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amuseivients. 6.30. TO-NIGHT. 3.30. Thona: Central 32. > -■ HARRY BURNS presents flip WELCH- a CONRAD PRODUCTION, Making Movies § Showing the Public t he Actual Making j t-be t'uhbc t. '.a Acrua! Making .and Taking of the Film, wherein he Entire Cast of Players is Chosen Í1:"OITt ■; the Audience. A Modern Motion-Picture J Studio Brought Before Your Eyes. In j Your Phases the Entire Process of i Picture Making is Revealed i'or the FirSS Time. | LATEST NEWS PICTURES. ? FRANK FAY in 720 Sees, of Vaudeville. STRENGTH BROS., Premier Equilibrist i COLE DE LOSSE, Lquilihrists. T^.RANK & VICTOR AUKLAND, .ne Marvellous Blind Twin Musicians. .1 NIXON GREY, Comedian, in His I Latest Hits. ^ZZ i -EL y\sfiu I ELYSIUM. Thitr., Fri. & Sat. j ALMA TAYLOR and GERALD AMES IN I THE mmUKi HOUSE, A Romantic Story in which this i Charming Film Actress is seoa I at her best. HOUDINiJ The Great Handcuff King Serial- Episode 6. Another Thrilling I Episode of this World-renowned Serial. A Tugboat Romeo ¡ Triangle Keystone. Topical Budget and usual I v Full Programme. ROYAL THEATRE I THE HOME OF MUSIC. ThursFri. & Sat. MARGERY WILSON IN MOUNTAIN D'EW Triangle Drama—Five Reel3. Carlyle Blackwell and Doris Kenyon IN The Ocean Waif. Smiling Bill Parsons I. IN 'Have Another, Two-Reel Comedy. Episode 4, THE SILENT MYSTERY, "DENS OF INIQUITY." j; Gazette & Topical News. Castle CINEMA. 2.38. TIME LOCKS AND DIAMONDS, the Story of a Modern" Raffles," featuring William Desmond and Mildred Harris (Mrs. Charlie Chaplin). WHEN LOVE LOSES, a Thrilling and "RpUlantie Drama, featuring Mabel Van Buren. i^Over 2,000 Players appear in this produ(:f ¡(IT)). Also Selection of Up-to-date Comedy and -• f Topical Films. CARLTON. 2.M. TO DAY. 18.30. H^ART & SOUL, adapted for the Screen by Elliot Stannard from the Celebrated Novel by Roy If(-)rna.-nan. NOT NEGOTIABLE, featuring Julian Royce and Manora Thew. NUTT AND NOODLES (a Two Part -l" Screen Comedy'). J* MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE, Me and My Dog, Travel. Pathe's Gazette. PICTURE HOUSE 2.38. T O O A Y 10.30 S. Hart in BRANDING BROADWAY A Artcraft Picture. UN DEn FALSE COLOURS, featuring Frederick Warde and Jeanne Eagles. FIGHT FOR MILLIONS. Episode 9: The Escape. MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE, V PAJ ..q.1 | 1WUSEWEMTS. GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. | MONDAY, 27th OCTOBER, 1919, Six Nights at 7.30, MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.30 p.m. J. A. E. MALONE'S Company, in the i Two Great Musical Comedy Successes. MONDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY, THE MERRY NIDOW, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, and MATINEE (SATURDAY), GiPSY LOVE, NEXT WEEK- Macdoneld & Young present SHANGHAI -=:.& _a GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. NEXT WEEK- Matinee Saturday at 2.30. MACDONALD & YOUNG Present SHANGHAI A SPECTACULAR MUSICAL PLAY. j From Drury Lane Theatre, London j Be ok Early for this Enormously Successful Musical Comedy. Box Office (Mr. W. J. CV.sey) Open at the Theatre Daily, from 10.0 till 5.0. Tel. No. 1411, Central. ELYSIUM I Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I Alma Tayior and Gerald Ames in THE BOUNDARY HOUSE, a Romantic Story I in which this Charming Film Actress is seen at her be^t. HOUDINI, the (! i eat Handcuff King Serial. Episode 0. I A TUGBOAT ROMEO (Triangle Key- I stone). Topical Budget and Full Programme. PUBLIC NOTICES. J. S. ARNOLD, STOCK AND SHARE BROKER, Bank Buildings, Castle Square, Swansea. Tel. "Jarotd," Swansea. 