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S C rJ T S. 6.30. TO-NIGHT. J.30. 'PhoB«; FRED KARNO present's, a New Production HUSTLE Cast includes— A. W. BASKCO M B, Beryl Deane, Mon- tague Gelding, Lsmc and Dolores, Supported by a Hive of Bustling Hustim Scene I-Offices or Simon Slack, Stock and Share Broker .CJjAUS Scene -—Reception Room, the Mind and Memory Institute PULLMAN ISM. Scene Villers unda .the New Regime .THE EFFECT! LATEST NEWS PICTURES. I PHIL & PHLORA, in theii Lltra-lMined Acrobatic Dancing Act. Silent Comedy. TERRY TWINS, the Duplicate Corned iall; JACK THOMAS, the Goblet of Mirth. _w_ EL V 5_1 JM Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Phyllis Mcnkman as ''l.auv Mary Skode" in HER HERITAGE. HOUDINI. the Handcuff King, in the Ma.*>ter M v*Very." JN SUNNY ALGERiA (Interest). AMBROSE'S RAPID RISE (Triangle Keystone). ,Topical Budget & Usual Full Programme Monday Next.—The Silver Greyhound.  ROY AL Theatre. Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Norma Talmadge in POPPY, founded on. th? Famous Novel by Cynthia Stockley. In Six Acts. lu?'xAc'.s. THE RUNAWAY, the Charles Frohuiau t Drury Lane Suecc.-vs. i ivo Reels. THE SILENT MYSTERY (Serial). Episode 3 "Snred." The Winkle Comedy, SUITS 8 SUITORS. Gazette and Topical News.  CASTLE1 CINEMA. 2-38. TO-DAY. 19.30. Chrissie White and Henrv Edwards in HIS DEAREST POSSESSION, a Hep. worth. Masterpiece of Screen Art. POLLY ANN, Five Act Triangle Comedy Drama, featuring Bessie Love. STATE ROOM SECRETS (Eddie Lyons Comedy). The Telephone Bene, Pathe Gazette anrl Weekly Pictorinl.  CARLTOW. 2.31. TO, 0 A Y, 16.30. SPORTING LiFE, the Greatest Drury Lane Drama, by Cecil Raleigh and Sey- mour Hicks, with an AU Star Cast. BILLY'S PREDICAMENT, a Stoll's Two Part: Comedy. Fun Fast and Furious. The Great Serial, HANDS UP. Episode li): "The Sun Message." MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE, Jungle, Vaudeville, Interest. Pathe Gazette. I C U SP, E HOUSE i 2.20 TODAY 16.20. Dorothy Dalton in QUICK SANDS. A Dorothy Dalton Picture produced by T. If. J nee. Nothing needs to I>e folded. THE BAR SINISTER, a Story of a Man s Great Love, featuring Mitchell Lewis. THE ENCHANTED PROFILE, n MARVELS OF THE U.NIVERSE, Pathe's Gazette. _H' -E KLECTtOM £ LECfi6NADDRESSESr SWANSEA COUNCIL ELECTION TO THE BURGESSES OF MCRRISTON WARD. Fellow Burgesses, A'year has now elapsed since I first iasked you to assist me to become one of |your representatives for Morriston on the j Council. Yoli were kind enough then to show your confidence in we by giving me suc h valuable support that my efforts were successful. My views on municipal matters are exactly the tame- to-day as they were then, and I therefore venture again to ask for vmir support and vote on November 1st for the fallowing rea- sons :— 1. That owijjK to itiv lafe father's pro- longed and serious illness and ulti- mate death, and the consequent in- terruption of my private and public activities, 1 have hitherto been han- dicapped in my efforts to be of as "much usefulness to tho Morriston Ward in particular and SwtinseaI Borough gencrally as I hope to he. 2. That in spite of the above facts, I have now become well acquainted with the manner in wliieti tite work of the Counci) is conducted, and therefore should be very sorry if 1 w te not ? nUowpd to put mv kaowled?efat the, diposaj of the Morriston Ward. ? ?. That I am nov. iiot on. l v i 3. That I am now not onh a ??orntsonian born and bred, hut am deeply inter- ested in the welfare V»f Morriston ow- ing to the large interest that! have in its industrial prosperity. Yours sincerely, J. B. EDWARDS. I'vnellt, Sktftty, Glamorgan, October, 1919. • PUBLIC NOTICES. By del y PARCH. H. ELVET LEWIS M.A., Llimdain, | Yn Pre get hu vn HENRIETTA NOS SADWRN am 7.30, a DYDD S U L yn yr ams-erau arforol. Genir unawday Prynaawn a Nob Sul gait Mr. W. T. RHYS, Ammanford. Buddugol yn yr Eisteddfod Genedlacthol. j -_v'/ j ^&5US £ iVS £ ?