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;L d r ¡fI- d t |' Lea d er' Classified s i. Advertisements. X A?ARTJHENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT OR C WANTED, TO BE LET, LOST AMD FOUND. One Three Six I Insertion. Insertions. Insertions .JO Words. 1 0 2 0. 3 0 I 30 Words. 1 6 3 a 4 0 40 Words. 0. 4 0. 5 0 FOR SALE, TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS sf One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Ineertione 20 Words. 1 6 2 6 3 6 „ 30 Words. 2 0 .3 0 4 6 fit 40 Words. 2 6. 3 6. 5 6 STIRTHS, DEATHS, IN MEMORIAL, AND MARRIAGES. Olie Three Six *» Insertion. Insertions. Insertions 20 Words. 1 6. 3 6. 6 0 30 Words. 2 0. 5 0. 8 0 I 40 Words. 3 0. 7 0 12 0 I ? EDUCATIONAL. One Three Six *> Insertion. Insertions. Insertions 10 Words. 2 U. 3 0. 4 6 I. SO Words. 2 6. 4 0. 6 6 40 Words. 3 0. 5 6. ? 6 MONEY.—6d. per line. MJSCELLANEOUS SiTUATiOaHIb t VACANT. -TyRE?CH POLlS?iEK.S.—Wanted. at once, j' trench poL"her; ilaios, Is. ?d. per iUour; Lcwa.le¡, b. per hour; permanency T Ku^t ran teed it work satisfactory.—John L 'xiirest anci Co.. Furnishers. Carina* then. :i10-ií TONE Y-MAKIN (TWork Offered whole or 1\, 8pa' ^ime; particulars; also Pocket liubbor Stamp of your J?am? and Addrc?. iree.—'i K;ct!ioi'd. Ltd.. snow Hill. l?undo?. li8AU-3 pTS.rAM'i-U, Smart. Practical Milliner.— ?Y* ADi-dy W. James an.! Son, 94 and 300. Wood fie' d-st reet, Morriscon. Also Smart AI)pretitice fo,- Oll!i?g!O-,Z3 WOMEN AND GIRLS. '-g Wanted, One Day a Week, v Apply, John iiicnarus, i, CraUcck- street, &wanseu. liyAlO-^4 11 < AiLU Wanted immediately — -L App-y to Peita and Roaeuba-um. on Cuambevs, Union-street, Swaiisea. f'?'?TLl??un-.ri. Lady Manicurist for 'Yt Gcr?'r. Ihlldi'ù".oiL saloon.—Apply ii Cole. Ci*ar ik>x, o. Castle-street. 120AiU-4,0 ??A?f'l?D immediately, '?ood Morning VV Girl.—Apply, between 6 and 7, ?L?&. Vaufiiiaii Ed\\?ru?. Cefncccd, Cpland?, Swau?ea.  ? n&A10-5« "7'iTED-rSmaK{)J'. daily, ?or few \T ?eek?' able make now and do altera- I t(/nS -l'ltc box 11 ',4 OHicc. t.(?9.Vrltt. ?ox 11 14 deader OiHcc???? "YVXV TASt'iiD. Gowertou neighbourhood. Yt capable, experienced Person as Gen-  eral. or Working: Housekeeper; smalU frtmillly good home, wages, outings. Please .L"te [¡f"d. L?VCViOll?? expeiienc in first letter. —Writ<. jr'elp." Leader Of&cc. Swansea j 7/A.- C-47 MEN Aiv D YOUTHS, «. '^AKPlilVXKKS anu Joiners wanted limiie- I •- V diateiy; several; urst-cla-ss men.—'i'. and G. &p?t;x, ?uhLi???, ?ry?ymor Yard I tie i:iiie-6LreeL, .'Swansea. A O 'i *?9?i?ykn—Wanted fiiT;Fot I ?- 8 for iu« .jikrooxa; perma-  :?nc- for sn'table man: wages from ?a 6s. l'aiicrv. accustomed to sub-divisiouai intom'.?J?n.e-. Tailors, WccKineld-atreei. '1 Si or r i at'ou 11.:):lJ.4 WAflTED. -50J StudentH to ?? t¡Ua.ll¥Y for hxismtt: Vacai'eies. Tht? is a splendwl opportunity fo;' a Y'Ot?? b- j tween the age- of 17 and <24 to secure a per- manent U'crative bHL-t.? fo" 'iie Unem ployed L)emohoi:«ed Service men W ltll u Kno\vie'i„j oi Wireiees of the above lJOn id write or call at once.- Wireless a.iirig College, Lid.. St. Mary-street Car. tilil, OV Castie-street. Swansea. Junior OierK —Apply, pen-on- y ally Beor and Vv iison. Solieitors. Temple-street, Swansea. U7i».10-?8 ) YlY ANTLU Smart CO,lll-lte:, Hand for (Uo- t? cec¡ and L'rovibion&.—Amly. by kt- Î tel. siatmir experience, and wage re- j •l.uii'ed. to Grocery Manager Co-operative 'I Society, 21) Orange-etreet. G10-^i) i"VV7V S7ASTEl>. Smart Youth as Porter. f chance to learn Shcp Unties.—Apf?y T C. Palmer, 19, Gieen-strcet. Xeath. iiiUAj.0-25 ~X~\r AI. TL i> Experienced Motor Mechanic W. for Garage.