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SATURTDAY'S FOOTBALL. I SWANS v. BRIGHTON. I Swansea Town at the beginning of Saturday's match was 19th in the First I Division of the Southern League. Brighton and Have wore sixteenth in I the table, and had evidently fared as badly as Swansea Town, who for the I second time in the month of October l were playing on their own ground. Injuries had necessitated several changes in the home side, and the ab- sence of Ivor Brown, which caused the inclusion of the erstwhile captain, Eavn t Jones, was generaly regretted. It was nevertheless felt that Jones would do far better on the wet ground. It was also pleasing to note that Ball was IC- included in the side. The teams were: SWANSEA TOWN.—Denoon Hewitt and tobon; Ogley, W. Y. Brown and Lurnin; Hole, Harris, Ball, Jones and Evans. BRIGHTON AXD HOVE ALBION.— Hayes; Spencer and Pugh; Woodhouse, Booth and Higham; Longstaff, Jones, Miller, Holley and Best. Referee—Mr. C. Austin (Kidder- minster). Linesmen—Mr. T. H. Owen and Mr. W. Parker. There were 8,000 present when the teams fielded. Evan Jones, who again skippered the side, lost the toss, and the Swans were forced to play from the Mumbles-road end against a strong wind. I I THE GAME. j It was evident at the outset that the ] visiting halves were not a particularly strong lot. The homo forwards got the visiting defence into difiiculties, and Hayes was early called upon to handle. A series of attacks, in which Evan Jones and Harris were prominent, saw feponcor and Pugh given a tremendous amount of work which they very effectively dealt with. A clearance by Pugh placed the visitors in an attacking position, but Hewitt relieved splendidly. Play was transferred to the opposite end, where Harris and Hole were prominent. It appeared to one, however, that Hole was not giving any really good openings, and whatever might be saiit was clear that the play developed more towards the inside position. Ball, whilst not particularly artistic, was infusing tre- mendous dash into the play of the for- wards. He was certainly up to the pre- sent tfhe best pivot so far tried by the Swans. The finest movement up to this stage was that in which Harris severely tested Pugh and Haves in turn, the lat- ter eventially clearing after the left-half had failed to hold the Swans inside-right. From the clearance a corner resulted, but although Tich Evans placed beauti- fully, nu V -? fully, nothing occurred. 1. MIDFIELD PLAY. Midfield play followed, and eventually "Woodhouse broke awat-on the right and sent across the field to Best, whose trans- fer to Miller via Holley was neatly I nipped in the bud by Hewitt. There (followed an exceptionally exciting move- ment for. Brighton, when Tich Evans, after eluding Woodouse, sent across ■ ?autiiully to the centre. Bait, rushing up, got his head nicely to the ball. Hayes ws clearly beaten, but unfor- tunately the ball swerved just a few inches outside the uprights. It was dis- tinctly unfortunate fo "rthe Swan, whe, up to the present, wore clearly a goal the  ?tter side. A moment t?ter BaJI again I got going, t'? was fouled when becoming dangerous. The ensuing kick saw Spenoer clear admirably, but it was not long before the homesters again got go- ing, and after clever play by Harris, the bail went into the centre, when HALLIE BEAT HAYES I- .vi"-c^eirljr-«,ricd created .tremendous enthtr- &ftMn. Brighton after this went off»with a bang, but their inside forwards parti- tularly oa the right were weak, and hd HoUey's oantre been bettor taken Tiings would have looked serious for the omesters. It WAS noticeable now that Brighton, after the reverse, were play- ng the ope-back game, but despite this Met Swansea continued to be dangerous, iind Hole on *e right and Evans, on the left had each in turn the hardest of lines in not getting the net. E.