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AMUSEMENTS, | 6 30. TONIGHT. 3.30. P hone: S2. FRED KARNO p restvit. » Now Pro d uction | HUSTLE Cast Unlades-— A. W. BASKCDMS. Beryl Deane, Mon- tagus Gcldir.'j, tsmc ar.d Dolores, Supported II. a Hive of Bustling Hustlers Scene j—Offices of Siinoii Slack, Stock and Share Broker .CHAOS Scene 2—Reception Room, flio Mind and Memory Institute .PULLMANISM S( one Li—Simon's Offices under the .e'" Regime .THE EFFECT LATEST NEWS PICTURES, PHIL & PHLOEA, in their Ultra-Refined Acrobatic Dancing Act. Silent Comedy. TERRY TWINS, the Duplicate Cornelians. JACK THOMAS, the Llohlet of Mirth. y xi Thursday, Erscby Saturday. Phyllis Monkmr.n a- " Mary skodc' i in HER HERITAGE, HOUDINi, the Handcuff King, in the Ma-?'t'.?ys'?r?." IN SUNNY ALGMRtA '?nt?"?:).. AMBROSE'S RAPID RISE (Triangle Jj Keystone). Topical Sudget & Usual Full Programme Monday Next.—The Silver Greyhound. à ROY ALl THEATRE. | | THE HOME OF MUSIC I Norma Talmadgej IN POPPY, I Founded cu the 1 MIMIIS Novel oy I I CYNTHIA STOCKLEY. 1 In Six Act- THE RUNAWAY I The CiiarL?s Frohmsn Drwry Lane Success—Five Keels. | I T?eS Mystery  & zitCt ??.i?&N'? "s.y 's&'?& ?  |. Serial. Episode 8—" SNARED. | I The Winkle Comedy, | I Suits and Suitors. I CASTLEI CINEMA. I Thursday, Friday & Saturday. CHRISSIE WHITE and HENRY EDWARDS I IN I His Dearest r- 0 ?s s s 1 .9 | A turn u, Real Life Story, one of | I those Dramas that happen daily in I I our great City of London. 1 A Hepv. ortli Masterpiece of j 1 | Screen Art. § | Showing Daiiy at 3. 6 & 9 o'clock. || POLLY ANN. I Five-Act Triangle Comedy-Drama, featuring BESSIE LOVE. I' Also Selection of the Latest I Comedy and Topical Films.  ? 'E?  CARLTON. today. ia 30 SPORTING LIFE, the Greatest Drurv Lane Drama, by Cecil Raleigh and Sey- mour Hicks, with an Ail Star Cast. BILLY'S PREDICAMENT, a Stoll's Two; Part Comedy, run ba.sf and Furious. The Greet Serial, HANDS UP. Episode! 10: The Sun Message." MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE, Jungle, Vaudeville, Interest. Pat he Gazette, PICTURE HOUSE 2.38. TO DAY 1'.30 Dorothy Dalton to OUICK SANDS. Dorothy Dalr-m Picture, produced by T. 11. Jnce. Nothing uoods to bo added. THE BAR SINISTER, a Story of a Man's Great Love, featuring Mitchell Lewis. THE ENCHANTED PROFILE, An O'ilenry Story. MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE, Pathe's Gazette. u 1 1—si* CHANGE OF, BANK HOURS. As from the 1st of November nest, the Swansea Branch Banks will Open on Saturdays I from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, instead of 9.30 aut. to 12.30 p.m. as at DresenU A M U a F GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. MONDAY, OCTOBER 21",11, 1319, Six Nights at 7.30, MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.30 p.m. The Royal CARL ROSA I Grand Opera Company. TO-NIGHT at 7.30- THE THREE MASKS ¡ (Isidore Jh: Lara ) 1.1 ¡ For the First. Time in Vales. Mesdnrocs Iria Hill. Constance Willi". Messrs. John I'crry, Albert Jvirkinan, Henri Hardy, Harison Cook. The Performance of II Trovstcre on Saturday will commence tharp at 6.45 p.m. GRAND .Theatre SWANSEA. NEXT WEEK— I Mr. J. A. E. MALONE'S Co. in TWO OF THE GREATEST OF ALL I THE DAI.Y' THEATRE, LONDON. SUCCESSES, THE MERRY WIDOW J MONDAY, TUESDAY, and WED- NESDAY EVENINGS at 7.30. GIPSY LOVE, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SAT. URDAY EVENINGS at 7.30, SATURDAY MATINEE at 2.30. Com p a n y includes— í I EDWIN DODDS, J. W. HUGHES, ) ROBERT NEEDHAM, MAISIE DARRELLE I aiod PRUE TEMPLE. Box Office (Mr. W. J. Casey) Open at the Theatre Daily, 10 rill 5. Tel. No., Hid Central. r t



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