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,j-Leader'. Classified Advertisements. APARTMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT OR WANTED, TO BE LET, LOST AND FOUD. i. One Three Six insertion. Insertions. Insertions I* 2& Words. 1 0 Z 0 5 0 IS 30 Words. 1 6. 3 0. 4 0 40 Worda. 2 0. 4 0. 5 0 ■f. FOR SALE, TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. f .<.■ One Three Six i* g k> <; y Insertion. Insertions. Insertions 3? Word& 1 6. 2 6. 3 6 2 30 Words. 2 0. 3 O 4 6 40 Words. 2 6. 3 6. 5 6 4 BIRTHS, DEATHS, tN MEMORIAM, AND <: MARRIACES. One Three Six $, Insertion. Insertions. Insertions < 20 Words. 1 6. 3 6. 6 0 30 Words. 2 0 5 0. 8 0 OWprda,. 3 0. 7 0 12 0  EDUCATIONAL. ? .di-. ,?. one Three Six f Insertion Insertions. Insertiom I 20 Worde. 2 0 3 0 4 6 30 Words. 2 6 m." 4 0. 5 6 40WoFds.. 3- 0. 5 6. 7 6 < MONEY,-M. per line. t i MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS VACANT. FRENCII POLlSilEHtj.—Wanted, at once, French Polisher; Males, 1. 9d. per < hour; females, is. per hour; permanency suavanteed if work satisfactory.—John Threst and Co,. Furnishers. Carmarthen. 117 A i 0 27 w A.NTEI). Services of First-class Pianist Write a, ild Banjo Players. 29th and 30th — WOMEN ANO GIRLS. ?"?OCK ?fneral wanted immediatdy for ? \?' emaH f;)mdy: nm'se kept Good wage" offered —Apply 5. Mirador-crescent Swan-  t-?. 112A10-23  DAT Girl Wanted: licht work.-Ar?ty 7- ? -? Rhyddin? Park-road. 117A.?-M T ADYC?Ierk Want?t: Shorthand and 1 ? 1'fpU!? and all-vcund General OiHce fxnerience. f-oo?t ope'1in for brainy per- eoii.-W?ite MAX W 13 L&ader OHicc. il5A10-L2 rpAiLO REScfiS Wanted immediately.— J- Apply to Pelta end Rosenbaum, Union Chambers, Union-street, Swansea. 117A10-27 ~-ifriWU Maids wanted for Private House- X Cook. GEneral and House Parlourmaid: two Land Girlfi would d'). with previous "fperience good home and wages; by !.econ. week in November—Apply Price 93 tfembridc;" Gardens. N. Ker-emgton, W. :1. ■ 112A10.23 "vVfV rANTED^ Gowerton neighbourhood. canable, experienced Person as '?en- eral. of Wcr?]ns Honsc?feper: small familflv; good home, wages, outings. Please state age previous exoerion" in first letter —Write "Helv." Leader Office. Swansea 117 AO-27 ;&">TV]fV TAXTED, srcod General Servant.—Apply W Mrs. Kent. Gardeners Arras, Ga-rden- street. 117A10-21 a erood General—Apply. VV references Mrs Davies. Medical Hall ,c Ciydach. 111^10-22 VV TAINTED! Respectable Youns Worn- n tV '0.' Shop.—Apply \VH!iaT!. J Cnnh'ey. 2). Oxford-ctrcef-, Swansea 115A10-22 "IVTV f ANTED. aGer?eral; good waxes:  references e??entia!: three in family —Apply Dann. 162. St. HJelcn's-road, Swan- sea H5AJM2 W ANTEI) Superior Gir] to Assist in VV vato House; every corrffrt to suit- able perron —Apply, in writing- to Mrs Central Chambers. Pontardulais. 114A 10-24 MEN AD YOUTHS. 'T-JOOK-KEIvPEil Wanted; competent; take D entire charge; first-class man; un- ;¡.' ,i:d.a.1'.JIe- references.—W. J. John, Alex- andria-road, Swansea. 115A022 ?AH?E?TEES and Joiners wanted imme- ,? diateb': several; nrst-clasa men.—T. .and G. 8pra; Builôers, Blymor Yard. CathanBe-?treet Swansea A D TC jr.f\TEATII.-Junior Clerk wanted; age, 16-17; 1.I good writer.—Apply, stating age. refer- -A<erce9 and salary required, to Box P 12' Jjpad ;r Office, CIO-23 FpAlLORS.—Wanted Hisib-claes Vore?an J. for Sub-div??io??' w<kro<?m: perma- :ncnT- for sn'tahic man' \"a?e? from p5 59. Also Tailcru accustomed to sub-flivisional labour. —James, Tailors. Woodfield-street. 1ofriston 113A10-24 r¡UiXT"ï,) Trperieiiced "Totor Meelmnil^ V. for Garaw.—At>p1 v stating age, T eric-ice and salary, to BOK X 13, Cambria Daily Liade" C10-27 W A'Ti*.D, Driver for a ilanns Steam Cart—Apply, R. Clarke, Contractor, Por.tardawe. WASTED. Ganger for Uoad Contract Wr)ear Xeath.—Apply. R. Clarke, Con ti-aetor, Pontardawe. 117A10 21 ,"{'{TA:s,!ji-c:atffeur-Gal'dener; sbtte age, ft waces, ,efprence.-L. G. JpTreys. Killay Croft. Ske-tty. 115," 10-n ■\ V1 V TANTEJj. for laree Trplate Work? 4 Sv.arpea district, competent Mill Foreman. l.usr, he first-cla's roll turner and etrict disc plinarian: crootl prosiiect3 for a ei itablo rean.