—App'v stating age. ex- I itericjce and salary, to Bo\X 13, Cambria ?aUy  Lea,t( _?. C a 0-7 *XVXY rAXTEdT ymart Youth as Porter; chance "VY to learn sho? untied—Apply, i. C- Palml'. 39 ?reen-street, ?eath. C!10-23 OV V jAXTKD Solicitor's O?icc; Junior Cic;? 3 "114D]than(l. Type%, r itir,,) Reader Of-Uc(, 117A10-27 ■■WANTED, for a iir?e Stoelworke in w T V Sou. h Wales, a thoroughly competent tMeitin? Shop Manager, thoroughly con- ;,ere,ipt with the most ur-to-date methods oi Basic and Acid Steel n.anufaciure for Sheet B:>,rb Tin Bars, and Billets Apply, "btating a-?. experience, and salary re- quired: no original testimonialM to be fUP, rplitd. if this is dona, they will not be re- Itiirne.l. At appiicationa will be treated with strict confidence.—Apply R 12." Cam- bria Dai' Leader. Swansea. r(. -=. 'OUSQ M:F: w.rt;D for FREE 'l'RA1: ;L 1NG as EVANGELISTS in the CHURCH ARMY: C. of E communicants; 18 to j5: single: fluency and high educntion i.ot ne- cessary. Pocket-money an i all found dur- jr¡ tra in;n: salaried posts guaranteed I to Lick and old ae< provision. Foundation for cr- dination later ou.—Write, in confidence, raining thi-s paper, to Candidates' cre- 'tary. Church Army, 55 Bryanstoti-etreet. •'•London. W.I. EDUCATIONAL. "POSTAL TUITION.—Learn Pitman's Short- ..1, hand and D/E Rook-keeping quiciGy New easy method. Shorthand 20 lessons. l&J 6d.: Book-keeping 22s 6d.—Daniel Jones F,l.['K.. etc (the 'Ae?-knawn Coach). Neath. C11-5 PRIVATE TUITION for London C11-S! pand all the Professional Freiim Ex- ams; Shorthand and Book-keeping m¡¡;dlY taught at Lishma;s Coaching CoJlege. 40-41. V/orceeter-place (oPPosite Castle Cinema! ¡' Swansea, TC i;:f\V Al'; SE,\ Business College.—Specialised ? Training for Business. Public Examin- ations. etc Day and Evening- Tuition; Prospectus Frep.—Principal: E. v. Kuddell, P, -A. MONEY. ELAW. 12 London-road. Keath Mak?s E. Cash Advances from L5 and upwards. Strictly Private. Established 1 £ 76. TC. Fyou require a JÁJan apply to George JL Thomas. Manager Church-6trect. (oppo- site St Mary'9 Church Swansea. Private and confidential.. "jV^ONEY to Lend to Respectable House- it ho[Oct Private and Conndentia!.— Ivor D. Thornae. 6. Waterloo-st.. Swanpea. ADVANCES, £ 15 TO £ 5,000 0.1 written promise to repny or any security Principal remains or can lv repaid by 16 or '1 mOlJthly int-talments; no charge of any kind unless busine&s done; promptness and I privacy; avoid exposing your requirements locally.—Write oldest Company existing: E. LAWRENCfe, LTD., I Don Chambers, Wina-street, Bristol. LIVE STOCK. &c. DAY Mare, eight-yejr-old, for Sale; clean -D limbed animal; good action and worker; 15 hands. Also hames, and ton Fruiterers Vv agon — Wkittaker Bros., Step- ney-atreet, Lianeliy. IT^OE Sale, active Chestnut Horse. Useful ?' bl"k Mare; 15.2 hands. Also two Iiaodaus and Brougliam.—George Thomas, 15, Kinley-street, St. Thomas, Swansea. U7A10-27 f^EESKr Geese!! March hakhed' m:?p X mo;:iters. lie. 6d. each: 200 in ?tock: 73 young Ducks 6s.: 40 March Pullets, 1(\ 60,cu rowl^, 9s. Africau Talking Par- rot.. £1(1: "i'ruiterer'e Hand Truck and 'Jaales/ £${ rerreuj 14s.—Neiii. Pegier &ti cet, Brynhyfryd. Swansea. 120A10-25 ) each at five months old.' for four j cVO small store DI'} bought at 5s. each was one. beginner's record after using Karsvfoud Pig Powders, Y,),i car. do it too! Twelve f,);, 1. Thomas. Chexuwt, Gorsein- OD; and Old Bank Pharmacy. Llanelly. 112i\,U HOUSES AtD SHDPS FOR SALE AMD TO LET. "L'AEL> POSSESSION—For Sale, in Pl1e. wood-road, Uplands, cxeeiient Lease. hold House; two sitting-rooms, kitchen, larder, ooai-housc, wasli-houco, 3 'bedrooma, bath-room. w.c.; fine views of Bay etc Ions; lease; low ground rent.