: Terms Cash. Sale to Commence at 11 a.m. The Auctioneer Desires to call special attention to this Sale. iig the public will be offered exceptional opportunity. to purchase good articles. Auctioneers' Offices, King's Chambers, Gower-street. Swansea. SKETTY. TO TRUSTEES, INVESTORS & OTHERS SALE AT LOW RESERVE. At the HOTEL CAMERON, on MONDAY JUNE 30th, 1919. Freehold Ground Rents, Aggregating 996 Ss. per annum, arising out of Nos. 10 to 42, VIVIAN ROAD .SKETTY, comprising Dwelling-houses, Shop, and Garage. 2 Dwelling-houses known as IVY COT- TAGES," KIMBERLEY ROAD, SKETTY Sale to commence at 3 p.m. Full particulars from the Auctioneer, Astley Samuel, F.A.I. Corner of Gower and Orchard-street, Swansea; or of the Solicitors, Messrs. Hartland, Isaac and Watkins, Rutland- street, Swansea. Corner of Gower St. and Orchard St. L -.y- L" Preliminary Notice. ROTHERSLADE. BAY, LANGLAND, MUMBLES. Mr. Arthur S. T. Lucas Has been instructed bv the Owner to OFFER for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION at the HOTEL METROPOLE. SWAN- SEA. early in JULY, all that Somi- Petacheci and charmingly situated Residence, known as BAY VIEW," RGTJIERSLADE ROAD, within 2 minutes walk of Langland Bay. The Property is held on lease, having an unexpired term of 67 years subject io the ground rent of 9S. Full plrticutai-s will appear in later advertisements. Apnly Arthur S. T. Lucas, Auctioneer, Swansea and Mumbles, or, to A. J. Pun- tan, Esq., Solicitor, FLsherstreet, Swan- sea. (No. 1678). Preliminary Notice. -I CASWELL BAY, MUMBLES. Mr. Arthur S. T. Lucas Has been instructed by the Owner, Miss Morgan, to oiler for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the HOTEL METRO- IOLE, SWANSEA, at an early date in July, 1919 (subject to Conditions of Sale), all that Beautifully-situated Detached Residency standing in about j of an Aero of Land and known as CRAiGEITHON," being on the ri«]n-hand side of the road lead- ing from Ciisv.'eil By to Murton and just beyond the Caswell Hay Hotel. The Re- sidence contains 3 Sitting-rooms, Kitchen, Scullery and conveniences. 4 Bedrooms, 2 Dressing-rooms, Bath-room (h. and c.), and oihee, with supply of Cray Water. Leasehold, about 80 years unexpired. Ground Rent £ 5. Within a few minutes' walk )f the Bay and Magnificent Views I of Caswell B?y ?nd fhe Coast. Posstssion Early in October next. Ful!! particulars from Arthur S. T. ¡ Lucas, Auctioneer, C, Rutland-street, Swansea and at Mumbles. Tel., Central 230. Estbd. 18S5; or to Messrs. Boor and 1wilson, Solicitors. Temple-street, Swan- '¡eo. I ntrl 569- Œo. 1676) NOTICE, I The SALE of the" BRYN," REy. NOLDSTON. as advertised to take place at tho Hotel Mctropole, Swansea, early in July, has been WITHDRAWN, as hir. Arthur S. T. Lucas Has SOLD the same by PRIVATE TREATY. Auctioneer's Offices: 6, Rutland-street, Swansea, and Mumbles. Estbd. 18S5. (No. 1677a) HOTEL METRO POLE, SWANSEA. TUESDAY, 8th JULY, 1919. rr. Trevor E. Wil!iams Has been instructed to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION all that Excellently Situated Freehold Semi-Detached Residence, (with vacant possession on completion), known as 11, QUEEN'S ROAD, SKETTY, containing: Spacious Hall with fireplace, Dining, Drawing and Breakfast Rooms, China pantry with wash up hot and cold, Kitchea and Domestic Offices, 6 Bedrooms, Bath-room, and W.C. The house stands on an