—Apply Tinplate." Daily .LtadeT C10-2A ANTED, Smart Youth as Porter; chance sr-«Vv to learn, ehop duties.—Apply, T. C. j" .^al'mer. 3? Green-street, Neath. C10-23 ,.TA:¡TED ='c] icitor's OFF, c e, Junior <:1r;" l fSho thand. Typewriting)—"Lexicon, leader Orner 17A10-2'7 -N T E D. a couple of \Vagc.n Repairers V » or rouath Carpenters.-1Topham. Jones and Railton, Ltd., Crymlyn Burrows, Swan- C10 2.3 "Y^TANIED, three Railway Wagon repairers VV for outtations; must be capable r xuen; standard rate; please state ar?e arid etnerimc-e to Box R 13, "Leader" Ofnce, Swansea. CIO V- <11 RGE:n'L'?wT?TEb -5(?3 Student? to L» Qualify for Existina Vacancies Thi° is a splendid opportunity fo:' a Youth be- tvveen the of 17 and 24 to E"ire a per- 'nianpnt-. ltiertive t)c-,tii fo" lile t.iiem- f-ntoyed Demobolised Sorter men. with a Jcriowledcre of WirOccs of the above -.tre. shonid write or call at once.- Wirelefs Training CoUetre, T,trl ht. Marv-street Car- fliff. or Castle-'trret. S.van<ea, OFFICE AND ERRAND BOYS. "WANTEJ> Lad iust left school as Errand 11,'r A il." E E; ? La d i t- V < Boy.—Apply L Parsons and Co 6. v.< Oxford-Street. Swansea. •'••lirAN'lEn Smart. Rewrectablo Boy. able, j- V V to ridf; bicycle A flnly William Coak- "ley, .20 Oxfprd-street Swansea. 115A10-22,, SITUATIONS WANTED. :1 YOUNG Man desires -3 Position r.6 a I in House or Shop; wiihns to co '■ 3.r,whert.i. being a Discliarsed Soldier; ex- ¡ cellent references; at present out of em- I tki>"«b-;ut —Write 1 Soldier." Leader Office, Swansea 10-22 rpwo ilecbanics-aro open to take on Over hau¡ and Repairs of any malte Car. at Saragrc or otherwise: eood pre-war ''licM'ddir extifefience.—Write "Mechanic." -Office 111A10-22 EDUCATIONAL. POSTAL TUITION—Learn Pitman's Short- hand and DIE Booh-?ceping quickly New easy method. Short ha nrl ?0 lessons. 1S^ 6d.: Book-heepinK 22" 6d.—Danie! Jones 7:l.Pb.. etc (the WeU.kmw') Coachl, Heath I CI 1 -5 j ?P.I"VATE; TUITION for London Matric Jt, and all the Professional Frelim Ex. I ms;. horthand and Bool; keeping rapidly' -j,.ttdztvt -at Lishtnan's Coaching College. 40-41. ( '■JNSt-cipatep-wace- (opposite Castle Cinema) Swansea TC Busihesss .C<>l1ege.3pecia.lid I r 'lralJI)1Ig" for BTtsines?. Public Exanjin -&?n?, etc.; Day and Evening Tuition: •syjPr03P^ctua Frc¿,PrincitX11. E. V. RuddeU ?B.A. 1HA10-22 ,1. ———————————— .:$.?' REMEMBER Ctoly Preparedness makeg an Opening an Opportunity. ur,prepared. ^tHE DE BEAR SCHOOLS, LTD. lui: 1. give .Practical Conrsee in Business Training. .rw Write or Call for Prospectus, Castle Buildings, Swansea. I Tel.: Central 587. -v HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR SALE AND TO LET. BUY your House with the Kent; .w,OOO J) Houaes purchased this way.—For par ticuiare, write G. Evans, Eversiey-road, Sketty. 111A10-23 FO.U Sale, two Hou«es (Nos. 1.3 and 24, X Cla-e-road, Morriston). in central posi- tion; as Ye'ci.r.,¡' lease; groiuia rent at £ 2 6s. 0-cii house.—Apply, 25, Clase-road, Morri&- tOil. n5A!0-27 14 IOR SALE, Modern Detached Villa: ± pleasantly situated: Ionic lease: 8 rooms, bath (h and c); lawn hood garden: three minutes from Brynhyfryd tram ter- minus: possession on completion -YV rite lk)., 45. Leader Office. 114A 10.24 L'0lt SALE, vacant possession. House at I- Loughor; bath, watr, gas. inside sani- tation. Also Residence at Loughor. modern conveniences —Humphreys Llwynhall." Llwynbendy 13 OA 10-22 ,1,"UHESTFAC14.-For Sale, 3 Leasehold X Dwelling-houses, each containing parlour, kitchen, scullery, bath, h. and c. water, 3 bedrooms, water closet, small garden; back entrance; drainage complete. —Apply, J. James, Ravcnewood, Fforest- C10 23 j 1,101t Sale, Freehold 8-roomed House (Up- L la-zids); alio 6-roomed House at Mum- bles.—Clark, House and Estate Agent, Walter-road, Swansea. 115A10-25 T.?OR. SAU 10, Windwr-titreet, Uplands: 7 JL roans freehold house- cciendid condi- tion; possession on completion.—Apply as i above 114A 10-22  8ALE, at Plasmarl. Corner Bloc k of thre: Houses; good blsipe83 position just otf main road; vacant possession.— Reply Cart ref," Daily Leader. H3A10-24 jLj OiJSE and Shop for Sale prominent 0. position main thoroughfare iuorric-ton 51 years unexpired: fcrlrightly tenancy: a,nual rental amountina to £102 irelti-ive j tales: price £ 1,000.