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<? 1! ? ,?? 'j f jt Leader' Classified Advertisements. APARTMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT OR WAWTED, TO BE LET. LOST AND FOUND. One Three Six I Insertion, Insertions. Insertions 80 Words. 1 0 2 0. 3 0 I 30 Words. 1 6 3 0 4 0 40 Words. 2 0 4 0. 5 0 fOR SALE, TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS, One Three Six I insertion. Insertions Insertions T0 Words. 1 6 2 6 3 6 .30 Words. 2 O. 3 0 4 6 40 Words. 2 6. 3 65 6 GIRTHS, OEATHS, IN MEMORIAM, AND I MARRIAGES. I One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. INSERTIONS SO Words. 1 6 3 6 6 0 30 Words. 2 0 5 0. 8 0 40 Word, 3 0. 7 0 12 0 I EDUCATIONAL. One Three Six Insertion Insertions. Insertions 10 Words. 2 0 .3 0 4 6 30 Words. 2 6 4 06 6 40 Words. 3 0 6 6. 7 6 MONEY.-M. per line. IftiSCELLANSOUS SiTUATSQSNS VACANT. JY? ^UE.SCII PObiSiiLES.-Wantel, at once, I French Polisher; aiaies, 16. Yd. per hour; females, 1£. per hour; permanency liuarauteed if work satisfactory.—John Purest and Co.. Furnishers. Carmarthen. 117A10M MONEY-MAKIAG Work Offered; whole or -L L spa' i time: narticuJar?. ai?o Pocket I Ruober STAMP of your IVANW AND ADDRESS h(.>e.l R;cblord. Ltd.. Snow Hilt London ?_ 118A113 ?'?/'AMTED. for one concert, VIEW to [x?r- manct.t ENCASEMENT Violin, 'CELLO. RASE. State full particulars and term; to J &O:< J ."VAITAISTFD, faniart. Practical S!illi er.- » Apply W. James and Son, 94 and 300, oodiioid-street, ilorriecon. Also SMART Youfth as Apprentice fo" Outfitting; 11SA1G-&3 WOMEN AND GIRLS. F <HARWO.\3AN rcquir-.d Daily —A; lira. W A. Rces Clydach Bakery, near w 119A10-28 wü ilaiu' rcauired: good W&GCE to suit-  a.M? PERSON.—Aupiy MIS W A. <yda?h Bakery, near Sv.amM)a. 119AIu-28 J EXEILA- Servant wanted; goo.L WASES G and cood home: arted; goc),l wag, Ai?cly J. H John, 50. KINS EdwarU's-road. I a.n5a. lZ1A10-7 T A I.L(-) 11. i," I-S W aiited JL Apply to Pelta and h-osen .uaum. JI union Chambers,Union-street, SWANSEA. ■ 117A10-27 t'?AJSTi'-D. Gowerton neighbourhood { V V capable, cspn'ienced Person as en-I or Working Housekeeper; emall J X.-nulHy; pood home. wages, otitingo. Please FC'ate-awe. previous experior.c IN first U tter. -writ,E, Help," Leader Oiiioe. Swancta 117A10-27 MEN AND YOUTHS. >AKI'E:»TEES and Joiners wanted imuie- >■ diately; several; first-clase meii.-T. "-nd U. Spregg, BjfiiiJers, Brynymor Yard, CA t he NIL e-atreet SWA nsea AD 1C with good t IEDKO of ENGINEERING t-eouirementg- 'r:ito Bo, H 15,'Daily Leader C10-27 F UUENTLV WANTED—500 Students to U Qualify for Existing VSVAPCIEH. is a splendid opportunity fo;' a Youth he- TWEEN the AT'E of 17 and 24 to "eCIlre a per- manent lucrative berth foR life Ptiem 1 Xiioyed Demobolised Scrvicn tje,n with a K-idwledpe of Wireless of the above .1itE', BL.ould write or cdlal <J U:e.