eminence commanding excellent views of the bay and surrounding country, and has been renovated throughout. Electric light and Gas. Sale to commence at 3 p.m. Particulars and Conditions of Sale may be obtained from Messrs. Howell and Wil- liams, Solicitors, 2, Fisher Street, Swan- sk,a; or from the Auctioneer at his Offices, 17, St. Mary Street, Swanoea; Tel., Docks 124. GOWER-AUCTION MAKT~ Gowerton. TUESDAY NEXT, JULY 1st, 1919. FAT CATTLE and SHEEP will he Sold and Alloeuted in accordance with the Live Stock Regulations. STORK STOCK by Auction as usual. 10 COWS and CALVES. 150 PIGS. All Fat Stock to be at the Mart by 10 a.m. Sale to commence promptly at 11 a.m. Messrs. JAMES & JAMES, F.A.I., Auctiolleera. 7, Goat-street, Swansea. Telephone; 172 Dooks. SALES BY AUCTION. COUNTY BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. Important Sale of FREEHOLD and LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES in Cen- tral Positions affording Great Scope for Enhancement in Values. John M. Leeder and Son Will SELL by AUCTION, at the HOTEL METROPOLE, SWANSEA, on TUES- DAY, JULY 1st, 1919, at 3 p.m., the fol- lowing Properties. Lot 1.—FREEHOLD GROUND RENT of Æ 1 3 O PER ANNUM, arising out of and amply secured upon by the Block of Business Premises, No. 17, WIND STREET, lot on Lease to Messrs. Fitt Bros and Davies for 99 years from 25th March, 1908. Lot 2.—FREEHOLD CORNER PRE- MISES, No. 1, BRUNSWICK VILLAS (otherwise No. 149, St. Helen's Road), oc- cupying a prominent position on the corner of Brunswick Street. Lot 3.—LEASEHOLD BUSINESS PRE- MISES, No. 1, PROSPECT PLACE, under- leased for 39 years (less one day) from 25th November, 1890, at « £ 84 per annum. Held on lease for 99 years from 25th November, 1830, at the low annual ground rent of £2 15s. Lot 4.—LEASEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE, No. 11, GROVE PLACE, within a few minutes walk of High Street Station. Held for 94 years (less two days) from 25th December, 1852, at the annual ground rent of 93 10s. Lots 5 aud 6.—COMMODIOUS LEASE- HOLD DWELLING HOUSES, Nos. 5 and ti. CLEVELAND TERRACE, centrally situated on a tram route and convenient for all stations. Held for a term of 99 years from 25th December, 1859, at the annual ground rent of .£7, which will be equally apportioned. For Particulars and Conditions of Sale apply to Messrs. Hanson and Nash, Salis- bury Chambers, Wind Street, Swansea (Lots 1—4); J. E. Stevcns, Esq., Worcester Place, Swansea. (Lots 5 and 6); or the Auctioneers. 46, Waterloo Street. Swansea. SEASIDE, ABERAVON. (About 600 yards from Seaside Station, with which there is Siding Connection). MESSRS. John M. Leeder and Son Will offer for SALE bv AUCTION, on the Premises, on WEDNESDAY, JULY 16th, 1919, at 2 p.m., the well equipped and con- veniently arranged Sand Brick Works, occupying an area of one acre or there- abouts, together with the convenient Buildings and Offices, and the COSTLY FIXED and LOOSE PLANT & MACHIN- ERY, for an estimated output of 60,000 Bricks a Week. If not disposed of as a going concern the valuable PLANT AND MACHINERY will be immediately offered piecemeal, roughly comprising:—Lancashire Boiler for llOlbs. pressure, 30 h.p. Robez Engine and Boiler, Lowcocks Economise 120 Tubes for 130lbs. pressure; No. GO Sturtevant In- duced Draught Fan, Elevators Double Miner, 9ft. Grinding Pan, NEW SUT- CLIFFE BRICK-MAKING MACHINE. 