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.t: AM, USENPENTS. §iE3iriiiS j t t ¡ 'I II a j j 6.30, TO-NIGHT. 3.30.11 '1' fcuuis: CtBtMd 82, FRED KARNO presems a Nov.- Production I HUSTLE C:Iot. In¡-]I\ilpi: I A. W. BASKCQM6, Beryl Deane, Mon-? tague Goiding, tsme snd Dolores, Supported by a Hive of Bustling Hustlers I S?n? 1—Omccs d íawn Slack, Stock and Share Broker .CUAOS Sccpe 2—Reception Room, the Mind atili Memory Institute .PULI.MANISM Scene Offices under the New Regime THE EFFECT LATEST NEWS PICTURES. PHIL & PHLORA, in 1heir Litra-Rofined Act. I Acrobatic Dancing Act. Silent Comedy. TERRY TWINS, the Duplicate Comedians. JACK THOMAS, the Gobiet- of Mirth. ELYSiUM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Madge Kennedy in FRIEND HUSBAND, a Story of a Girl who Laughed at Marriage Vows and a Marriage of Convenience. Eddie Polo in THE CIRCUS KING. Episode J2: "A Strange Escape. A SAr-E DISASTER (Iiilli kin Comedy). IN THE LIONS' DEN (Drama). Topical Budget & Usual Full Programme ROYAL Theatre. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. PAULINE FREDERICK In THE FEAR WOMAN. She plays one of the hardest parts oil the Screen, and comes out of it with flying colours, as Pauline Frederick only can. SESSUE HAYAKAWA In CITY OF DIM FACES, y Episode 1(1- Cvcionic Serial, H A N DS UP, The Sun Messqrc." Two Reel Triangle Keystone, THE VILLA OF THE MOVIES, Featuring Chester Conkin. CASTLE S..???? & ??jE? ?"a ? CINEMA. ??— 2.33. TO-DAY. 1130. BOSTON BLACKIE'S LITTLE PAL, The Story of a Gentleman Crook.. Metro Master Production in Five Keels. Aurele Sydney, th Famous Creator of -ull rus iii'A STRANGE ADVENTURE A Thrilling Drama by Cijies of Rome. Huns &. Hyphens, 2 Part Big V. Comedy. Wild Waves and Angry Women. Mutt and Jeff. Pathe Gazette. CARLTON. 2.33. TO-DAY. 10.30. The Great.Pit ot all Prury Lane Dramas, SPORTING LIFE, frattii-ii-ig an Ail-Star Casr, \1Y Cecil Raleigh it Seymour Hicks. Produced bv Maurice Tourneur. BEWARE OF "BORDERS, a Two Part Corned v. Fun Fast and Furious. THE RIGHTFUL HEIR, Two Part Triangle Dram; MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE, Tne Beaver Prepares for Winter. Pathe Gazette. PICTURE HOUSE 2.38. TO-DAY. 18.30. A Paramount Picture, Ethel Clayton in WOMEN'S WEAPONS, Four Part Super Drama.. Famous Players present Ilall Caine's Supreme Dramatic Triumph, THE ETER- NAL CITY, featuring Pauline Frederick. A FIGHT FOR MILLIONS. Episode j. I n the Clutches." MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE, Pathe's Gazette. -r.+" t SAILINGS. CUNARD LINE. TO UNnED SI ATES. NEW YORK. 'Koyat (?CM'?U IN ed Oct. '? ?ltit'l'g. .Oi\j )l;\l, f *Koyal George TUurf. 2U JJec. 6 Via Jialilax. 1 Via Cherbourg. Li LH POOL TO N E lOHb. "Ordium lues. Nov. 1.3 Nov 2y Via tlalitai LI V i,iil'UOJL TO BOSTON. lkala. (Freight onlj-j Sat. Nov. 15 1,1 VfcUUIJOl. '.1'0 PHILADELPHIA. Yerbania Il"e)bh only; s>at. NOV. 29 LONDON TO N F.W YORK. itic-3 Oct. a scoria (Freight only) Wed. ()ct.2 Valacia Thure Oct 30 (4ien?a:;da '.iicuglit only> .s*at. Nov. 8 'Sr.xonia ov. 4 Chipana (freight onlyi .a.t. Nov 15 Caroma Sat. Nov. 22 t V ut Havre. Via ilaiilax. LONDON TO BOSTON.. Yaldura (1* reight only) Sat. Oct. 25 LiON DON TO Pill LAD LLl'lIl A Yennonii (Freight only; Sat. Nov. 29 BRISTOL TO NEW YOKiv Vestal ir* i, freight, only; Tiies. Oct 21 eetaiil" (Freight oiiiy• Sat..Nov. BBIoiOL TO BALTlMOiHi. Doonhchri <freight only) .Hat. Nov. 8 BRISTOL TO PHILADELPHIA. Ccpenliatrtu (Freight only). .