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births, marriages, AND DEATHS. -v- MARRIAGES. J-TAKS-— MTJEPiiy.—At .si. Joseph's Roman Cath-j ic Cnuren, OctoU:r Lotii, uy the law. i'atuer Lia^ger'ty. Piiiiip ot Oen- utus to ioitt, oni.v daughter of Mr. &i;iuri-u MuroUy, cwinbv.rl notel. 25th 1919. at Ua;>c-j Goroer. Swansea ncenee>, Mom 4oi vi ALT. ana>. t»m. lHoina-s, ijiaet'ryn," Uuiiva-ns. to Ceimven, daugli- ter ot Ji1*. aru ilrfi. l-wani tivans, .Bryr- amlv-sr, Gowertofi. 'i.tie itCY. A. o J&nle;, ibrowL-rtoii) otiiciatea. YiUiklb-i}' SILVER WEDDING. TJ SKBR—ilDWAftoS.-On October 29th. 1894- at Ar&Tie Chapel. Swansea. by lile line kev. win iiirams, truest 'iaeaer, second bUD, ot tit.. iaie ueor^o torm«i-jy oj Ileinbroio iKxsk, to tiosina only daugnter I <M ilr V>. J tdwarcis. -5. Ai.nmblA», furmtviy oi 10 Brunswick-street. Stvareel. JiflfAlO-Sl. DEATHS. HOBfctfTS.—Ai Cwrt-y-Carne Gorseinon. on October 27iti, Robert, aged Vs. itineral leaves house at 2.->j p.m. on Fii- <lay. the 51^1 October, for t?o??a CemPtery. 1'ontb 10 ma:<& CIC-? ?LES—n?f. on the 26th ÎMt., 94 11, Morl"1 t.?rrsCf. 8W3.KC. LU?'it'my, i-t-ovinciai oecret.ary Swansea dt?rtct. č!nd oi ites*ri..mooxwooi and Williams, tsridgen.1. tuceraJ on Wednesday. 29tli inst. Ravin at '2.30 r.rj.„ Cocke tt Craie- tery. 123A10-29 kEKS—At Elm Cottage, Llansarnlet. oft •Sunday. October 26tii Ann, the ileariy-be- lo,req wife of Mr. Kicuard Hees. I'ubiic funeral Thursday, i.lo p.m., for Bethel Chap* 1A10.9 „ fiLLlAMS.—On October 27th, at Orange Tree lua. after short illness. W. li Wil- liams thy beloved husband of (-^nevere -51. Vvil'li«tms, late of south Africa and France. Funeral Thursday October 30th, c o'clock, Danyfraij; Cemetery. Gentle- inert only. IC»-B.—Sarah 111." Jcb. wife o! Henry Job,, died on 26th inst. biihln: funeral will fake place oi Saturday, at Z-30 sharp, foi- Dany. srraig, frort 1, Balaclava-street, St Thomas, Swansea Undertaker. J. Owen. 125A30-50 G'N'KIN'S.—On the 24th October 1919, at 5. Jpentre Mawr-r,6ad. BwsAsea. Jcnldn Jen- MM. th" beloved won ol Evail a«d Itar- :!r:.ret Jenkia in tlM. 54th yeat Puliic funeral Thursday next, at 2.45 pin., for Cv.-ni*w!y.—Deeply mourned. .25AJ'29 t t>MIOKLk —At IS. tfoll^t-reet. Pontar- dawe, October 26th, wane Sophia. widow < >f John Mumford: aSed 79. fnneral ) H edneeday. OctobeC Mti- for Al'tweu tiiriaJ-tround, at Z p.m. Men only. CiO-29 THANKS FOB SYMPATHY. I"'IIJJAMi?'.—Sr. ana iirt. l.lfc-srelyn Wil- liam-i aiiu Famiiy, d ]}aste&*row. Tre- boeth fjah to thank all those nctrwroti-s friends who synspathlsed \'itl't them in tfceir -eLett sad beresivoinent. And Itleo tÍlObe who sent floral tributes. 010-29 IN ME MORI AM. fniJ?JP?—la *?eat An? loviD? memory ?f ?ur deivr Thool!? Sidney (Syd). eldenl ?on cf ?. and Stts. PbiUi)? 4. Whyod- hit.aa?t'r??.. who d?cd at h:? resideme 5ft, <?riton-tcrraL'?e. 26th OctwOer. 118: age :¡ .vt-rra Sadly missed bv his sorrowing- mother, fatber. sifter and brothers. T,U„ call was %b(,,r* the fshocfe CiPvere. To c-rt with one we Icverl &o dear; lj-ie, rentip voice his smiling fAm ■fhero's liorte can fin his vacant, piece. Thy will he done." ?!UJLLIP?—In 6weet and It-Tin? memory of my dear husband,. Sydney Phmips. who passed away October 26th. 1918. Too wclJ loved to h? forgotten. gentle waj =? antf-fovine emile ATc nleasant to rea: He had a kindly word for each, And wis beloved by all. ''fi.. 6"eet to know we'll meet ag^ain, Waerf partinifs are no more, < And that the one we love-i w well H:t.; only gone before. Eve • ren embered. by his loving wife and I children. 