6in. x 4in. Single Cylinder Vertical Engine, Dynamo by Crompton and Co., 4in. Hori- zontal Engine, Two Autoclaves or Steam Hardening Chambers, capable of holding 10 trolleys each;1 Water Tanks 39ft. Gin. x art. 9in. downwards, 3 Ton Tram Weigh- bridge, Railway Sidings. Tramways, Turn- ables, W.I. Chimney Stack, 21 Steel Plat- form Cars, 15ft. Fitters' Bench, Steel and Timber framed and conrugjac-ed covered Buildings. Particulars and Conditions cf Sale may be obtained of Messrs. D. E. Jones and Son, Solicitors, Aberavon; E. U. Dnvid, Esq., 4, Park Place, Cardiff; or of the Auctioneers, 46. Waterloo Street, Swansea. By the Direction of Col. Tho Hon. Odo Vivian. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Within 1i miles of Killay Station on the L. and N.W. Railway and about 5! mile? of the important County Borough of Swansea. MESSRS. John M. Leeder and Son Have received instructions to offer for SALE by AUCTION at the CAMERON HOTEL. SWANSEA, on WEDNESDAY, JULY 16th, 1919. at 3.30 p.m., the Freehold, Agricultural, and Sporting Estate, situate in the Parishes of Bishopston. Pennard, Ileton, and Llanrhidian Higher. comprising the charmingly situated Residence, with Home Farm and Bailiff's House, known as FAIRWOOD LODGE, together with the Three Excellent Farms, BRYNMOEL, GELLYHIR, and FAIR- WOOD CORNER. About 139 Acres of Valuable Wood- lands, several Small Keeper's Cottage, Two Ground Rents, 25 Building Plots, the whole containing about 525 ACRES, offering excellent rough Shooting. Particulars and Conditions of Sale (whn ready) may be obtained of Messrs. Beor and Wilson, Temple-street; or of the Auctioneers, 46, Waterloo-street, Swansea NEATH, SKEW EN, AND ABER- DULAIS. IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS FORM- ING PART OI THE TENNANT ESTATE. MESSRS. John M. Leeder and Son Have rece ived Instructions to OFFER for SALE bv AUCTION on TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, nhd THURSDAY, JULY 22, 23. and 24, 1919, at the CASTLE HOTEL, NEATH, a £ 2.30 p.m. each day, the Freehold Ground Rents, amounting in the aggregate to £1,116 PER ANNUM, arising out of and secured upon Resi- dcncec, Dwelling Houses, Churches, Shops and Licensed Premises, with the Reversions to the Rack Rents at the ex- piration of the respective leases. Particulars of Sale have been prepared as follows:— First Day's Sale, comprising properties in the PARISH OF BLAENKONDDAN. Riverside, Canal Side, Main Neath Road, Maesgwyn-terrace, and Cilfrew-road, Aberdulais. Cadoxton Terrace, Cadoxton. Penywern Road, Tygwyn Terrac?, Alex- andra Road, Rhydd-ing, Neath Main Road and Cilfrew Road, Bryn-cooli. PARISH OF NEATH LOWER. D-Li,ii-s Faeh Road, Aberdulais. Second Day's Sale, comprising proper- ties in the PARISH OF COEDFFRAN C. Skewm, Wern Road, Stanley Road, Christopher Road, Win fred Road. Third Day's Sale, comprising properties ,:u Skewen: Evelyn Road, Coombo Road, Charles Street, New Road, High Street, Tabernacle Street, Queen's Road, Old Road, Burrows Road nnd Moor<-town. Copies of the Ilarticiilai-s inl Condi- tions of Sale cnay be obtained from the Tennant Etfiate Office, Neath; Messrs. Whittinyton and Davirl, Solictors, Prudential Chambers, Neath; or of the Auctioneers, at their Offices, 46, Waterloo j Street Swan J SALES BY AUCTION. LANG-LAND, MUMBLES. Sale of Valuable Leaaehoid Residential Properties, Leasehold