—Write Box S 13, Daily Leader. 115A10-25 tJOUSE and Shop for Sale in one of main 0 thoroughfares; 12 rooms, bath, etc.- newly to Quick buyer: long leaf-'e- with or without stock Cttings: easy business to learn- un limiterl prowpeets -Write. Houee." Daily Leader. 115AI0-25 V ACAN-T House for Sale. Walters-terrace, V Mumbles; semi-detached; in good repair: leasehold; 5 rooms and Scullery.- Further Particulars of J. Barron Pascoe, F.S.I. E-state Agent, 7. Gower-street. Swan- sea. C10 25 Pay Rent 40.000 Housee already pirrchased t hrougn oiir system. For Prospectus and Balance-sheet write Boy D 1 Trader Office 115A10-25 will enable you to Purchase a House j ? worth ?250 for an aver?? repayment n? 5s lid weekly —Write Box W 8. Leader OfEce. Awa.nea. Cl0-31 \'STAI.YFEEA.—T-wo Freebold Houses 1. option of additional two) in main thoroutrfcfare for Sale: adjoining basinecs p-emises and suitable for immediate ;on- vtrsion. Splendid position for multiple shop or similar concern —Apply Davill Rort and Son, 61. Wind-street Swansea. C10-22 ? /? WEEKLY will Purchase £ 450 HonM rr/ D anv district: poseessio-; by arrange ruent—' Landlord," Leader. Swansea. T.C. APARTMENTS AND LODGINGS TO LET AND WANTED. PAHTMENTS.—Sittinr and Becroom for Single Gentleman—Write to C. G. Ris, Metal Exchange. Swan sea. IIOAIC-22 F" EOST Bectro-o m and Sitting-Room t Vacant; Two Gentlemen preferred: with or without board.—Continental Cafe. Southend, Mumbles. 117A10-27 1)R(¡F1;10NAI. Gentleman requires Bed. t room aim Sittin, with meals lex- cepting dinner), in good locality; perma- nency —Reply, in first instance, giving term-3 etc to Professional." Daily Leader Offices C10-22 7iT A-TEDlmmi iate-¡:y 1 Unfurnished »V Rooms; no: children; Gwmbwrla or Manselton District.-»^x»ply, Wf Ledster. 1, Jones-row, Y strad. 114A 1 0-23 XVTANTED, one Furnished Room, vcith V" Board Brynraill district preferred, fo" bus'noas gentleman -Write" K 13." Leader (iffices. Swansea. 114A10-22 PREMISES TO LET & WANTED GARAGE to Let at Walters-road.—Apply, S. Rubenstein, 25, Gow?r-street. 8wan- sea. 115A10-27 "f"4;rANTE'D, Good Dry Shed. suitable for VV storage; Uplands district preferred. —Reply, J R. Gheley, 40, Norfolk-street, Mount Pleasant, Swansea Neit,h or district, Premises J V.. suitable for Worke: miist have rail. way accommodation:—Reply Merchant,' Ix-adot Office. 115A1C-25 j "7" ANTEL, a Plaeo tli ltwili Garage 3 or V V 4 Car. between Morritton and Swan- sea.—Write Cars," Leader Office. 114A10-22 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. A RTIFJCIAL Teeth. Platinum, Gold. i. ^A. irij' Bought; any eordition; utmost value eivoii Post parcels J. Cherriick. 34. Exchange-street, Cheetham. Manchester. __?_ 112A1M3 r'- .¡ 'Æ"9I2,{jttPT.W"ted -Tittro sfc. Ql&tstf 'land ('0 M. I', :1;;6 Cass etc.—Writ^ F'3 "Leader' oMee, wan{'a. ?2A]0-33 BUI Furniture. New or Second-hand -t Serkin 219, High-street Swansea. H5A10-25 1\-I-I,SSJQËS Buys Ladies' and Gent=' II Wardrobes; good prices fi.ven.—?O King's-road, Cardiff, 117A10 23 p IA-NO Wanted; advertiser will pay: £ 35 to £50 for A. good instrument.—Reply immediately to X 12," leader" OfUce, 112A10-7-3 I "REES Wanted over Pit wood f'ize.leI1 A nings. Ltd. Woodworkers, Pennywell road, Bi-;Ftol Branch at Porthcawl. STC. A 1'\ 'f ED. Soccer Fixtures; tcd V t under 19.-Replv Boys' Welfare Super- visor, Richard Thomas and Co.. Llan&ily. 117A10-21 LIVE STOCK, &c. BAY Mare eight-year-old, for Sale; clean JD limbed animal; good action and worker; 15 hands. Also harness and ton Fruiterer's VVagon —Whittaker Broe., Step- ney -street^jlanelly. 115A10-25 OR Sale, active Chestnut Horse. Useful J- blao;; Mare; 15.2 hands. Also two Landaus and Brougham.—George Thomas, 15, Kinley-street. St. Thomas. Swansea. 117A10-27 I)OUJ.fRY-Seud Stamped Envelcv.c 1 list. 51 grand Nlai,t,!I, 1919 Black Leg- 1-orn Rock Pullets 200 eg* strain 13s. each These cannon be beater if ejrgs are wanted during the winter. Also 30 good lav-ins Runner Rouen Ducks, 7sl <d. each. Carriage paid fonr birds.—frown's Poultry Farm, Woolton, Lanes. 'Phone 121 Gatacre. 