126 A 3 0-20 ? U>LlAMb.—In tovirig memory o? Cur dea* brother Tls!9 *vdtl(?y, cttcM. R-rnhyfryd. who diM October 28tM. I ?;8 Everv remembered b?' h? torrowln? Pees Lucie, Alice, and nfthew- of vent, Too dearly lored to I be foffiottei! 12UlO-5i9 JO^tS.—1» «ir«T-!orlnR rneitiftry <rf Jack, :ieartv-k"el son of Capt ana j}.l6..JOtl<:E, rvmniII who passed uvnv October tÆtft, HÜt atre 1 Z3 —rs. He has gone frorti l Khtt horn" but never from our hcarM. I rerr.embered by da.i. mam brother, l I OX Eft.—*fr loving tneiBory -Of our deaf s IrothPr Jack, who pasee.^away October ath, 19:3 His memory it a« vie.) r to-day As in the howr he pawer. away 14irseil b" May, Bert, and Ltoreer. 323Ai(>-29 t'f1LI.t:\ MI.-In affectionate remembrance of Bo«e Mary, beloved wife of W. V.'iL- Jiaaiij. w ho fell aelfeeu October Z7th. J 9HI. From efoirotritjgr husband. flwtber, and little Sylvia of 6. Richard-street, Manuel- ton. "Though death divider fond memo- rife clin," 123A1029 ILIjIAMS.—To-day recall? sad memories ot our deir, sister, R-ose, wbo parsed Away • ntcbef Z?th,1918.(H:ly i. by her .cMhers and sisters. 1" c swtot to know we'll fieet Vheru partings are no nore; And that the one we lov-od so wel' Has only gone before. 123A 10-29 iONES.-Ei- cof a 11 ivy] an Private Evan Owen JNJa-, R.W.F,. ma1) i Mr a Mrs. Evan Jcnce. Tyhir, Clydacli, yr hwn a Kollo<i;i ci fywyd ar facs y gad yn Ffrainc, dydref S^aiXx, 1916. Fe el"wodd ef lef ei w!?d—a bry;?iodd t?b ruMO i'r aer&ad: Dr(;f; v gwer ar facs irad. Ei huii roes yn aberth rhad. l'w r'e'.i cyai caeth— yn awr sydd, Yn N'hy Hir 6wn hiractb: Am eilmi mam mae nlaeth, t)ros y oer driityd aeth. w eplwyi- hoff gwaif lo -ydd-a trofid Am svfaill mwyn. dedwydd; O'i g-aníul doi heb srerydd, rr brcrtvr air brwd rhydd Acth or sad i wlad heb leit-liet) wylo, Hcb alar aHiwen: Xrtf a ddug i ncfoedd wen. Yr! ïtmn:: Evan Ov^ep. Adsof hiraethus ei fam. dad aï yr. 1S7A?O-N L'AVIES.—I., lovinpr memory of onr (i tr brottjer Billy of Rogei--«treet. Ca«rsdlem. who difJ. iu France October 29th, 1933. IOTJnZI.7 remembtred by father, brother?, and tistf-M 125AIO- LKWJS.—I') loving memor.' of onr dear I^oxjiee. daughter of Kdwin and Mary H.. 17 Tyrt-anoi-row. Morrieton; died October 25th 1913- lovely bud. so young and fair. Came' but to flicjw how "weft a flwei* In Paradise would bloo1.I 324A10-29 THOMAS.-In k»vine memory of my dear hnshar.d Pte W. Thona*. who waa killed in action on October 29th. !S18. Kver rEI- memb«rei5 by his lovins w if-* and child For ever with the I.o,ri, -Amoi,. 00 let it he; Life froT. the dead is in that word. Ticj immortality. 325A10-2P THOMAS.—In lovincr memory of Willie; the ] beloved sou of Mr. and Air,; John Thomas. Twynbcd w-road who w: killed jo France October 29th, 1918. Ever remembered by father, mother, brother, and ei^tsr. "Forever with the Lord" 125AJD-29 OT.OVER.—In lo-insr memory of 8taliley the dearly-beloved husband of Jessie Olover, 4,'f. Jifern-teriace. Port Tcunant, who died Oet?r 29th. :'?? All M dark within our dwelling;, is our home to-day. For th e one who femiled to cheer iis Has for ever passed away Not lost but gone before ETer remem- bered by wife and children 327A30-31 COWEIURI.cnAKDS.—In ever-loving memory I of my dearly-beloved husband. Rev. u Go-.ver Picbards who nagged away at the Mancn Trebanos, Pontardawe. October 29. 1948. Do JlO. a«k me if r him, Thero U such a vacant nlaca; How T miss his lorinr footstepe, I And-his dear and lovinsr face. sadly missed by his sorrow in x wife. 127A,10-29



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