Shop Premises, Two Freehold Plots of Land, and an Improved Leasehold Ground Rent. MESSRS. • John M. Leeder and Son Will OFFER for SALE bv AUCTION, at the HOTEL METROPOLE, on TUES. DAY, 22nd JULY, 1919, at 3 p.m., a oon- veniently-situated and well-built FREEHOLD DETACHED RESIDENCE known as "THE CROFT," Langland Road, Mumbles, standing in grounds of about If acres. Possaseion on completion. A FREEHOLD DETACHED RESI- DENCE known as GLENVIEW," Lang- land Road, Mumbles. The FREEHOLD SEMI-DETACHED RESIDENCE known as LYNDWOOD," Langland Road, Mumbles. A LEASEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE, SHOP and PREMISES, situate and known as THE REST CAFE," No. 2, Commercial Place, Mumbles, at present let on a quarterly tenancy at £28 per annum, tenant paving rates. TWO VALUABLE FREEHOLD PLOTS OF LAND at the rear of Cromer and St. Hilda, Langland Road, with a reserved right-of-way thereto from Newton Road, Mumbles. An Improved LEASEHOLD GROUND RENT of X5 Per Annum, arising out of a Field known as "Little Overland," at the rear of The Croft." held foj a term of 99 years from the 2-5th da.y of March, 1878, subject to an annual rent of t-,Ao, now leased for the remainder of the term to H. H. Watkins, Esrl., at an annual rent of < £ 25 per annum. Further Particulars and Conditions of Sale mav be obtained of D. Stanley Owen, Esq., Solicitor, London and Provincial Bank Buildings, Wind Street, Swansea; or of the Auctioneers, 46, Waterloo Street, Swansea. SWANSEA AUCTION ROOMS. Sale of Household Furniture, Har- monium, Tents, Typewriter, etc. MESSRS. John M. Leeder and Son Will offer for SALE by AUCTION, on WEDNESDAY, JULY 2nd, 1919, at 11 a.m., a quantity of Household Furniture AND EFFECTS, Roughly comprising: White Enamel Bedroom Suite, Brass-rail Bedsteads, Wool, Hair, and Feather Overlays, Box Spring Mattress, Fine Oak Linen Chest, Chests o.f Drawers, "Walnut Din- ing-room Suite, Inlaid Mahogany Draw- ing-room Suite, Drawing-room Chairs, Occasional Chairs, 3 MAHOGANY CHIPPENDALE CHAIRS, EBONY FRAME SETTEES, Handsome Pedestal Escritoire. Walnut and 0?k Sideboards, Sheraton-design Sideboard. Burr Wal- nut China Cabinet. Inlaid Mahogany China Cabinet, Upholstered Settees. 2 High-back Axm Chairs in leather, Hand- somely Carved Oriental Coffee Table, Pembroke Tables, Carpets Lino, SPLENDIDLY PLATED TEA AND COFFEE SERVICE. Plated and Silver Pieces. INLAID ROSEWOOD OVER- MANTEL, Oak Overmantel, Beautiful Specimens of Swansea, Worcester and Wedge wood China, HARMONIUM by Alexandre Pore ct Fils, Brass end Cop- per mounted Fire Suite, large Pa;r Oriental Vases and Pla< que, Coal Vaaes, Brass Fireguards, Butler's Trays and Stands, 2 Mangles, Old Oak Dresser, Copper Hot Water Circulator, Box Cameras, Sundry Photographic Ma to* rials. 2 Tents, 2 Tcnestial Telescopes, Tennis Net and all Accessories, Child's High Choirs, GRANDFATHER'S CLOCK. Scott's Barometer, Metronome, Artist's Easel. Empire Typewriter, and fSpjuirv Miscellanea. Goods on View Morning of Sale. Auctioneers' Offices and Sale Rooms: 46, Waterloo-street, Swansea. (3150) BY DIRECTION OF THE RIGHT HON. LORD SWANSEA. GLAMORG AN SH IRE. IN THE COUNTY BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. THE EXCEEDINGLY VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY Known as The Singleton Estate, extending to about 257 Acres, with the Minerals underlying