—Apply Messrs. J. Blewitt Jenkins and Son-, Estate Agents Surveyors, etc. 4. College-street. Swansea.. Clu-29 FOR SALF, House; bav window; central; F o cuoi,,tai-,iirig four rooms, scullery, ,nd Urual cinceH. email yard and garden.—Box T 14. Ijeader Office. il8A10-14 OR Sale, tvio Houses (Nos. 23 and Z4, JL Clase-road, Morriston). in central posi- tion; 33 yeare' lease; ground rent at £ 1 5s. each house.—Apply, 25, Clase-road, Morria- on-" 1I5A30-27 l'1lOIt SALE. with vaca-nt, possession, Free- uol i Villa in Eo.ton-grove -ki)j-iy Roche, Auctioneer. Rutland House, waE- eea C10-2S J70R SALE No. 14 (semi-detached). 38 a0. .1.. 22. and 24, Manor-road, Manselton.— -V«*• 'ri. to 'Owner," c/o Daily Leader. Swansea 1 ISA 10-28 lOF. SALE, Modern Detached Viiia- L pleasantly cituated: lorit; lease; 8 rooms, bath (h and c): iawu good garden: three minutes from Brynhyfryd tram ter- minus: possession on completion — IV rite Box 45. Lender Oijice. 114A. 10-24 £ "1011 Sale, Freehold 8-roomed House (Up- Fo"la,s); a!,(, 6-roomed House a? Mum- biM.—C'a-rk. House and Estate Agent, \'i, Swansaa. 115A 0-25 l^OR SALE, at f?asmarl. Corner E?o, f three Houses; good business position- ?u?t off main road; vacant possession — Reply '• Cartref," Daily Leader. 113A10-24 MOUSE and ShoDhr ?S?iepronu?em .a-?- position main thoL-or?hfarc Morri?toi: 91 years unexpired: fortnightly tenancy: annual rental amounting to £ 302 inclusive rates; price £ 1,000.—Writa Box S 1.:5, Daily Leader. 315 A10-5 HOUSE and Shco for Sa!? in one of ma.n thoroughfares; 12 rocms, bath, et? h'wly renovated; £ 3,250 to Guid: buyer; long lease- with or w:tlioz,.t G*,tjiigs, easy busine«.i to learn: unlimited prospect* —V/rite Daily Leader 335A10-25 NTEATTI -=-For 8e. the Substantia! y- -H L<'nseho]d PreDn?'-a known as the Xeath Audion Room: goo': central posi- t ion: tor ,1 unexpired 83 yeart.. earlv vacant t OF. sesiioi.—Apply Henry Parminter The Croft. Neath. U8Ai0-2a Y A CANT House for Sale, Walter3-terrace. T Mumbles; semidetached; in good repair; leasehold; 5 rooms and Scullery.- Further Particulars of J. Barron Pascoe, F.S.I.. Estate Agent, 7. Gower-strcet Swan- WHY Pay Rent 40.000 Houses alrer.dv Purchased t.hrougn our system. For Prospectus and Balance-sheet write Bo* D 3 Trader Office 115A10.25 A.ITE will enable you to Purchase a House » » worth £7.50 for an average repayment of 5s lid weekly —Write Box W 8, Leader Office. Swansea. C?O-71 WEEKLY will Purchase £ 450 House 4 /6 WEEKLY win Purchase £450 Home 4/6 nv district; pot-session by arrange Tuont.—' Landlord," Leader. Swangea. T.C. APARTMENTS AND LOOGffiGS TO LET AND WANTED., APARTMENTS. -Sitti ig and Bee room for <-?- Single Gentleman—Write to C. G. Biggs, Metal Exchange, Swansea. 110AIC-22 FRONT Bedroom C and Sitting-Room Vacant; Two Gentlemen preferred: with or without board—Continental Cafe. Southend, Mumbles. 117A30 27 ''?'?0 Unfurnished Rooms Required bv X Qu ic?t Married Couple without Chil dren.— Write, Transit," Cambria Daily Leader," Swansea. « 118A3024 PREMISES TO LET & WAITED G1 Al{7J}Et()Lct -at \Valt::rs-l'O(1rL-]JP;Y, S. Rubenstein, 25, Güwer'6treet. Swan aea. 115A30-27 'cAT .A,'lED in Neath or district, Premise I ? suitable for Wor?: must have r,rl, way accominociation.—Reply Mercliant," Leader Office. 115A10-25 HOUSES WAITED. ANTED, i'urnished House; ?ImablLn or Sketty District; ior Lon? Period.— Write, Crown," Dailv Lmtler," Swansea. nuAiG-? ¡0-0}:'FE-REDfOI- Koy-Of"good 6 or 3- ?<-??.' rm'med House if. Kccd part of Swansea or Mumbles, or district; good ten- an:c.- VI rj:.t, immediately to Box K 14. Leader Office. 1.33A10-28 £10' 0!C,- of Hou?s in nice di?t i ic L dvlU to rent.—Write B&A W 14. Leader (AfSce. Swansea. ? ? OFFERED for Comfortable. Furnished. c?3 or. preferably. Part Furnished, Louse- long period: Swansea or Mumbles- te:i-u tk,W rite to Box L 14, Leader Oilice. 