-at. Nov 29 KOTTKKDAM TO NEW YORK Valacia- (Freight only) .Sat. Oct Z5 AJ;j?lo-ObiieaL (freight <H11:r;Sat" Kcr 3 ANTWERP TO NEW YORK. Í"¡hari\ rP!'('.l¡;ht only J. at.. Nov. t> CUNARD LINE TO CANADA. LONDON TO PORTLAND Mo. v-'<»:i :ireight only* — Sat Nov. 15 Y«rentia (Freight only.) Sat. Nov 22 Y'jiunjrja (Freight only) Tite*. Nov. "v BRISTOL TO PORTLAND Me. Y tuusu. (Freight only;, Sat. Oct. 25 Vusilia (Freight -cnlyi Wed. Nov 19 Al) Cavadt,ii ,ith Car,&. dian National Railway*. for Rated of l-ar-sage air., further Pnr ticulars. Cunatd Liverpool; 51 V-V., (oe/l stur-utrt'tt. Ixnnlon. S. W !• fc5. (iatd win- street. Br.'fto'; 1'1. 117 Kevyjstrwt Birmi ha in Mantjnte Cham- ber* Canute-road (lllt roa<l. 'Plymouth: or t<> r>icsi A cents. FOR SALE 3Y PRIVATE TREATY an Exceptionally XVell-built Freehold House,. IV;Tb VACANT POSSESSION, in 3RYN ROAD, in good repair and nicely decorated throughout. Central Heated throughout and other conveniences. The Accommo- dation comprises: 3 Reception Rooms, Kitchen, Scullery, Bathroom, w.c., 5 Bed- rooms, Outside Wash-house. Further particulars may he obtained ,nf J, BARRON PASC< >F. Auctioneer, etc., G,xer Gower-street, Swan- Meat AMUSEMENTS. | GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. MONDAY. OCTOBER 20th, 1919, Six Nights at 7.3t), MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.30 p.m. The Royal CARL ROSA Grand Opera Company. TO-NIGHT at 7.30- Goujjod "s  FAUST. M'?&d.un".? Mary Fleming, Bcafricc Wf.ycott. Messrs. Johu Perry, Harison Cook, Frank Clarke. The Performance of II Trovatore on Saturday will commence I j) a 6.45 p.m. GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. NEXT WEEK- Mr. J. A. E. IV!ALONE'S Co. in TWO OF THE GTfEAl'EST OF -ALL THE DALY s THEATRE, LONDON, SUCCESSES, THE MERRY WIDOW, MONDAY, TUESDAY, and WED- NESDAY EVENINGS at 7.30. GIPSITLOVE. THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SAT- URDAY EVENINGS at 7.30, SATURDAY MATINEE at 2.30. Company includes- EDYliN DODOS, J. W. HUGHES, ROBERT NEEDHAM, MAISIE DARRELLE and PRUE TEMPLE. Box Office (Mr. IV. T. Casey) Open at the Theatre Daily, 10 till 5. Tel. No., I'll Central. ROYAL I THEATRE. j ThurFru & Sat. | NORMA TALMADGE In the Second of her Select Pictures, entitled: I POPPY, A Story of South Africa. Adapted from the Novel by I I Cynthia Stockley. -=,= I PUBLIC NOTICES. -+ +- County Borough, of Swansea. MAYOR'S AGED POOR, SICK, AND CHILDREN'S FUND. The ANNUAL MEETING in connection with (he above Fund will hp kpld at the Gl. llDll LI,, on TH URSDAY NEXT, OCT. 23rd, at 3.30 p.m.. for the purpose of making the necessary arrangements tor the coining year. All these Ladies who Collected ):(; year and those who vire willing to assist this year are cordially invited to ttend the Meeting, and it, is hoped that