about 200 acres. Situate on the Boundaries of the Town of Swansea and facing the Bristol Channel, and ripe for immediate build- ing development. The Property has a valuable frontage of 3,435ft. to the main coast road between Swansea and the Mumbles. ,in,Ieton Abbey, a The Estate includes Singleton Abbey, a picturesque residence in the Elizabethan style erected and subsequently enlarged by the late Mr. John Henry Vivian be- tween 1S15 and 1830, with delightful views of Swansea Bay, the Bristol Channel, and surrounding country. The House contains two Halls, seven Re- ception Rooms, Conservatory, School- room, Secretary's Office, seventeen princi- pdl Bed and Dressing Rooms, eleven Se- condary Bedrooms, with ample servants' quarters and offices. |j The Pleasure Grounds are well natured and includo Terraces, Italian Garden, j Rose Garden, Archery Court, Tennis and Croquet Lawns, etc; while the Gardens comprise about four acres of walled-in en- closures with glass-houses and other build- ings, and there is a collection of very rare and choice, flowering shrubs, including the best and rarest of Rhododendrons and Azaleas. There are numerous Lodges and Cot- tages. wiHi Farmhouse and Buildings. For SALE BY AUCTION by Messrs. KNIGHT. PRASK. and RUTLEY, in cr^tunction with Messrs. JOHN M. J,SEDER and SONS, at t.he HOTEL METROPOLE. SWANSEA, on an early date, unless previously sold privately. The Main Estate is about 204 acres in extent, and will first be offered as a whole and if not so sold then in Six Lots. The remaining portion, nhollt 50 acres in ex- tent. wil)- he offered in Two Lots. Sol i -)T(-,Fsrs. HUNTER and TIAYNEs. 9, New-square, Lincoln's Inn, London, W.C.2. E?t)te Steward:—Mr. JAMES HARRIS, Blackpill Nurseries, Nr. Swansea. Auctionesrs;— Messrs. JOHN M. LEEDER and SOS, 16. Watei.]oo-=treet. Swansea. Messrs. KNIGHT, FRANK. and RUTLEY. 20, Ila nriver-squnre, London. W.I. Edinburgh, nnri Glas?crv-. Preliminary Notice. SWANSEA. Sale of Freehold Ground Rents, eecured on Dwcl'ing Houses and Premises at Cwmbwrja, MESSRS. John fyl, Leeder and Son Will orFEll for SALE by AUCTION, at an Early Date, in one or moro lotsi Eight Freehold Ground Rents amounting in the aggregate to £12 .s. Gd. per annum, arising out of and secured upon Nos. 1 to ? inclusive, MIDDLE- ROAD, CWi[BWRLA, together with a FREEHOLD jGROUND RENT of S3 4s. per annum prising out of and secured upon Nos. 2^5 and 2(50, CARMARTHEN- ROAD, SWANSEA. The Mines and Minerals arc Reserved. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Hartland, Issiac, and Watkins, Solicitors, Rutland-street or to the Auctioneers, jl at their OSices, 46, Waterl"tree?:  Swansea • J I SALES BY AUCTION. Preliminary Announcement. MUMBLES. MESSRS. John M. Leeder and Son Have been instructed to offer for SALE BY AUCTION at an early date, several COPYHOLD ACCOMODATION FIELDS, off Higher Lane at Thistleboon, in the occupation of Messrs. Todd and Woola- cott. WOODLANDS, COTTAGES, STABLING, AND GARDENS, in WESTERN LANE. BUSINESS PREMISES, Nos. 22 and 23, THE PARADE, and the CHAPEL OF OUR LADY STAR OF THE SEA, eminently suitable for con- version into business premises. A FREEHOLD GROUND RENT of .