118A10-23 FURMIVURL J?URnItURE.—Best Pri-ee giy?n by me X for Second-hand Furniture and Autiu?e Furniture of any description. Drop me a rostoard or call.-Wii. jamee, 8, Fabian- s-treet St. Thomas C'i .C FOR SALE. D-ANCE Mutiic for Sale. numbei's his!; -D CiLt?s S u l class, small orchestra. Piano and vari. ous extrauart;, for ail. Uawke's publica- tions. complete bail-room programme, as new: also 5 V(lume« The Musical Educator, by Caxton Publishing Co -P-icilaidS, .31. Kelvin-road. Clydach-oti-Tawe 90 X jL^OK SALE, firewood, 100 'tons (??K' Lo?,? L Lo. Swansea, 42s De,, ton,-WrüC' W. K," Leader, Swansea. 114A10-25 -;oi SALE, Kitchen 'Iabl08BeùstcaÜ £ Overlay. Three Large Mirrors. Al&o i'kmo. £30 or Nearest Oiler.—M. Mahoney, 1. Bridge-street, Swansea. 119A10-^3 1) r)in L Machine for Sale- JL Barron." Aleo Savvbenches and othar surplus Woodworking Mfcchines. Cranes, and Traction Engine for Sale-C. Jennings end Co.. Ltd Bristol. ClO-2'7 T^OR SALE ClHffcutter. suitable for hu;:d t: or power-, also Horse Gear equal new. -Applv Ton Davies. Pantlasse Morris-ton. 120 A 30-25 SALE, Splendid Green Plush, X hogar.y Cheeterfield Suite, almost new. Aleo Drawing-room Table a.nd Harmonium. —Write Aiice," Lea ler Office Swansea 114A 10.21 TV'IfARBLE Butter Block for Sale: 3ft, v 2ft -i-»X -Box G 14, ?' DaHy Leader," Swansea. 01027 OLD Corrugated Sheets; promiscuous lengths, 4ft. to 8ft.; suitable for fencing; 20 tons for Sale.—Thomas Jenkins and A F T, Resisting, 20in. to 48in higlT for Sale. Also pair S;in. Vviniing Engines. Steam Wagons. Petrol Lorries.— Birt, 4T:I, Strand, Swansea. Cll-2 rP W O Wagons, two Horses, and Harness i for Sale —Ynysforgan Farm, Morriston, T^TALNUT ?idohoard. 6ft.; largo bevelled V fhtek: excellent condition. Alo 0\erm???et'. to match. Can be 3n "A?h- leigh," Ffynone. 120A10-25 \\TALNUT Bedetead and Sprkig Mattress, f » practically new.—Apply between 6-R p m.. Lewis, 11, Brynmill-avenue, Swan<?e(i. 117A10-24 LWJUIMBHWWMJ. MOTOR CARS. C V C L F- & C. A LR10N e can offer of 50 cwt. Chassis enri September. 60 cwt. Noveuiber and 30 cwt and 80 cwt. No- vcmber. subject unsold Cash. Easy Terins. or Exchange. —R E Jones. Ltd. ;Motor I i)el)t.). Diiiwyn-street Swansea T/C ¡ 1? n COitM liHClAL V'"E3IICLlJS. — Ai 1 ..i:. Ji. ). Spare Pait-, il Stock.—Thomas Vvhito and Co.. Engineers Barry Scitil NVLles Agenta C10-25 I ':íÕ-J.XLE,i2lï::p,-Braize1913 5¡,:eater II X Touring Ca'; o?en tn expert examina- tion.—Apply Kraizer," Leader Oilice. 117A10-27 '?OR SAL?. P.?audM? Mot.<'r Cycle ? u. li ii or without sidecar Apply 17 Se- haStoDoi-street.StThornd3 HSA10-25 L"'OR ?ale. ? Triumph Oiutc?i tièl. ¡ X Pedal Start, Free Wheel, Adjustab-c I ruMcy; Engine Rcn"cT.T. Jcnes, Cambria I House, ',io:1-r()1H'Yn,alli.aM2:1:1e S..¡ I S^Oll ?ALH, abi?.Yele, in good ♦on- X dit;o;i.—Appi?. ?r. Gri?dths. ?.'Frce-< man-street, B rynhyfryd. !QA10,23 ) igll'l! ??lotor hii-ry for Sale; Siza\ ie and I Xi .Nandin, 10 12 h.p., Bosch Magacto; su it able Urcen?rocer or Fisu Merchant; re- cently overhauled; carry noli ton; do 25 railed to the gallon; any trial; pi: cc, Apply, Breut, The Cross, Morriston. 115A10-25 T) E. JONES, Limited (Motor Department) Diihvyn-strect, Swansea List of Cars I in Stock for Immediate Delivery:— AT SWANSEA DEPOT ¡ th.i) 2-seite?- ar,d dickey seat, ,>' I I l.i-l ?litirif LW.3 C.A.V '?913 Yajbot Touriu? dynamo ¡ 1-? h.p H?iitiite. ?6M I 13-9 h.p. Uumber 1934 2-seater, elec- j trio IL.1.1¡1. ¡ 193i Vauxhali Coupe. C.A.V IHWtl'¡g J' • and start ag ..? "7;?o Miiner-DaIn.lcr 2-3 ton Lorry £ 350 '6 9li. T-, LNat)icr 'fourinz, C. A V 36 9 h.p Napier Touring, C.A.V. AT CAHDJFF DEPOT New 30 h.n Daim'?r Chassis £ 106u ?fw tndcnakE'r Big Six £ 990 11.0 h.t) mj i?e!.