- »Rirelm FRAMING College, Lid tit. Mary-street Car- diff, or Castle-street. Swansea. "V\RA]VTEI», a General Servant.— » Mrs. Shaw. Furztbauk." fleatlifleld. fcwansea 121A1 0-27 !7~AViiil). Practical Nicht Mill Foreman. —Apuly. by' letter, id tirst instance, experience tini, wages required TR> -^EUSRA MIE Villiers Tir.piate Couuiany. iti., liritol- ert-y. 121A10-31 \XF ANTE,J. Drivpr for Ford C-ar » » R., 120A10-26 TIRA2VTIII», Junior neiv«v.. I rt. ally Beor and Wilson. Solicitors. I Temple-street, Swansea. 117 AJO,8 Baker and Coifectioier: Triist » be well up in trade —Ayply, statins: fP and experic-NO Nelson Bakery, Nckon. et 121A 10-27 ."IVANTED. Yoiinz Draff?man UFL to Ileatinn aud Ventilatintr Engineer's I ":° k.-A\11HY. b Y letter, stating age experi XCE. AND salary reauircd. the Bricrhteidp F ?.OUNDRY aiii Engineering Co. 2y, St Mary's. I!'cet. Caraiff 121AIO^O JXXTANTED. by First-class Fnpurance Oflice l » Junior Clerk. 15—TI: referencekj < r J!PVIOUS experience required.— Write Box Lea -r OSco. 120A10-30 "A?,TE'> Experienced Motor Mechanic '• » V. FT, «ara?E.—APO'v 5tatInr; ape, ex- I ^RICJEE and salary, to Box X 13, Cambria C" 0-27 I ANTED Office. J'unior CV-1 T V (SBO-thand-, Typev-ritingV—"Lexicon." IJtader Office 117AI0-27 T Ar\TEH. for a larre Steelworks in Wale.«. a thor^UE'NLY competent I "^LTINS 81r'T1 ERRANT witb the moCt ur-to-dnte methods SF BDVIO an.I Acid STEEL a.annfncture for P-.r, Tin Bars, and Fillets Apt/ty. ^RATINT experience, in,1 salary re- I J'tired • no original testimor.IAU to BE Riiri- I J:'IED. If tliis IA done they will not he re- I I »-■N(V'' Al Enolirations will he TREATED "t"¡..t Cam- Trader. Swansea *11 III M||FI, E DU C A T I ON A L. I £ 1,000 IN PR IZES | to Sbortliand-Typisl,- and Commercial fitudenfs is offered by the "Daily Sketch. Subjects Required: SHORTHAND. OFFiCE ROUTINE. TYPEWRITING, ENGEISH. Full particulars of scheme and o and complete tuition for Exam- cations from: — if he DE BEAR SCHOOLS, Ltd., Castie Buildings, Swansea, POSTAL TUITION.-Learn Pitman's Short- ? hattd and D"Z ? Book-keeping (jungly "ew ea?.v method. Shorthand ZO te?or?. t?,?.?ookkfef'i"K22.-6d.—Danie!.<o'ics P.6.. etc. !the Wclt.kmwn (?)?c!)). i?c?th  — EN-5 IJ¡il.IVATE TUITION for London Mau?' .?. ? ?' the Prelim Ex- J borthand and EooU-keepicg. rapidly I ual:1t. t ?' ?'hman'? Conch'.n& Cone?p. M-?. w r)r-? cf;ter-1) lace (°PP°SITE C stl &nema) waI.lea. 'V'  MONEY. £ ctih A!? e-ath Ma!t5   li- ?????th*Ma!?s  'è"Cl'ij¡"ffi':1 ?? ?' np\ds htndll Pnvate. -Est?]?hc? ?? ,? II yo't r?juu'e a Loan appiy ?oTG?.?; Ma\ageVChu?Kreet (cmpo-! BiteKt .ar. Ch Ulch Swan?a Pri?' ARM ('onl'uendl. J   IV ?ONLY to Lend to R'?taMe?nou? ? Afi. hoidei?: I ■ :!V^T" Confidential.— J?cr D Thomas. 