112A10-23 1! (? each at five month6 old. for four c? U small Htore pi?s bo?Kht at 5s. each was one beginner's record after using Karnwood Pig Powders. Y01 can do it too! I Twelve for Is. Thomas. Clieniiet, Goein. on. a-nd Old Bank Pharmacy. Llanelly 112 a 11-6 1AA MARCH To, ?mbdcn õõSfj;E"! J-U?? very large M?-boaed l?ir?ds, 13s. each; 20 Pure White Etnbden Ma-rch G<»- I lings, 153. each; carriage paid five birds; I spproyal. Also, 200 very massive March Ducklings, 68 each. 66a. dozen.—Brown's Poultry arm. Woolton Lance. 110A10-23 MOTOR CARS, CYCLES, &C. A LBION CHASSIS.-We can offer dehveiy of 50 cwt. Chassis eno September, 60 cwt November and 30 cwt and 60 cwt No  vember. subJect UD801d. Cash. Eaay Terms. ) or Lie tiatige.-R E Jones. Ltd. (Motor j Dept.). Diilwyn-street Swansea 1/0 ) _JA?I EHICLJ-,S.-All A.JP j« V« Spare Parts in Stock.—Thomas White and Co.. Engineers Barry Sottii Wales Agenta 010.25 C- ALLm''l' Light Oar (1915); Dickey seat, ? dynamo lighting, electric born; re- painted and overhauled; in excellent con- dition and splendid running order; £ 450.— Apply, W. Be van 28 The Promenade, Swan. sea,. 111A10 23 DOUGLAS Motor Cycle for Sale; kick start; footboarus; wide guards in epiendid condition; 5a guineas.—Write, Box T 13, -Lmder Otiice. 115A10-22 OR SALE, 12 n.p. Braizer 1913 5-seater 1 Touring Car; open to expert examina- tion.-Apply Braizer," Leader Oflice. 1?AIO-27 FOR Sale, 1917 Enfield Cvmbinati.);iIï 1 good order; any trial; 4-5; Matchless three-speed; kick 6tter; 'in very good con- dition.—Daviea, Pa.xton House, Crose Hands, Liannon, S.O. 117AIO  8AL, a Lady's Bicycle, in good •-011- -i riition.—Apply, Mr. U'rimths 3?, Free- maJi-?treet, Brynhyfryd. 115A1C 23 1'011. 1,E.-r?ord Van. Ford 'Chassis f EnKlish body. 1? h.D.; practically new.—Apply J J. Gronow Bvtcher, Crovcs end. 111.A 10-25 LIGHT ?otor Lorry for Sale; Sisavie and N an dm, 10-12 h.p., Bosch Magneto; suitable Greengrocer or Fish Merchant; re- cently overhauled; carry ton; do I miles to the gallon; any trial; price, £12û.- Apply, Brent, 'lhe Cross, MOTORiSIS.—Aii popular sizes of Ti'ref irJL in gtc?k, Dunlop, jcheliH. (loodye ir. —Mnrden'? Vulcanisin and Retreading Work?. 190. Oxford-street. Swansea. J15A10-22 1"> E. JONES, Limited (Motor Department) V. DiHwyn-st<pi't. Swansea List of Gars in Stock for Immediate Delivery:- AT SWANSEA DEPOT 12 b.i) Mass 2-seater and dickey seat, C.A.V. ti?hting ?3f)u C.A.V. '?91S Yalbot Touring dynamo 12 h. p HKhtine. CM.) 11-9 h.p. Dumber 1914 2-soater. elec- trif }iv:hting £495 5-6 h. p A O. Runalx>ut. £ 95 KJIO Vauxhall Coupe. C.A.V lightiog and starting £ 750 Milner-Da-n.ler 2-3 ton Lorry £ 350 169 h.p Napier Touring, C.A.V. lighting AT CARDIFF DEPOT New 30 h.p DaimJerObnæi. £1060 New Studobaker Big b: 4990 11.0 h.p 191 j Belsize 2-3 seater, dickey. electric lighting 20 h D. 1913 Daimler 3-4 seater coupe, C.A.V. lighting. 10 h.p 1914 Mathis 2-seater and dickey. 30 h.p. 1915 Lexington Touring elec- tiic lighting and starting 16-25 h.p AustroDaimler 1911 Snorting 2-seater, C.A.V. AT LONDON DEPOT 4 De Dion If. h.p. Chassis £ L75 25 h.p Vauxhall Touring. C.A.V. light.-ng 25-55 h.p Sunbeam Limoueine, Lucas duplex lighting. ALH offererl subject nngold Cash, easy terms, or exchange. SAXON, Tweater: lU b.p.; perfect mn- ? nin order and conf?tipn- recentlv o^erhanlod: acetylene head'ifhta: oil tai? ?nnD: t-tc??h magneto: 4 ne? tyres: £ 210 — P,ennf-,tt C,?;r.??ino)l. r?RIUMPM ?tor?C'yole foT'SalY: '?ce!- Jt !e-?t condition. Can h? ?en at G!o'ater BI.ihFn!! Cbnrch-street SWRnsca. 117Alp-23 iqiCl MOKGAN-DE-LUXF for ?!c:  c.1 1 J 8 h.p. Jap encine, painted rovai Llue: d?c whee-]?: head lamr>^ hiI !ainpq hood covjr etc.; milea,,?? 1,000. new ty, "'hat Off'érc; Can be eeen any time at !7 Cr?vc-ncr-road Skettv. H7Aio-2?!  FORir Touring Body fitted with X1Q«/1 XQ t English magtteto- detachable, y heels- HtrJ air: not ron 301 mi!rs. ?9? -f/12 b.p. two-boated Be?tzc. atted with d'ekey peat ai^d Pnnkpy detachable wheels 10 h.n. two-seated Dolargo. in first-class <-ch. dition. 12 h.p. Dnrraco four-seater: abso- lutely ilnet, eoooncl-nand oar in the didrlt -1-11 above cars sitbieet t r any trial or < x- f,min"rtion.