>p#eially good W<I.s ,the shot sent in by Tie-h Evans, who all hut beat Hayes witii a utingyng cliot *fcieh -the visiting goalie did exceptionally I well to dear. Play was immediately trans- ¡ ferred to the oiher end. where the visit- I ing pivot failed once again to turn iJol!ovJs Pansier to food account. The attendance j ft this time was about 10,000. From the ? ?hack bv the visitors Brown cleared ad-j Jnirablv/ and sent the leather t,) Harris, ?ho, however, failed to h'?at Spencer. The latter send out to the lorward?. hut !'cwitt cleared, and Uolc was able to de- ?kp an attack <iu the right, which, how-, (,"Pr, did Dot materialise. The home for- ■fc'archt were certainly wen to advantage. find the manner in which they swung the ball .bout wts eortainly an eye-opened, and. indeed, it appeared as if the front line was the best experimented with by "the Swansea Town directors this season. A pressing attack by the visitors was nipped in the bud by Durnin, who trans- ferred to Tich Evans, but the latter failed (to hold when presented with a favourable { opportunity. I SPECTATORS WARNED. At this juncture the referee took it upon himself to admonish that section of the spectator# situated behind the Swansea end of the lield, but eo far as the Press could see there was no reason for this. liobgon was responsible for what was at once a clever clearance and a brilliant feeding of the left flank. A moment later Pug-h sent out to Booth, who placed the ball well for Miler to SEND OUT TO BEST, who beat Dufcooii with bill: uliot w.«h troD) the press-box looked a little too Simple for the home goalie to allow 1 o j r^ss. There followed a Illest brilliant-, lOoveroerit so far, in which Hole and lfarris participated, ard In which the 1uUI"1' certainly predominated. After Booth had beaten Oglev for possession, ?-  to the rp?u?, an? ?nt in to °? insid partn?' Harris tal. l -nrliA +i1- lUPt by the dff'n and ■»ndinc+ in front of   ot S '?" UtsKle man was doing this ?n??r,?JS':??-M? tiy to TTlV° receive. It was, howe^ 'J& T ITt tbat i at the ??in?. ??X-? ?.??? -t"?? iranting, 11*4  -h e pn'ent ^ro certnml,. fb, Jhe io?-ard.. Half-t? ?? call? with pIny MI mtd-SeM.. Half-time Score: I SWANSEA TOWX-OXE GOAIJ. BRIGHTON & ROVE-OKE GOAL. SECOND HALF. 1 When play was resumed the attendance was well over 11,000. Durnin was early prominent with an effective clearance, efobson however, in a second attack, was found wanting, and although his succeed- ing movement brought relief, the clear ins I left once more to the outbids right. The visiting forwards were now showing greater determination, but the ball at laft )rent out to the home pivot, who beat five Jaen before he succumbed, owing to what appeared to be selfishness. It is question- able, however, whether he could have i Properly transferred to Harris in view of > the fact that the was ,right on top of him. As a matter of fact, l on a later occasion, he attempted to do this and fouiid Higham too nimble for his transfer to take effect. Ball and Jones came into contact, and the referee ordered a frea 'kick for the Swans, but a second after his whistle had blown, and before the defence had time to realise it, Tich Evans had netted. He was, however, re- called, and the ensuing kick was early nullified. Evan Jones made a glorious opening for Harris, and it was unfortunate that the inside niin was adjudged off-side. At this juncture it was noticed that Har- ris and Hole had exchanged positions. Bail was playing an exceptionally hard game, and his Ion? passes to tho wingi eventually put the visiting backs into a tangle. An exciting moment followed, when Haves, in an endeavour to clear, was so persistently hampered by Ball and Hole that he lost possession, and oould only regain at the expense of a corner. From the, kick, which was taken by Har- ris. Evan Jones sent in twice, and was unlucky in not scoring. Final Score: SWANS—1 goai. BRIGHTON & HOVE-1 goal. SWANSEA v. GLO'STER. I (By "PENDRAGON.") I 1913-14 Results: October 11th, 1913, it Gloucester.