6. \Vatc?no-;t.. Swansea. ADVANCES, S15 TO £5,000 I O.I written promise to repny or any security \1 Yrinciua ( re:aill or can b repaid by '?6 or j lv, i n z-'L a 'i i iz? r?,ts ?130 uL 1&?("f au y  H ??)d un)CM buhjn?s done: promptLesg and I" PRIVACY; I ?, d,, your I'ec¡mr7nt6 ? locally.-Write expr?,t?.;n,? your t?eri?irew,?-nts E. LAWRENCE, LTD., f Den Chambers, Wmo-strest, Bristol. | PERSONAL. I A DVERTISEE wisbes to IuvN;ttrõ 5C to .e6SJ on good SeuJitl What oners_ ?-?ib.; Te:nis." Leader Otftcf USA ??3 ? -I.; "Ullck ¿ertF" Toffee Shop there IS; ?"?a:.d.!?i{oorc0n'y." Uncle BC1t and '?? Sen thank you for your bclp. You are 'I ?oinx "You: Bit" we dn our? Thanks! I •^UANOEA. Thanks!'  ?RO? MICHAEL. Celebrated Astro!os:pr r ? Herb PhMcian: Ayesha. bis creat L^YEHIC MrcMum. The Rocking Stones of! '??. t'n<t.l& M.. birth date. -SrilJtO- J *UM, ?ucen-etrcd. Ca.rduf. IMAII-29 I )&? L ?? HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR SALE AND TO LET. T^ ARL?. POSSi?IUN.-For Sale, in Pine. .1 « wood-road, Uplands, excellent Lea- bolO. ilouùe; two sitting-rooms, kitchen, larder, coal-house, wash-house, 3 beitoouis. I bath-room, w.e.; fine views of Bay etc long lease; low ground rent,—Apply to Messrs.- J. Elev.itt Jen kins and Sons. Estate I Agtnts Surveyors, etc. Coliege-streel. Sv\ansea. Clu-29 VEliSLE V -EOAIX SKET°TY.—For Sale. I with early posseesion. Freehold &nii. f (ic-taeaed Villa; two reception rooms, kit- chen, bculipry, wc-shhoiise etc. 4 bedrooma. i bath-room. w.c.; good garden—Apply to ideesrs. J BJewitt Jenkins and Sons, Estate ) AgenW. Surveyors, etc 4, College-street, j Swansea. C10-30 L-OR Sale, two Houses (Nos. 23 and 24. JL Clase-ioad, ilorriston), in central posi- tion; Sis -ed.n,,) lcaise; ground rent at £2 5s. each house.—Apply. 25. Clase-road, Morrit- ton. 115A10-27 Lj^REEHOLI' House for Sal,- at Woodlands- i- tprrace. Montpelier-terraee and Rose- iiill-terrace, also excellent Leasehold [loi:ise I <1:. the Uplands to be sold with vacant i o- tession — Joseph Harris Auctioneer, 1, j Gtorgp-street Swansea. C1030 j ]^OR SALE, with vacant, possession. Free- I boll Villa in Ea.tozi-g-.ove -AI)p]Y ) Hoche, Auctioneer. Rutland Mouse. Sva-n- cea CIO-28 rOR SALE No. 14 (Hem'-detAched). 13 ?0. X 22. and 24, Manor-road. Ma.n?toTi.— Writo On ner." c/o Daily Leader, Swansea 118.\10-Z8 HOUSE from £ 250 and upwards- 56 lid I weekly repays £ 250. Applicant^ visiteu a,i-Y distr;<a.—Writ<> "Seller," Leader Office ,[,0 "\TEATH -For Sale. the Substa-ntiany-. f 1' Leasehold Prenue?s known as the N e 11, th A uctjOIJ Room: good central posi- goc, central posi tion; ti r .j unexpired 83 ycartt. early vacant los<?ea«ioii.—Apply Henry Parminter The Croft. Neath. £ AJO-2U I VI EA'lvH.ROAI) HAFOD —Two well-built I .1, Hou-es. for Sale, cheap to immediate purchaser- low ground rent—Joseph lIar- j ris Auctioneer, 1. George-street, Swansea. 