>JTS. GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. MONDAY, OCTOBER 20th, 1919, Six Nights at 7-30, MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.30 p.m. The Royal CARL ROSA Grand Opera Company. TO-NIGHT at 7.30— Mart's THE MARRIAGE OF F Gt\RO. Mesdiunes Annie Wallace, Eda Bennie, Constance WiUis. Messrs. Al'terf Bond, Harry Brindle, Frank Clarke, IHso Cook. The Performance of II Trovatore on Saturday will commence sharp at. 6.45 p.m. GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. NEXT WEEK— Mr. L A. E. M CLONE'S Co. in TWO OF THE GREATEST OF ALL THE THEATRE, LONDON, S I. CCESSES, THE R WIDOW, MONDAY, TUESDAY, and WED. N ES 0 AYE V EN I N G S at 7.30. GIPSY LOVE, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SAT- URDAY EVENINGS at 7.30, SATURDAY MATINEE at 2,30. Company includes— EDWIN DODDS, J. W. HUGHES, ROBERT NEEDHAM, MAISIE DARRELLE and PRUE TEMPLE. Box Office (Mr. W..T. Casey) Open at the Theatre Daily, 10 hill Tel. No., 1-111 Central. — vj; PUBLIC NOTICES. I J. S. ARNOLD, STOCK AND SHARE BROKER, Bank Buildings, Castle Square, Swansea. Tel. "Jarohl," Swansea. 'Phone 18-1 Cent. I  'ST. HELEN'S GROUND SATURDAY! OCTOBER 25th. i GLOUCESTER t (UNBEATEN RECORD) I v. I SWANSEA i Kick Oft' 3.30 ADMISSION 1TELD, Is.; GRAND STAND, Is. Extra (Inclusive of Tax ) I VETCH l FIELD. WVi??&aS??.&?i &/ < &?iaJ?ULB<ia?B. SATURDAY, OCTOBEQ 25th, 1919. I SOUTHERN LEAGUE. BRIGHTON V. I SWANSEA TOWN KICK OFF at 3.15 p.m. ADMISSION (including Tax)—BOYS, «d.; FIELD, ls.; STAND, 1s. fid. Extra. Entrance at Gordon Terrace only. Season Ticket Holders admitted at Gam Street and Richardson Street. Stand Transfers, Richardson Street. Swansea Junior Liberal League, MOHD BUILDINGS. On Tuesday Next, October 23th, ¡ On Tuesday Next, October 28th, I t S ü"{']()('k, I .c¡rn' L¡! Exeo?tivp), will ?na ?n ADDRESS on I Belgium After the War." Chairman—Mr. E. B. Norton. A Hearty Welcome to All. United Methodist Church. VISIT OF THE Rev. F. SPARROW (laic Pastor), SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26ih. t ———— Special Service at 11 and 6.30. Preacher-ReV, F SPA R ROW. Monday, Oct. 27th, at, 7.30, the Rev. F. SPARROW will LECTURE on "Some Unforgotten Methodist Worthies." Chair- man, Mr. W. J, Bryant. Admission- Sixpence. HOTEL CAMERON. A GRAND DANCE j At the above place SATURDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 25th, 1919' Dancing from 7 till 11. I M,C:s: Geo. L. and W. James Cross. Pianist, Mr. G Jones. Admission 1/6 each DON'T' FORGET the Great Sale of Boats, Shoes, C'ocs, Clog Uppers, Leggings, New Rubber Thigh Boots, etc., at Walnut Tree Hotel, Aberavon, Tues-I day, October 2Sth, at 3.15 n.m. Goods Now on. View. Catalogues, Conditions of Sale, Free of RICHARD MORGAN, Auctioneer, Aberavon. j PUBLIC NOTICES. SWANSEA HARBOUR TRUST. CONTRACTS FOR IRON, CHAINS, TIMBER AND GENERAL STORES. Th Trustees are prepared to receive and entertain TENDERS for the" Supply of IRON, CASTINGS. CHAINS, TIM- BEE, OILS. IRONMONGERY, SHIP- ■ CHANDLERY, and GENERAL STORES for Twelve Months from the 1st January, 1920. Forms of Tenders and full particulars j may be, obtained on application to the j Engineer, at the Harbour Office. Tenders, sealed and marked, to be de- { livened to the Clerk to the Trustees, at tho Harbour Offices, on or before the 15th November, 1910. j j The Trustees do not bind themselves to accept the lowest; or anv Tender. P. W. PHILLIPS, j General Manager, Harbour Offices, Swansea, October, 1910. SWANSEA UNION. ASSISTANT MATRON, COTTAGE HOMES, COCKETT (which applicants should visit). j The Guardians invito Applications from Single Women or Widows (without en- cumbrance) with knowledge of Cooking, ) Housekeeping, and Sewing, for the above appointment. (Welsh desirable). Age hdw('en ,j and5 years. Salary, £ 35 p»n* 25 .5 ?-4c,trs. I-ti 1.4 r.N CoO .with rations, washing, uniform, and ape Tlments. Further particulars and forms of appli- cation to l) ohtained from the under- signed, by whom applications must lie received not later tihau Monday, 3rd November. 191 P. LLEWN. JENKINS, CWk to the Guardians. Union Offices, Alexandra-road. Swansea, 23rd October, 1919. i HOTEL METROPOLE. HOTEL METROPOLE. A G R 'ih,eJd?n A NeE I Will be heid on SATURDAY NEXT, October 25th. | Admission 1'6. Dancing, till 11. j Pianist. E. Da vies. M.C., T. Swanson. t1 ■■ 1 — _k., Sun Risos 6.55, Sun Sets 5.4. Lighting-up T-me, 5.54. High Water 6.11 a.m., 6.28 p.m. Kincr't? Dock. 39ft. lin. a.m., 39ft. 5in. p.m. To-morrow, 6.43 a.m., 7.0 p.m.