-C. K. Andrews. Uplands Onr- age. Swansea e10-!2 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. iij excel. I lent condition, by well-known iondon n.alter. 28 ens cash.-fitilviins. 22. Chapel- street. Mumbles. 1J2A10-24 NEW VIOLINS.—Seo our Window this week for the ..Chewiest Violins in the iMjUntr; all Site,x.-WoO(Iinz. Gower-treet Swansea. U'JAlC-23 PIANOS and Organs.—I ,De-cialise in Po paira and Tuning. H Hawkins i'l L panel-street, ilnmWes All districts visited. 25 Years with Godfrey and Co.. Ltd 112A10.24 OECONI'HAND Pianos by Col lard arid S Coliard Spencer. Monington and Wesu ton. and other makers. Inspect tion mvi.od (Iramonhon.'s from £ 4 4s.: New Donble-Side.l Records fron Is ea-ch Tarr- Stoeh. Lists Free -D J Sneil 21-23. Hi-lv street A rca/le. Swansea. 110A10-25 v IOLINS, Violas! Bought v wId, or exchanged. Bow-s. strings, fittings, accessories.. All starulard Studies, meces. etc.>.Hms, 2 Walters-road, Swansea  • ï12A10-2J T??? -?D ?HACKELL'SA? i. NOUCEiMENTS c HICAGO Organ, 4 sets of reeds. 8 stops, ■KJ 2 knee swells; very fine tone, £ 28.- Thomoson and Shackell. Ltd., 39. Castle- street. Swansea T> I A.N OFORTE by Ralph Allison,, full co-m- pass, ivorv keys: 50 suineae cash. 0; 15Tliomneon and Shackell. Ltd.. 39. 0a.stle-st, Swansea. A I^XANCSa Paris, Harmonium; 12 stops, 4 sets of reeds; largo powerful instru- ment, suitable for place of worship: £ 35 — Thompson and Shaekell, Ltd., 39. Castle- street, Swansea. LOST AND FOUND. LOST, on Friday, between Eaton-crescent -LJ and Uplands-square (via back lane). Brooch set with yellow etone.—Finder re- warded at 51, Eaton-crescent. 117A10 23 LOST, Young BufF Colour Persian Cat- Finder rewarded on returning same to 29, Prynin 11-terrace. fiwansea. 117A10 23 LOST, between St. Thomas and Victoria Park, via Oxford-street and St. Helen's- road. Gold Bangle; finder rewarded on re- turning to 119. port Tennant-road. 116A10.22 STOLEN o~ strayed A Roan ?are. about ? 14.Z '??: Jmee marked: finder rL warde.-ChnJ"leg Williams Machinery Mer- chant Morr?ton. C10-Z7 FURNITURE. T?URNITDRE?-Best Prices given by me Ffor Sond.hand Furniture and AntiQl Furniture of any description. Dvop me a rostcard or call.—Wm. James, 8, Fahian- street St. Thomas. CT.C. HILL'S! rfiii,s! Hill,pi Purniture! Furni I J-t ture' Furniture! The Oln Firm and the Newest for Op-to-Date and New Designs in Dining and Drawinsr-room Suites Side boards; Cabinets Bedroom Suites Bedsteads and Bedding. Kitchen Dressers, Sofas. Couches etc. All eoods guaranteed and manufactured on our own premises Fret" deliverv to all parts Cash ",1' eact terms Can at once and inspect Note the addr^s- Gower-street. Swansea: Winisor-road. Neath ? also Cardiff Aherdare and BarrT Dock. 11A1022 I j SMALL ADVERTISEMENT ORDER FORM. I I -e i t I Pleaee publish the above advertisement times, for v-hich I | enclose. ,6.d.. Name and Address: | H desired, replieB may be eent to Box Natabere at Vae "Ortmbria Dally §| Ier" Office. This form shonld be addressed to Adrertiaomeot Department; Cambria Daily |I I Leader, Swansea s Jf1 11 FOR SALE. ANCE Music for Sale? ?1 Bumbers hish- I? cla?s. sma] I orcbestr.t, Piano and vari- o'ta extra Dart" for all- Hawke b ptiblica? tions. complete ball-room programme, aa new: also 5 ( lumen The Musical Educator, by Caxton Publishing Co —Richards, 31 Kelvin-road. Clyd"h-oti-Tawe 90A10-25 0' -g -c IHOB SALfe. large Oak S i d e b o a, r d £ 30.-11. Marlborough-road. Brynmill 114A1022 Olt SALI, Firewood, 100 tons Oak LGB, JL f.o.- Swan6ea, 4Zs pe.' ton.—Writq. W. B. Leader, Swaueea .114AIO-29 t''mEWOOD,Fu-ewood' Oa.k. \l"iOl8! L' feLgthE; in the round truck loads for immediate delivery.-Apply, Drury and Davi", Contr.?ctors. Loughor. 117A13 21 TuJll Sale.—Landau, upholstered ?N li 1 Morocco Leather and Blue Cloth: equal to new, also a lieht Furniture Van, 8 Traps, Governess, and Ralli Cars.—Apply, ) 6, Francis-street, near Victoria Park. Swstr- sea. 112A10 23 OR SALE. Splendid Green Plueh. JL hocany Chesterfield Suite, almost new. ( Also Drawing-room Table and Harmonium. —Write Aiioe," Lealer Office Swansea 114A10-27 F Olt SALE, a Sideboard, with glase to'i:! j good as new; £ 18.