0 QT. OEORG: S?ERRA?JE'fiHB'. off "Walter- ? r"Hl; Vacant Mouf-e for Sale: crerT ;modern convenience: pric^ to immediate "u-cbtscr only £ S50 —Joseph Harris Auc- tioneer, 1. George-street Swansea. WE will enable you to Purchase a House » worth jE250 for an average repayment of 5s lid weelilv.-Write Box W 8, Leader Office. Swansea. C-10-31 I ? /? WEEKLY will Purchase JE45J Rone; T/ <t any district; po&?ts-io'' by arrange- j r.ient.—' Landlord." Leader. Swansea. T.C. APARTMENTS AND LODGINGS V TO LET AND WANTED. I7EONT Bedroom and Sitting-Room JU Vacant: Two Gentlemen preferred; with or without board.—CoDtinentc! Cafe, South en d. Mumbles. 117 A10-27 '?WO Ec';pectablc Sin?e Men require two JL Furnished Rooms aad Flight attend- ance.—Box X 14, Leader Office. 120A10-27 ANTT,.D, Oomfortable LodginKa for (if>; would live with family.- Reply 95 Rbyddin?s-terrace. Brynmill. 121A10 27 PREMISES TO LET & WANTED ARAGE to Let at Watt?rs-road.—App!y. GS. Rubenstein, 25, Gower-6treot, Swan sea. 115A10.27 HOUSES WANTED. TV^\ ^ANTEDr Small Furnished Bouse r bath-room proferre.i; at Laugland or Newton.—Write "M Leade' Ctace.  1Z1A1& ?0 ??A?TED. FutT?Iahed Hou6c; Mumbles or W. Sketty Distnct; fo? L'?ng Period.— Write. "Crown." "Daily^.cr," Swansea. _?9A10? ?P?n OFFERED for'Key of sood 6 6r 8- dVroomed ftouee i? good part of Swansea or Mumbles, or district good ten- ar.tfi.— WritA; immediately to Box K 14. Leader Office. I18A10-28 £-1 _0- FO < Eev of HÓliëê district o?lU to rent.—Write B?? W 14, Lf?der "jacc. Swareca. <?10-?9 f* C OFFERED for Comfortable. Furnished. O cr. preferabiv. Part Furnished, tiouse- long period: Swansea or Mumbles good tell rite to Box L 14. Leader Office. 11BA10-28 III. I". ,±IL-BW|. NOTICES. A MUSICAIi Treat is assured those who nL visit the Albert Hall Swaneea, on No •<mbtr 1st. First-cl 193 Vocalists and Choiia competing. Seats can be Booked immediately The Swansea Branch Com. it-creial Iravellerfi' Association promise the • i-^ublio their Eisteddfod to be the' BcAit U'iaHty produced. C10-2:J I l ALLltOOM "DANCING.-Latest London -1, DancMs taught, including Tanao >.altz. Private and Class Lessons.—Apply G coif icy Lewis. 3 Gec.n:t-JSt.reet, Swan- .;iea or at The Central School of Dancing, !U. St Helen's-road (Godfreys). Swansea. 112A10-29 HÖL()LATES Confecticnery. — '?. ?? (tuant?tica sapptieJ: trade only: 3? a I-icties Write price list istarnp) Dtpt 1J Z6 Citv Confectionery Co. i 19. Minones. Ijcndon. j2A1<3t) -Madam Jr?mc Daviee has Re- sumerl her Private Dar.cing Lesf-ons. L:Üeet Dances t%aghi. For terme apb' 35 (icorge-street SwaiMea^ 121A10-30 }7"6u LigJit~Hauiago of any deccription at -i icadonsb'e charKe? apply S Hearn. 28. 'L'rafalgar-terrace. 98Aj 0.31 BORSES and Traps for Dire, also Pony L I and Governess Car: by hour, day. or bv weck-S Hearn. J.8. Trafalgar-terrace. 