=izc 2-3 seater, dickey, I Ble,:tnc up.h?ng' 2^ 0 h D. !9H Daimler' 3-4 soater coupe, L.A.V. lighting. I 'Oh.D 1514 Mathis 2-seater and dickey, j Lexington Touring elec- I tiic lighting and starting I 16 25 li.i) AustroDaimler 1911 Sporting 2-seater, C.A-V. AT LONDON DEPOT. 4 Do Dion IS h.p. Chas-sic- i.5 li.r, Vauxhali Touring. C.A.V. light; ng 2,35 h.p Punbcam Limousine. L?r? j duplex tinhtiuR. e:zchange. ALL offered subject unsold I j j Cash, easy terms, or excbaDge. SAXON. Two-seater: 11.? h?p.r?eri'oct run-j  ning crdcr and condition; recently .c'-crha??d: acct.]e"e headIiKhts; oil tail I 7np; 'Bosch magi.eto: 4 new tyres; £ 210 — ECWlc'tt, Gorreinp) 1. 117A]0-27l 1 Q1 C'i MOPGAN-DE-LUXE for Sale7~ATc" f(.,r Sale:A-C- idue: disc wheels: head lamps tail lamps, I SI c0J,)r etc.: miIea, 1,000. new ty,es I ',Vlmt o.j&r?' Can he seen any time nt 17 '??nor-i?d_ S]5etty. 117AiO-2o I' tMSTHUMEMTS.  H •—f.-tcoii-d-h-ui I Piano in exeeL -t-f but co?aition. by weii-hnown juondc?   1 ^i-tiawkius. 22, Chapel- am'c[.. ??'in?c?. 112*110-24 (r???????' ? Rand?om.e s?-panej ( T Gaii, i-T ,4 17-. ?- ?suailv £ 7; '• -\oc. ord, o. k. Is 6ii„ ?- ??ords Excaangca ¡ .38. ctozcn.9, Parl, ll?A:u.2S MUSICAL INST11UM"ENTS.-WO 11:1(e.1 I  Manuiaccure Buy. ??'- ""? ??chat?e btriug¿d lp-sUuments. Our Str?s are un-I eouaLed: used by every Prclc?ional in and U.??ct. Rcoairs receive  pe.t 1 attention cu the urenncs. (?et ?0-.? :,JuÏ\;l xucjuiremems attended to by U3t ?<?4?e??-?. of 45 yearn' ?.?. /^1-161"0 taereby gaining satisfaction aJHI bneau- your music IV lw', it siiould b?- ea det tl1<) ri'Ht Koods from the [ri4-l' K 'selected by an experienced: wiii hv all Swanb^- a" it, h^ef- H-en •your rendering at its bc,it.Voo(!i?"a Gowcr,stree£ i th,.  ™an w"° under.taudSj I ,t]': :K'erJ Ü;( ¡'Umen l. th,Ü:  str>n/ed tIri-o-t tcrnari^ nerus. and th«ir rm-'m-n. eŒ 120A1029 er«n nnd tije reauiremcnt^ of their „iay. ,? &a;3,-i-:<r.ecj;L:e in i]!1 120A30 2S i "nd °'Lcra?3-1 specialise in I?o- (TN^L° ^-E'R ^NI?R 11 "AWLD.W T-2. visited.25 years re/Ld piAso u.«. ss i? Wale, Cah OnlY,-Exchange, 19, Park- treet. S\1ansoo. H  CECpJjlMu.vo Pianos .by CoJlrd a.nd ? t^ :pcnccl', M??E-ton and We 1 n ?nfn''? ?'? ?='??-? mahe?. In?pe?. Cramo??li(,)''rozii ?4 4s New DouMe-?de.! Records fro? la ?h L?r"o •wi -? ?.Gh ?.-?:j "?.?J?.?.?;:????._ M.Ain-25 Vlola-?! 'Cellos! Basses l'Bought  >  -V; or exchan^pd": Bows etr^*s n! "mg', aC(;C2on('s, A,] stan(knd Studies. P1eces. ek.-S:ms, 2 Waiters-road. Swansea • 1'2A*0-23 T' ,HŒIPSOX ,\NU SIIiCKE¡:-i!g-AN-  I ..J 2 knee >;¡-,c113; \'cry ¡¡nc kine £?.J- e C 11,7,7 I'?4 8ot, of reeds. 8 stopq, TI-lomi)s?)n i!ici 39. Cartle? F;E,Lt. S,?vanseL ?s; 50 ZUlnas cash Ltc1' by Ralph All??cn. f,,Ill com- ^^«?^t"S"ean<! ^ackeU' L:C A ?N l?,trwonitim; 12 sto;?. 4 sets of rL'ed,?; 13 9!,? P°werful inetru- me-it «niL taf W^ for pi.-ce of worship- £ .55 — tu 3.r;d Shackel1. Ld.. 39. Caf'tle- street a?,d ???- ?- ?'C?. LOST FOUND. 1 between 22 Bryn-road and Hos- J| -i pit,a-. Pearl and Aaieth.yst Pendant- fr rcturvIVS eamo to above address will be regarded. 119AT0-24 1 ?S'?. Strayed, or Stoleil, Li?-lit J Cob. ye?a-t, old not shod— lnforma- I t-r-n t Sl Pollee Station, o? Morgan E, HCCB and Co. Morriston 11SA10-24 0S'r fn r,- LOG.dlOr Mill. B';ý :POllY M,H'e, "1T4 5 J"ean old, 13 hand.: four ?hite i?s' I' 5 fa<e. shwt tail-E,vcano, ???.?.?.s'?on.? 118Alo-2?t r OST, Monday night. W&h?-i-'oad. Cp. Ian{ls Eaton-croscent, Fur Motor G^ovc-; P inder reyardcd on returning same to J. R. Watkins, Holmosd- ile, Eaton- crescetit. 118A10 24 STOLE >. 0" strayed a Rcan ?re. a?ut I I 14.Z hands; knee marked: nnder re- I warde;Chadcs Williams Machinery Mer- cl?aat, Morristoa. C30-27 1 PERSONAL. I A DVERTJSER wishes to Invest from £ 5C At(, zU,'I) oil go.