—Write Box W 12. Leader 0ffice 111AlC-22 i JIREWOOri Broken Boxes, 50 tons f.o.r.¡ .r HancUy: 39s ton; also branches.—C. Jennings and Co.. Ltd Bristol. CIO-22 MARBLE Butter BIofk for Sale: 3ft. v Mt. lf -Box G 14, Daily Leader," Swan-e?. C1027 OLD Corrugated Sheets; promiscuous lengths. 4ft. to gft.; suitable for fencing; 20 tons for Sale.-T-b,-)mas Jenkins a nd Son, Br-ton ferry. 15A10 27 S'F\ iI" 'Q t' <)0' t  I — SAFES (Fire-Resisting, 20;n. to 46i? high, for Sale, Also pair SHn. Winding Engines, Steam Wagons, Petrol lorriec- Birt, 47a, Stra-nd, Swan-sea, C11-2 SIIERATOI"' brawirg-roon: Suite. holetrred Old Rose Silk Brccnde: per- ?c Bro,?,,4e: T)er. fect condition Can bo seen Ashleisrh Ffv- none. 114A10-24 TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. A MMASFORD.—Season's Goods; Cutlery, A Table Lamps, G^as Mantles, Nickei Fencers, irons to match. Bedroom Suites, etc. Call and judge for yonrself.-llarriel> the Noted House Furnishers and Iron- mongers. C-Q 21 iVL«AKE'iS.—We have a fine range of AU- ool Blankets at Moderate Price". Tlle are exceptional mIue.-Jehn Kic?a.i.c? Cradock street. Swansea. 117A10-Z7 C>OME West for the Best.—Special Show ?' of Ladies' AU-Wool Tweed Coats in all the newest shades at Moderate Prices. Blouoes, Furs Fur Coats, etc. Established over 20 Years.—Richards, High Class Milliners, 40. King Edwards-road, Swansea. Brynmill Cars stop by the door. 117A10-23 DOWN Quilts Recovered at Hatfield's. 14, St. He^en's-road; full range of materials in stock to select from. C10 23 IpURS R,!modella(I.-?3v are able to niake Old Flo'l" proce-,s we are ? able to make Old Fu?« look like Kew. All the Latest Styles in Fur Coats and Sete. ■ —Tennens. 5. Cradock-street. Swansea. 115A10-25 GET the full value for your money bay \JT your heavy, draught-proof Curtains now froth llatfleld, 14, St. Helen's-road. Swansea. C10-23 PRIVATE and Autograph Christmas Cards; drop me a Post-Card, and I will bring within five miles radius of the General Post Oilloo my Sample Books for your inspection; absolutely finest and cheapest Bo^ F M, Cambria Daily Leader," Swansea. 117A10-27 RACTICAL PROOF of tuo value of Nos. 1 troline" Nasal Specific awaits every victim of Nasal Catarrh. Influenza, Head Colds, and Soro Thiwi:. who will give it a trial. Uee it daily for health and comfort of nose and throat. Of leading Chemists everywhere Is 3d (by post Is 5d.). Sold by E Bevan. Nelson-street; H. T David Mansel-strect; D R. Davies, St Helen'e-road; J T Davies, Ltd. fall branches); H L. Havard, Brynymor- road 0 H Kent 45 St Helen's-road: E. J Kieft Rohert-st root. Manselton. A thews. Oxford-Ptreet: B Needham Neath- road: Ogdern^ Cnsb Chemists. Ltd Hich- ,street,. J and D llees. Fahiaxi-street. St Thomas and port Tennam E T Rich Hich street E W Richards. College-Ftreet E Thomas. High-street; Wright and Son Walter-road; W. J. Davies. M.P.S., Picton- T'laeo, Fforestfach Swansea: W. T. Th omas, Gorseinon; M L. Beva Woodfield- street. W Isaac 86 Woodfield-street. MOR- R1STON and all Chuniisa in KA IN CiO_ATS of Distinction. Wc have re- JL? ceived our new delivery. Theœ are extremely emart and moderate in price. stocked in all sizes for Ladies and Maids. Also a good range of Capes and Hoods for l/ittle Girls John Richards, Riincoat Specialist, Cradock-street, Swansea. 107A10-2I SPECIAL Offer of 50 Aquatite Raincoats C9 in Trench and Raglan Styles at 72s. 6d. and 75s. each.—Williams, Temple of Fashion, Goi-seinon. C10 25 SIDNEY Palmer's well-known Cakes and Past-nog are made of best only. Wedding and Birthday Cakes in stock and made to order. Noted for 'rers and CoM Lunoheons.—Palmer's Oafe, oppo- s?' Empir and Branche. 115A10-25 S URGI-cAr Appliances.—Truesee. Spray?. O Enemas, Surgeons' Rubber (Uoves and Surgica: Rubber Goods of every description Writj for Catalogue, sent post free.—Le I Brassour Surgier.1 Co.. Ltd rDept D.V.). 90 and 92. Worcester-street Birmingam. T.C. TTNCLT1 BERTHS Full Creaz.