92A1C 31 1\TOTICI.ied:me Dalma has Removed to it 288, Oxiord-street. Swansea; next door Suekiarid Jones Dental Surgery. 122A10-30 '"r?VO lVaso!&. two Horaef. and Harness 1 for Sale — Ynysforgan Farm, Morriston. nen: T:~n.->, Tterminu-3. I17A10-28 rpO all irtendirig Ilurcha-scri of Hou-ehclri t FLirriiti,,ro.-You should, without delay call at Hill's (the Manufacturers) and in- spect tbf?: Large and Various Stocks, direct from their own workp No middle- man's prottt? Caoh or E?'s; iormH. t?ea?.t I note the Address. Hill's Gower-street S\\ an<:<ea. Also 14. Windsot-road Neath 120A10-29 TYPEWHITERg —The Master-Model Royal i Standard Typewriter No 10. The flnal choice of all discriminating Writing Ma chine Buyer? Recent Government orders for over 7,000 Royals Facilities provided for inspecting all other makes of Type- Writers- Office Appliances Company. Sid- dall Building, Swansea. 011-9 LOST AND FOUND. OST, Bay Mare Pony 12.2 hands, in good i condition; medium long tail; no i-:arks -Evans, Post Office. Cefneithen mA'P-Sl STOLEX o" strayed a Roan Mare. about 14.2 bands; knee marked; finder re- warded.—ChariM Williamo Machinery Mer- chant Morris-ton. 010-27 j '-HggBSig^BgBBBgaggar "nt. "RNITURE. 10-?31 'C?UE'MTrRE.—Best Pricee ?ivcn by me r for S(?cond-ha"d Furniture nnd Antique Furniture of any description. Drop me a postcard or call.-Wm., 8. Fabian- I street St. Thomas. CT.C. 1 MOTOR CARS. CYCLES, &c. ALBION CHASSIS.—We cap offer dehvei.v of 50 cwt. Chassis eno September, 60 ewt. November and SU cwt and 80 cwt. No- vember. subject unsold. Cach. Easy Terms. or Exchange.— R E Jones. Ltd. tMotor Dept.). Dillwyn-streeJ. Swansea T/C I CiALCOTT Light Car (3916), Dickey seat. dy nalliO lighting, electric horu; re- iaintp,d and overhauled: ii excellent con- 1 dition aT'1i splendid ruriuinst order, £ 450.— Apply W Bevau 23 The Promenade, Swan. TEA C10-30 S .OR SALE, 12 h.p. Braizer 1S13 5-se«tei- I JL Toui?ng Car; open to expert examina- tioa.—Apply Braizer," Leader OWco. 117 A10-Z7 jT'Of. gLr Ford Car. 1919 model; electric .£ liKht: only driven few hundred miles: perfect running order. Also &? Triumph Motor Cycle; good condition. uood offert. Eavlea. Dairyman. Fforestfach. 122'A1»28 j) E. JONES. Limited (Motor Department) Dillwyn-street. Swansea List of Cuxa in block for Immediate Delivery:— AT SWANSEA DEPOT 12 li.r) MaGs 2-seatcr and dickey seat, C.A.V. iishting j? C.A.V. 1913 Yalbot Touring dynamo 12 h. p ii?hMnt! jR600 D.S b.p. Dumber 1914 2-scater. elec- tric h?hting. jE:495 iMj Vauzhall Coupe. C.A.V lighti-ig and starting £ 760 Milner-Dain.lei 2-3 ton 16 9 b-i-, Napier Touring. O.A.V. lighting AT CARDIFF DEPOT New 30 h.p Daimler ChaesU £ 106u New Studebaker" Big fix *990. 11.0 h.p 19: j Belsize 2-3 seater, dickey, electr. ic lighting 20 h p. 191 j Daimler 5-4 seater ooupe, C.A.V. lighting. 10 h.o 1914 Mathis 2-seater and dickey. 