(,c] security What offers — Writaj; Terms," Leader Office. 338A10-28 IN Every body-8 Mouth! Mackey's Herbal E Tablets for Chest. Throat, and Voice. Unrivalled. Of all Confectione-3 2d ounce. Wholesale of Mackay'-s, Mfg. Confectioners. Old ,hr1;et,drcet. Bristol TN CJnelt Bert's" Toffee Shop there is i X "Star,ding Room Only." Uncle Bert and bis Son thank you for your help. You are I doing "YOll: Git" as we did ours Tliaii s! Swansea. Thanks!! TZSRO1? MICHAEL' Ce?tn'ated Aptro?-.— I Hcb Phsnian: Aycsha. hia great Psychic ?.tfdium. TI),, 'Stolheq ofi num. 33. Queen-street, Cardiff 120Al 1-29 I nrtr-riTTii, n i i imn i m I j f' SMALL ADVERTBSEP^IENT ORDER FORM. 1 I I ¡ ) Please publish the above advertisement times, for which I encloee.8.d. I Name and Address: ,I 1 yI desired, replies may be sent to Bos Numbers at the "Cambria Daily I ? desired, replies ma.y be sent to Box Numbers a.t i Lc?er OIBce. ? .ThM form should be addressed to Advert?ssmeHi Department, Cambria Daily | k Lender," Swaneem "U7'! :1. 0- ¡ TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS, j BLANK.ETS,— W e have a tine range of All- I Wool Blankets at Moderate Prices. ;.iiev are exceptional value—John Richards, Cruoock street. Swansea. U7A10-27 BAD LbhS,-l hove (successfully treated thousands, and 1 guarantee a cure in j every case.—G. Dtakin, Herbalist, Alexan- dra-road. Swansea. 120-V10-29 BAD LEUS. My Stimulating Herbal Anti- septic treatment cures iu every a?e.- Write or call to-day.- Deakin, Herbalist., A ie x a n d r a- road, Swansea 120A10-29 C'i_tCLico that i3 much below t-o-doy?3 value; ? We have a few special lines in W hite and Grey.—John Richards, Crtadock-slreet, Swansea. 119A!0-2d FURS Remodelled.—By oiir proccss we are able to make Old Furs look like New. Alt the Latest Styles in Fur Coats and Sets. —ienneus, 5. Cradoek-street. Swansea. 33 5 A 30-25 I. Uncle Bert's" Toffee Shop there is j -&. "Standing Room" Only." Uncle Bert ai;d his Son thank you for your help You ar-3 doing Your Bit." as we did ours Thanks Swansea. Thank?!. 320A1023 PRIVATE and Autograph SErietmas -'< Cards; drop me a Post-Card, end I will bring within five miks radius of the General Post Olfice my Sample Books for your inspection; absolutely finest and cheapest ^election.—Address, Box F 34, "Cambria Daily Leader," Swansea. 117A10-27 of Distinction. We have re- csiy&d our new delivery. These are extremely smart and moderate in price, stocked in all sizes for Ladies and Maids. Also a goood raue of Capes and Hoods for Little Girls John Richards, Ruin coat Specialist, Cradoek-street, Swansea. L — 1071..10.21 QPECIA.L Offer of 50 Aquatite* Raincoats O in Trench and Rcglan Style,s at 12: 6d. and 75s. each.—Williams, Temple of Fashion, Gorseinon. CliJZ5 QiIJNE-Y Palmer's well known Cakes and M C-as?r:f* :ii(?'It, of bept ingredients o?Iy. V;(cdin? and Birthday Cakes in ctock av.u made to order. Noted fur 'en;- and Luncheon?.—Palmer's Cafe, onpo- slt-Ji Einpiv •, and Branches. 115A10-25 i OUKGICAL Appliances.—Trusses, Spray?. ) Enemas, Surgeons' Rubber Gloves and Surgical Rubbe; Goods of every description Writj for Catalogue, sent post free.—Le Brosseur Surgical Co.. Ltd /Dept D.V.), 90 and 9.1. Worcester-street Birmingam. T.C. Y- au get reliable boots at the New R.-G. B Shoe Store. Goat-street; Good Shapes, Good fittijag. Reasonable prices; Try them. 11 9-\ 1 0-22 0)0'0- LADIES' and Children's Hat? ''?' U Clear at Bargain Prices LadÜs' AM-WocI Tweed Coat Furs, and Fur Coats -Special Offe^ for three days.