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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

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1 I PAINLESS DENTISTRY. | EDWARSJS 8 COTTERELL Castle Dental Surgeries, I 9a, CASTLE ST., SWANSEA (OVER BOVEGA.) PAINLESS EXTRACTIONS 1s. Advice Free. Moderate Charges Extractions F when New Teeth are Supplied. qaily-10 till 7. I* BSSS GWSNYDDM, YN MEDRU CYMRAEG, YN aTOIJfB (Welsh-speaking nurse m attendance.) Patron ADMIRAL SIR DAVID BEATTY. j WIN ct2giSOO POR s;- AND HELP TO FOUND SETTLEMENTS FOR | DISABLED SAILORS & SOLDIERS (Registered under the War Charities Act). Other people taSk—We are doing it iqith | THE GOLDENBALLOT. HUNDREDS Of PRIZES, INCLUDINlG I FIRST PRIZE -2,500. I SInd Prize: The Lease of a London House, or isi,ooo. 3rd Prizes A Motor Car. 4th Prizes A Pearl Necklace, I 5th Prize I £ 500. 6th Prize: Lunch for Two at the Savoy every day for a month, j i COUPON. — J I Write plainly in ink and cross your postal order. Letters to be addressed to Mrs. C. F. LBYEL (Desk IS), 8, Marble Arch, 1 London, W.l. Please post to me.Tickets for the Golden Ballot, for which | I enclose P.O. value Name (in full) 1 I A,ddross .I. (Patents and all rights reserved in all countries.) ) Two Tablespoonsful of "N.P.S." VINEGAR And Water will make a Pint of Beautiful MALTED VINEGAR at a cost of 2d. only. It is Silly to pay mere. 1 Kinds-(I) Table or Household. (2) Sauce, a Real Good Sauce in itself. (3) Pickling, Ready Spiced. (4) Salad Sweetened with Saccharin^. All Water White, or Pale .Straw, Amber, Brown and Dark Colors. For all Purposes, Home, Hotel, Institutional, Manufacturing, Army and Navy, Shipping, Export, Fryers, Pens, Oysters, etc. All one Price. J'O TROUBLE.-Make Vinegar as you want it. Always Fresh. Not a Substitute. Absolutely Pure. Treble Distilled. Malted after Oistilatieu, prcasrvins the Digestive and Nutritious properties of the Malt, which no other vinizars do. No Prosarvative-s. Will Keep. Prices per Bottle:-gd., 10-1d., 1/ 1/2, 1/8, 1/8, 21-, 2/6, 3/4, 4/4, 6/3, 13/2, 26/- & 51/- The larger the Size the Cheaper. From al" Chemists, Grocers. Oil and Colour Men, etc., I ar 2/6 Size and up direct, Post Paid (makes li to 3 gallons). Ask or Send for-and see you get it. TRADE DISCOUNT:—For £ 2 £ 5 £10 f25 £ 50 £100 worth. 3/9 4/- 4/3 i/6 4/9 SI- in the £ fn Bulk Quantities of 2 5 10 25 50 100 gallons (One Gallon mak< a Trade Prices 24/- 23/6 28/- 22/6 22/- 15 to 30 Gallonf.) Sample Half-gallon for 13; delivered (.makes 7! to 15 gallons). All Delivery, Bottles, Casks, Packagse, C;¡.q, Iugurftfvoe, Skew aajd Hapclbiils, Direc- tions Free. No Free Samples. No Delay. Dehvêrtxr qijickeet way. Always Cash with Order. (Deduct 3d. in the A.) Merchants and Agents are allowed a further Dircount of 11,% freto all above net Wholesale Prices. Only Makers in the "WorldN.P.S. VINEGAR Co. (Pfegd.). Ltoenssd Vinegar Makers, BOSTON, Eng. Bankers: N.P. & U. Bank of England, Boston (0-ross P.O., Cheques, etc.)) Telegrams: AVIN." Boston. GOOD NEW so WM. WCttlTCt Lo. I Beg to announce that on account of the relaxation of i war restrictions on brewing, they are in a position to | Ineet their customers' demands for their celebrated 19 Pre-War Brands of Ale and Stout. From FRIDAY NEXT Strong Ale and Special Stout .1 will be again obtainable from all their Agents at the i following prices:- 1 i Per Flagon I STRONG ALE -1/6 I SPECIAL STOUT 1/3 I Exclusive of Deposit Charges on Bottles. AGENTS EVERYWHERE. I | I OCUH8TS' S J PRBSCRIPTIONS. jag | The majority of Lenses— I B 3 Rimmed or R iml es n, jj H I BPher'.cal. Aertigmatic 0 r ffi I Maniscaa—are ground in our 3 H R own Workshop. iir. J I 3 TWO QUALIFIED | f| OPTICIANS ARE 1 | IN ATTENDANCE. 9 || B The Highest Skill. fi| I The Best Workmanship. W Abso'nte Accuracy of all SSj Lenses. ag Perfect Fitting Frames. wi C. F. HllEB, 1 226, Oxford Street, ll SWANSEA.

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