33 h.p. 1315 Lexington Touring elec- the lighting and starting 16-25 h.i) AustroDaimler 1911 Sporting 2-seater, G.A-V. AT LONDON DEPOT 4 De Dion IS 25 h.p Vauxhall Touring. O.A.V. ;ing. C. A V 25-35 h.t) Sunbeam Limoueine. Lucas du?te?jiKhtin?. ALl.. o.ft'øred subject unsold ?jCMb. easy tQfma, or exchange, .J. -h. AXO.N. Two-seater: ll.»J).p.; perfect run. 0 nius* order and conriition: recently overhauled; acetylene headlights; oil tail Jnmp: Boso-li magneto; 4 nau tnés: £ 210.— Dennett Go^iselnoii. 117A10-27 TTSrANTED, Motor. Touring Car, or one- » V tOil Lorry, or Chaosie —Write Con- tractoi- c/o Leader Office. 122A10-28 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. TpOIi SAIJj. New UpriKht lron Frame Waf 1. nut Piano j £58. or nearest offer; intict .;tJJ. owner going abroad.-A-rite Box It 15. Leader ufacc. 1*21410-27 4" l^AKS. ? Hand5Vme Mx-?Ml GOarveci Oak, ?4 17s. &d. (usually £ 7); Records, 1d., Is. 6dM 2-s. iieeorda Exchnnsod. 3.t. dozeii.-19, Park-sti-oet. 113AHi-28 G ODFREY and Co. Ltd.—Special Bargains in Second-hand Pianos aud Organs; prices troin iijgns. New Pianos by all the !t>aO:Hn, makel's. wciudJD! Collurd and Col- lar.d, WirtoL and Witton. Semes and Co., Biinstnea,d Cranic- etc.. etc Prices from 0118!* Terms arranged if desired v\ nto for tree list or call and make a per. bona! «eiection.—Go<lfrey and Co.. Ltd.. 22. GODFREY and Co. Ltd. Pianofortv Manu. v* tacturers, have now Re-Opened their onA aU'j helyairitig Department Pianos and Organ fhorodghly Renovated and Re- p,al'ed. Ei:itlInatcs given. Expert Tunet-a lSlt a.U Part. of Wales Pianola and Player Hanoa a Speciality —Godfrey and Co., Ltd., 2.2, t. Helen s-road, Swansea. 122A10-3.1 Ifc^USIOAL INSTRUMENT^W^" SfalrtT iL Maiifiacture Buy. Sell, and Exchange hi ringed Dibtruments. Our Strings are un- enuallcU; used by every Profoesional in fcwaneea and District. Repairs receive a- l'et attention on the premMes. Get S-ou/'I ?uMcai.H'iQuirementB attended to by u" and rc,-?ive the benefit of 4,? year?' IJrMd- " thereby ((ahdn" satisfaction md making your mnsi( wha' it should be- a8Vr' V° ''?'? R("od6 from the riziit ,sel- ected bv an Mppriencpd t,f.:1yor an,md{er. then your rendefih!? ylll ?? ? ? b?t.-Woodii? Gower.stre? « v xu ?"?? the man who understands ?itrini-od? ?d their re?uire- iTGnte. and the rPQUirement? of their D1ay- T20A10 29 efa .N. O Bargains; 12. M. 38. 45, &5 Guineas: Largest and Cheapest Selection in Wales. Cash Only.—Exchange, 19, Park- street, Swansea. AND BHAOKELL'S AN i NOUNCEMENTS :— c HICAG6 Organ, 4 sets of roods..S itaps. J 2 knee swells; very fine tore, f28.— Thomllon and Shackell. Ltd.. 39, Castle street, Swansea 01 ANOFORTE. by. Salph Allison, full com- Xr p&evgTvojv Keyfe' 50 guineas cash. oi easy terms.—Thompson and Shaekell, L' t' d• ■, 39. Castle -street, qwan.