— Gloucester, 9pts., Swansea, nil. March 21st, 1914, at Swansea.- Swansea, 22pts.; Gloucester, 5pts. For the first time this season the All Whites were this afternoon apposed at St. Helen's by an English side. Interest i was lent to the fixture by the fact that Gloucester came here with an unbeaten certificate. They were thus the second undefeated team to conic to Swansea within a fortnight. Last week the Citi- zens won at the eense of Cardiff, who have still to find their feet in spite of a good performance at Swansea. Tiroo has wrought many changes in the con- stitution of the Gloucester side, but there were nevertheless some old stagers I among them, notably A. Hudson and Hamblin, W. Dix and A. Hall. TEAMS. I SWANSEA—Full-back, Joe Jtecs; three- quarters, J. Flynn, E. Grey, \V. Bowen and T. It. Thomas; halves, Mog Rees and B Beyzion. for%i-ar(is, T. Parker, Tom Williams. Tom Morgan. R. Iluxtable, Ivor Rees, Syd Parker, P. Evans, A. E. Jen- kins. GLOUCESTER.-Full-back, X. Ham- hlin; three-quarters, S. A. Brown, A. Hudson, A. Lewis, and T. Webb; halves, W. Dix and A. Hall; forwards. G. Hol- ford, S. Smart, F. Aylifte, W. Davies, T. Voyce, J. Harris, J. Lawson, and J. Webb. Referee: Mr. A. E. Freethy (Neath). After the great prate of last Saturday the crowd at St. Helen's this afternoon was small in comparison and there were barely 2,000 spectators on the ground trhen the game commenced. THE GAME. I Swansea lost the toss, and T. Morgan kicked off from the Kecreation Ground end, against a stIff breeze. The All I Whites were soon on the aggressive, Bowen finding touch with a clever kick near the Gloster twenty-five. A strong rush headed by Huxtable and A. E. Jen- kins was pulled up when dangerous, as one of the forwards was adjudged off-side. The. Gloster's forwards heeled, and a ?ruart round of passing among the backs I gained much ground, but. the iinal tnmsfrf —an awkward one—was not accepted by Webb. From the Muec?eding MT?m Bcy- non receinxl. and he ran up to Hamblin I before ?endin? out a wide pass. I FLYNN SCORES. I FLYNN raced up at full speed, and taking the ball cleanly, romped over with .1 splendid try. It was not converted. Gloucester, after the re-start, gained Swansea territory through a couple of penalties, Mog-1 tees marring his display hy frequently infringing upon tho off-side rule. Play remained for some time at mid-field until Bowen made. a clever burst, an to Hambiin. His pass was not taken, and a certain score went rtray, oMy a minor resulting. The home forwards were beaten in several scrums, but the visiting backs mr.d very little use of the ball, as the home backs titsliled in much better style than against Llanellv. The Cherry and Whites, by strong forward moves, once again invaded Swansea quarters, but tneir efforts were neutralised by Beynon, who found touch with- rare judgment. I BEYNON PROMINENT. I I Beynon was again prominent in a fine hurst, but when hemmed in passed on to Morgan. The All White forward made good progress before sending on to Flvnn until play was pulled up by Grey failing to hold. Immediately following this the home backs combined delightfully, each handling well, hut T. R. Thomas, the last t> receive, was forced into touch. Beynon attempted to drop a goal, hut was grassed in the act, and Hudson