repre- sentative ladies from the Wards recently added to the Borough will attend so that, the whole Borough inav be represented. W. II. ASHMOLE. Hon .Secretary .'nd Treasurer. Guildhall. Swansea, Oct. 20tli, 1H19. NOTICE OF AUDIT. GOWER AND OYSTERMOUTH JOINT HOSPITAL COMMITTEE. the Statements of the Aueounts of this Com- nnttM tor?.ipp'?'itm from the 31st March to the fitli November, nHS. together .with the Books of Accounts, Vouchers, etc., will, on the 7th day of November, 1919. be deposited at the Borough Trea- surer's Office, Somerset-place, Swansea, and such Statements and Books of Ac- count will be opel), to he inspected, ex- amined, and copied by any Ratepayer in the District of the said Hospital Commit- tee at- anv reasonable hour in the day- time until the 11-th day of November, 11;Jq, wI that on the last-mentioned day, i at the hour of 3.30 in the Afternoon, the Accounts of the said fTosnif;;1 Committee will be Audited hy .I. E. Pugiie Jones. L.'fj.. tho .r»i-fri'-( Auditor. <->( the said I Borough and 1,-Ilo may htn'e :,p\, i■ ij, cl i<>11 to any matter r-nn- tai->ed in He. iihove-mentioned Accounts cony jiHend ;11\(1 prefer F-is objection, and t!ie. same will l>o heard and determined by the Auditor: Dated the -0th dar of W. Til. JAR VIS, Clerk to the Gower and Oystermouth Joint Hospital Committee. CHANGE OF BANK HOURS. As from the 1st of November next, the. Swansea Branch Banks will Open on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, instead cf 9.80 a m. to 12.30 p.m. as L at ,t)t =- PUBLIC NOTICES. J J. S. ARNOLD, STOCK AND SHARE BROKER, I Bank Buildings, Castle Square, Swansea. Tel. "J&rold," Swansea. 'Phone 181 Cent. MUIMBLES PA-RISH HALL. Thursday, Octcber 23rd, 7.45 p.m. A GRAND CONCERT Will be held in Aid of the Oystermouth Athletic Club and D.S. & S. Federation. j The Wesminster Singers, ¡ Assisted 1H I, Madame RACHEL JONES REES and Master MORGAN LLOYD (Violin). Tickets—os., 2s. (id., and Is. Apply Mr. W. Peters, Brooklyn-terrace, Mumbles. 'I MUNICIPAL ELECTION. BRYNMF.LYN WARD. A PUBLIC MEETING To Support; the Candidature of Mr. WILLIAM SAMUEL, W i 11 be !t<: l d on WEDNES!yh(INlG NEXT,! 22nd inst., at ST. MARK'S PARISH HALL. Speakers: Aid. Ben Jones (Ex-Mayor), Councillors John Lewis and David Evans, and the Candidate. Cha ir to be, taken at 8 p.m. All Electors arc Earnestly Invited to Attend. NOTICE. PILOTAGE CHARGES, SWANSEA. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Swansea Harbour Trustees intend to apply to the Board of Trade to confirm a Bye-jaw made in pursuance of Section 17 of the Pilotage Act, 1913, for- the purpose of increasing the Pilotage Charges at Swansea by 65% (inclusive of the tem- porary increase of 15% now in force). Any objections to this Bye-law may bo addressed to the Assistant Secretary, Public Utilities and Harbours Depart- lIlDJÜ, Board of Trade, London, within lit days from the date hereof, a.nd at the same time a copy should be for- warded to the undersigned. Dated 21st dav of October, 1919. i TALFOURD STRICK, I Clerk to the Trustees. Harbour. Otftees, Swansea. m l 1




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