£12 per annual, secured upon the Mumbles Police Station. Particulars and plans in due course of Messrs. Ingledew, Son and Crawford, Solicitors, Swansea, or of the Auctioneers, 46, Waterloo-street, Swansea. To Engineers, Works Managers, and Others. STORES AT REAR OF 162 and 163, ST. HELENAS AVENUE, SWANSEA. Messrs. Clarke, Dovey & Co. Have received Instructions to SELL by 'PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Above Address on TUESDAY NEXT, JULY 1, 1919, sufficient of the Stock of Boiler Coverings, Comprising First and Second Grade Astasias Ccanpositions, Fossil Meal, a quantity of Magnesia and Silica Cotton, 1 Balo of Hair Felt, 4 Weston Volt Meters, 3 Electric Clocks, 1 British Electric Cut-out by Thomas-Houston and Co., Ltd., Rugby, and other effects too numerous to mention. To satisfy an execution issued through the Hgh Bailiff of the Liberties of Gower and Eilvey, against the Imperial Insulating and Engineering Supply Com- pany. The Lobs may be Viewed on tift morn- ing oi Sale, which will take place at 2X) p.m., sharp. Terms Cash. Further particulars apply to the Auc- tioneers. "Gordon Chambers," 31. Queen- afreet, Cardiff, or Metal Exchange, Fisher-fltnvet, Swansea. Dated June 25th, 1919. CWMAVON, NEAR PORT TALBOT. Important Sale of Leasehold Business Premises, with Dwelling Accommoda- tion, Stables, and other Outbuildings, situate in High-street, Cwmavon. WITH VACANT POSSESSION ON COMPLETION. Messrs. Clarke, Dovey & Co. Have received instructions to OFFER for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the WALNUT TREE. HOTEL, AJ3ERAVON, on THURSDAY, the 3rd JULY, 1919, at 7 o'clock in the evening, subject to con- ditions to be produced at time of Sale, tho Valuable Leasehold Business Premises, situate and known as 4. HIGH-STREET, CWMAVON, near Port Talbot, in the County of Glamorgan, held under lease for a t.erm of 99 years (less the last 10 days) from the 1st January, 1840, at an apj>ortioned annual ground rent cf f2 10s. The property is situate on the main road, and a successful grocery business I has been carried on for a large number I of years. Further particulars may be obtained upon application to the Auctioneers at I their Offices, 31, Queen-utrcet, Cardiff, i or Mose* Thomas, F4-q., Solicitor, Aber-I avon, and Ewan Gibson Davies, Esq., Solicitor, Port Talbot. KILLAY, SWANSEA. (Near Clyne Valley Brickworks and 5 minutes' walk from Killay Station (L. and N.W.R.). SALE OF CONTRACTOR'S PLANT, MACHINERY, and HORSES. T. Victor Williams Is.instructed by Messrs. Williams Bros., Contractors, Pontardawe, on completion of contract, to SELL by AUCTION, on TUESDAY, the 1st day of JULY, 1919, the remainder of the Contractor's Plant, &c., Comprisi,pg :-Four Horses: Swansea, 7 years, 14 hands; Tom, 6 years, 14.1; Vio- let, aged, 15.2; Bingo, aged, 13.2; 1 Steam Engine (Marshall) 10 h.p., 1 Oil Engine (Robson) 10 h.p., 1 Saw Bench to take 42in. Saw, 2 New Circular Saws 42in., 8 Wooden Trolleys 28in. gauge, one 4-Wheel Wagon, 12 Cross Cut Saws, 6 Axes, .500 Yards of jin. Wire Rope, 1 Portable Wooden Shed 0ft. x 6ft., 1 Chaff cutter, a Large Quantity of tin. and lin. Galvan- ised Tubings, Harness, Chains. Sheaves, 1 Steam Winch (in.