- Wnlnut, and, Almond Toffees are now on Sale at his Osford-street Sliop Pre-war aua-lity The Pir,i? nd the j?est? illA)0 22 ??n GENTS' Standard Suits to offer for a early delivery: aleo Overcoats. Rain- coatc. Coverts GRrbardin.. Egyptian; Cos- tuniao. Mantles, etc see sample stoclt room Cameron Hotel Thursday, October 23rd. I^ESHALE'S OVERCOAT SALE:- PENHALE'8 for Ladies' Blanket -it-. JL Special Offer for this week only- 55s vrty rth 75s.: Newest Sbodes Sax. Wine I Cbecl, designs 800 our Windows. ')t3ENHALE?S SDCC!a!it7"for' Gentlemen.— JL The Prince-Coat: emftrte?t coat in Swan- sea: -6! 1C? to ?7 7s. See Windows. New Desig.ns and Stylcs.-232 High-street, Swnn- sca OlQ-25 IT'IVE Roat? for R?c: 3 Nannies and 2 i- BUIiee 18 montba old: good offer not refusd -Aut)].v J Lewis. Penhryn Garn- lhyd. Landore. 115A10-25 BARGAINS at Enoch's. Arcade; Casquet of literature. 6 vols.; fine set of Burps' Poetical Works 5 vols.; complete set Elli- cott's Commentary, 8 vols.: Practical Draper," 5 vols.; "Popniar Encyclopaedia. 14 volg. Teachers' Bibles. Welsh and English, from 8s,; Family Bibles, etc., etc. 1I5A10-2S PERSONAL. IN Uncle Bert's Toffee Shop there is "Staiidint; Hooro Only." Uncle Bert and bis Sen thank you for your help. You are doing "YOll Bit" as we did ours Thanks! Swa nr.ea. Thanks I! IN Everybody's Mouth'! ?ckay's?Herba? T Tablets for CheBt. Throat, and Voice. Unrivalled. Of all Confectioners. 2d ounce Wholesale of Mackay's, Mfg. Confectioners, Old Market-ctroct, Bristol. l-¡Úy wishes to give Good Home to <T-? -L? about three years old: would ta?e a? own.-It-s Middlcton, 56. Dock-street, N'ew- port Mori. 114AUI-22 WILL anybody adopt healthy Baby Boy, five months old? No preTnium- Write, "Adoption," "Leader" Office. 115A10-22 NOTICES. (CHOCOLATES Confectionery. — Lan- J Quantities supplied: trade only: 300 varieties Write price ifitaiap) Dept. li 26. City Confectionery Co. i 19. Mincies, I/f.ndo'i. 112A10-30 ?0? TII?ULD Success; Madame Fletcher, M.B.P.S.; test reading f-ree snd birth date and stamped envei. ve.-5, Arcade. Pontypridd, Glam. 115A10-25 L^OIt Light Haulage cf any description at X reasonable charges, apply S Ilearn. 23. I Trafalgar-terrace. 98Ai 0-31 I ~L} OO'KEY — Will Old Players wishing to I II. I'or'? a t?'m v/rite Captain, Leader Office Swar<-ea?  AX?VRITl?U' aa a Guide in Choose J a L C47"r Send spe?me? of writing, wit.1 5d "Postal Order ana stamped ad- dressed envelope to ''Graphologist, 56 Jit. Kilon's-avenuo. Swaneea. for Character Reading which will be of inestimable aG- aistance to you- S^ate aub 114A10-24 I HtjRsfES and Traps for gi-re. also Pony Jl and Governors Car: Hy hour. day. c by week.-S Hearn, 28. Trafalgar-terrace. 9SAIC 31 MADAiCE Jfarie Astro, Phrenologist; 1.. send Birth Hate and Year Born in; fee. 2s. Cd.—^30 Kinge-foàd Cardiff. 117A,lö-23 T YpgwulTEPLS.-The Master-Model Royal JL St4ndard Typewriter No 10. Tbc.ilnal choice of all discriminating Writing Ma- chine Buyers. Recent l-iovernment orders for over 7.000 Royals. Facilities provided for inspecting all other makes of Typo- writers: Office Appliances Company. Sid- dall Building. Swansea. CI 1-9 VliriNNING Numbers of Drawing for W Le-v son ;-3980. 5551 3356, 28^0 2570. 1264. 2961 3291. 4658, 2635. All Prizes must he claimed not later than October 27th. at 3. Matthew-etreet. H5A10-221 | ■pBWBBWWBMWB——W—MWIH lir | Make better I I I Cake* I 1 1 1 LL the lightness? 1 i ?-? daintiness and good. 1 | ness that makes the | 1 housewife proud of her j| baking is ensured by 1   ¡ iJi- j J r 0 j I tr%" «*»*&/1 J Fil¡il | "No ?bMr like it." 11\ 1 !t!s positive insurance 1 ?j ? against that dark, clammy 11 lumpy pastry, cakes or | i!| S bread, so ind?cstib!c and II ? so unwholesome. j| A pure, fresh, white I ? ? me?? of the wheat | flour, KARDOV is uniform | ? '? in strength and quality, | yie, l1-g nutriment ;| j| 1 and iusciousness.  ? XARDOV CANNOT DISAPPOINT !? f II Cash 3'd. pey lb. bag. || <1 All tooi Grocers who stud7 ¡ ¡ their customers sell KARDOV. ¡ I XINGOV TRADING CO., I; j| I Cardiff and Swansea. | («.»?■.SUINATCTAUMU^VVSBSNAANASCVCRSUUKIAUIIL -SJL £ I ig SALES BY AUCTION. MUMBLES. 