—Richards High-class Millinera 40 King Edward's- i road, Swansea. Brynmill cart" stop at the door. 120,A10,25 l.iENHXÏÆ'TOm:čûAT-SAÍÉ- T?NMALE'9 for Ladies' Blanket Cc3ts j X Special Offer for t?:R week on ly 55s worth 75s.; Newest Shades Sax. Wine Check de-signs Seo our Windows. P- Ú;HAÎ:E-;b SPCiaJit: for Gentlemen.— B The P' ioec-Ce-it; sma-vtest coat in Swan- sea £ 3 30« to E7 7s. See Windows. Mew _,q an: Styles.— £ 32 High-street, Swnu- CI0,25 IT'IVE Goat» for Sale: 3 Nannie.'?nd ? FBil!lcs 18 Tr,,)ntiq old: Iwod offer nnt refnsd —Apnly J Lewis. Penbrvn Gam- 'IwYd. T?n?ore. ?5A]Q-25 BARGAINS at Enoch's, Are ride; Casouet j c) vole.; fine set of Burns' Poetical ?orkc 5 Yds complete set Elli- ott's Commentary, 8 Yo?s.: "Practical Draper." 5 vols.; Popular Encyclopedia, 34 ?ole.: Teacher; B'Mes. Wel?h nnd English, from 8s.; Family Bibles, (?tc.. etc. 115A10-25 NOTICES. 4 MUSiCAlf Treat ie ?,3tTred thœe who -?"L visit the Alb&rtiiaUMwnu?.i,on Ko. "( mber 1, c. Vocali?ts and Ciioirs competing. Seats can be Booked immediately Tne Swansea Branchy Com- u.ercial Travellers' Association promise the Public their Eisteddfod to be the Boat Quality produced. CIO.2g B- ALLKOOM' DANCliNG.-Latest Loudon Dances taught, including Tango y;, altz. Private and Class Lessons.—Apply Mrs Geofficy Lewis, 3 Ge<>rgt:-street, Swan- sea or at The Central School of Daiiciit-. S3. St ileIen's-road (Godfreys). Swansea 11211.10-29 ?"UOCOLATES Confectionery.—i?. CILia tilies supplied: trade only: 30C j varieties Write price list istarnp) Dept. 1; 26. City Confectionery Co. jig.i ??ndo'r _?_ !12A1(J,30 /CONTINUED SUÇCe66; M;ltclï;Î:, ? ?IB.P.S.; test reading free; &end birth date and stamped en velOpe,-5, Arcade, Pontypridd, Giaui. 115A10-2 FOR Light Haulage of any deecription at i. reaEnable charge* apply S Hearn. 28. Traxalga-r-terrace. 58A i 0-33 MOOKE\ —Will Old PIa.yerHW?'hu)?f. form a ream write Captain." Leader ?40 Sv?,a.roei? 115-11 OL-24 MANL'VRlTiNG as a Guide in Cho?-?'V?'a tU?1)1,eer Send specimen of writing. witj M Postal Order ana stamped ad? aressed enydq¡e to "Gr?nhoioKist/' 56 ?t ilclen's-avenue, M?an?Mt,. for Character Reading which wiU be cf inestimable :1OS- s;stance to you. State age 134A10-24 EJ OUSES and Traps foi Hire, also Pony -K-t and Governess Car: by hour, day or by week. -8 Hearn, 28. Trafalgar-terrace. 93AIC 31 OTICTjl —The Ammanford and District l' AllotTients and Gardens Association wiI; hold their Horticultural Show the end of August 1920. Will Secretaries 6cn.d their Dates t) present clashing of interests to S, Jones. Dvffryn Stores Tirydail-square. Am. cl, 0-25 "Vfo SXiRVEl FEE is charged by the Lan- dore Parnianent Building Society the Largest in W.est Wales. Advances made on Property a', any time. Secretaries: David I Roberts and Son. 61. Wind-street, Swansea, CIO-2 5 rpO all Intending Purchasers of Household i Furniture.—You should, without delay call at Hill s- (the Manufaetureer) and in- the;? Larfre and Various Stocks, direct from their own works. No middle- mail's prolits. Cash or Easy Terms, pi ease note the. Address. IIill'3. Gower-street Swansea. Also 14, Windsor-road Neath 120A10-29 TYPEWRITFIRS.—The Master-Model Ryal  Standard Typewriter ?o 10. The final choice of all discriminating Writing Ma- chine Buyers Recent Government orders for over 7,000 Royals. Facilities provided for inspecting all other makes of Type- wnters: Office Appliances Company. Sid, Ct?-9 T/17 ANTED. Fixtures for Plevna Rovers A.P.C for 1930-20_• age 14-16; Baturda. r-atches only.—Apply Hon. See. G A Wat- kJns. Rose-hank Skett-f Swansea. 118A!J.24 I\fHSCEr:LI!\NEOUS W Ar.aTS. /1A,SLIGHT ENI,AUGER wanted, about T quarter-plate —State lowest price, par. j ticular., "A P. Leader 0,'fice, 11 5? 1 IBU\ Furniture. New or Second-hand -i Serkin 2)9. High-street Swansea. il5A30-25 ?REES Wantpfi over Pit wood size.