-cylinder, Sin. stroke, also Larg9 Quantity of Firewood, etc., etc. On View Morning of Sale. Sale at 2 p.m., after arrival of 1.25 train from Swansea (Victoria Station). Terms—Cash. Auctioneer's Offices: Pontardawe and Clydach. SALE OF A VALUABLE LEASEHOLD RESIDENCE WITH VACANT POS- SESSION. MESSRS. John F. Harvey and Sons Have received instructions from the owners, to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the HOTEL CAMERON, SWANSEA, on WEDNESDAY, the 2nd day of JULY, 1919, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon (subject to Conditions of Sale then to be produced), the following Desirable Leasehold Residence, No. 27, BERNARD STREET, SWANSEA Containing—On First Floor: Dining- room, Sitting-room, Kitchen, Scullery, Pantry; on Second Floor: Drawing-room, 2 Bedrooms, Bathroom, and Lavatory; on Third Floor: 2 Bedrooms. There is a Back Entrance and Garden. The House is in thorough repair and Electric Light is laid on throughout. The Property is held on lease for a term of 99 years from 2.5th December, lf.03, at an annual ground rent of £4 6s. 4d. Mines and Minerals are Reserved. Further, particulars may be obtained from Messrs. Williams and Williams, Solicitors, Fishguard and Haverford- west. or from the Auctioneers, at their Offices, 3, 4 Jlnd 5, Gcat-strect, Swansea. PONTARDAWE MART. NEXT MONDAY, JUNE 30th, 1919. COWS AND CALVES, STORE CAT- TLE. LAMBS, etc.. will be Sold -ccordinE to Regulations. Will Farmers bring their Stock in by 11 a.m. J. E. WILLIAMS, Auctioneer. YSTRADG YNLAIS MART, II At the AUBREY HOTEL YARD. NEXT WEDNESDAY, JULY 2nd, 1919. pOWS AND CALVES. STORE CAT. I TLE. LAMBS, etc., will be Sold according to Regulations. I Will Farmers bring their Stock in by 11 a.m. J. E. WtLUAMS, Auctio. :U,- — — SALES BY AUCTION, Preliminary AnnonncexDent. NORTH CARMARTHENSHIRE. In the Parish ef Myddfai. THE CILGWYN ESTATE. FREEHOLD, RESIDENTIAL, AGRI- CULTURAL, and am" of the finest SPORTING PROPERTIES in South Wales, comprising a total area of about 2,000 Acres, Let at the Low Rental of £ 1,200 per annum, exclusive of the extensive Wood- lands, which exceed 700 ACRES of admit- tedly amongst the best natural Timber Growing Land in the Country, and would be unsurpassed as Demonstration Ground for a School of Forestry. The whole for SALE by PUBLIC AUC- TION, about the end of AUGUST, 1919 (under instructions from the Trustees of the Estate of the Late J. P. W. Gwynne- Halford, deceased) by MESMS. Wm. & Walter James, F.A.I. At the TOWN HALL, LLANDOVERY. The principal lots comprise:— THE CILGWYN MANSION HOUSE AND GROUNDS, extensive Estate and other Outbuildings, Lodges, Gardens, etc. THE FREEHOLD FARMS of Baily- yryn Coleugoed Fawr," Pistyll- gwyn," Caegwyn," Mount Pleasant, "Trewmty," Tircoed," Pantygasseg," Garreglefain," Llwyniar," Gollen- wen," Llwynmeredith," Gorllwyn Fawr," Gorllwynfach," Troedrhiw," Tynewydd," Pentwyn," and Tir- bach," etc. Also about 10 FREEHOLD COTTAGES AND GARDENS, and I THE NOTED SCOTLAND WOODS, etc. N.B.—The Mansion and the centre por- tion of the Estate, within a Ping Fence, will be offered first of all in one Lot, form- ing an ideal Small Size Sporting and Re- sidential Estate, and if not sold in that way, then in separate Farms, Small Hold- ings, etc. Full detailed particulars and plans will be issued shortly. In the meantime fu'ther information may be had from the An tionoers, 7, Goat- street, Swansea and Fron 'eg, Llangadock; G. C. Maurice, Esq., B. "kland Estate Agent, Bwlch, Breoonshire, or Messrs. Rider, Heaton, Meredith and Mills, Soli- citors, 8, New-square, Lincoln's Inn, Lon- don, W.C. THE SECOND ANNUAL "SWANSEA WOOL SALE, at the SWANSEA CATTLE MARKET. Messrs. James and 'antes F.A.I. Will offer for SALE by AUCTION, on the Premises