5, OAKLAND ROAD. Mr. Joseph Harris Has been favoured with instructions from the Owner, who is leaving the neighbourhood, to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on the Premises, as above, on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23rd, 1919, a Quantity of Superior Household Furniture tho chief items comprising: Solid Oak Sideboard with bevelled mirror back, Oak Telcscope Dining Table, Oak Dining- room Snito in Leather, Turkey Carpet Square, Skin Rug, Brass Curb, Brass- mounted Fire Scr&en, Linoleum, Oak Hall Stand with centre bevelled, mirror, Stair Carpet, Heavy Brass Stair Rods and Eyes, Pair of Bronzes, Pair of Hand- some Drawing-room Occasional Chairs, Base Rocker, Dark Walnut Bedroom Suite. Bedstead to match, Box Sprirfg j Mattress, Feather Bed, Bolsters and Pillows, Kitchen Table and Chairs, Dark Oak Dresser, Dinner Service etc., and other 'articles too numerous to particu- larisC. Goods on View Morning of Sale. Sale to commence promptly at 2 p.m. Terms—Cash Auctioneer's Offices: 1. George-street, Swansea. Tel. No.. 4(10 Docks. BRUNSWICK YARD, DUKE STREET END, SWANSEA. SATURDAY. OCTOBER 25th, 1919. Mr Joseph Harris Has received instructions to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above Yard and date, a number of Commercial Motor Cars (From 1 Ton to 4 Tons), the chief of which comprise: 3 Ton St raker-Squire, 3-4 Ton Alldays, 3-4 Ton Clydesdale, 2 Ton Dennis, 2 Ton Milnes- j Daimler, 1 Ton Climax, 1 Ton Ariel, Seater Maxwell, 2-3 Seater Stmleb«ker Argyle Light Baker's Van, together with a Sundry Lot of Car Tyres, and other articles too numerous to particularise. Goods on View on Friday, day previous to Sale, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Morn- ing of Sale. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock Noon. Tenns-Cnsh. Auctioneer's Offices: 1, George-street, Swansea. Tel. No., 469 Docks. DELVID FARM, LLANGENNITH7 GOWER. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23rd, 1919. Messrs. Beynon, Holland, and Barron Pascoe I-L-tvo been instructed by Mr. Taylor to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above Farm and Date, the Valuable Stock, Crops & Implements, 17 Cattle, 80 Sheep, 185 Poultry, Crops and Modern Implements. Sale to Commence at 12 o'clock prompt. The Va-nguard Motor Bus will leave tho Brewery Tap, Plymouth-street, for the Sale at 9.30 a.m. prompt. Auctioneers' Office?: Cefn View, Barry's Green, Reynoldston, and 7, Gower-street, Swansea. further nnrttei<|nrs on Pnsters. LLANGYFELACTT, NEAR SWANSEA. SALE OF FREEHOLD HOUSE AND PREMISES. Pursuant to an Order of his Honour the Judge of tho County Court of Glamorgan- sliire, holden at Swansea, made in an Action, Lewis and Others v. John, x. 1890. Mr. Trevor Evarcs, F.A.I (Messrs. Bowen, Evans and Mills) The person appointed by the said Court to conduct the Sale) is instructed to fffer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION at the HOTEL CAMERON, SWANSEA, ozil THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30th, 1919, at 3.30 p.m. prccifcly (subjeet to Conditions of Sale to he then and there produced), the extensive and oonveniently situate Freehold House & Premises, Situate at THE "CROSS, LLANGrFELAOH, And formerly used and occupied as Licensed Premises and then known as THE JOINERS, ARMS. The accommodation is extensive and comprises on the Ground Floor: Two large rooms, kitchen and scullery, with 6tores )n(i 1.,irst Floor: Three bedrooms, and hir?e room (formerly club room). The Outbuildings comprise: I Threerstall Stable, stone-built Stores, Coach-house, Coal-house, largo Wooden- built Storos, Fig Styes, rfnd w.c., with a I epacious yard having cart access from main road. The Mines and Minerals are reserved. The PremLes will be offered with VACANT POSSESSION on completion of the purchase. Particulars and Conditions of Sale may be obtained of Mr. B. T. Leyshon, Soli -1 citor, 11, SalubnQU8-p»-ss»ge> Swansea; I Mr. Edward Harris, Solicitor, 3, Fisher- street, Swansea; or of the Auctioneer, 22, Wind-street, Swansea. 1 r. fi ■'—■— -1 ■' '*■ MONEV. T?EXw 12 London-road, Neath Makes E. Cash Advances frod £ 5 and upwards. ?trtc'?/_ Private. Established 1 £ 76. _TC. I'Yõ;mïüTrë-a-G;;n-aPl)IY- to Gcorce J!. Thomas. Manager Cburch-?treet (opuo- sitc St Mary'a Church Swansea. Private and confidential. I MOKILY to Lend to Resi)e(-table House- I 1. holders; Private and Confidential.— J | Ivor D. Thomas. 6. Waterloo-at.. Swansea.