kicked up to touch. A penalty of Swansea's saw ,T. Hees drop for goa l, but although the endeavour was a good one, the ball went a little wide. Tom Williams, however, grassed nudcon in possession, and a scrum was formed a yard from the Gloster line. Mog TIres tried on his own, but failed to penetrate (he defence. DROP GOAL FOR SWANSEA. I A score was not long delayed, however, as from a scrum on the twenty-five BEYNON gained possession, and dropped a fine goal. The kick-out brought the Citizens tem- porary relief until a great sweep down field Williams and Jenkins place Swansea ,i n a good position. Passing by the home ;backs gained mucr ground, but Grey was tackled and robbed of the ball, enabling Webb to kick to Joe Rees. Although hard pressed the Swansea custodian ex- tricated himself from a 'difficult position in matserly style, and found touch with a lengthy kick. GLOUCESTER LIVEN UP. I Gloucester at this stage were livening up considerably, and tlall, Hudson, Lewis and Webb combined effectively. Grey brought the city wing to earth with a clever tackle. It was a clever tackle. The game opened np beautifully again, and Flynn with Grey raced to the centre before they were recalled for a forward pass. Young Mog Rees, whose only fault was over anxiety, gave Beynon every np- porrunity to shine, and consequently the ball was given plenty of aid. Before the inten al Beynon exhibited great form, and was easily the star turn of the afternoon. Both in defence and at- tack he was a thorn in the side of Gloster. On one occasion the City pack got off with a strong dribble, but Beynon fearlessly went down to the ball, and saved the situation. Half-time: SWANSEA—I dropped goal, 1 f-y. f GLOUCESTER-Nil. SECOND HALF. I After the change. 0t ênds. Swansea eoon found their way across the centre line, only to be repulsed by the veteran Hud- son. Tom Parker picked up in -he on and ran to Hamblin. but his transfer in sde was not. accepted, and Brown eeat to touch. Botvcn, who had been off the field !'om time before the interval, retired to the pavilion with a bruised shoulder. SWANSEA SCORE AGAIN. I 'Yhe Swansea forwards 'ook matters in I their own hands ind rushed to the .line, j where T. PARIvER added to Swansea score. Although the try w;w scored wide out. FLYN conve-ted with' a great kick. The kick-out brough t Gloster relief, and Dix eluded tie defence and sent on to Smart. Tbe ltv forward faced Joe Rees, and the Swansea custodian made no mistake, and brought masn and ball to the ground The strenuous work wat- evidently telling on the Swansea seven, and for some time the backs were kept idle through ina b. I' t.r ox the front rank to secure the I 11. THE GLOSTER EIGHT. I The Gloster eight wheeled several scrums, but Fly n was uabeut&ble, ami 1 a long kick by t* 6 Swamea centre trans- ferred play to the Glosler line. Hamb- Hn, hovcver. w? ..f.-t to be c.bu?ht nap- I p;ng, &nd a fine kick found touch near the centre. Then the visiting forwtirdsi heeled, and Hudson and Brown made I good us £ ot their chance and reached the I Swan-sea twenty-fr t before being fctopped by Thomas Gradually the home forwards worked their way back, nnd Mog Rees and Beynon made a splendid effort to defeat the Glo'ster backs on the blind side. GLO'STER SCORE. Near the centre line, however, Tom I Thomas tailed to field, and Brown rush- ing up seemed possession and traji&- ferre dto SMART. The home defence was caught napping, and the Glo'ster I forward ran over near the posts for HAMBLIN to convert. Stung by this unexpected develop- ment, Swansea introduced more energy I lnt-- their work and again descended into Glo'ster territory, where Dix was penal- ised. The bzifil failed to travel the I necessary distance, and