-zea.. I A LEXANDEA Par?s. Harmonium; 12 stops, j? 4 sets of reeds; hu'go powerful instru- ment. suitable for place of worship; £ 35.— Thompson and Shackell. Ltd.. 39. Castle- street. Sv.'ae°ea> FCR SALE. I^OR SALE Gia;r?d P?rt ion. 11.8 '69: Fde,o.- iii centre and 6]iding window, ?afe (Witbprs). 2.6 x 1.8 1 1.7, and Stand Desk. 4.10 x 2.6 x J.M (2 Hans and 3 drawcrN). JTeharce, Burrows Chambers. Swirisea. FOR SALE 'Wooden Shed (consistin: three compartments). 30 feet long, about 3 tt eet wide; galvanised iron rcof.—Apply fl. Lang-Ooath. Guild half Swarsea. 010-28 I^Oii SALE. Oak Sid^vboard, Pian<». Cabinet. Overmantel: no dealers.—An PlviiinlV!rjaD_Jn n._ Morrist on. 122AID-31 ri OP6. SALE, Sail A pro is fo- Tinworkera. 1: alsi. large pieeH for other nnr- ,:c6e3.—Apply Shechan s Stores York-street. a9.Aj\.1-27 17\ÖR SALE. Kitehetr Tables, Bedsteada Overlay. Three Large Mirrors. Also Piano. £30 or Nearest Oiror.-U-. Mahoney, 1. Bridge-street Swansea. 119A 10-28 TMREWObr Chonpiisa Machine for Sale— i Barron Also Saivbenchos and other surplus Woodworking Machines, Cranes, ,in(i Traction Engine for Sale-C. Jennings fond Co. Lid Bristol. CIO-Zoi I^OR SALE, Sniendid Green Plu&h. 'Mi? i. h<t;any Chedcrfip]d Suite, almost new. Also Drawmg-room Table and Harmonium. —Write Alice," Leaicr Office Swansea 114A10-27 MARBLE Butter Block for Sale: 3ft v 2ft. —Box G 14. Daily Leader." Swansea. C10.27 OLD Corrugated Sheets; promiscuous lengths, 4tt, to 8ft.: suitable for fencing; 20 tons for Sale.—Thomas Jenkins and Son, Britonferry. 115A10-27 QAFES (Fire-Resifiting, 20in. to 48in high, 0 for Sale. Also pair 8Jin. Winding Engines, Steam Wagons. Petrol Lorries.— Birt, 47;), Strand, Swansea. CI 1-2 lion-le Policy Certificate for Sale; 7*ov £6 10s. paid in: what offers?— Write, "Pell^r." "rjeader" Office, Swansea ir.vo 31 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. CAST-OFF Clothing of Every Descriptior. Bought. Parcels sent. cash or oLe- by return Attends Swansea. Mondays.- Griffiths. Woodbine. Fefryside. 122AJO-31 TREES Wanted over Pitwood size.—Jen- ni?ig.«. Ltd. Wood ^01 kers, Pennywcll- road. Bristol Branch at Porthcawl. STC. SMALL ADVERTISEMENT ORDER FORM. I I •  ?_ ————_——?_ —?——————— _———————— ——————.?— I Please publish the above advertisement tim". for which 1 I enclose N.aine and Addrem S, 1 i I ft desired, replies may be sent to Box itiimbers at the "Oatabria Daily Leader" Offioe, M Thie form should be Rddrewed to AdrertiacawJst Departicent, "Cambria Daily g Leader," Swan«e?'- ■mi ■ IT'" II ■ n n — ™-— r TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. A MMANIORD.—Season's Goods—indoor or ?.L out)—whether Cartridges (Eley'e, Ky- hoell's. and Curtis'b and Harvey's), or Cut- lery. Table Lamp". Mantles Nicket Fenders and Irons, at. Harr'es' th, noted Furbish cr. and li-ohmongers. Clo-30 i 'fï..tÙ 1\1 -ë-LÛ<JKS -AnotEêr- Large Con 1.