'Phone 181 C-ciit. I ho ve Buyers of:- 250 Cons. Cambrians at 24s. M. 200 Powell Dtiffrym -New at 14s. Sd, have Sellers VZ Khbnrtda and Swansea Bay Prcfs. at 250 Reckitt and .Sons Ordinary at £ 2 4s. 6d. 260. Mond Nickel 7 per cent. Prefs. at 20s. 350 English Crown Spelters at 41s. 25 Malndy Shipping at 55s. 50 Lunmt Rubbers at 5?.s. 6d. 450 Bolekow Va-ughan New Fully Paid at 24%. 9d. "M do. do. Old at 25?. 9d. CHANGE OF BANK HOURS. On and after tHe 22nd November next, the- Neath Banks will Open on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, instead I of D.30 a.m. to 12.30 p m. as at present. VETCH FIELDo THURSDAY, 30th OCTOBER, 1919. WELSH LEAGUE. MID-RHONDDA v. SWANSEA TOWN KICK OFF at 3.15 p.m. ADMISSION (including Tax) Is., STAND Is. Extra. Neath Road Council Schools. In connection with the Calfaria Baptist Chapel, Morriston, a GRAND B I S T F 1) D F 0 D Will !-A held at the above School on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8th, 1919. Chief Items. Male Voice Competition, Martyrs of the Arena," I' 15. Mixed Choral. Blodeuyn OJnf," £12. Children's Choir, "Children's Holiday," E4 Solos £1 ls. Novice, Pianoforte, Violin Solos, etc. Recitations, etc. Farther particulars from Hon. Sec., Mr. M. J. Morgan, 22, Upland-terrace. ST. GABRIEL'S CHURCH, A GRAND BAZAAR Will be Opened in ST. GABRIEL5S HALL on THURSDAY, OCT. 30th. 1919, at 330 p.m., by Miss LLEWELYN, And on FRIDAY, OCT. 31st, at 3.30 p.m., by Mrs. T. W. JONES. Useful Articles at Reasonable Prices. Come and Buy Your Christmas Presents. CONCERT EACH EVENING at 8 o'clock. Admission — — One Shilling. After 6 p.m.. Sixpence. County Borough of Swansea. TO CONTRACTORS. TENDERS are invited for the SINKING of BORE HOLES at WHYCHTiEE BRIDGE, in the County Borough of Swansea. Full partic-ulars may be obtained the undersigned, to whom Tendprs should be sent not later than Wednesdav, Nov. 5th, 1919. J. RICHARD HEATH, Borough Engineer and uSrveyor. Guildhall, Swansea, October 29t'h, 1919, i ? I %7xm îuK Now carrying FULL SUPPLIES I of I GENUINE FORD SPARE PARTS. I Call, Phone or Write I I HUTCHINS I & COLIMITED. I STREET I SWANSEA I %uniBnnin0«ncai j AUTBPP:SXB DEALERS AND ?. PA?TS 5'rOCKi t,riT" -7- -K.: „ „ „ „ „ „— I WATTS JOfiES. p. Exceptional J Value FOR This Week IN Ladies' Coats, Furs, I Dresses and I T tveeds. SEE WINDOWS Oxford Sireet, I SWANSEA. j | LJM-Li -————- -<- PUBLIC WOTtCE^. ) MUMBLES PIER AND PAVILION. DANCING In the PAVILION EVEH Y Thursday and Saturday, FROM 7 TILL 10 P.M. Mr. S. W. Cooper's Orchestra. ADMISSION TO PAVILION Is. Refreshments of all Kinds at Pier Hotel. Union. A SPECIAL MEETING Of Seamen, Fireman, (lnd Fishermen, will take place at the THEATRE ROYAL, Wind Street, at 10 a.m. on Thursday Morning. Business Very Import&nt. All Members are Earnestly Requested to Attend. G. GUNNING Secrefary. DON'T FORGET WHIST DRIVE and DANCE AT DOCKERS' HALL, Thursday, October 30th. 6,30 p.m. to 12 Midnight. I G,]., LADIES, 2s. I í



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