Hudson fielded and found touch. Ton Parker charged and intercepted ths flight of the bafi. In the race that followed Hamblin got there first and found touch at the 2;5-line flag. This advantage was lost to Swansea by Rees again being caught on the Glo'ster side of the scrum before the ball had emerged. A long rush by the City pack looked like going through the Swansea defence, until Grey fielaed neatly and returned the ball 'to touch. The Swan- sea forwards in retaliation carried play into the Citizens' territory. A delight- ful bit of handling by Swansea, in which Beynon, Parker ,uHi Flynn were pro- minent, gained considerable ground. The movement broke down at. Tom Wil- liams, who was deputising Bo wen at. centre, when the defence seemed beaten. The City forwards once again relieved the situation by a strong rush, whilst another penalty saw. Dix send to touch well over the half-way line. Final Score: 1 SWANSEA-1 converted goal, 1 dropped goal, 1 try (12pts.). GLOUCESTER I converted goal (5pts.). LEAGUE FINALS. FIRST DIVISION. Arsenal 1; Bradford City 2. West Bromwich Albion S; Notts C. 0. Sunderland 2: Bolton Wanderers 0. Bradford I, Chelsea n. Burnley 1, Liverpool 2. I Derby County I, Oldham Athletic 1. Everton 3, Blackburn Rovers 0. Manchester City 1, Sheffield Wed. 2. Middlesbrough 1. Aston Villa 4. Preston North End 2, Newcastle U. 3. Sheffield U. 2, Manchester U. 2. SECOND LEAGUE. I Barnsley n; Stockport County 0. Leicester City 2; Blackpool 3. Grimshy Town 2: Hull Town 1. Birmingham 0: Wesr Ham United I. Bury 2; South Shields 1. Coventry City 0; Bristol City 0, Lincoln City 2; Clapton Orient 1. I Notts Forest 1; Wolverhampton W. t. Stoke 3; Rotlierham County 0. Fulham 2; Huddersfield 2. j SOUTHERN LEAGUE. -Nicrtl-iyr T. 2, lirfntford 0 j I Gillingham J.Newport County'3. Reading 0, Crystal Palace 0. Bristol Rovers i; Southend Unrted 1. Exeter City 3; Milhvall Athletrc 1. I Luton Town 2; Portsmouth 0. I Plymouth Argyle 4; Norwic h City 0. Queen's Park R. 3; Watford 0. Southampton 2; Northampton 6. ¡ Swam?ea Town 1; Brighton and Hove, 1. SCOTTISH LEAGUE. t Airdrie 2; nam'lton 0. ¡ Ayr United 1; Hibernian 0. Celtic 3; Queen's Park 1. I Dumbarton 1; Raith Rovers 1. I Dundee 0; Rangers 2. Falkirk 1 Albion Rovers T. Partick Th. 3. Clydebank 2. St. Mirreu 1, Morton 3. I 3rd Lanarks 4, Clyde 1. Motherwell 1, Kilmarnock 1. Hearts 1, Aberdeen 1. I MIDLAND LEAGUE. I Notts C'tv 3; Barnsley 0. I Silverwood 3; Halifax 1. Rojiprhau] County, nil, Worksop 1. 1 CENTRAL LEAGUE. I Blackpol 3; Crewe A. 2. Bolton Wanderers 1; Cranmere 1. Liverpool nil, Burnley 1. Manchester U, 2, Rochdale 2. RUGBY UNION. I Moseloy 6 pts., Coventry 21 pts. Leicester nil, Newport 11 pi's. I Cardiff 21 pts., Neath 6 ph?. Oxford University 38 pt; Riehtl10nd 0. Rosslyn Park nil, Guy's Hospital 24 pts. Northumberland nil. Cumberland 3 pts. Harlequins 3 pts., Cambridge U. 13 pts. Loodtou Scottish, 3 pts.; Blackheath 25. NORTHERN UNION, Batley 9pts, Hull 5pts. I Sainton nil, Rochdale Hornets opts. Wigan lOpts, Broughton Rangers 3pts. I Oldham 2(5pts, St. Helen's 3pts. Keighley nil, Bradford 12pts. Oeds 37pts, York Spts. Leigh llpts, Saltorcl (;pts. Hull Kingston Rov. 3pts, Huddersfield 26pts. St. Helen's Rec 16pts, Bramlev 6pts. Barrow npts. Warrington 4pts. Halifax 19pts, Dewsburv Gpts. Wakefield 2 pts.; ITunslet 5. BRISTOL CiTY RES. v. I SWANS RES. I Half-time Score: SWANS RES.-3 goals. Houston. Llovd and Thomas scored. BRISTOL CITY RES.-l goal. Wilcox scored. Final Score: SWANS RES.—3 goa ls. BRISTOL RES.-l goal. TON PENTRE v. LLANELLY. Half-time Score: TON PENTRE—3 goals. LLANELLY—1 goal. Final Score: TO PE.\TRE-o goals. LLANELLY—2 goals.





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