-1. sigument just arrived; best mk; every one guaranteed: £1 each.—A. Joseph. Jew oiler. 20 licathfield-trpe". Wext to Bui- ien's). '.21A10-30 B- lili\.KYlrs.-We have a fin range of AU- B Wool Blankets at Moderate Prices, ihev are exceptional value.—John Richards, Cradock etrcct. Swaiit^ea. 117A10-27 BAD LEUS.—1 have successfully treated JL3 thousands, and i guarantee a cure in every case.-G. Deakin, Herbalist, Alexan. (ii-a-rotid. SwAnsea. 120A 10-29 BAD LEGS. My Stimulating Heruai Anti- septic treatment cures iu every ca»e.— Write or call today.—Dbakin. Herbalist. Alexandra-road, Swansea 120A10-29 c A.I,"CO that is inucli boiow to-day's value; We have a few special lines in White and Grey.—John Richards, Cradock-etreet, Swansea. t 119A10-28 IN Uncle Bert'#" Toffee Shop there is -L "Standing Room" Only." Uncle Bert a-id his Son .thank you for your help You aI") doiu:c. t. Your Bit." ae we did oux-s Thanks! Swansea Thanks!. 120A1028 RIVATE iLD (i Wgiaph Chrictmat3 X Oards; drop me a Post-Card, end I will bring within five miles radius of the General ilost Oific-e my Sample Books for your inspection; absolutely finest and cheapest selection.—Address, Box F 14, Cambria Daily Leader," Swansea. 117A10-27 ^URGICAL Appliances.—Trusses, Sprays. O Enemas, Surgeons' Rubber Gloves and Surgical Ru boer Goods of every description Writ.* for Catalogue, sent post ii-ec.-Le Brosseur Surgical Co., Ltd fl)pl)t D.V.), gO and 92. Woreester.etreet Biimingam. T.C. VOUgtreliable boots at the New R.-G. X Shoe Store. Goat-street; Good Shapes, Good fitting. Reasonable prices; Try them. 119A10-28 LIVE STOCK. &c. -AGE B1;:d-Färîci;:=Haiifii-'boult't'ä I ( Large Consigumpnt of thia year's h.?r- H sted C?nar? Sed. we are now ohering the same at '6Jd per lb.; mixed. 7M per t Hemn. Rao.?. Lineed, an J P?rrot Food, aU at 9d Dcr Ib On sale at Swansea Poultry Corn Co-oncrntive Stores 26 Fabian-Street, St Thomas and No 6 Stall Swansea Market (v, ateiloo-street side), opened ever} day. 121A1CL30 fTOR SALE a Dark Bay Pony, 12 h.h.. S- eound. warranted in harness; always driven by lady.—Apply Bryn Rhos Farm, I'eullergaer 122A10-28 IrOR SALE. 50 February, Marah. April. 1919. White- Wvindc, t- Cockerelt of excellent utility strains, from 12s. 6d.— Clementd. Iilsiiliionw^n Farm. Morriston CIO-30 IOR Sale, active Chestnut Horse. Useful ola-ck Mare; 15.2 hands. Also two 'jandaue a.nd Broughcm.—George Thomas, 10, Kinley-strcet, St. Thomas, Swansea. ?_ '1 AÑ'l'ED. good Yard Dog. e?ato particu- 't. lara.—Ellis, "Belmont." Blackmil 122A10-29 £6 each at nvemonths old.f?rfour ) MnaU store ci?e bouaht at 5s, each was one beginner's record after using Karswood Pig Powders. Yet can do it too! twelve for is. Thomas. Chemist, Goreein- on. and Old Bank Pharmacy, Llanelly momEteveEn- llg^ll-fi