—Jen- i- nillB. Ltd. Woodworkers. Pennywp)!- road. Bristol Branch- at Porthcawl. STC. Required Immediately MILLMEN FOR STAFFORDSHIRE SHEET MILLS. Rollers who can bring their own Sets will be given preference. APPLY— Bryngwyn Works, Gorseinon FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY an Exceptionally Well-built Freehold House, with VACANT POSSESSION, in BRYN ROAD, in good repair and pioely decorated throughout. Central Heated throughout and other conveniences. The Accommo- dation comprises: 3 Reception Rooms, Kitchen, Scullery, Bathroom, w.c., 5.Bed. rooms, Outside Wash-house. Further particulars may be obtained of J. BARRON PASCOE, Auctioneer, G ov/er u Sxaftr-t, jsea. 1 Extremely Superior and Ecoriomical All the Merits and Varieties of the Best Sauces. Each Kind mads M. ildg HOT, and EVledium, I BOSTON RELISH Syrup. f BOSTON SAUCE Very Thick. X MALTED SAUCE X Digestive. r- 7Jd., 9d., lO-kd., 1/ 1/3,1/6, 2/ 2/6, 5/- and 10/- i to measure out, WORCESTER SAUCE," Large Bottles. "WINNER SAUCE," Large Bottles (Thick). 6d., 9d., 1/ 1/6, 2/6, 5/- and 10/- to measure out. BROWNTNG," Extremely Fine and Strong. 6d., 9d., 1/ 1/6, 2/6, 5/- and 10/ Sold everywhere, or Direct Retail, 6 1/- bottles (1 each kind) for 5/9, 12 for 11/ 24 for 1 guinea. Retailers' Discount under £ 2: Over £2, £ o, £10, JS25, Jg50, £ 100: In £ 3/6 3/9, 4/- 4/3, 4/6, 4/9, 5/. Agents and Merchant.s extra dis. of 7t per cent. and quantity discount. < All Nett Cash with order. No Free Samples. Guaranteed Quantity, t Carriage and Boxes free. |* Only Makers, "A VI Ng" BOSTON. -=<r=om: =, .1 J I! UR N Co.! O. j I Melbourne Garage, I, ? St. Helen's Road, Swansea. If we sell you a Car, we take an interest in the future of that Car. g; AGENTS FOR- f !Wolseley, Stellite, Minerva, Cadillac, ) CARS ? i? Daimler, Angus Sanderson j f] I Seldon (30 cwt., delivery in 1 month) ) rmmrDnur ?! ? | Daimler (2 ton, delivery in 1 week) VEHICLES ? A.E.C. (4 ton, delivery in 14 days) j | I' || Fo?OR'tM? ??COM?-A?M? Cars in Stock:- 16/20 WoleJer Cabriolet, just re-painted, Harrison 1 J body, lighting set, disc wheels, late model.  ? 16/20 W o!seiey Open Touring, lighting, set, disc ||j ? wheels, late model.  f ? 14/20 Siddeley Deasy Open Touring, lighting set. jfjj | 12/22 Palladium 2-seater. ?) 15/20 Mitchell Open Touring, under repair. I j Commercial Fe?'c?s— ? f I i 3? ton Seldon, with magnificent van body-A Bargain. 9 Above are all in Excellent Condition.  ?.  .?-?.——?. „,„„„ „„„     T ALE. | =====  I j Fourteen 3 and 4- Ton 32 h. p. !? AL 10 LO IES! FRSGES from < £ 400 to £ 900 Each. [ PRICES from £400 to £900 Each. V. } Also ?many other Cars by well-known Makers.. I Al} these are in thoroughly good condition. a Guarantee given with every Car. j If V Central Garage, I EJrk klLiLd i $ SWANSEA. I I'  ??W?WiimMQ'3FiDfA i V M f A f SWANSEA Y.MX.A. I PHYSICAL DEPARTMENT. t 1 Under the personal direction of Mr W. Standish, Certified Teacher jjj 1 of Physical Education and Director ^of Y.M.C.A. activities. i| Y.M.C.A. Members' Classes: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 7.45 1 N to 9.45. Y.M .C.A. Junior Classes: Tuesday, 7 to 8.30. Y.M.C.A. | 'i I Red Triangle: Saturday, 7 to 8.30. |. Children's Classes: Boys, 6 to 12, Saturday mornings, 9.45 to 11. I Girls, 6 to 12, Saturday mornings, 11.15 to 12.30. | Ladies' Class: Thursday, 7.45 to 9.45. Girls' Class (12 to 16): I Thursday, 6.15 to 7.30. | Private Classes arranged for at any date on application. For 1 full particulars apply to General Secretary, Y. 1If. C -.A.. S wanøe& IIIHIIII ■■^ ■■WMMTTIMWTBMIRIIINWJMMIRRTIINNWRMW ^■IBMIIBH *M*MM | ii) "R' D AVIES | SPECIAL SHOW  J OF J i | FUR COATS & FURS.j f ,r  XFOR STRE:.IL