above, on WEDNESDAY, JULY 2nd, 1919, punctually at 12.30 p.m., about 10,000 FLEECES of good class Shropshire, Kerry, Ryeland, and Cross-bred Wool, in suitable Lots as per Catalogue. The lots will he on View Morning of Sale, from 11 o'clock. Further entries are respectfully soli- cited. Catalogues and Conditions of Sale to be obtained free from the Auctioneers, 7, Goat-street, Swansea. Tel.: 172 Docks, Swansea. MA-NSELTO.N, SWANSEA. [Exceptionally Important Sale cf a Free- hold and Free Hotel and Premises, 12 Freehold Dwelling-houses, etc. Messrs. James and Jam3, F. A. I.. Are favoured with instructions from Sir Courtena" v Mansel, Bart., to SELL hv PUBLIC AUCTION, at t':e 1H)T £ L CAMERON, HIGH-STREET, SWAN- SEA, on SATURDAY, JULY 5th, 1919 (subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall then and there be produced), the following Valuable Modern-built Freehold and Free Hotel and Premises, Called and known as THE MANSELTON HOTEL (with vacant possession on completion of purchase), situate at the entrance to the Manselton Phrk, in a unique position of monopoly, being the only hotel on the Manselton Estate, and 12 FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES (in separate lots), nearly adjoining, b?- ing Nos. 1 to 12, ST. JOHN'S ROAD, MANSELTON, immediately in front of Manselton Park, and within two minutes of the Tramway at Eaton-road, well and modern-built with dressed stone front walls, and let to good tenants at 8s. 6d. and 9s. each per week respectively. The Houses contain 7 Rooms each (four of them with Bathrooms in addition), Coal-houses, w.c. 's, and Front and Back Gardens. Sale to commence at 3 p.m. For detailed particulars and Conditions of Sale, and any further information with reference to the trade of the Hotel, etc., apply to the Auctioneer, 7, Goat-street, Swansea; to the Manselton Estate Office, Manselton; or to J. E. Anthony, Esq., Solicitor, 11, Lincolns Inn Fields, London, W.C. THREE CROSSES (Near GOWERTON and DUNVANT). HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE OF AN EXTENSIVE AND VALUABLE FR.EE- HOLD FARM, SEPARATE ACCOMMO- DATION FIELDS, BUILDING SITES. FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS, &c. Messrs. James and James F.A.I. Are favoured with in st ructions to offer for SALE by AUCTION, at the HOTEL CAMERON, HIG4-SrrREET, SWAN- SEA, on SATURDAY, JULY 5th, 1919 (subject to such Conditoins of Sale as shall then and there be produced), the V'ii^ble and Conveniently-placed Freehold Farm and Lands, Called and known as "RHEAN FAWR." THREE CROSSES, NORTH GOWER. Area, 170 Acres or thereabouts. Rental, 1:150. Occupier, Joseph Davies. Annual Tenancy. 10 LOTS OF FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS. with Reversions situate adjoining the same at the "WERX" and" THREE CROSSES," and 2 LOTS OF ACCOMMODATION FIELDS suitable for BUILDING IlES and SMALL HOLDINGS. Sale Promptly at 2.30 p.m. Full detailed particulars. Plans, and Conditions of Sale from the Auctioneers, 7. Goat-street. Swansea, or from ç. W. Slater, Esq., Solicitor, 18. York-place, Swansea; Edward Harris, Esq., Solicitor. Fisher-street, Swansea; and Messrs. Edwards and Bull, Solicitors, Fisher- street, Swansea. FOR SALE WITH POSSESSION. FREEHOLD OFFICES, 10, FISHER STREET, Swansea. Apply John M. Leeder and Son, Auc- tioneers, Swansea. For Other Auction Announcements I | See Page Four.